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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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version of the rocks, 2 versions, multiple copies, and a hidden drawing. was there another symbolic meaning to this beautiful dating that perhaps we just don't understand in the search for answers? stores july 7th on d, w. mm mm. this is d w news asia coming up to day sri lanka hits economic rock bottom. the government says sri lanka is now bankrupt. there are acute shortages of fuel medicines and food and a looming humanitarian crisis. we'll have more from colombo in a moment, plus struggling under crippling date and driven to suicide. as a result, we have a report on the dia situation, affecting many indian farmers and their families. ah,
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i'm jared raid. welcome to the show. thanks for your company, sri lanka is prime minister says he's country is now bankrupt and that there is no immediate end to the current economic crisis. sri lankan sufficing hardships on many fronts, petrol supplies have dried up because the foreign currency reserves to pay for fueling ports of run out. prices have soared away that food inflation now running at about 57 percent annually. more than 2 thirds of sri lankan household cy day eating less as a result. schools and office is currently closed to keep people off the streets. people are angry and frustrated, and they blinding politicians for the crisis. especially president, go to buy a raj epoxy and his family which dominate politics. prime minister ran neil. the creamy singer informed parliament sri lanka insolvency
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on tuesday. he said the economic crisis would be around until at least the end of next year. he added that bailout talks with thee. i am, if depended on finalizing a debt restructuring plan, with credit is in the coming weeks. he's more of his remarks to lawmakers, me the guardian asked that an hour of the our country has held talks with the i a murph bought the been on many occasions before you lost our la. but this time, what the situation is different from all those previous occasions here, but about the light in the past. but we have held discussions in this as a developing country, acne it, yes, alaric. but now on the situation is different. i'm with dent that very not we are now participating in the negotiations as a bankrupt country. log you in their bank will up therefore we have to face a more difficult and complicated situation with the law than previous negotiations at theater. i put them on and then kathy, do you know,
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let's go now to colombo and speak to journalist marlin ari singer. welcome to d, w e news asia. the government says sri lanka is now bankrupt. why is it bankrupt and, and how much worse? can it get i thank you. yeah, i think it's safe to see that big rock bottom. but with every passing day feels like, you know, thinking even further. so it's more than the economy. i guess, like an economy spider. how did we get here? you know, that's been discussed extensively over the last few months and we have also become like a panel or like, what are the story to other countries in read the main causes are production. so the economy mismanagement political, incomplete sam adams and misguided policy. you know, like overnight,
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chemical fertilizers, which is why, in addition to all these cars, you also have a looming full time. and you know, currently, i'm expediency about that right now. so this is the state of things or data. right now. you've touched on it a bit dead, these the stories of desperation and suffering, which is sort of veering into a humanitarian crisis. how is the situation affecting people? yeah, i mean, you're right and i believe is a humanitarian crisis. shortage of life, saving, drums and medical equipment, the majority of small businesses have completely close down. you know, you have this business information and the data page are undergoing
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human suffering because it's paid off getting inflation. and as human rights activists are pointed out, in addition to humanitarian, it has also turned into a human rights type. you know, just a few hours ago, these will protect us, arrested. and i'm getting reports that even you know, about 20 minutes back, protested against. right? so just a few days ago we had a footage of an army officer kicking and they did send that a future. and this man was not even asking some questions. so all of the, and we see this kind of incidence over the last few you know, the last few weeks. well, you know, police brutality and courses. so he says you medicaid as well as the human rights and human rights crisis to people, of course want to weigh out the i m f. and the world bank though,
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are hesitant to come to the rescue of 3. like why is does well, the prime minister actually mentioned the bottom and yes to that, the 1st round of discussion. i mean, and, but the assistance depends on the structure, the program know that i am if it's just that other challenges needed to be addressed, like, containing writing patients attending to the balance of payments fishers and reducing the countries by letting people cut options. so in my opinion, correlation between diana and political corruption, having a proper plan and assurance that the government would stick to the condition of the steel ones. so these are some of the challenges i think which we are facing when it comes to the demon dynamics. lots of challenges that you've outlined day people in
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sri lanka, say the situation why the country is in this situation, is the fault of the powerful and dominant russia packs of family. why are they getting the blame whether the roger gotcha family has been often labeled as a family visits. and if you go back to go to it as, as additional campaigning, consult, and 19 a kind of a, you know, i like a highly nifty sites. figure was created, you know, the political will get, it was better not be of you to which mean the war hero that so the water was very optimistic of a discount. but then it was evident that the family just picked up where they left off in 2015 and started building and which eventually developed into the slope and switches over and over and roger, but i think people know, see that the decisions that got taken by the p. m and finance the
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finance, we need that and then back. it also financing so for the short time has led to the current site. this is why the people of them in their lives there are some big regional plays here. of course that being india and china, what have they promised or what if they had to say about the crisis in sri lanka? well, officially bought china and in there has been a farming that support a fortune banker. and they had helped a donation of medicine and dr. actions. and in the end of the month of any country, india, this is in line with d and more the neighborhood odyssey and from india that been donations. but over 300000000, a piece that you 100 feet lanka. and in addition,
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it is in addition with a point, 5000000000 economy gets systems that they have provided in transit. so when it comes to china, china has also been helping and recently china, even if they india dominant for it's ongoing support to felucca. and they also show a feeling that was journalist marlin ari singer in sri lanka. we thank you very much for your time and ah, will climate change is threatening food production around the world and is predicted to push millions of people into poverty? one region in central india is seeing this right now. farm. is there a getting into terrible dears? partly because of crop losses caused by irregular way the patterns and it's driving many to suicide d w. many or
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a chandry has more from the region of the data. there are div when he fetch all 3 can't hold back her tears. she lost her husband 100 us 2 years ago. he took poison. the reason, a debt of these one 150000, just a little more than 1800 youth. he was a farmer and he took a lot for farming, which he could not be bad. for this at length and not i never thought he could take such a step and go away. before he took his life, he used to be tense, irritable that he used to keep to himself. and the day he took his life, he said nothing at all to any wanna do. he get it. that is his surprise. wellness of it. never ethan. out. a fear of the farm. with the help of her son. she says things have become more difficult since palm that night. she's not alone in her grief. in the past decades, tens of thousands of farmers,
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most of whom thought cotton have taken their lives in the dub region of central india. this area has come to be called the graveyard of farmers to be that the farmers often have to borrow money to buy thieves and fertilizer drop failures. ok will yield means they can not be the money back to the fall into a cycle of debt and misery. they say they're not getting enough support from the government. irish public, a farm activist and a family himself is trying to help. and then he says the cost of cultivation is increasing at the same time erotic monsoon, greens and the vagaries linked to climate change are adding to the family distress . been by then i would okay. if i day a farmer's debt keeps increasing to me for this, he starts feeling depressed and i think about after that, and he begins to question why he's alive if he's not able to properly nourish that us and educate his children. i said as her are mad about to get, but i know with her yagi santana, i'm will green knows that depression when our husband died by suicide in 2015,
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unable to be back his bomb debt of rupees, 50000, or about 600 euros developer nodes and but, and thus upon as a valid life, nobody should go through what i faced. my children suffered, they couldn't complete education. what they were led to fin caught name will need why can't i got some financial help from the government? more do not manage to get the meagre steve compensation to families of farmers who die. bessie site ban me though it in my beginning i had to struggle lot. i went to the authorities multiple times for the compensation, but they kept refusing either regrets that your husband did not talk to her in detail about his financial problems. dumber smith and gap, maybe she could have helped her hopes and ambitions are not big. now she just wants to survive, so she can bring up her son. that seats it to day on day w,
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sasha will leave you with some images of the a fake selves through lancaster via economic crisis. see tomorrow. what's making the headlines and what's behind van d. w. news africa. the show that the issues shaping the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal here on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside . our correspondence is on the ground reporting from across the continent and all the trend stuff, the mob to u. t. w. news africa every friday on dw ah,
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every journey is full of surprises. we've gone all out to give you some tips one day in the footsteps of the rigby home. i'm in your northern most count to please ah, for a time long, but still very much alive. d. w, travel, you'll go to the special hot spots in germany. europe. oh, do you recognize where exactly? yeah. it was fun. yeah. i learned a lot. our culture history, all their d. w. travel extremely worth a visit with
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. i don't think i will call yellow coil, but the whole vice that's um, definitely a dog. i got a little bit earlier up with for bar bungie. they're gonna, i'll go for mom on give me the bible and give you this i always wish said for my son died before me, so i could marry him because i cannot think of someone who could take care of haley. ah ah.


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