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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2022 4:30pm-4:46pm CEST

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the foot of the reg before i'm in europe, northern most count please. ah, free time is one. very much alive detail. you travel your guy to the special with recognizes where exactly it was fun and i learned a lot our culture history. all their d. w, travel extremely worth a visit. ah, this is dw sasha coming up to day. can indonesia help end to rushes war in ukraine? the conflict is overshadowing g. 20 foreign minister talks happening in bali, dies after president charco redondo visited. both russia and ukraine will focus on why the conflict matters to indonesia and southeast asia. class will be said,
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one is la mic boarding school that's taking in people struggling with addictions and pull mental health and helping to restore their dignity. ah, i'm jared raid. welcome to the show. thanks for your company. russia's invasion of ukraine is said to dominate a meeting of g 20 foreign ministers. the group of rich and developing nations have begun. they talks on the indonesian island of bali. the countries involved are ones likely to feel the effects of food and energy crisis that the war is sitting off, russian prime minister. so a guy laugh rob opened his visit by holding talks with his chinese count pod wang ye. wang is also expected to meet face to face with you as secretary of state antony, blinking. us china. tensions remain high over taiwan and trade disputes. china has
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also refused to condemn russia's invasion of ukraine, while the u. s. is sending military gear and other assistance to bolster keith's war effort. amid the tensions indonesian president, junko widowed r has been trying to mediate last week, he visited both russia and ukraine in what he described as a peace mission. his more on indonesia is unique stance on the war in ukraine. joke o it, odo has sought to maintain good relations with both russia and ukraine. indonesia is what vladimir putin calls a friendly nation for moscow. unlike any of the western powers, remote, both widow has refused to give in to western pressure to exclude vladimir putin from the summit of g. 20 leaders in november. his visit to moscow and key of last week reflected a delicate balancing act as ragamuffins as i'm bigger. what i said in key. if i
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repeat here once, though, the current situation is still hard to leave, we must keep opening more room for dialogue. i have conveyed a message from president zalinski to president putin, and i express my readiness to become a communication bridge between the 2 leaders. sherlock throws beside the booker, the contents of that message from sir lensky was not laid. public widow was the 1st asian leader to visit here since the war began. he invited president zalinski to attend the g 20 leaders summit in november, even though ukraine is not part of the group. widow has expressed sympathy with ukrainians over the war and said the countries territorial integrity must be respected. prior to the meeting, he told the key of suburb of epin to witness the devastation 1st hand. indonesia is sending humanitarian aid to ukraine, but as declined to provide weapons for use against russian forces. widow came fresh
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from an international summit in germany, where he was able to compare notes with western leaders and meet with those who have previously sought to persuade vladimir putin to end the war. indonesia has had success in the past and mediating in regional conflicts in asia. but would odo says he has no illusions about the complexity of the russia ukraine war. and, and reminder of those complexities. zalinski hinted, he would only attend the g. 20 summit if put in is not there, but the kremlin says, put in has already confirmed his attendance. let's go to jakarta now and speak with lena alexandra, head of the international relations department at the center for strategic and international studies. welcome to the w. news. asia. you are quoted this week in malaysia, the star newspaper as saying, dash o co widows trip to ukraine. was not a peace effort. so why did he go?
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well, basically, i think we need to clarify this. i think from the press statement that, than me after the meeting with you, pending and best, and also on russia. i think it's quite clear that there are several goals. objectives are going to 50, you know, basically a article emphasized then for patients to both countries. then the g 20 summit in november in bali. that's the 1st message. second is of course to express the, the empathy and also the concern regarding the conflict on the ongoing conflict in russia and, and also in that context. he also mentioned that he's actually really to be the messenger of peace message
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from the new address, then the russia, preston, and a 3rd boy. and i think this is very, very clear that indonesia, they need to press the next process, the whole, they're both countries, and also again, can return to the global supply chain. i'm aware. the commodities from most countries can, can, can go back to the global supply chain. so it can actually avoid the crises, the foot crises, the energy crisis that is actually facing or haunting many states and building in south asia. ok, you've, you've outlined. possibly some of the reasons i'm going to ask you my next question, but if you could sort of go into more detail as to why the war matters to indonesia and more broadly to southeast asia. well i think to some extent we need to meet
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with it, like i said, in terms of graphical sense that the conflict itself is quite a remote from the, from the region. but of course, i think it is very clear for everyone that implications war, especially in terms of the instruction off us global supply chain. this is something that really gets the region very much, especially with a supplier, barley, and also potassium to make that the license, things like that. that really implicates the region that is still suffering from the impact of the night in panama. it talk to us about why is indonesia choosing to stay neutral in this conflict? well, water, this is what i can say. i think it is radically and we recognize ourselves that we don't really, we don't really have to be the so called the media. for example,
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but we are the company that actually, um i, yeah, i implicated the most for the impacts of the water. as i mentioned earlier, it is, for example, you know, the share is one of the biggest import off the from you clean, for example. so this is something that we need to deal with, and that's why the president needs to emphasize on these. that's one point. second point is definitely because indonesia holds the position as the president of the d 20. and that is also an interest to make sure that we can secure the i did 20 i did that later on in the summer because of course, we all know that that has been issued that some countries might not want to be here in the summit later on so i'm the president, i think indonesia and to show this,
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do you think indonesia sees this to possibly as an opportunity to improve its international image? well those i think that's quite near to them of us. but at this moment, i think the focus is really 1st to ensure that these countries that are config, conflicting. it's either that they return to the global supply chain in order to mitigate the, the current crisis that we are suffering, including in southeast region. and of course, the 2nd thing is to make sure that it be a successful under indonesia channel ship. okay, that was lena alexandra, the head of the international relations department at the center for strategic and international studies in jakarta. thank you very much for your analysis. thank you . ah,
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our next story from indonesia looks at restoring people's dignity. the leader of an islamic boarding school in the city of yoga. carter has made it his mission to use the schools, facilities, and atmosphere to help people shunned by society. it began as a small project, but is now flourishing his more. oh, is manic ritual. prayer or decker is one of the routines at his boarding school. oh, the schools founded by mohammed. she had donna it has hundreds of religious students known to santi. they have psychological disorders and have been addicted to drugs. she don't believe that dick her can reduce depression and grant peace, that music good, otherwise good in the deaconate and is implanted in the heart. felt in the heart of
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the vibrations of the decor really flow into the body and the spirit. thus increasing awareness, fostering peace of mind. cigar, growing a new taste for life. wonderful. not only in the mouth, but in the heart. cheer donor has been taking care of his students for over 20 years. at 1st he treated only a few patients, but the number has grown to around a 150. most come from psychiatric hospitals and suffer recurring illness, toppled abra. dora. no matter how brutal a person is in the deepest recesses of their soul, there must be a spiritual pole. no matter how damage they are. no matter how bad the condition of their souls. we still see that they are human beings. here we consider them as son, 3 up sudden. but most of the activities in this boarding school, our religious tree, or dono, is assisted by 10 students who are fully recovered without the i think that we were
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taught deacon would've left with the law decor, can commerce them with decor, we can control our emotions better we can forget the past that has gone wrong. hello leon. when our yeah. well that at that about, oh, i love. some of these people have been abandoned by their families. she don't her hopes others in indonesia will copy his school so they to can help those with psychological problems. that seat for to day on d. w. news, i said there is more from the region on d, w dot com, forward slash asia. of course you can also follow us on instagram, facebook, twitter, and you tobac handle is that d w. news. we're going to leave you now with some more images from the g 25 minutes to meeting underway to day in bali. i'm jared. read see tomorrow. good bye. thank
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i think is everything chattanoog fair, some are big. so much different culture between here and there. so challenging for everything ah, to some is this. i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. shove my got my license to work as a swimming instructor dish and our 2 children who don't stick with what's your story? take part. share it on info, migrants dot net. ah, ah, ah. 71000000 people thrust into poverty in a matter of months. that's already one legacy of russia's war in ukraine, according to a new you in report. it says rising food and energy costs as well. scarcity for undermining households around the world. also in the show can india help steer?
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it's auto industry toward an electric future? early signs are promising to loan. welcome to the show. i'm seeing beardsley in berlin. 71000000 more people are facing poverty. that's according to a new u. n. study that says is the consequence of soaring food and energy prices unleashed from russia's war and ukraine. households are scrimping charities are scrambling for donations, and families are under pressure. in this plantation in been in yasenya or donna, is choosing a batch of cooking bananas at her meal. she will turn them in to plaintive flower, but luckily produce alternative to wheat flour. her little shop has almost doubled its production since the beginning of the russian invasion of ukraine and god before the war in ukraine. i produce at least 80 kilos per month.


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