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$6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism this week on d w. ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, japan for the prime minister ocean. so a dies after being shot during a political campaign event. he was giving a speech ahead of this weekend's election, letting say he bled to death after sustaining injuries to his heart, will bring the latest from tokyo. also on the program brushes,
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vladimir putin warned the war in ukraine's only just getting started on his foreign minister lashes after russia's critics saying that he's no point to talking about peace i. d, w here is about life on the occupation from 2 people living in the russian health, 50 of half son, and about their decision not to leave on the ukraine war. take center stage or to summative g. 20 foreign ministers in indonesia. the russian foreign minister is met with anger as the meeting address is the global fall out from the comp. ah, i'm show guy. welcome to the program. to pounce fulla prime minister since or are they has died after being shot out of political campaign event. lisa, 41 year old mom has been arrested in connection with the shooting. was the ave was
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countries longest serving their premier and was well known for a strong economic and defense policies. was killing, has shocked the country or nation where firearms are strictly regulated, and political violence is rare. oh, the moment shin, so our bay, we shot twice, a suspect man, handled to the ground. what appears to be a weapon. lying on the road near by. people ran to the age of japan's former prime minister as he lay seriously wounded. he was quickly transferred to a helicopter and flown to hospital. at this point, his condition was described as critical, but doctors were unable to save him. mister shins obey was taken into
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emergency care at 20 past 12. he was in a state of cardiac arrest. he was given intensive care, but unfortunately he passed away to day. but 3 minutes past 5. when he arrived, he had gunshot wounds on 2 parts of his body and was in a state of cardiac arrest, probably induced by damage to the hearts unto the altar. is the area in the city of nora, where this veteran politician had been giving an election campaign speech is now a crime scene, was the assassination has shocked japan. a country wag, gun violence is rare, images, shaggy, nor this is a dastardly sam. barbaric oddity to knock out it took place in the midst of an election. isn't a bunker regarding this is the basis of
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a democracy to stay and is absolutely unforgivable. i would like to use again, the harshest words to condemn this act. you know, he does most chin so our bay was 1st elected prime minister of japan in 2006, making him at 52 the country, his youngest ever premier. oh, it proved short lived a year later he quit following his string of ponti scandals. he was also suffering from health problems, but he wasn't gone for long in 2012. he was back promising to revive japan's flagging economy. following years of deflation. abilene is there. he even put his own name on the plan are be know, makes ave was also hawkish on defense,
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expanding japan's military role after years of pacifism, that proved a controversial policy. and he failed to formally rewrite the country's pacific constitution. he did though, bolster japan security alliance with the united states ave was considered a strong leader on the world stage. but in 2020, he again resigned, citing poor health. so to get us politics though, was always in his blood right up until the end. us get more from sonya blush, girl in the tokyo, ah, welcome sonya. and despite the shooting at the gate, despite this, this, this killing shootings are rare in japan and tell us about the public reaction.
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while the overwhelming feeling is really shock, people just cannot believe what they've seen. i don't think any one could have imagined anything like this to happen in japan. we're in a year, we've got maybe a dozen of cases or 2 dozen cases where people are arrested for the possession or use of shotguns or pistols or whatever. but this is really nothing that is that japan is used to. and there's been an outpouring of grief people have come to that the, the area near our station, near a station in our where it happens. they put flowers out there. and people have folded their hands for prayer, or even listening with tears in their eyes. so this is something that has really shocked the whole nation. a suspect has been detained or what, what do we know about we know that he's a 41 year old male and he used to be a member of the self defense force for 3 years. and he apparently made weapons
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himself, that's what he also told police. he said that he wanted to kill our beer because he was not content with other. but he also said that it wasn't actually against obvious beliefs or ideology in that sense. and police later said that he had the suspect said that he was against an organization that other might have been connected to. so this could give some into the motive on but other than that very little is known. we don't know whether he had any job and we just know that he lived in our, in an apartment for 10 years and also stored other and self made weapons and some exclusive them. right. so i, mr. abby was killed while he was competing despite the fact that he stepped down as a prime minister a couple of years ago. so what was his role in japanese politics? he was really the person behind the scenes pulling the strings on his influence. despite stepping down was still immensely strong and keesa was hoping to kind of
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emerge from under his shadow so to speak, with the election on sunday. ah, well, he'll be held as a different question also of his influence. also because you held the office so long was incredibly strong. thank you for that. thanks for joining us with. sonya blocker in tokyo, of wallaby uprooted has war that his country is offensive in ukraine has barely begun. is also accused the west of fueling, the war declaring that western efforts to defeat him would bring tragedy to ukraine . russian president was addressing a parliamentary leaders. certainly, most lucian, we're hearing that they want to defeat us of william on the battlefield. what can i say is good with let them try mosher more we have often heard the west wants us to fight it until the last ukrainian it the threats a tragedy, the ukrainian people. oh, but it looks like it's heading in that direction. no,
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she goes listen, but everybody should know that largely speaking sure that we haven't even yet started anything in earnest. 3 of them at the same time, we don't refuse peace talks, but those who refuse should no longer it loss the more difficult it will be for them to make a deal without him sledging year in. let's join. i think company correspondent nick spy for in cave. well, konica, how of mister putin sir remarks been received? with some indifference, i would say from official them we only have an advisor to president zalinski saying that western powers, which he says are at work in ukraine are not present in the country. only russian soldiers are a talked to a bunch of people on the streets to day one man said, look, we know what potent is doing. this is a message to his people 1st and foremost to so that he is powerful. he is in charge and a message to the west, hands off ukraine. i women, i spoke to said that his cit,
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what he had to say was diabolical and said he was essentially satan and a young man of draft age said to me, all that back kind of common can do is steal the resolve of ukrainian fighters on the front line in the fighting itself, a rush appears to have a east off. it's don't bass offensive, a sense it took lucy chance a why is that? well, the russian high command has said that it's mark this undertaking an operational pause. and i think the reason why is because they have to reconstitute their, their attack tactical baton battle groups. they were decimated in large part in the attempt to take this city at the start of the war. phil, as you recall, what they've been doing for the, you know, land that they've been able to conquer, is basically unleashing huge artillery barrage is and then moving in to a scorched earth city of bubble and which the ukrainians have evacuated for tactical reasons for their not really winning person, you know, hand to hand street by street combat they need to get their troops reorganized to
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fighting units. ok, thanks for that. mixed with us. what we're going to take a look at what's happening elsewhere in ukraine and then we'll back. yes, a russian forces now dominates, are the countries eastern and southern cities back in june, the occupying administration in her son announced that there would be a referendum on joining russia, though no date has been announced when the residence won't be around to vote tens of thousands of believe to have left for ukrainian control territories since the city fell, since it's all but impossible for independent western journalist to report from their d. w. 's nick calmly got in touch with 2 locals, who told him about life and occupation. in, at the beginning, we are thought the occupation would be over in a week. it was only a few months in that we finally understood that the russians were here to stay. it's still very similar to with. ready 5, for as i was
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a little while you're on a red flag or those will very for your all my friends have left. the other generation is gone. only the pensioners have stayed. yeah. there's so many people in need right now and on. now these people are not able to get the money that they have on their gums a little older people. ready are trying to get the russian, so those 10000 rouble did this a b q to get there. so i think that they give this a little and her uncle rommel bye condition. there are some i only heard about the plans for a referendum to join russia from the ukrainian press with that no one's talking about it here for home. it also why and daily and on and before it got fully milder vehicles. but in fact, there are many places where,
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where ocoee do the dirty. and of course you don't hear about that. many people working left. i see also many posters on the seeds on facebook telling him that this or that person is missing. when the russians came on, we were expecting things would be as bad as in mary, you, paul? mary of norwood. we were scared to even look up the window. it was sheer panic was saying that the was the year to damage the fact that we can leave the house and buy food when we seems like a miracle. or is it just a 2nd baby girl was i always tried to just if, if directions are holding or are the ukrainians are covering russians was they were selling the same with nothing changes. i'll also end up leaving is only my parents
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and my grandma that are keeping me here for now. the only ones who did the graham's delivery, the question is how and when, and we got a it become a marathon rather than nick, commonly talking to a couple of residents of her. her son, let's go back to an expired in keith. nick, i guess on has been under full russian control for on 4 months, but you cry and says it's forces are advancing on the city. so what else are you hearing? well, there's what the ukrainian forces are doing. phil, i think what is also interesting is what the partisans are doing to transform the marathon that that man talk about into a shorter race. they've been blowing up railway lines. they've been brought blowing up trains carrying ammunition, doing all kinds of things to weaken the russian war effort behind the lines. now on the other side of the lies, what the actual ukrainian army is doing is trying to take territory,
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trying to take villages, engaging and shelling without hitting civilian areas and continuing the war effort . not just to prevent russia from getting that land bridge, they want to get all the way across to romania, but also just to put pressure on them in the south in order to divert their resources from lu hats. so they have to fight a 2 front war, which is of course, always difficult. so it's about harrison, but it's about the larger war effort as a whole. phil, thank you for that next spice in keith. we'll take a quick look now it's of all stories making news around the world, moscow's chief rabbi, his crate, after 30 years, reportedly over russia's invasion of ukraine. i've contrast goldschmidt left the country for israel early this year, russian media, se the reason for his departure was the expiry of his contract the contest to replace of britain's prime minister's undue i have to boris johnson and i'm his resignation. as leader of the conservative party agreed to step down after over 60
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on peace, quit his government. following a string of political scandals. mister johnson said he'll remain as prime minister until the party select a new leader. and go the former president. ho said waters the santos has died at the age of $79.00. once in independence fighter he boldly oil richard central african nation for almost 40 years, is tenuous, marked by civil war and rampant corruption. he died in barcelona, where he was being treated to following a prolonged illness. foreign ministers from a g 20. i developed an emerging economies, a gathering on the intonation, island of bali, against a backdrop of the war in ukraine and an international food and energy crisis. the country's foreign minister urged an end to the war. tensions at the meeting ran high with some of the faces critics of moscow's invasion, confronting russian foreign minister. so game of rav arriving in body, mister love. ralph was met by shouts from a german reporter. well
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d, w c for international edison, richard walker is following that meeting. welcome, richard. we will. we will talk about, sir. yeah, russia, sir. foreign minister, a walking out of the the closed door meeting. the closed door talks after germany's foreign minister criticized his country's invasion of ukraine to we'll hear from german 4 minister elena bear, belk, and then get your take. as he was the said he, you own that the russian administration does not want the united nations being part of the negotiations on the grain exports. that the russian foreign minister has been large parts of the meeting, not inside the room at outside. the room underlines the fact that the russian government is currently not willing to talk on the outside gift, richer walkers,
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analynn bear, bear, but got that right. well, it certainly is the case, the sag love rav effectively boycotted her speech. he also was not present for the address by 2 metro collaborate, the ukrainian foreign minister who was joining remotely. and he also didn't listen to attorney blinking speech about making a point there. that if you're not in the room, if you're not actually listening to what we're saying, and then how can we take you seriously as, as having a serious interest in negotiating a level for his party, saying that there's nothing to talk about with the west. because as he put it, the west is trying to support ukraine so much in this war, which is of course very much the case. so i think in terms of, you know, the potential for negotiations to be held over finding an end to this war. i think it's recognizable round at the moment that potential simply isn't there. i mean,
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this really is being forced out on the battlefield at the moment. but there's this all the level to it, which is trying to find a solution to the huge amount, tens of millions of tons of grain that's been stuck in ukraine that cannot get out of ukrainian ports because because those ports are being blockaded by the russian side. and the russians are saying at the moment that they are willing to hold talks on that. but the suspicion and in fact the accusation from the western side is that, that is not serious. and that the russians are really kind of trying to generate this sort of global food crisis as a way of trying to turn global opinion against the west. penning the blame on the west for this shortage of food around every shouting, nobody listening. but let's hear from indonesia, foreign minister, or written or more sooty, of the start of one of those sessions. some of the lot of them is also the only way to pardon it effectively against the global challenges.
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therefore, let's try to do our best. and will, the latter allison will only deliver if there is trust among us. so richard walker that that's rallying cry for multilateralism is that's comes from a particular fear in asia about a return to the cold war yet. that's right. i mean, it's something you don't just hear from indonesia, you have from other countries. you also get the strong sense of that in india. i was just recently a reporting in india where there's a great concern of this idea of the world sort of fracturing into 2 blocks. accelerated by the war in ukraine with effectively the sort of west in its allies on one side and russia and increasingly that the chinese on the others. and you have countries around asia really don't want to end up being forced to choose who side that they're wrong. and, and you've seen the indonesians, for instance,
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trying to navigate this in recent weeks. you had to present with out of indonesia, here in germany for the g 7 summit. after that, he then made trips both to ukraine and russia to meet the leaderships. they're offering indonesia services, a kind of interlocutor to, to try and make some progress in terms of negotiations. but it is very much a concern among asian countries. that, for instance, may have defense relationships with russia, but also important economic relationships with united states. the another big factor of this being, of course china in asia, which is a great concern to many of the countries in the region. so really kind of almost like a rallying cry, almost like a plaintive plead, worried that that's the way the world is going to throw in into that, into that mixer. before that washington is calling for russia to be excluded from gee 20. and as you've been implying that just tells how much this war is, testing the limits of international forums like g twins,
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i think particularly it is really straining the g 20 in particular. because of course, like some of the international organizations that you have, for example, the g 7 is very much it, it's countries of like mind that's, that's the kind of the big industrialized democracies they threw out russia from the g 8 long ago. the g 20 though he's coming to its own it taken on a great deal credibility as, as a much broader based organize, a broader based set of countries much more representative of the world and includes rush includes china as well as the united states. western countries in many countries from the global south. so this is really putting to the test whether a, whether an organization like with g 20, whether a grouping like that can really hold up on to this amount of strain under this manufacturing. of course, the real test is going to be this november when the g 20 summit is due to take place. no b, m short increasing calls for western countries to
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a to boycott that altogether. the question is, what's more important to try to kind of show a strong sign of rejection towards russia or to try to be in the room to keep some kind of a conversation internationally going. all right, thank you for the dog research, intellectual editor of which it was germany. parliament hers voted overwhelmingly to approve sweden and finland requests to join nato. a short while ago, the bonus tag gratified voters decision. much of the life of the representatives of the 2 countries were watching from the gallery of the decades of neutrality, sweden and finland moved to join the western defense allies in response to reservation of you, right. the nature of decision will have to be approved by all 30 member states with ha, spoke to the finish ambassador following the gym vote. so i am now joined by the
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ambassador of finland, who attended this vote. this historic vote here in the german parliament, her ambassador. what is your reaction? this is a truly history called b. it's not a overly acting. ah. we are really great through to germany being one of the 1st nato allies who is getting through the amplification process. so it's great to be here to day. nevertheless, it is expected, or it is to be feared that the ratification process as a whole. my dry gone for a couple of months because of course, every need to member all of the 30 and members have the right to veto. how worried are you that a country like turkey might use this process to push through their own interest? no, we are not that dar worried. it's a fact that's a posse. church in different nato members are different. and of course we have county, dor wendy on that, that it may take a while. but if it does take a while,
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it means that you're still not fully protected, that you're not full fledged members. germany is one of the countries that has issued security guarantees. is that enough? it is enough. our 1st the fall recount, of course, on our own capabilities. but we upgrade for, for so many nato allies who have already, as they did that there will be that as to of and sees that they will stand by us. now of course it is a historic decision. finland has for a very long time, been a neutral country. how difficult was it for your country to actually take this step . it was quite clear after the hour war by started by i. so i started to, in fact, worried that there was a fundamental change of our security environment. we made an analysis and which i support of the population in almost 80 percent of the fins are now in favor of
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membership. it was an easy deceased and actually thank you very much, ambassador. thank you. i could lot of sports to form a top football officials have been acquitted on charges of illegally using fee for funds. a caught in switzerland found a former fif of presents that flatter and football legend. michelle platinum, not guilty of corruption charges were in connection with the payment of just over 2000000 euros. which patina you received from fee for a during a blast tenure as fee for president in 2011. the money was paid for consultancy work performed years prior to the payment. both men were banned from football in 2050. is remind of our top story, a former japanese prime minister shinta ave has been assassinated, shot while given the speech of the campaign event. medic say he bled to death after sustaining wounds to his heart. the suspect, a former member of japan's navy, was arrested advocacy coming up next on
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d. w and news asia. a more on the legacy of a shins of ave gms gun down today. while out on the campaign trial. i look at ty, ones, the latest addition to its home pro defense capabilities. jared read, we'll have those stories and more that say news asia in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news from around the world. have a good day ah with
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ah ah, eco, india. how can
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a country's economy grow in harmony with its people and the environment? when there are doers who look at the bigger picture? india, a country that faces many challenges and whose people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india equal india in 30 minutes on d w. oh, hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa's you to repeat issues and share ideas. ah, you know, or this channel. we are not of great to happen delicate topic because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs with the 77 percent.
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every weekend on d, w. d, w's crime fighters are back africans, most successful radio drama series continues this season. the stories focus on hate speech, cholera, prevention, and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. with this is d w. news ayesha. i'm jared re to coming up to day anguish and shalt after the assassination of for my japanese prime minister, sheen's or abbe. japan's longest serving leda was shot in broad daylight and light had died off to frantic efforts to save his life will lead.


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