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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2022 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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these levels of final beating the you case camera nori 3 sets to one joke of it last the 1st step of managed to recover from the slow start. once he asserted his dominance, there was no stopping the 20 time grand slam. where you'll take on nick, curious for the trophy. it'll be joke of. it's is 32nd grand slam. that is all from us for now. coming up next world stories the week and reports course. y'all get the latest d, w dot com and follow us on twitter and instagram act. you w, that's it for me. i well, i am bluecross. have a good with oh, well, you become a criminal. ah franklin,
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ai ready news with hackers, paralyzing to your societies. computers that out some of you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for green, but how they can also go terribly, watch it now new to ah, this week, unwilling stories in exile, russian journalists in germany, in the orphanage, illegitimate children in indonesia. but we begin in ukraine,
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when massive russian shedding has destroyed or damaged houses in and around give. in many places, people are now doing their best to rebuild and reconstruct. we met khattab by chance on the site of the matrix main road above we were filming the destruction caused when to miss tyler. it's her building. she was came to show us inside, back in march, when russian troops were advancing on ki, if he is fighting to place india with hundreds of homes, made an inhabitable of settles, of everything is falling apart. like here and here. and she or boy, here with brown were, but the water came, as you can see, is dripping on the windows here. if it's the same in the room, everything is destroyed with nothing left. there are no windows year thorkell catches says, local authorities assess the damage, not long after the strike, but she hasn't received any help since then. both. so yes,
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i paid for the repairs myself. i used all the money i had, and i installed new windows to keep the crows in the sparrows from coming inside. mister de la hughley, the bush with a very bellow, she wasn't home at a time of the attack. you will catch, i see reeling from the shock of the miss, our strike. norman avila the nipple. me. i just can't imagine how such a thing could happen. we'll need to swim on us that the russians on you are so called brother's lawyer, could launch a war on us for him, yet so much destruction with about it. oh christ, ukrainians will never forgive that. oh, no room. the local authorities do what they can the day to are overwhelmed nor do so. what else and more. there are 2 options. we either people wait for payment from the regional or state government or we at the local level can also help problem. all right,
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but we always had a problem finding people for such work. and now even more so, given the number of people went abroad, vicky we're gonna record along to city counselors, says temporary housing is planned for the cold amounts, but many vulnerable people in katy, our situation don't want to lead their homes no matter how damaged they are. even when you would have to go, you know, i will stay here because we need to fix everything, but i look as you can see, i'm trying with our roof while it still summertime look id, because afterwards the rainy season will come. she sent it over me before. now the russian troops may have left a key of area with the damage to have inflicted on civilian infrastructure will take months, if not years, to be repaired. ah, germany is the place of refuge for numerous journalists who have fled russia since the start of the war in ukraine. russia's last free media have been shut down and journalists persecuted some anal continuing. there were from exile
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the rest its there were 1000 rushes, little media, political science and secretary know schulman and john alice maxine couldn't cough . they talk show status, reached millions of us and russia, the radio station echo moscow was one of the last from russia to take a critical stance toward letting approaching that was until early march could have russell. so i me, one day i woke up and saw that our youtube channel was gone. so i haven't been able to react. that's when i realized i had to leave since muscle, which because the only reason i had stayed in russia was my work was thought, you know, we were watching the process story. now i had a choice either go to prison with them live in constant danger. all leave ah, conical for act in germany, there are several other countries. he says, it's important to him not to lose his russian listeners who are now exposed to escalating war propaganda. for a few weeks now,
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he has been hosting and newly found it russian language program for germany spilt newspaper on youtube. imitating the schulman came to germany on a fellowship that will get my when was it on the march? first, we were shocked down in the middle of a live broadcast. who would have thought that shortly after that we would be able to continue our broadcast and a completely different studio in germany without would do that with the person, but maxim couldn't, you could get support from the n g o report us with on board us. he recently received a residence permit along him to stain germany, other russian journalist a waiting for their papers on the shush cove also worked for echo moscow and had to leave russia for his own safety. his tourist visa is about to expire after death. he can't legally stay a working germany for which official is dealing with that was to but i want to help change the situation in russia so that the regime there weren't laughs for me. so i
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can help most effectively by continuing what i do best informing people independently and telling them the truth. even if someone calls it a fake. clayton, it just because he called the russian attack a were just cove risks being imprisoned in russia for up to 15 years. maxime, couldn't you? coff has big plans. he and his colleagues, one to we lunch, a commerce school from berlin. i thought most of was of was teach so far. we haven't been able to re launch echo moscow because our colleagues aunt allowed to enter germany yang. isn't old nigger stories if they could come here, we would have more power to educate people in russia about what's happening right now. wishlist shortly snatched up what is what there is still a lot to do in terms of organization. no maxim cooney cove has to negotiate a possible broadcasting slot for echo moscow in berlin. he doesn't want to give up these trin next up the door for
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region incidence. the consequences of the war in ukraine are also being felt here, especially due to the lack of wheat supplies. hundreds of thousands are dependent on food aid. now this aid has almost dried up this food, but hardly any customers. people he and eastern to for simply can't afford was on offer. even before the warn ukraine, prices here increased by 700 percent. this year, prices jumped again by another 200 percent. for millions in sudan and across sub saharan africa. the situation is becoming unbearable. we'll lead that data that goes at the level since last year, the you and have stopped the food distribution to us. so consider more than 75 percent of the people in this camp have been left out of the un system momma. yeah, the few people who still get food aid will have their rations cut by 20 percent. go
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. la salva was 1st displaced by the warned, or 4 in 2006, her and her family walked for months to get to safety. here in this camp in east and before, since then, she and her 5 children have all been dependent on food handouts. but in the last few months, this aide has almost dried up dinner with them are due early my message to the international community. nothing if they really know the meaning of human beings, they should provide food to everyone who has affected by war. and we need peace and security. will a morsel in both east and west for most agencies have stopped their work completely. the only 8 arriving is for emergencies like he and clinic. after a recent deadly attack, the war new crane has forced the u. n and other agencies to even cut this help by
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more than half for solver and her family. this means b and millions of others in sedan now face at devastating future ah, in indonesia, sex outside marriage is still a to b, especially in devout muslim families. unmarried mothers are heavily stigmatized and many have to get their children away. these children have one thing in common. they were all born outside of marriage. i have traveled to the city of sir marin in central java de visit an orphanage where some 80 children have been left behind by their parents. we met up with an expecting mother, let's call her retina. she has been waiting with 10 other pregnant women to give birth to a child that will grow up here without her. we have changed her voice to protect
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her identity. this was my mother's idea. for my family, it would be a disgrace to bring the baby home. they are worried about the family's reputation. my father even forbid me to contact my boyfriend. i've used a terrible about leaving my child behind with other father. but i hope to visit from time to time for now. the 19 year old is helping out at the office. more women come here every day. the founder of the orphanage boys bono handy, has even had to turn women back due to the limited capacity. somebody in a young man all will calliah process so far i have said yes, your health 47 women waiting for daily for a baby bipolar mom among you life and are waiting here. now. we are simply offer well married. we like the staff to take care of all the skills, look your deposit on what it will be a different matter if the women were willing to give their children for adoption by
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now and i am little oh, but most mothers like right now would rather get the option open of returning one day in indonesia society pregnancy outside marriage is still to boot. and pre marital sex is widely unacceptable. lot of yes, i am the morgan to the and apostles. it the you the of that, that be we're talking about stigmatization of women who are, it's unbelievable thought science not just in this case versus a lot, but i'm wondering, be stigma must have a couple of bar. i really ask myself, yarbrough y, a women always being stigmatized, lead people forget who made them pregnant or young in their view. it's always the woman's fallen in this kind of stigma is the result of a centuries old. patriarchal culture apples to apples bone adult day about without ok. professor 3 tells me that because pre marital sex is still such a taboo in indonesia, many young women and men learn mil to nothing about contraception. she believes
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that needs to change, not just to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also to avoid the transmission of sexual diseases. that nice expecting her child in 2 months until then she will live in the orphanage right now. she is actually quite relieved that she no longer has to conceal her pregnancy. i used to wear a corps it, but over the time that was obviously no longer an option. i also got weaker and in my housing lock, people started to ask questions. my landlord even tried to interrogate me that my is focusing on the future. she hopes the pregnancy will go well. one day, she would like to run her own business and her biggest dream of all. to come back for her 1st child. ah
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