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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 9, 2022 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah m ah ah, business detail, the news ally from berlin, sri lanka, is capital in tamil after the presidential palace stormed. but as tess, enraged by the country's unprecedented crisis take over that compound,
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they blamed the president and his family for skyrockets and prizes and acute shortages. where i live in columbia. also coming up, dylan mosque drops his bed to buy twitter. the well to richest man says the platform allows to many boards and fake accounts to it now says it intends to take legal action. ah, eddie micah juniors the name welcome to the program. so long as capital columbo is in turmoil after protest, a storm, the compound of precedents go to buy. our raja packs up security sauce is see he left the area elia for his own safety. public anger at the country's dida has been mountain during the countries unprecedented economic crisis. people are enjoying acute shortages of fuel food on medicines. when
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a country unable to pay for imports, critics leave the hardships on it. roger fox, up on his family, who they see are corrupt. we can now talk to a mile an hour. yes. engage senior assistant editor at that he mild salvation in columbia. hello marlyn. so how did the president and his government react to that protest? i thank you, but i will. so the reaction has been out early in the day when the police were happening a we actually pulled an old party leaders meeting which happens, i think, a couple of hours back. and then the main opposition party that debbie and n p actually. oh boy, quoted this meeting, and it was agreed at the party leaders meeting all the party does have come to a concert since that the president got about to must resign and,
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and data on official records coming that the president is meaning to resign. but those have not been confirmed yet. so that's how that these like the official response. ok. ok now tension says for longer have been high for months. so what caused the situation to escalate this much? so i don't really see this as a, as a kind of unique escalation because this has been building up for a very long time. and i think the 9th has been the 9th that the 9th day of the month has been seen as something like a significant date because it was after the may, 9th, but this, that prime minister mine that i'd like to resign. and nita, in june on 9, the financial me a ride up to resign. so the ones who are organizing the purpose of
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a they basically picked this date. so that, and basically asked all the, you know, everyone who can come to columbia and to express that he sent a h. so what else going on now? where is sri lanka headed now? oh, that's so very good question. i think a long time they know that we are, you know, in the middle of an economy crisis, and unprecedented economic crisis and be know that the next few months, the next 6 months is going to be very, very difficult. especially on the i'm, if you has me until dime, if bill is agreed. but i think this is about what they're doing right now. even without without fuel. they've made the pl number, who made them weiss's heard, and i think on the baby feel a bit of
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a fight after the resignation of the president and the prime minister, because this is what they've been spending for the for the last 6 months. so i think after that they will be able to have some, you know, sense of pulled an optimism and be destined to face. what ever that is coming to say ok, my loan, are you a singer? thank you. thank you very much. tesla c o elan mass cas dropped his bed to buy twitter. he's accused the social media network of withholding information about fake accounts or twitter plans to assume asked to make him complete. the $44000000000.00 deal. ah! does the world's richest person have buyer's remorse. ellen must attempt to pull out of buying. twitter adds yet another twist to a saga that is grouped wall street. and silicon valley is one of the craziest
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business stories ever. and i think it started off as a circus show and attending his circus. sher ah, the story started in april when musk announced his intention to buy twitter a move 1st opposed by the company. they eventually reached an agreement with musk, seeking billions from other investors to fund his bid. but within weeks he said the deal was an ice citing concern about the number of bots and fake accounts on the platform. twitter states that less than 5 percent of its accounts, the spam musk says he thinks it's closer to 20 percent. the company isn't giving up without a fight. twitters chairman brit taylor tweeted that the board plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. he wrote, we are confident we will prevail. musk once claimed to have big plans to grow twitter, the republican leaning billionaire wanted to let form a u. s. president donald trump tweet again and argued for looser freedom of speech rules. unless content restrictions for the entrepreneur behind electric,
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cars and spacecraft, it could be a costly crash landing. the company could seek a break up fee of $1000000000.00. let's get more from did of your reports. actual do loy, who has been following the story. hello joel. i don't know what you've been out to compiling everything, but how did we get it? this has been described as a corporate soap opera, alyssa, forget that it actually started from a loan mosque. it was his idea to try and by twitter or twitter didn't seek him out . he then offered more than 40 percent above the company's share price for the deal . he then had to go and get the money which he didn't actually have, and he had to go and find other investors and banks to raise the capital. and he actually still doesn't have it altogether. he had to sell off some of his, his teslas stockman. so we did learned that the world's richest man on paper doesn't actually have that much money in the bank. now, his tweets on this topic of swung really from positive and negative to completely bizarre. but interestingly, he did not tweet about this announcement trying to cancel the deal. this came from
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a statement from his lawyers. that is definitely very interesting. now here's what he says. he's claiming he was misled. now, what do you make of that argument? well, some legal experts say he's gonna have trouble standing that up in court because twitter doesn't make a secret of the fact that it has a problem with bots and fate accounts. and he puts a number around 5 percent. and now twitter, what the musk is saying is that he thinks that number is far higher and that he hasn't been given all the information. but it could be argued that he didn't know about this problem before because he in fact tweeted about it and spoke about it before he made the bid for the company. now twitter is rejected his claims and it says basically see you in court, which is another twist because the camper went from rejecting his a bid to try and take over the company to now trying to enforce it in court. what they could be trying to do is aim for some kind of settlement. now some people speculate that marx must, might be trying to distract from some other problems that are going on at his other company, tesla, which is also experiencing problems right now. supply chain issues, in fact,
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tesla has shut down production at its company headquarters here in germany. and he is also experiencing some personal issues with some reports that he has had a child with an employee. so even mosque has a lot of other problems going on, right. now, well, vantage all do, i did a reporter now. meanwhile, inside ukraine authority see the eastern region of dennis is under quote, relentless russian shelling moscow's troops are pressing the offensive there after capturing the navy in region of your hands. ukraine's also won in more russian troops, a mass and for a future assault, ukrainian civilians are caught in the crossfire. so these people are waiting to collect the pensions. even as the sound of bombardments creeps ever closer. oh, and every day we are being evacuated and that we have nothing to go on, no pension and no place to go. we sit around and wait in what maybe somebody will
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give us something job. yesterday we received humanitarian aides. a car arrives and gave as bright as well. russian forces are stepping up that offensive and the don, yes, korean, after capturing key cities, neighboring low hunts. meanwhile, ukrainian troops are digging in, hoping to turn the tide and push back rushes advance. but they're counting or receiving more weapons from western nations. the laser, it depends on the number of weapons we will be provided with carrington. what we have is only enough to stop the russians for some time artificial mamma, but we can't throw them back yet. mortimer peoples bring up another which auth alicia ritual, or the vulgar greens president, bullard mia zalinski,
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visited the front line to boost morale among the san jose. today, i worked all day on the road in jennifer and in the region. i was in the front lines of defense in the do not prepare trust region. i listened to the reports of the commanders and thanked the boys and girls who hold the region from my home. he also hang the efforts of the troops involved in regaining control of sneak island in the black sea a much needed when for the ukrainian side. joining me now from chivas dw correspondence in manuel shars. hello manuel. rush us, our talks are intensifying in the dunbar spot, our western high position weapons helping you green, slow down rushes invasion. well, eddie, even if he doesn't necessarily slows her down and slow down the invasion on the eastern front, what it does and what the ukraine an armed forces have reported. is that those
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heavy weapons i'm talking about the high mars, i'm talking about how we'd search to see those that are being sent to ukraine. well, they are power amounts at the moment to help the ukraine on forces destroying or russian ammunition warehouses. for example, it's been a few days now that we've had daily reports or of them being destroyed by those heavy weapons. that being said, it's to you and unequal and uneven, or fight with the ukraine on force with a russian forces having 5 times after 10 times more equipment than the ukrainian forces. he president zalinski on friday visitor ne prob, how important are these visits to the front line? it is very important. 3rd, that 3rd, the president, by other means, the lensky comes nearer. doze are directly affected by the war here in ki, if it's been a few days, we haven't had any air or read alerts, but in other parts of the country, mainly in the eastern part and assigned
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a southern part in places like odessa or occupied places like michel, i f m had a son a but also in the north, in harkey. if you have got you have shelling every day in there in donna's death constant shelling with civilian oh civilian victims of that are selling. so it's very important that the president shows up and meets his troops as well. he is giving out medals. he's also trying to boost the morale of every body and those visits, you know, they have been happening since the beginning of the war. asking their instrumental for the government and to keep its popularity after high lever, which is necessary for the coherence of it's a, it's a governance. okay, dw correspondent in manuel shafts. thank you. now in 10 is on saba, as one went away from make in history, but fast. she has to beat russian born cars like thea. elliana will be akina in saturdays, wimbledon fine. ah,
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now that will make edge. i bet. who's from taneesha. the 1st arab an african woman to win a grand slam title in the open era. a few days ago, she became the 1st to reach a major final after beaten germany's tatiana medea. not a reminder of our top story, but just as a demand in the resignation of sir lancaster president. how stormed his house and office in the capital. colonial military source is see he had previously left the building for his own safety. public anger at go to buy the cosca has been mountain during the countries unprecedented economic crisis. tesla c o. ellen mass cars dropped his bit to buy twitter. the world's richest person accused the social media network of withholding information. threats. i say that flounced su mosque to compel him to make good on the $44000000000.00 deal. and forget you can always get deed of you news on the go. just download our app
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from google play. oh, from the apple app store. that will give you access to the latest news from around the world, as well as push notifications for any breaking news. nato for now, up next is a documentary looking at how toxic waste poisoned a city in chile, the forget you can get all the latest news on our website. that's d w dot com. i am eddie micah junior. thanks for watching. ah ah. and we're interested in the global economy,


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