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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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ah, how do we make cities? how can we protect to have a chance? we can make a difference. global i do the environmental series in $3000.00 on d, w, and online. oh, this is did all the news life from berlin? ukraine warns civilians in the country is south to flee as its forces prepare to for counter attacks. key if urges residents in the russian occupied parasol to urgently evacuate. so they aren't used as human shields. it comes as 24 hours of
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intense russian air strikes, kill at least 20 in easton ukraine. also coming up on an easy com returns to sri lanka, activist se they'll occupy the homes of the president and prime minister until the discredited leaders are gone. meanwhile, opposition parties look to form a new government and japan's prime minister meets with the u. s. is top diplomat. delivers condolences over the assassination of influential form a leader shin. so ah, monica jones is good to have you with us. and ukrainian official has urged her civilians in russian occupy to all set to evacuate as ukraine forces prepare for
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a counter us offensive there. meanwhile, in the east, at least 3 people, or are killed according to reports following wide ranging shelling around ukraine's 2nd largest city high kim. elsewhere in the east rescue. as in the city of just if you are still hoping to find survivors and a residential buildings hit in russian air strikes, the death told there has risen to at least 20 d w next. connelly joins us from key ethnic. several civilians killed in car keep nearly 20 and just if he are, it appears that russian forces are increasingly targeting civilians. is this a new deliberate strategy? well, that's certainly what the ukranian government insists. they say this is about creating panic and chaos behind the front lines to try and put pressure on ukraine through
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civilian losses may be civilians. would you grow tired of the war and put brush on their politicians to come? some can arrange with russia whether or not these are specifically aimed at civilians always does the function of russia just simply running out of precision weapons and not being able to target military targets without hitting civilians. they've certainly shown the last few weeks that they are not changing their stretching. they're willing to take the civilian losses basically for the, for the course. that is something that they are willing to do. and they haven't changed their tactics. and i think increasing now for people anywhere near the front line to this new crane, they have to be coach the fact that how far away they are from legitimate military targets. they are at risk. and if they don't follow these calls from the people in charge and craned to leave to get to safety than they are running, reverting for the risk that keith is calling for russia to be officially recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. what could that achieve?
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this is a real kind of delete club, is it we're off to countries that are under the toughest us sanction these countries like and north korea, syria and iran. and it basically makes any kind of economic activity with russia if this indeed were to happen very, very difficult. not only for american companies, both of the companies from other countries who then want to do business with the united states. and, and this is kind of borne from a fair hearing ukraine that increasingly as energy prices stay high and that a cost of living, chrysler effects, ordinary people in europe and north america, that there could be calls for some kind of reduction to the sanctions on russia. to try and get more rush energy out to bring prices down. ukraine reward that, that would basically enable russia to continue this warren to earn even more money than it already is. so an attempt, our wildest conflict still in everyone's minds on the kind of top table, top of the gender, to really make sure that those transactions are russia are imposed. and they are then there for the long term. and really, we can russian its ability to threaten ukraine and security. i just a briefly,
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nick, what more can you tell us about ukraine sir? counter offensive for that ukraine includes, are currently preparing, which is why they're also urging a citizen, sir, in the course on region or to evacuate. ukraine's really are benefiting from western weapons deliveries those american built rocket launchers, high mazda can reach target 70 to 80 kilometers away. that really has been a game change in recent days, we've seen the ukrainians destroying russian logistics, russian arms deposed across the country. and while the russians been focusing on dumbass, does a hope here and give, at least that ukraine will be able to take advantage of russian exhaustion. and the fact that basically, they're just running out of manpower to really push home the advantage into make some progress in the south near hudson, and to regain some territory now or in the, in the short term. that's the hope at least here. and i think increasingly, ukrainians are convinced that they have the equipment and the capabilities to do so . i to thank you, nick, nick colony. they're reporting for us. so from keith slunk
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as president, her god have i average a pack sa says he will officially step down on wednesday. that's according to an announcement from the prime minister's office. both leaders have said they will step down of a violent turmoil sparked by a deepening economic crisis by protest. as in columbus are skeptical, they say they will carry on occupying the home of the president and prime minister until the 2 men formerly resign picking up rubbish in the garden of the presidential palace into deal bendara had taken part in protests for more than 90 days. he was injured so severely during one of them that he's been in a wheelchair ever since. what as other they given me and i did this for my country . what happened to me is irrelevant. we protested for so long until we finally achieved our goal. and this makes me really happy all of it to the abbey. i'll even
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let them go. on saturday, tens of thousands of people filled the streets of sherland, his capital, colombo, they storm government buildings and the presidents palace. bowing to public pressure, both prime minister, weak remy singer and president, go to buy a raj. a boxer announced their resignations like many others in the new bon. dora sees the president as the main culprit for this crisis. he owned a small fabric factory but was forced to close its doors when or to stop coming in . that left his family of 6 without the income they relied on. i them again at the moment, i'm still living on my savings. i also donated to the protests, but because of the accident, i still had to pay for an operation really, which also costs me a lot of money. generally, the worries, fears and anger of the previous months are forgotten, at least for now. the presidential palace is usually sealed off and out of bounds for ordinary people. now it's become
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a tourist hotspot. thousands come here to see how go to buy a raja parks. i lived in luxury in his gym or by the pool. is really unbelievable reading in that they're not going to generally come to us monday that finally come. and that is what we want that via info more than 90 days for this day. so i think this is the very excited as it all up as he london. we are very happy and very we are very proud. but even with the president and prime minister gone, the countries problems remain sri lanka is more than 50000000000 euros in debt. many people have lost their jobs and barely have the money to feed themselves and their families. well, i will didn't thought we now expect the country to be run by capable people may we know that we have many talented young politicians here. they must now be given a chance and give hope back to the people of sher lanka, young. my god,
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for it. i love it in a couple of them in a deal, hope that he'll be able to reopen his factory when the crisis is passed. but that's not large, he to be any time soon. i'm john nearby and be care a sat coon at an she's a human rights lawyer and former commissioner, sri lanka. human rights commission, wack ham, tidied up the news. now we saw some incredible scenes over the weekend, the storming of the presidential palace, the burning of the prime ministers home. what do you make of it? all the protest of the massive boat that we saw on the 9th. busy was a combination, it was an expression all the frustration b, i'm good the, the anxiety of the people we can be had been protesting for or 90 days and had seen a few results. and it appeared that the president was not going to reside. he had
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appointed someone who didn't even when it's bonnie meant receipt as 5 minutes after he brought the resigned and even the people felt did not bring on the truck. and the fact that the government lost trust also means the people do not need. but the government stays any more and that, coupled with the konami hardship, frustration, anger is it called me in the market protest on the 9th. and also the occupation of the public faith is because these are the power and in a way people are reclaiming them. and by claiming them sending a message saying we need a system that is more, more transparent, more count, those, and you do need to get down, right? i mean, help us help us understand how normal people injury long are impacted by this massive economic crisis. well, normal life and people know it and particularly the ones will already nominally
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marginalize the as they noise it has stopped and become very difficult because if you step out on the road, you do not see vehicles that because there's no fuel. if there is no fuel, it means you can transport vegetables, you can't be konami activity. the daily wage earners con, get to work or their workplaces are low down. and then dr. affects their ability to feed their families, which affect elk nutrition. people do not have kerosene, all gas, which they use to cook. so people in the rural areas can manage with fire would be watch about people who live in small faces in an area. so every aspect of life has been affected. even hospitals, they abilene service $990.00, has issued a notice saying that in that area, even if someone falls, they should not call them because they do not have fuel and they cannot attend to the calls. so every aspect of life is affected and even during pro chest we have
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seen police brutality, which is something that is quite normal intro lanka, but that's is coupled with this. i think it just makes people's everyday live life . very carey. right. just briefly. i mean, who is responsible for this crisis? and if we do see those resignations with a new government to be able to resolve it, who is responsible, low, partially resolved. so you story co factors, you know, between deficits. the huge no, and of course some of them all. so the deck is historical but also the raj boxes but pock responsible the current crisis. clearly the president because of the populace. god paying off debts when we know by next change, not listening to experts, the disastrous overnight, organic agricultural policy not being truthful. the people not going to be there when things began to get guys. so clearly the current president on the government,
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what will the new government be able to do? they will not be able to change things overnight. it will be a long road. but the fact is, if they can gain the trust of the people and it's very important to have elections as soon it's practically possible because the people have lost faith in all members . volume. now we need to regain that trust in democracy. lee way to do that is to elections as practically right, because that's cool. no, not on the thank you so much for your time. thank you very much. and he's a quick look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands of fire fighters has been battling wildfires in portugal. emitter worsening heat, wave dozens of aircraft have been supporting ground crews with held also coming from neighboring spain. nearly all of portugal was classified last month as being in either extreme or severe drought. a wildfire in yosemite national park in
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california has more than doubled in size and is threatening the launches grove of giant sa call. while trees firefighters have been working in difficult terrain to count or contain the place. residents and campers have been evacuated from the affected areas of the sprawling park, macau, the words biggest gambling hot as shut all its casinos for at least a week. as the chinese autonomous reach and struggles to contain its worst ever karone of ours outbreak, residents have been ordered to stay at home. thousands are in quarantine as macau follows china's 0 cobit policy. no doubt. jacoby chairs acclaimed his 4th straight wimbleton title defeating australian. nick, a key re so curios in 4 sets. jacoby sho rallied back after losing the 1st set in a thrilling final. he had to dig deep against a curios who displayed
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a some fine tennis moves and his 1st final, this is the serbs, a 7th wimbleton title joke, which is now one slam behind a rough. i am a does record of 22 matches. it wouldn't dw news life from berlin up next. russia turns off the gas tap to germany for annual maintenance on the lot stream pipeline to germany's energy regulator admits that nobody knows whether russia will turn the tap back on. again, this is more in business news list. even beardsley right after short break. thanks for watching. ah co mike's been, how can this passionate hatred of the people be explained? you colton, go a history of anti semitism.


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