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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 11, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine, warren civilians in the country, south to flee as its forces prepare for counter attacks. keith urges residents in russia occupied hire,
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so not to urgently evacuate. so they aren't used as human shields. it comes as intense russian ass strikes, kill at least 20 eastern ukraine, also on the program. and on the easy calm returns to sri lanka, activists say they'll occupy the homes of the president and prime minister until the discredited leaders are gone. meanwhile, opposition parties look to form a new government and an ex posey excuses, right. sharing ab huber of dirty tactics to fuel is abreast of global expansion implicating french president mark call in it's underhanded dealings. ah, monica jones, good to have you with us and ukrainian official, has urged civilians in the russian occupied south to evacuate as ukraine forces to
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prepare for counter offensive. they are meanwhile, in the east, at least 3 people have been killed following wide ranging shelling around ukraine's 2nd largest city har keefe. elsewhere in the east rescue, as in the city or for a chance if yar are still hoping to find survivors under residential buildings hit in russian ass strikes the death toll there has risen to at least 19 d. w sir neg connelly joins us now from a kia fer nick a several there you are. several as civilians killed in harkey for at least 18 in sha cpr. this is of the beginning or this is look, looks like at the beginning of a deliberate, a strategy by russian forces. is it that's certainly what the government hearing here is saying they are convinced that this potter russian strategies to try and so panic and chaos behind the front lines to get on re
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ukrainians to pressure their government to come to some kind of deal with the russians. and i think right now the intentions are less important than the facts and the round of those are that russia certainly not changing its tactics. they are certainly taking these are civilian casualties in their stride for the course. we've seen time and time again over recent weeks, attacks on civilian targets that the russians explained as attacks on western weapons heading to ukraine on military targets. whether this is just because they don't have the kind of high tech weapons that would allow them to hit targets or kind of more specifically more accurately, or whether this is policy. i think that is a question for the lawyers later on when this, when all these cases are brought to international courts and when a potential war crimes are going to be prosecuted for now. throughout he is that people anywhere near the front lines or in extreme danger, even if they're not living immediately next to the, the garrison barracks or some other kind of military target. now, you mentioned those are international course unquote. where these cases will
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eventually be put to key of is already calling for russia to be officially recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. what would that achieve? this is a kind of spes very specific, very elite as it were, a group of countries in terms of the us sanctions regime that are subject to the most stringent restrictions countries like north korea, iran am and this were basically mean that u. s. companies have a very, very difficult time doing any kind of business with russia. and even countries are businesses rather from 3rd countries trying to engage with russia would think twice before doing so because of what that means for their business in the us. i'm the real fair hearing key of that as the cross living crisis really bites in western europe, particularly in north america, that there's going to be a push for some kind of rollback on against russia. because new politicians will want energy prices to come back down again. and this is a way to really look in low sanctions for the long term to make sure that the
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economic pressure on russia is, you know, the most it can be and you know, long term brush has fewer resources to retire ukraine and toward the minus 30 then we'll look into those energy crises later on in the program in more detail. but nick, the ukranian government has now urged civilians in the southern harrison region, which is currently occupied by russian forces to evacuate. because they say they're preparing a counter offensive. what more do you know or we've definitely seen ukraine making advances in recent weeks. thanks to american weapons. those a high mars rocket launchers that are able to target 70 to 80 kilometers away. that is capability credit didn't previously have, and they're really using it very effectively. to attack russian supply lines, russian alms depots, and to really trying even out the battlefield. the story along has been the ukraine's been outgunned russia just having more in the way of artillery ammunitions and able to basically just cover them with shelling until basically ukrainians are forced to withdraw to avoid too high losses in terms of their soldiers. so now ukraine trying to even that battlefield,
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to make it more realistic that they can make some kind of vault isn't. we don't have seen the russians throwing everything they have at the east of the hunts and making some adults there's of the ukrainian kind of stretching. now it's try and hit in of what the country, whether a few russian soldiers and where they think they have real chance is now to make some ground in the next couple weeks. did our youth make connelly in kia? thank you. now within russia, expressing an anti war stance can lead to serious consequences including intimidation in the workplace. some public servants have lost their job. d, w correspondent, dare you re, re chateau, spoke to one russian teacher from moscow, who has refused to be silenced, despite pressure from management. just if you lost corrections before the summer holidays that you are not to have anchor hopes that she'll still have her job to come back to when the new school year starts. that young us onto you was dance,
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has alienated her from this school management, which left the quote building slowly, but surely i'm being put under pressure even over trivial things. murphy, for example, here a student scribbled something i have course, did you notice it? but i was still reprimanded by the director for allegedly not fulfilling my duties . i was told i should have invited the student's parents to the school to discuss it, just because of these doodles that up. well, when russia launched it's one ukraine. hundreds of people talked of the streets that young at sher vanco was one of them. even though it was a peaceful protest she was arrested and find around $300.00 euros. some lawyer afterwards the school director invited me in for a face to face tool to discuss my political views. he said they knew what i had done and that it was prohibited or what that the what the rest of your court. oh, i asked why. it's my free time after all, you might, you, she said yes,
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but the parents of your students could have a problem with it turned in a book for what you're that young story isn't an exception across russia, public officials are being intimidated. state employees criticizing that who are being forced to leave or recently threats aimed at high school principals, came right from the into my itself. rushes lower house of parliament is used for prostate does up are. this is about the security of office 8 order. she'll know about the future of our country though it, but if so, these honorable principles should be aware of their responsibilities of my what's where you ought to be. if they aren't, they should simply go when you might, why, why stand up? we walk away. thank you. we do is russian teachers association, serious of that statement like this will set an example leading to critical teachers being silenced, it affect our literacy. this is fatal for russia, for all of russian society. we are now experiencing
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a kind of cold civil war in russia. and society is divided, but i hope that there will still be people who carry on saying the truth, right until the end. yeah. got it. people like that. yeah. not her vanco. recently she had to comfort one of her students who has relatives in the ukraine. the student was crying because she didn't know with whom she could talk to about it . it's exactly for mormons like face. tatiana says she's needed, i'm quite new. i won't go. especially because of the children who i've gotten to know where her, who i'm raising them or educating them or sure what i should work for now. tatiana is going on holiday and should she lose her job? when she comes back, she says she will take the school to court and fight until the end of the biggest pipelines, applying russian gas to germany closed today for annual maintenance. but german
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authorities fear russia won't resume gas applies after the 10 day shut down. germany economy minister who about harbor has warned moscow could find an excuse to completely suspend deliveries via the north stream. one pipeline, germany is highly dependent on russian gas. the threats of a supply stop is forcing jitters about serious energy shortages, heading into the cold winter months of more on that where a joint now by leanna fix, she's an expert on eastern europe and russia at the german kerber foundation. good to have you with us. please tell me how serious is the threat of russia spending gas deliveries via not stream one will, at least the sweat that russia will further would use gas deliveries is very serious. russia, at the moment, benefits from bowie. higher energy prices, including gas prices,
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so it can afford to use the quantities that it delivered to you and use it with action of the quantities, if not the full and suspension of deliveries as an instrument to put political pressure on europe. now we're talking of political pressure. would you say that a german is dependence on russian energy has affected its ability to stand up to russia's aggression in ukraine? will? absolutely. it has because if germany's dependency on russian gas would have been lower than it is white, now there would be other instruments, it could have been applied towards washer. so a gas embargo, or a reduction m of gas imports from russia would have been possible. and it would have been a useful instrument to prevent that wash a state budget for the benefits from these payments. but due to the dependency, this is something which is not an option which is not pursued at the moment. an oil
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imports have been reduced, a will be reduced at the end of the year, but gas is more celia. so this lever, which that we have towards why shall we can't use a germany can't use because of its dependency. and, and how about the other way round? how much political leverage should to gas supplies, give russia yes. washer. because of the high gas prices at the moment, it can as a set of fought to cut deliveries to you open. at the same time. russia sees it, the you can union takes its time to put out gas and energy sanctions towards russia . so washer, from its perspective has enough time to we root exports. we've seen this in the case of russian oil, which goes to india and china, although it discounted prices. so the longer we continue a tactic of sanctions, which is, you know, piece by piece,
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the more opportunities russia has to. we wooed and diversify its exports as a time, isn't really on our, on europe side in the cold winter months are coming. how politically explosive do you think russian gas applies could become for germany and other european governments? are already now a serious issue in germany, and the most important question is how willing will be the population in germany, but also other european countries to reduce their own dies and energy consumption, especially in the one up to the winter months. because if it already met us right now, what kind of quantities can be saved and can be put into the gas dough, which is so we need a very clear and very urgent communication from governments in europe. that reducing energy consumption is already now in the hot summer months of bo, important measure, which will help us to come and to go through the difficult period in autumn and in
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the winter. right. lana fix that from the german curve foundation. the thank you so much. thank you. and here's a quick look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. a wildfire in yosemite national park in california has more than doubled in size and threatening the largest growth of giant sequoia trees firefighters. have been working in difficult terrain to cow contained the place residents and campers have been evacuated from the affected areas of this rolling pan days of heavy monsoon. rain has led to intense flooding in pakistan, killing dozens, and leaving hundreds of people homeless. 8 dams had also burst. the country's largest city, karachi has not been spared with roads, homes and businesses under water.
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macau, the world's biggest gambling harp has shut all its casinos for at least a week. as the chinese autonomous regions struggles to contain its worst ever corona virus outbreak, residents have been ordered to stay at home. thousands are in quarantine as macau forms, china's 0 covey to policy sri lanka, president o got her by our roger. pac sir says he will officially step down on wednesday. that's according to an announcement from the prime minister's office. both leaders have said they will step down all the violent turmoil sparked by a deepening economic crisis. but protesters in columbus are skeptical. they say they will carry on occupying the homes of the president and prime minister until the 2 men formerly resign. picking up rubbish in the garden of the presidential palace. indeed been dora had taken part in protest for more than 90 days. he was injured so severely during one of them that he's been in
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a wheelchair ever since. what as ever they given me and i did this for my country. what happened to me is irrelevant. we protested for so long until we finally achieved our goal. and this makes me really happy. all of it. did they? abby: i live in america. on saturday, tens of thousands of people filled the streets of sher lank is capital colombo, they storm government buildings and the president's palace. bowing to public pressure, both prime minister week remy singer and president go to buy a raj, epoxy announced their resignations like many others in the new bon. dora sees the president as the main culprit for this crisis. he owned a small fabric factory but was forced to close its doors when or to stop coming in . that left his family of 6 without the income they relied on. i them again a month and i meant i'm still living on my savings. i also donated to the protests, but because of the accident, i still had to pay for an operation really,
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which also costs me a lot of money. in reality, the worries fears and anger of the previous months of forgotten, at least for now, the presidential palace is usually sealed off and out of bounds for ordinary people . now it's become a tourist hotspot. thousands come he to see how go to buy a raja parks. i lived in luxury in his gym or by the pool. is really unruly of, of eden in that that particular mission will come to us monday that finally come. and that is what we want that via info more than 90 days for this day. so i think this is a very excited isn't all of us. he london, we are very happy and very we are very proud. but even with the president and prime minister gone, the country's problems remain sri lanka is more than 50000000000 euros in debt.
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many people have lost their jobs and barely had the money to feed themselves and their families. while i was didn't thought we now expect the country to be ruined by capable people, may we know that we have many talented young politicians here. they must now be given a chance and give hope back to the people of sher lanka, young. my god. but he did, i love it in a couple of them in a deal hope that he'll be able to reopen his factory when the crisis is passed. but that's not large. he to be any time. soon. earlier i spoke to because that quinn anatomy, who is a human rights lawyer and a former member of sri lanka, human rights commission. and i asked her what she makes of the latest developments . the protest of the mouth approaches that we saw on the 9. busy was a combination, it was an expression all the frustration b, i'm good,
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the anxieties of the people because they had been protesting for or 90 days. and i'd seen a few results and it appeared that the president was not going to reside. he had appointed someone who didn't even when it's finally meant receipt. as prime minister officer, he's abroad resigned and even the people felt i did not to bring or they, they lost track on the fact that the government lost trust also means that the people do not believe, but the government say any more. and that, coupled with the cannot make hardship frustration and go, is it culminated in the massive protest on the 9th. and also the occupation of the public space is because these are the of power and in a way people are reclaiming them. and by the claiming them, sending a message saying we need a system that is more like what to be more transparent, more countable. and you do need to step down, right? i mean,
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help us help us understand how little people in sri lanka are impacted by this massive economic crisis. well, normal life and be will know it didn't, particularly the ones already to normally marginalize the as they noise it has stopped and become very difficult because if you step out on the road, you do not the vehicles that because there is no fuel, there is no fuel that means you can transport vegetable, you can't be konami activity, the daily the journey is con, get to work or their work places are low down. and then dr. effects their ability to feed their families, which effect elk nutrition, people do not have kerosene, all gas, which they used to cook. so people in the rural areas can manage with 5 would they watch about people who live in small spaces in an area. so every aspect of life has been effected, even hospitals, they ambulance service, 990, has issued a notice saying that in that area, even if someone falls sick,
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they should not call them because they do not have fuel and they cannot attend to the call. they, every aspect of life is affected and even during pro chest we have seen police brutality, which is something that is quite normal intro lanka, but that's is coupled with this. i think it just makes people everyday live life. very carey. right. just briefly. i mean, who is responsible for this crisis? and if we do see those resignations would a new government be able to resolve it? who is responsible though party. these also historical factors, you know, in between deficit. the huge low and of course some of them old. so the debt is historical, but also raj backup hockey, responsible. the current crisis, clearly the president because of the populace, got paying off debts with no foreign exchange, not listening to experts, the disaster overnight,
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organic agricultural policy not been to the people not going to the i mean when things began to get die. so clearly the current president and the government, what will the new government be able to do that they will not be able to change things overnight. it will be a long road. but the fact is, if they can gain the trust of the people and it's very important to have elections as soon as possible, because the people have lost faith in all members of volume. now we need to regain that trust in democracy. the only way to do that is to elections as practically right, because that could not turn. thank you so much for your time. thank you very much. an investigation accuses over of using on the hunt tactics and ethically dubious practices to drive it's aggressive, global expansion. it's claim to thousands of nick documents show how over quoted top politicians, including french president,
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im unaware of my call. the report also says the taxi company exploited violence against drivers to win favorable concessions from regulators. the leaked files went to the guardian newspaper and the consortium of international journalists. and for more, i'm joined now by our correspondence in brussels, christiana manuel christine a high ranking format you official is also implicated in these leaks. how embarrassing is this for the european union? that's right, or monica a former official by the name of neil cruz who was effectively the e use digital chief i at the time has been implicated in in, in these papers. it's been suggested that during her time i, in, in her role and in, in the months preceding that i, that she was helping over lobby are with the see here, executives within the european union as well as in her, her home country. the netherlands are papers show how she, for example,
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was in full support of at some point when the company had asked some issues with the authorities in the city of brussels in her home country. that she was personally and not just outwitting in support of uber for example, but also maneuvering behind the scenes to get the regulators to quote back off. now for her part, she denies any wrongdoing saying that in her position in her role, it was her job to be talking to, to politicians about companies like ober. but if you look at, for example, some st exchanges in these very late or between uber executives, it appears that they were aware of the sensitivity of this relationship very that they had with this sir, commissioner, i on number of occasions, instructing colleagues to keep it confidential so after leaving her post, we must note that she also then went on to take a job at or newbury advisory board, where she was earning something to the tune of $200000.00 a year. and my briefly, if you would, christie, now that this has been exposed to what kind of repercussions will there be,
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what transparency groups are in the, in the european union are, these are sort of in cios are advocating for greater transparency, especially when it comes to what senior officials do after leaving officer, the use an ethics laws dictate that when somebody leaves a position, especially of that high, a position of a high nature is that, that they're meant to do what's called an 18 month cooling off period. in that time, they're not meant to be lobbying, especially on topics that they were previously responsible for. in the case of nearly cruise, it does appear that it she might have been doing that in that 18 year period in that 18 month period. not only that, she went on to secure a job on ruby's advisory board after that. so what these groups are calling for is greater transparency. they say that the new has egg on its face because they've been wanting at the commission about this because this is not the 1st position to find herself in this position. and they're calling for greater tightening of the roles when it comes to add the ethics breaches. right?
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kristin wound where they are reporting for us from brussels. thank you so much. in for slovak joker, which has claimed his fall straight, wimbleton title defeating australian and nick curios, in 4 sets, joker bits rally to back after losing the 1st set in a thrilling final. he had to dig deep against carriers who displayed some fine tennis moves in his 1st final. this is the 3rd 7th wimbleton title joke, which is now once land behind wrapping models, record $22.00 majors. and to formula one will investigate claims that some spectators of the austrian grand prix suffered racist, homophobic and sexist abuse. the statement says that the reported behavior was unacceptable and will not be tolerated earlier weekend. 7 time world champion was hamilton criticized. france in spielberg for cheering. when he crashed out in qualifying the austrian grand prix has stood out on the calendar for its rockers
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atmosphere since its return in 2014. and his reminder of our top story, this, our ukraine is urging civilians and the occupied south to evacuate, and his forces prepare a counter attack. it comes to selling and ukraine's east has killed at least 3 people in ukraine, 2nd largest city har. keep the death toll from an earlier strike. and another city has risen to at least 19 the watching dw, use life from berlin. next up, global $3000.00, are looking at how lebanon is enduring a bread shortage. as russia's invasion of ukraine has cut off with supplies. i'm wanting to johnson berlin. thanks for watching. ah,
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