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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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ah, subscribe to d w documentary on you to with this is dw news live from berlin, the president of 3 loc of fleas, the country hours before he's due to stepped out, to buy a rush of boxes. sudden departure comes amid widespread protests over his handling of the economic crisis in the country. also coming up as a release of stunning new images of the early universe,
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13000000000 years in the making. the latest from the james webb telescope, the most powerful space telescope ever launched, which is helping uncover the secrets of the early universe. also coming up ukrainian forces launch a counter offensive and southern regions occupied by russia. ukraine's military says it had a russian ammunition depot, killing dozens of soldiers. ah, i'm here until welcome to the program. there were reports 3 long cuz president go to buy your rich a buckshot and his wife had fled the country on a military jet bound for the nearby motifs. his departure comes several days after a crowd stormed and occupied, his residence calls to rush upon to step down. continue amid the tree lanka rather
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worse, economic crisis. in decades. days after an angry mob at storm the presidential compound, protesters continued a stroll. the halls of the colonial era mansion and its stately gardens. taking advantage of the amenities and taking photos. they say they'll stay put until go to buy a raj. a pack shaw is really and truly gone. it will and he will not leave the president's house or office or even the prime ministers harm until the lead is officially resign that they're going to san on it. roger peck, shaw is part of a family dynasty which has ruled sri lanka for decades. the 73 year old was expected to resign this week along with the prime minister. his departure would leave a power vacuum as the island nation of 22000000 isn't the grips of its worst economic crisis in decades. the problem is that there is also uncertainty along with the
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anticipated uncertainty, whether the government leadership will actually go on to the president has said that there he is resigning. he has said this apparently to the speaker parliament, he had not did this, the people directly, what people do know is that fuel remains scarce and it's hard to feed their families. raj applesauce. sudden departure came hours before he was expected to resign. scientists are calling at the dawn of a new era in astronomy. nasa has unveiled the 1st images from the most powerful space telescope ever launched. the james web telescope is capable of gazing deeper into space and further back in time than any telescope in history astronomer saint james webb will shed new light on the origins of our universe and could even help answer mankind's eternal question. are we alone? the european space agency and nasa say that james web telescope has already changed
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our understanding of the universe. they saw it shows the nebula created by a dying star expelling its mass. nasa, scientists say the intense detail never seen before, along with infrared shots when allow them to understand exactly what happens. a stars di miller, we thought in the birth of stones, is equally stunning. this is a nearby style forming region within our milky way. and then the image reveals hundreds of new stars that were previously hidden along with structures that scientists have yet to identify. web has homed in on galaxies so far away. that the light from them has taken billions of years to get to the telescope. and of this image shows galaxies that formed over 13000000000 years ago, nasa is encouraging people to download the images on their website and take a closer look. really zoom in and play around. there are galaxies here in which we're seeing individual clusters of stars forming, popping up,
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just like popcorn. another image shows how galaxies merged together. one of the fundamental principles of the universe that scientists are eager to learn about. yeah, the telescope also analyzed the atmosphere of a faraway gas planet and detected water vapor. this planet couldn't sustain life, but the james web telescope will be analyzing other planets that are more like earth and peering even deeper into the universe. nasa says it's a game changer. ready ready ready ready earlier i spoke to keith cohen over space ref dot com is also an astro biologist and former nasa employee. i asked him how the images were collected. well we are, we are, and it depends it's, it's data if you're signed just to say, well, this is data and you, you throw it into a computer and it, it is determined you, this is what a human could see. but, you know, an image is an image ample. we are seeing though, in a different form of light than we normally would see in our earlier telescope images
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. that's the bread which can't really see that much of course, because of the earth's atmosphere. but when you get above your sadness, fear, which is what space telescope does and you could see in the parade, you can see through the dust you and you could see far more detail than we've ever been able to see and further out than we've ever been able to see and like hear from us. well, could the james web space telescope actually help us identify planets? they have conditions that could harbor life. oh, absolutely. but effect today, when i heard that they, they showed that the nebula were a star, had died and they were just seeing hydrocarbons in my, my years lit up. and then we're looking at the atmosphere of a giant planet and they found water. and so one of the things that web can do is look at individual planets that we've already discovered and run the stars and look at their atmospheres and tell what's in the atmosphere. and there are some chemicals that if they're there, odds are they're only there because of life,
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or we could even detect the pollution from a world like our own. so answer your question a yes. and as it asked biologist, i'm most interested in that aspect of this. ok, now this is an almost $10000000000.00 project. and this plan to last for 20 years. what you expect will come for it during the duration of its own mission. well, if you're scientist, your, and what they noticed today was people were say, my god, this is amazing. and they're used to the fact that the hubble would take weeks or months or years to generate images. and one of the presenter said, while we did that before lunch one day, that this telescope is going to be able to generate discoveries every day, maybe twice a day. 7 days a week for 20 years. that will dwarf what hubble did and hobbled dwarf, what we were able to do before this. so again, my interest and i've said this many times today is not what you and i as adults are seeing, but with children are seen because they will now only know a universe where seeing all this detail is completely normal and who knows what
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they'll go and do with that information affection sample i can bring up there. now the images themselves are incredibly breathtaking, but maybe for a naysayer, what would you say is actually the benefit of studying the early days of the universe? well, if you're wondering why we spend all this money instead of, you know, pick something else. the answer is, is that if you just, you know, here we are to modern civilization. we have all these fancy technologies. i'm talking to you through a satellite in space. many of them were developed in parallel with our ability to look at the universe and the imaging. for example, the way you take you asked before about the picture. the way a computer takes that image and processes into something and look for detail. we've already learned that with the hubble space telescope, the same software can be adapted to looking for breast cancer, tumors, and other things. so there's always a spin off. there's always a parallel, loose use and usually the real exciting ones, the ones we don't even know about yet. all right, that was cave going editor of spacecraft dot com. thank you for analysis and bring
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us a little bit of closer to some the new discoveries we can look forward to. my pleasure is a quick look at some more stories making headlines around the world. social media platform, twitter is soon, billionaire e, one must in an effort to force him to buy the company. mosque is attempting to back out of an agreement to acquire twitter for $44000000000.00 in his loss of twitter accuses musk of ruining the company. stock value and disrupting operations. u. s. president joe biden has held talks with his mexican counterpart, andreas lopez, over a daughter at the white house. biden cold immigration, a common challenge, and said is ministration was creating legal pathways for my grants. open door recently skip the summit of the americas to protest the exclusion of left as governments. as i told you, the u. s. as it has killed the leader of the syrian branch of the so called islamic state in a drone strike. my head,
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our goal was hit near the gin daughtry's in northern, near jan doris rather in northwestern syria. well writing a motorcycle. the pentagon says a senior i, as official, was also seriously injured. ukrainian forces have launched a counter attack in the southern harrison region in line with their plans to retake the territory from russia. key of says its forces destroyed in ammunition depot and killed over 50 soldiers and an attack. on the town of nova nova kafka, which is held by russia's troops, state media and russia, gave a different account, claiming at least 7 people were killed. elsewhere in ukraine, south, the city of nikolai of was hit by russian attacks, clinics. and apartment buildings will also hit injury. at least a dozen people need to be corresponded in manual shaws is in key of and has more information about those recent attacks. well, and these to sac his chest, the latest of
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a string of attack stats. and that actually fell upon her civilian buildings. you mentioned the 2 hospitals, ones called several residential buildings. this is her only her. what's happened today and it's something we've seen happening over and over, over the past 5 months of war. a rush on me size falling on a civilian targets. this time on this particular attack, they were about a dozen people injured. nobody had died. but those attacks on a daily basis are deadly. i'm talk, i'm thinking about the latest, which is a deadly or so far in as, as if the arrow. so in a donation where the destiny has increased to over 40 and 1st responders are still searching, the rebel ukrainian forces have come to rely on recognizance drones in their fight against the russian invasion. for an ex report, dw killian buyer traveled to the latvian capital riga and visited a droned factory there that struggling to keep up with demand. a few weeks
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ago these ukranian refugees did not know which way to turn a screwdriver. now they're building drones for the ukrainian army. atlas aerospace, the latvian company, they now work for saw an explosion and demand for military grade recognizance drones with the onset of the war in ukraine. previously was like i was happy to fell then john spell monson. now you, if you're talking both extra 100 per pay per month and of stuff to feed him every from a lot, he not going to need to sell to think how we're going to sell more. atlas builds drones that are small enough to be carried by one soldier. they are highly sought after by ukrainian special forces. units equipped with these drones could cover large areas for recognizance and stream their video feeds back to base in real time . in for red thermal imaging cameras turn night into day atlas
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says tools like this help save soldiers lives, and the ukrainians are buying so far more than 100. drones have already been delivered. the battle has become a bit more transparent, maybe and you have soldiers that are just more independent can act independently because they already have all the data and what's happening over the next shell are behind bad wall justice on ukraine's battlefields. consumer drones from china have had a starring role in propaganda video circulating on social media that the soldiers have been modifying these drones to drop bombs. i heard often to devastating effect. you have a bunch of yellow, you won't be stuck in there, but experts say using chinese may drones is potentially dangerous. this video allegedly shows an artillery strike honing in on a ukrainian drone operator. it's been claimed that d j i,
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the chinese firm producing these drones is passing on gio tracking information to the russian military. something the company denies. back in latvia, atlas aerospace is hiring more ukrainians to increase production. they are keen to help them on the line with when making trends for the ukranian army with the help of destroy and we shall win the war. war is a money maker for some. all of these green bags will be going to ukraine, and they won't be the last, on average, these drones only last for 48 hours in combat. and so the flow of equipment will continue. and his reminder of our top story, the sour 3 loc as president, has reportedly fled the country on the military jet following days of protest.
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immigration officials said go to buy a roger box up. and his wife ordered in the air force plain headed to the mold eaves. he was expected to resign this week. crowds continued to occupy his former residents in the capital columbo. of next, we have a documentary about political prisoners in turkey. i remember if you need some more news, there's always our website. that's d w dot com. i'm aaron tilton, berlin. thanks for joining us. ah. a man with the memories of a woman. ali from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage. great. far from home.


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