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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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wires as climate change becomes an honest, scalable reality. you're watching d. w news coming up in d. w. 's asia, a risky crossing to india. dw reports on free. duncan tamela fleeing that crisis country and paying for the fukushima nuclear disaster, japanese called finds former executives liable for the meltdown. melissa chad will have those stories. i made villanova back next. now with more on that breaking news from italy with the italian i minister, mario druggie said resigned. i got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner track hotspot for food, chair and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel.
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all we go. not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day in depth look at current news, events which analyzed by experts against critical thinkers. not just another news show. this is the weekdays on d w. with you watching d w news. asia coming up today attends the stand off in sri lanka even while protest just celebrates the exit of the president. today demand more political change. how will authorities respond? also coming up with reaching indian shores dw reports on the rising number of sri
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lankan thomas fleeing their cries, hit country. plus who's responsible for the fukushima nuclear disaster. japanese court has ordered former executives to fork over nearly $100000000000.00 in damages and reciting the koran with your hands. how some students in indonesia are studying the holy book. ah, i melissa chan. thanks for joining us. uncertainty continues in sri lanka, as security forces clashed with protesters in the capital overnight, leaving dozens injured. the government has now extended its curfew and is demanding that people leave the presidential palace. ah. inside with the outgoing president got to buy a raja pox,
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a gone and no one in clear charge of the situation. protesters have been celebrating many had been out on the streets demonstrating for weeks. now there is cause to sing. ah no, no one has a sense of what will happen next. protestors have begun leaving the presidential palace and other government buildings, but anger and frustration remains. hi jimmy i than about this is not us handing back these institutions. on july 9th, people came and occupied it. now we're leaving me no longer. can anyone except got to by roger puck so as the president of this country about joe dinardo with the discovery to guinea. make it back. yeah. yeah. yeah. no, not really to dig. holler in the beauty, we just want to talk about it and you know, is it already a clunky so he has no bawling sheet on glass will be how do you know how i do?
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so that's why we are leaving this building. the delay and the president's promised resignation has further anger, sri lumpkins des moines near chaudhry is in colombo. following the latest developments for us. she spoke about the political and economic uncertainty hanging over the country. one of the political struggles on people are dealing with due to the economic crisis, and this was needing to a lot of frustration where i'm standing right now is actually near the parliament of the country. you can see behind me a lot of barricading which have been done. there's a lot of ami plus and this was stationed here because last night put as brook altura as well. there were a number of people who i enjoyed the gas shilling also to please. so the frustration is really reaching the beak, did up fuel stations where people have been waiting with the calls to get fuel, not for hours, but for 4 to 5 days. they're sleeping in the eating in that class. they're not able to get who can get a lot of people even in the. a area have moved to cooking on wood,
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which is very had the dispo health. they are doing what they can to get by, but they're hoping situation will get better soon. now, which will not get better until the country find this political stability somewhere . for some, the political and economic instability is already too much. some refugees have started trickling into india from sri lanka, according to save the children, 2 out of 3, sri lankan families are struggling to find enough to eat. so those who can have started arriving by boat across the narrow street that separates sri lanka and india most landing on the island of rummage warm. it's not far about 20 kilometers, but it's the open ocean and the crossings can be risky. so far, the newcomers are mostly tamils, the ethnic minority group that fought a devastating civil war in sri lanka for decades. they've come to india's tomlin. i do state a regent that shares deep cultural and linguistic ties d,
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w ages critical. narayan is in ramesh where i'm in the southern state of tom will not do a critical what's the latest, what are you seeing and hearing down there, i am standing in ramesh, but this is a goes to don't because the southern most don't alpha off in the are the southernmost, have thought this is bed and yet is really actually, so this is there for the past few months due to the economic crisis in free lanka. many sri lankan refugees are coming here illegally through boards. it takes about the us with them to cross over here and it will seem travelled by night. and as of now, nearly 100 refugees have come to this coastline. they come jewel danesh gordian auditorium, right? these are the points where they come and land and they are being taken by an enforcement official jewel, the refugee gap in monday. them, but they're being held now and they have been coming for the past few months steadily. yes. well,
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i'm looking at the see behind you. it looks pretty calm right now, but you mentioned night journeys. how dangerous is this? you know, trip and you expect to see more rivals. it is very dangerous actually. and in the last week of june, an elderly couple tried to cross over there. there is a very old and they tried to crossover. and one of the women she died due to the hydration. when she landed on, she was unconscious, then she landed on the shore and she was taken immediately to the hospital that she died. appreciate land said for her so. so it is dangerous for them, but they do come here. they said they, they sell their homes, they use that money, everything that they have to their vent those both and they come here. they are. so this is not the 1st time refugees have been coming to them. and i do so dumb and i do the before and we got during the civil war,
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a huge baby off refugees did come here because i'm in ardo. they're more culturally and linguistically, related to them. they speak the same language they, they feel like this is their home. so they do keep coming. even though it is sort of not a huge number. it's not a huge wave as it was during the civil bar. it doesn't significant number. it's nearly a 100 and they have been said in the coming families have been coming with children, but children notices are getting the children in their arms. any people, mostly these people are coming from northern and eastern provinces of free lunch, mrs. national anthem most recite the most, this is, this is so these 3 can, almost all the people were coming, your ask refugees and us, the gra, this is not, you would be, but not a crisis as of now. but if the economic rises in toronto is a guess, was there is the chance that those would come here. so now you mentioned local officials being involved. how are they managing the situation? i mean, it looks like in the past, this has been
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a route for refugees. are they treating the refugees? well india is not body to refugee conventions. so they are, are, they are treating these kid if you see cases on a humanitarian basis they did, they are not bothered to any law. india does not also have any domestic refugee loss due to ado handle these refugees. so these refugees are currently housed in monday, but miss the refugee camp there. they are housed along with us. we lincoln, sybil. refugees. so they're placed there. and yes, they are guaranteed there right now, did you are not allowed to come out of there? and because because there is uncertainty because it does not bother you, do any international refugee laws, not data. so regional domestic got refugee law for them and it is unclear as to how are we and then proceed from dead in the future. will they be the battery or take them back to free lanka, remains to be super critical. narayan and thank you so much for joining us. thank
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you. ah. a tokyo court has ordered former executives from the operator of the for cushman nuclear power plant involved in the 2011 meltdown to pay a staggering $94000000000.00 in damages. is the latest stage of wrangling in a complex legal battle over who bears responsibility for how the disaster was handled to fukushima di each he nuclear power. disaster triggered by a soon army that hit the east coast of japan. in march 2011. was the world's worth nuclear disaster since journal bill in 1986. since then, the operation from tech go has been pursued in the course by survivors of the disaster, as well as shareholders. this week's case was a civil case. legal efforts to assign responsibility of proven complicated japan supreme court has ruled that the government is not liable because the damage on the
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sooner he could not have been prevented. executives of a, as i said, the disaster seeking i'm enough, martha. i don't, we apologize from our heart. i was to problems and worries we are calling for the people in the regional colorado of your most, her vocal. mine's the damages awarded by the tokyo district. court include costs for decommissioning. the plants, reactors that show and compensation for local residents who had to evacuate the meltdown. forest over 300000 people from their homes at the heart of the dispute as a report assessing seismic risks issued 9 years before the accident. shareholders argue that the disaster could have been prevented if the company's bosses had. he did the research and carried. i preventative measures. the former managers claim the assessment at low credibility, so they could not foresee damage from a massive tsunami. the latest court finding as a departure from a separate criminal try ruling in 2019. then the tokyo district court found 3 tapco
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executives not guilty of professional negligence. the criminal case has been appealed and the tokyo high court is expected to rule on the case next year. in islamic school, near the city of yoga carta in indonesia is teaching death and searing, impaired children and young adults to recite the crime using sign language. for many, it is the 1st time they have been given at such an opportunity. until recently, students such as these with hearing impairments had almost no access to religious education in indonesia. now, with the help of this is lambing boarding school. they're learning to memorize and recite the koran in sign language. it is given many and you perspective on life. through an interpreter, this 20 year old student say's i decided to learn the qur'an in this boarding
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school, so that in the after life i can live in heaven. bringing along my parents with me. 7 year old zara says the school has also given her a chance to get to know new people and she hopes one day to become a teacher herself. mama, i was 1st invited by my mother here, she says, i really happy to be able to learn to read. and to memorize together with my hearing impaired friends. the school was founded in 2019 by religious teacher. i will coffee. he says he took the step because children with special needs, after not helped by public schools. when i do teaching the crown to the school age children, i think when they grow up it will be much easier because as children, they have had a foundation at the moment, some hearing impaired adults in the school belly,
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no religion because they did not have a foundation when they were young in the learning to find the koran is challenging . students need to memorize every single character of the holy book in arabic. for most it takes around 5 years, but they say it's worth it as it gives them joy and pride. that's it. for thursday, we'll see you back here tomorrow. thank you lou with oh, it's the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what he could look like will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult
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exceeds his successes on amazon. you know, weekly cove is 19 special next on d w. effects making raring to read. mm. if there is any erotic events between them, you'd have to find it between the lines. she w literature. 100 german must reads. ah ah, the summer holidays have started in europe. people just want to get away from work and school and their worries. can we learn to deal better with our injuries and traumas had with that welcome to the cove it 90.


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