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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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we ask, why? because life is diversity. make up your own mind in d. w. lead for mines. ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, sri lanka, as president bows to public pressure and resigns protest. i think colombo, defy a night time curfew and celebrate the news that go to buy a raj epoxy has dipped down a calling for an oil whole of sri lanka. leadership in a devastating economic crisis will go to colombo in just a moment. also coming up,
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russia strikes central ukraine, at least 23 people are killed after missiles hit the city of vin. it's so far away from the front lines plus the political crisis in italy. prime minister mario draggy off is to resign, but the president says no draggy say he can no longer lead the government after losing the support of the populace. 5 star movement. ah, i am jared. read. welcome to the program. sir lincoln's have been celebrating after they are in battle. president stepped down for months. they been demanding the resignation of president. go to buy a raj epoxy who they blame for the countries severe economic crisis. he finally did so on thursday after fling singapore through lancaster parliamentary speaker is
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expected. he is expected to confirm the authenticity of this resignation. later, later today, barbara on the streets of sri lanka, people celebrate. after hearing the country's president has resigned. they say this is a triumph for democracy. is a huge ricky mist rather here more than 3 months. and i would like to say like, it's this, i mean, at this moment, i feel is that a good lesson for all caught up it boy, decisions injury lanka, yasser. extremely happy for us because we love to be go deposit and we always know most baldwin, both are in the gandhi, i'll be sure to be both. it's extremely happy. a divorce president got to buy and roger pox or flattery lanka, to the multi is ending up in singapore, before emailing his official resignation. his letter awaits legal procedures and
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verification from the countries speaker of parliament in order to be confirmed. oh, sure longer hussey months of anti government protests with people storming government buildings and taking over heavily guarded compounds. many a frustrated with the worsening political and economic crisis that's caused food and fuel shortages. getting guy a day earlier, protesters entered the prime minister's office. the man who they worry, we'll take over the country. some occupied the sitting areas, and others took selfies. the army has been brought in to restore law and order. after prime minister ronelle vic, rama singer. now the acting president called for a state of emergency demonstrate as have agreed to vacate the occupied buildings, but many say they still don't have confidence in their leaders. oh yeah. but anyway
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fargo or the bill don't. oh, well the president's resignation is a start. the protest to say they want a complete overhaul or sri lanka, leadership, they, val to continue to take to the streets until they believe there is real change. and d, w. 's may near a child trees in colombo forest near a great to see you. is there any more information on where to go to buy a raj epoxy? is he was loss reported to be in singapore, but it's been down your unclear what's going to happen now. well, you're right after you left the country in the early july 13th and it was negative . won't be due to what that is, what the latest information we have been if you are in a bad thing up or from the in the country. but then also said that you have not taught an asylum and neither have you been granted one so far. we do not know
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whether he's last the same thing for, for a while, but for a while over the last will be for some of the country. okay, now that he has gone, does this mean the crisis is going to stabilize and a new government can be formed? well, you know, that is what people are expecting now the parliament is supposed to reconvene. so and more probably in the early days of the coming week, the speaker of the parliament is supposed to announce give a formal announcement of board books resignation anytime today. most probably in the morning we can see around you looking relatively calm. do you think it's going to stay that way when things want to quite and down off to the medication because that is what people had been struggling for for the past 3 months. they are claiming it as their victory. although at this very base, which has been the main point for over 3 months calibration broke out and brought to last my awesome new the the resignation team in people were dancing that was
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celebrating. the fire was going on lead into the night, and well, yet things are supposed to wiping down now. but that also depends on what caused the parliament for taking the coming week and whether they will be acceptable to people or not. okay, as you say, a lot is hanging on what comes next through lank as economy is now bankrupt. we know that the previous government was in talk through the i m f for a bailout. how is the country going to reestablish its financial footing? she, well, we need to remember that a big, big for securing the financial well being or getting an i met the package is a stable government. in fact, the governor of the central bankruptcy long goal is to said that if we do not get a send to a stable administration to sheila that would possibly be facing a shut down it would be insured. struck by that is very much required or not. depends on what decision i taken by the parliament next week because she does need
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money. it does need, it is not able to afford basis and essential. plus a lot of money to a lot of other countries like india, china and japan. but yes, they will, administration is why and the governor of the central bank, you're improving that one. that doesn't leave the docks with i am. it's going to view ok. that was d. w correspondent, manero chandry in sri lanka, capital colombo, man, era. thank you. let's go to italy now where the government of prime minister mario draggy is on the brink of collapse. after one of the parties in the coalition refused to back and build in parliament. druggie said the move amounted to a vote of no confidence in his coalition. and he tended his resignation to the president, but that resignation was refused and dragging says he will now seek a vote of confidence in parliament next week. the crisis blew up when the populace fivestar movement, which is part of drug is coalition government. and it would not support an
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important economic built say, the vote count which plunged easily into political crisis. representatives of the 5 star movement boycotted emotion in the senate. prime minister mario druggie saw it as a loss of confidence in his government. fivestar leader just said the contact the former prime minister scene here at the hand over a power has been critical of many of the government's policies. his party has been falling in the poles in recent months, and tension has risen in the governing coalition. the situation has been fragile for a while. it was only a question of when the coalition would fall apart. now it is finally happened. drug visited the president to resign saying he can only lead when all coalition parties fully support his program. but the president rejected his resignation. drug you will return to parliament on july 20 to seek support. ukrainian president flawed him is the landscape,
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have condemned to russia. miss sol attack far from the wars front lines have called it an open active terrorism. the russian rockets heat and office block and damage residential buildings in the central ukrainian city of bennett's. at least $23.00 people died there and around $100.00 more were winded 3 children are reported to be among the dead. ukrainian forces claimed the attack deliberately targeted civilians in locations without any military value. russian missiles have been striking deeper into ukrainian territory than he thought isn't. central ukraine fall from the front lines. thousands of people from the east had fled here after rusher invaded seeking safety. with me, when the 1st rocket hit the last vall from my windows, stickle, i'll call them when the 2nd wave came to us. it was so deafening, not that my head is still buzzing. ukrainian officials said 2 missiles
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struck the city on thursday and ignited a fire. those are quite high precision missile for me, but the russians knew when they were hitting. this is a civilian building will give a horrible while addressing a conference in the hague, focused on investigating suspected war crimes in ukraine. president vladimir lensky said the attack deliberately targeted civilians showed today in the morning rush and missiles hit, the city of its ordinary peaceful city. cruise missiles hit 2 community building. the houses were destroyed on medical center was destroyed, cars and trams were on fire. this is an act of russian terra. it's a wallet that all he's calling for a special tribunal to investigate russia's invasion. the kremlin has repeatedly claimed it is not targeting civilians,
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but each day russian missile strike cities in the southern city of nikolai of rockets, hate early on thursday. just one day after an attack, killed several people. in the eastern donnette grey jan, ukrainian troops trying to re enforce new defensive lines with the help of weapons from foreign allies. boomers, the china, the china do much, but the think about it. danny was lying in a trench and taking a risk to his and i think that it could be the last. i need to have a drink through the last night that i go to sleep. but they will find us russian forces have failed to make any major gains in the east in recent days. but ukrainian authorities say the constant strikes have made life too dangerous for civilians to day. saudi arabia is lifting
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restrictions on all airlines using its air space. this effectively ends a ban on is riley. carrie is flying over the kingdom in osmond is a step towards normalization of relations with the israel and comes ahead of a visit by us president joe biden to riyadh biden is currently touring middle east countries, including israel, where he's pledged to do whatever it takes to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. he made the comments after meeting with israel's prime minister, lockheed in jerusalem, talked about that. we had a very long conversation, ultimately, convertible, which i know nothing about. even though they like different sports. it was clear that the team leaders like each other and they both agree that iran poses a serious threat. us president joe biden, and his wally prime minister. yeah. le pete made that clear in that price conference. but they differ on how that threat should be addressed. today. you and i also discussed immersed commitment to ensuring ran never obtains
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a nuclear weapon. this is a vital security interest of both israel and united states. and i would add for the rest of the world as well. i continue to believe that diplomacy is the best way to achieve this outcome. words will not stop to mr. president. diplomacy will not stop. the only thing that will stop by iran is knowing that if they continue to develop their nuclear program, the free world will use force the document by indicated he would be prepared to use force either. last, we go to stop iran acquiring nuclear weapons. their joint declaration also included a commitment to expanding israel security alliance with arab states, biden. and la p then headed off to join an online summit focused on developing a new partnership with india and the united arab emirates,
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the full countries want to work more closely on energy and food security. specifically the merits promise the $2000000000.00 project to promote agriculture in india. it seemed by many as a 1st step toward listening denny ties to russia. after that, biden's wellborn to see president get back and enjoy another warm israeli reception . on friday, he'll meet with the palestinians before traveling on to saudi arabia for more delicate negotiations. ok, it's time to get out these joking shoes now, because the japanese man has climbed into the reco books by running up and down mount fuji 4 times in under 10 hours roy away to completed the grueling 57 kilometer. ron in 9 hours, 55 minutes and 41 seconds, beating the former will record by almost 2 hours. mount fuji is japan largest mountain. it stands at more than 5700 meters. it normally takes climb,
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is 10 hours to reach the top just once lead a line for time. remind to now a valid talked tore through lancaster president has valid to public pressure and resign. protest as have been celebrating off to parliament, received a letter of resignation from go to by a russian accent. business news is off next on d w. i'm jared read in berlin deco hold. nico is in germany to learn german pollution pinnacle. why not learn with him online, on your mobile and free the chef t w's, e learning course, nico speak.


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