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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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ah ah ah ah ah, this is e w. news ly, from berlin, sri lanka, has a new leader after days of turmoil. neil mcbride massena is sworn in as interim president after his battled predecessor submits his resignation. but protestors joy over go to buy a route to park, says ouster could be short lived and also coming up with southern
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ukraine. several missiles to strike the port city of nikolai, of which has come under heavy and barred men in recent days. and you as president joe biden visits the palestinian territories by vin, arrives in the west bank city of bethlehem for talks with palestinian president, would abbas ah, i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. she lancoste prime minister, renelle rec, lemme singer has been sworn in as acting president. it comes after former leader, go to buy a raj, a poxy officially resigned after fleeing the country for months. sorry. lincoln's have been demanding the removal of raj epoxy, who they blame for the countries. severe economic crisis. on the
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streets of sri lanka, people celebrate off to hearing. the countries president has resigned. they say this is a triumph for democracy. our daughter is a huge victory. we struggle here more than 3 months, and i would like to say like, it's this. i mean, at this moment i feel is that a good lesson for all caught up at boy diligence injury lanka? yasser, extremely happy for us, because we love to be go deposit and we always know most baldwin, both are in the laundry. i'll be sure to be bolos is the ex extremely heavy divorce . president go to buy a raja pox off. fletcher blanca to the multi is ending up in singapore, before emailing his official resignation. to longer has the months of anti government protests with people storming government buildings and taking over heavily guarded compounds. many a frustrated with the worsening political and economic crisis that's caused food
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and fuel shortages. getting guy in a day earlier protest, his entered the prime minister's office, the man who they worry, we'll take over the country. some occupied the sitting areas, and others took selfies. the army has been brought in to restore law and order. after prime minister for neal vicar, i'm a singer. now the acting president called for a state of emergency demonstrate as have agreed to vacate the occupied buildings, but many say they still don't have confidence in their leaders. i don't any, was my go for the bill done? oh, well, the president's resignation is a stance. the protest to say they want a complete overhaul or sri lanka, leadership. they vow to continue to take to the streets until they believe there is real change. so what happens next in sri lanka?
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i asked packet, so t savanna multi from the center for policy alternatives. a sri lankan think tank well, the good meaning of parliament by the speaker and the election of a new president. within the 30 days that the prime minister acts as the acting president show parliament has to meet political parties, have to put forward their nominations as to who they would like to see as president . and then we will have an election. hopefully, this will be done within the next 7 days. once the new interim president is elected to serve out the 2 years of growth, average boxes term. then i think parliament can, in fact conser resolution requesting that new president to dissolve problems so that he can move to a new general election. it can also, i think, abolish the executive presidency, which is the chief impediment to governments of the country and hold
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a referendum on that abolition at, on the same date as agenda the lex. now russian missiles, meantime, in other news, half struck, 2 universities in the southern ukrainian city of mich alive, images posted on social media, purportedly show the aftermath of the attack. according to the city's mayor, at least 10 missiles hid on friday morning. the full extent of the casualties is not yet known, but at least 2 people were reportedly wounded. she could little, that's burgundy, there is no connelly and t f nigger, another devastating russian attack. what more do we now was for now the details are pretty scarce, but i think the most important takeaways that this was an attack, basically in the morning rush hour just before 8 o'clock local time. and that's been a pattern of the last few days. same in vinegar, sir, yesterday, and in last few weeks we've seen tax on shopping center and other civilian targets outside of the nighttime,
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which is normally the most dangerous in terms of artillery and missile attacks of the, during the night there's a curfew, and not many people about so seemingly no attempt on the part of the russians now to try and minimize civilian casualties in these attacks. and the ukraine government is adamant. this is a tactic on purpose to try and so panic. it is this attack that we're talking about now. it comes a day after at least $23.00 people were killed by russian shelling on the central city of veneta. hundreds of kilometers away from the front lines. our nic tell us the ukrainian president condemned the attack on civilians as an act of terror. is that moscow strategy here to essentially bomb regular ukrainians into submission bullets? definitely the take on this here and key of whether or not this is intended to hit civilian targets or whether they're just not able to hit a military target independent of those kind of collateral losses. i think that's a question later on for the war crimes investigations that certainly are gonna
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happen at some point. but certainly russia is not changing its tactics and is taking these last for the course. and i think the other thing that's important here is that russia's offensive in the east or on the battle lines in durban is actually it's slowly grinding to a halt. those new ukrainian weapons set by the west are really helping to take away rushes advantage to reduce the amount of ammunition it has to throw at its ukrainian opponents. whereas in terms of these cruise missiles, these other weapons that russia can grow fire from further away from russian territory, that is still where rush has the advantage in there. hopefully now increasingly using this to me, attack ukrainian targets. i think the most new kind of crucial thing in all of this is that this isn't working for now. the ukrainians are staying behind. they go, but there's no real cool from the population here to come. some kind of deal with the russians, and in the, in the, rather than actually getting people to ask zelinski to in this, in a hurry, it seems to be me, a building morale in reminding you,
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crenza whether they're on this country. they are at risk of these attacks. meantime, nika, it's expected that russia saved duma is going to be recalls from holiday for an extraordinary session to consider quote, unspecified government initiatives. what's expected was been a lot of scratching heads, lots of confusion, seeming lots of the russian parliamentarians also unaware white is the being called back to speculation. is that this is to do with russia trying somehow cement it's control over the bits of ukraine that it's occupied since 24th of every since the beginning of this war. and they was talk of referendums being held in the same way that russia did it in crimea, back in 2014 or even maybe dispensing with just declaring these bits of ukraine as russian churchy. which would then allow russia say, this is our church, or if you ukraine, or western countries supporting you can't do anything to try and reclaim these churches, which obviously recognized by no one is being russian, these or no ukrainian territory as recognized by every one. then russia would
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threaten nuclear responses, threatened to use its arsenal, and yet that would be may be a, can we go? she's shing position that russia would use going into the next couple of months as ukraine get stronger, as ukraine receives more the way western weapons. so lots of confusion, the disease of see pretty typical for that imputed who likes keeping her on guessing and or of the a lot of attention hearing give today to what happens in moscow in the duma and what it is they're gonna took up like connelly. thank you very much. harrison. other stories making news. italy as in crisis after prime minister maria drug is resignation, was rejected by the president. druggie said that he would step down after a tea coalition partner. the fivestar movement refused to back a government built drug. he survived a confidence vote despite the rebellion, but suddenly the coalition backing his government no longer exists. finance ministers of the g. 20 group of nations are gathering in volley for a summit, overshadowed by the warren ukraine. post indonesia has called for
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a consensus on tackling sore and global food and fuel prices. the foreign minister of both russia and ukraine are expected to address the summit virtually on friday. firefighters and morocco are battling to contain a series of wildfires raging in the drought stricken north of the country. at least 4 infernals are still out of control, driven by strong winds and temperatures. as high as 45 degrees celsius. authorities have evacuated nearly 500 families from nearby villages as a precaution. ivana trump, donald trump's 1st wife and the mother of his 3 eldest children has died at the age of 73. the former president made the announcement by a social media without providing a cause of death. she was born in the czech republic and married trump in 1977. they later divorced, 15 years later he was president, joe biden is visiting the occupied west bank today. the latest stop on his middle
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east trip. he's meeting with palestinian leader marchman abbas and bethlehem. after earlier visiting a hospital in east jerusalem biden has reiterated washington support for a 2 state solution for israel and the palestinians. but no major diplomatic breakthroughs are expected to day. the talks are likely to focus on economic support for the palestinian people. correspond atanya cramer as standing by and bethlehem. so what's expected from these talks today? while you, as president obama just arrived in bethlehem from his visit and is truism at the hospital there, and he will be holding talks now with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas said them kata, and we are expecting to hear from them afterwards. we don't know yet, there will be possibly some as statements where we are expecting some more measures
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or testers and initiatives being announced. we understand a might be some announcement of the upgrading of the mobile phone network here. there will be other measures announced as well. so we have to wait and see what they're saying there. and then he will be going from there just here right behind me to the church of the nativity for a visit. and that will be already it. it's a very short visit here in bethlehem, and then he will proceed to back to israel to the airport and fly out from there to saudi arabia. and how are palestinians where you are viewing guidance visit? well, i think opinions are very mixed. i talked to a couple of people in the recent days leading up to this visit. i mean, of course, people are welcoming him. although we don't see a lot of people here, i have to say on the street or the security is very high, a streets i empties over the president. one see a lot of a palestinian residence in bethlehem. but people also hope that there will be
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something more than just initiatives or measures being announced, or some policies are being announced that would actually move the situation forward . so it's good that he is here. they're saying, you know, to highlight or what is happening here. the reality is on the ground. also people are said and resources. some people posters here in town. they would like him to talk about or sharina. but i clear that the american, a palestinian journalist who was killed by a covering and israeli military rate in jeanine, in the north of the occupied west bank and talk there about accountability for that . so there are expectations, but there are no own. we'll expectation that something will really change on the ground that would end the occupation here, that would change to situation dramatically. and tanya, what are the millions in aid that are biden as pledging to palestinians? is it seeing as being seen as having a significant impact?
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well i think it does have a significant impact. are we to saw him in their hospital in east jerusalem, a pledging or an amount of money out there. and it's very important for these hospitals. it's an in network of palestinian hospitals that are treating our patients for example, occasion cancer. patients that are coming from the occupy westbank or from east to with them also or many from, from garzo. if they get an israeli permit to get treated their, their new facilities that is really needed. but what many people are saying, you know, money is one thing, but they need some kind of a hope that it's moving. also, on the political side, mr. by himself has a talked about the 2 state solution maddie all said, said he doesn't see that in the near future. so that is not very encouraging. or for many people here, tanya kramer in bethlehem. thank you. a quick reminder of our top story. sri lankan, the prime minister, run niel graham,
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a singer has been sworn in as the acting president. protesters are celebrating after his predecessor go to buy of out of pocket, formerly resigned. longest parliament is set to convene in the coming days to choose a new leader. acs it is the documentary, extreme climate events looking at what future weather could bring to stay with us if you can for that. and it's always more on the website and on social media of course, t w dot com and actually w news. i'm sarah kelly and berlin. thank you so much for your time with a were interested global economy in our portfolio w business reading. here's a closer look at the project.


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