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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, after months of turmoil, lawmakers, entry lanka, electra neal with from a singer as their new president. he will succeed the ousted leader who fled the
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country last week. but will the protestors and the voters except parliaments choice also coming up, bracing for the worst. the european union prepares to ask countries to reduce gas consumption. as fears grow that russia will cut off deliveries and europe deadly. heat wave moves east. the death toll is rising as wildfire spread, and many countries for poor the highest temperatures since records began. ah, i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. sri lankan lawmakers have elected 6 time prime minister by neal, where chromos, single as their new president. the decision means that he who is currently acting as president will officially keep the job until 2024 who deal with chromosome that is
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a controversial choice. as much of the public see him as being too close to for precedent . really got to buy a rat to puck, sir. but he won the backing of a large majority of lawmakers. it's brigand correspondent, madeira chowdhury, who is joining us from the sri lankan capital columbia. what more do we know right now? mania? well sarah, as you rightly said, donald drama singer is now officially the president of felucca. and as you mentioned, he is indeed a controversial figure. all the past few days, we have been seeing protests and big protests by the people here who have been very, very clear with their demand. after buddha barrage bucks i resigned that they want to run it to go home. that was their slogan from gotta go home to johnny go home. that has been their slogan. that was very evident on the 13th of july. also, when he took over as the acting president, when people strong to the prime minister's office and occupied it managed to occupied, making it very clear that they want him to step down. but now this morning,
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a secret ballot voting in the parliament, he has emerged victorious. he has got the majority votes, a charged atmosphere. so what is the mood been like given this decision was immediately after it became clear from the parliament borders yard and everybody with talking around that ronald increments anger is going to keep, the post will officially become the president immediately after that, i'm at the moment at the presidential secretary, the old parliament, people here who was sitting this morning watching the life streaming of the boarding in the parliament taking place. just got up and started protesting, grieving slogans. and what you're hearing now. right now they're gone, but they're going to be back very soon and we'll start with no protesting because they're disappointed the people i've spoken to say that they're not happy. they're disappointed with their choice, and they do not want him to keep this post. okay, so tell us, i mean, just walk us through because this,
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there have been many protests in the past days and, and, and, and weeks. tell us a little bit more about, you know, how our sri lankan could be voicing their opposition. what, what might we see in the hours ahead? so the thing is, the people here, especially those who have been protesting, see rally, become a singer as some one as go to very large boxes. friend. basically they said that he's someone who with, with going to take away the take forward the roger bucks as legacy. they see him as not only a seasoned politician, but in their words, a field politician. since he has been the prime minister of the country many times, but never was able to complete the tenure. and they said that in the past they have seen him collaborating with the raj. bucks us, saving them when he could have actually made them pay for their actions. this is the peoples word here. so what they see right now is someone who will in the future will probably offer the raj bucks the family, some protection. so this is why they are very much against him. what be
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a see right now is that someone who is going to be a large boxes ally as taking power, they want the country to be out of economic crisis. many here also say that his are under the grandma single experience will help the country in a way to get out of the crisis, but they are very much against his history with roger buck 7, that is what they're going to weiss out now in the coming brought us ok so they want somebody who can provide some accountability going forward are clearly and move the country to a better place, especially economically speaking. he w correspondent, near chowdhury reporting from colombo. thank you so much. oh, rick. rom, a think our faces the challenge of leading sri lanka, out of political and economic crisis, have we, as we have just heard with inflation hitting a record high for the 9th consecutive month. the country's population is struggling to make ends meet on milton pereira cannot afford enough food, and it shows at age 74. he keeps his hair neatly combed,
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but other features bear witness to long waits for the next small meal. i yeah, it's very difficult to live and even a loaf of bread is express. we have 6 children in the family and one we have to skip meals. if we take one meal, we skip another digger again, it's very difficult. a among 3 luncheons are cutting back the world food program says 5 out of every 6 families are skipping meals, eating less or buying worse food inside his kitchen. pereira shows what his family can still put on the table from gardner. my mom is we can only buy about 250 grams of fish, and sometimes that is only one fish. we have to cut it into many small pieces, so every one in the family can eat my energy, right? because we don't have much money. sometimes we give the fish to the children at
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yahoo dot com and we adults only eat the gravy. i'm at a nearby vegetable shop. there's no lack of supply, but customers have to pay twice. what they did just 3 months ago. for many healthy produce is no longer affordable for the music. i live out that the people are coming to buy food, but they aren't happy because they don't have money. the prices have gone up. the main reason is there is no way to transport those items because there's no fuel. bladder is it, but that's why the prices have gone up. in columbus main wholesale market, still bustles with customers traders and tempting fruits and vegetables. but vendors say business has gone down by half since march because everything's more expensive now. i leave it for 490 my lita one lida.
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b says oh of i leave that i entered when did yes, maybe at one point. so any lorenzo, all for those that lined on had been rupees for that, was that by this? no, the feeling for this the 1900 does black mug. but at an anti government protest camp, one man is cultivating a different solution. not through buying and selling, but growing his own food and, and sharing it with others. free of charge. yeah, i'm have really happy really, really, really happy people look. i mean i have really heavy. i google, they were thing here. 3. i'm not charged like many sri luncheons. theodore raj, a puck so blames the countries former leaders for the current crisis. he believes that his work at the protest camp is a positive influence. are not going who these people are kicked out after. i am not
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going. i am here because i did to look and people need disorder. they're saying you really suck and hope to make the less way and come in here. my knowledge or you want to go to people. it's knowledge that many people in sri lanka may need to feed themselves and their families in a crisis that's just been growing and growing. and now we turned to some other news because the european commission is about to outline emergency measures to avert a gas crisis across the continent. this winter, they are expected to ask countries to take steps to produce gas consumption over the next months. the move comes over fears that russia could completely cut off supplies to the you do not stream one pipeline where gas deliveries from russia have dropped to sierra to germany. since last week. russia said this is dear to regular maintenance,
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but your leaders are already gearing up for the worst case. lucy, prussia, due to the energy as it uses food as a weapon of war. i think we must today prepare for a scenario in which we have to manage completely without russian gas. and this is not the theoretical scenario. in 2021, the ear imported around 40 percent of its gas from russia, with some e u. countries being especially dependent, namely germany, italy, and eastern european nations. in ports are now down to 20 percent. but should russia really hold or gas imports? experts only see one solution. if we are to see a full interruption of the rush and gas supply to europe, then we will have to decrease our gas demand in that is he then shall sector in the industrial sector. so using less warm water,
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turning down the heating and switching off the lights. well beyond the agenda for many in europe, for some more than for our this we and program an estimated that they're all they're all in. you are a way to got to get them and by 15 percent, but these will have national differences. germany, for example, is a country that might need to reduce more gas demand because of the limited as bernard thieves, germany has at the same time, early dis, rushing to find alternatives to russian energy. such as liquefied natural gas, for example, or ramping up gas imports from other countries, like aster by john, despite the nations dubious human rights record, this will help compensate for cuts and supplies of rush gas and contributed significantly to europe, security of supply. these alternative sources could help fill up gas storage
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facilities all over the block by the winter. for now, however, current storage levels are far below the minimum of 80 percent. so after a hot summer, many here in europe are hoping for a mild winter. and earlier i spoke with d, w. 's, brussels correspondence, marina strauss, i asked her, what you leaders are expecting to happen. yo hannah's hand, the commissioner from austria found very key words. he told the wall street journal only yesterday that you commission, so the executive arm does not expect russia to restart to gas deliveries through the north stream. one pipeline, after thursday, thursday is tomorrow, and it's the official end of the regular maintenance. so he's also not the only leader who has said that, for example, the friend francis minister who the economy and fines minister. he also said that
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he things that could totally cut off a fresh and gas to europe is the most likely scenario. and how is the preparing for the potential scenario so that your commission will actually present a energy when to plan or later today? and they will ask you countries to cut demand to had their gas demands. you, you already mentioned it. we're still waiting for the details, but what we already know is that not all you countries, not all industries will be happy with this plan, because the question is, how much gas will they have to cut down? we are, we have you countries like spain and portugal, for example, are not very reliant on russian gas. and they say, why should we cut down a ration, gus, a because we, we are. why should we cut down on our demand? if we don't import russian gas and then also the question is, which industries have to cut down their demand 1st, which industries are more important you commission and also you countries will have
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to give answers to this question. and the international monetary fund has been warning that a complete russian gas cut or embargo would lead to severe recession. in many you countries. how are countries preparing for that? your leaders are already looking for alternatives to ration guys. and they also tried to boost renewable energies, but it's clear with the easiest dependence on russian gas, it won't be fast enough for this winter. so the commission, the executive arm again says cutting down gas demands starting now. right. we starting in the summer not waiting until the winter could contain economic impacts 20.4 percent of its g d p. but if nothing is done, it could be way worse. and what could actually help is solidarity between member states. so for example, if one country faces a severe shortage at the countries could help. but of course, this will also be
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a very difficult decision to make because maybe such countries would want to would want to keep their gas to themselves in case of emergencies. how to deal with russian, a gas and, and energy amid the russian invasion of ukraine has really been a sticky topic within the e. u. what is the state of unity right now on the issue? well now it comes to now it comes all down to money at the beginning of was sol showing solidarity was sanctions that didn't really affect the european economy, but now it comes down to energy. it comes down to a lot of money and energy prices are already rising in europe. we will see more soaring prices in the winter, and of course, citizens get more impatient. so this is definitely a very difficult topic and we're looking for we're looking at a very difficult winter in europe. marina strauss in brussels,
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thank you. europe's heat wave is spreading across the continent with new record highs. expected in germany to day temperatures rose to 39 degrees celsius in parts of the country on tuesday. the hottest day of the year. so far, record temperatures were reached in multiple parts of europe exacerbating already deadly wildfires. scientists say that this summer is a wake up falls, the impact of climate change, and that the worst is yet to come. if net 0 emissions are not achieved in the u. k . temperatures reached over 40 degrees celsius yesterday. a historic high fires ignited on the edges of london forced some residents to evacuate. a village outside london set a blaze by the searing heat, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees celsius on tuesday, much f u. k. was a tinderbox waiting for spark?
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the smoke was visible from the capitol, it's city center, usually bustling with tourists from around the world. quiet in the oppressive heat . hot and. c you up with the heat also spread to other parts of england, not normally known for sunshine and cloudless skies. well, everything's difficult to have grinding hold unfortunately. i mean, i'm involved in something a church and it's all the organizations of families down because people don't feel comfortable coming out. we normally sell to the company. so what these fitness never the hottest it. yeah, i don't think it's anything. it's a great privilege for is, but we're just gonna get on with it really won't be the last time the mercury reaches record highs wants to you when you see these kind of heat waves are
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becoming more and more frequent through the coming the caves to make up the trending climate will continue, at least on the of the what are some seeks these sir, independent of our success in climate mitigation. the heat wave has swept across the continent defeated destructive path from western europe, where fire that i still raging near the french did your 4 door over 19000 hector's, of countryside acting, scorched, forcing the evacuation of over 30000 residents. meanwhile, the heat continues its journey eastwards, belgium, and parts of germany up bracing for extreme temperatures on wednesday. and let's look at some more stories making headlines around the world. the u. s. house of presented us has approved a bill to recognize same sex marriage at the federal level. the measure is in response to growing certain that the supreme court could nullify a previous ruling guarantee. marriage equality. it's unclear if the bill has enough
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support to pass and send you a secretary of state. antony blinkin says that roughly 25000000 people around the world are currently victims of human trafficking. that's according to the state department's annual report on the issue. the report also stressed that russia's invasion of ukraine has left ukrainian refugees highly vulnerable to trafficking u. s. judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed by twitter against billionaire. ellen musk will go to trial in october. it was the 1st hearing and a legal tussle over musk dropping the $44000000000.00 deal to buy twitter. the social media company wants to force him to complete the buyout. in britain, the race to replace boards, johnson, his prime minister, has narrowed with the field, whittling down from fort contenders to 3. former finance minister wishes soon act remains in the lead. conservative m p. 's will reduce the choice to,
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to this week ahead of a party wide vote in september eliminated from the other. the european union has opened a members of talks with albia and north macedonia, after e u. member bulgaria last week resolved a dispute with north macedonia over language and national identity in its full guarantee and minority population. a tele and prime minister maya druggie has signaled that he is willing to retract his resignation and continue in the job. subject to conditions. druggie has received numerous appeals from lawmakers for tomorrow to try and rebuild that parliamentary majority since he tried to resign the sleep last week. excuse me, drug he lost his majority in parliamentary after the populist fivestar movement withdrew. it's a point later. russian missiles struck a residential area of crime, a taurus k city in eastern ukraine on tuesday. at least one person died. several others were won't it?
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russian troops are increasingly targeting the city as they try to push further into the dunbar street or russian air strike in the heart of rum, a dose. this woman is praying for her son in law was severely injured in the attack. that much of her before i felt a really powerful explosion and i understood it was some way here. i called my daughter and she said that maxine was not picking up the phone. he must have been knocked out, then they said he is unconscious in critical condition. my daughter said the doctors think the outlook is bad, but we were cardia. las mars him as we were walking out of the grocery store. and at that moment, there was a blind shouldst terminal to 3 minutes later we walked into our yard. we saw this
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picture, a man ga clear. our neighbor max was lying near our car. naturally, we called the ambulance, but it only arrived 20 minutes later. zoom in the old of all. that is the ukranian president valencia zalinski, condemned the strike in tramadol, along as well as the several others across the country. a goliath calling them atlas of detto could allow that i cleared the serial number. meanwhile, russian forces are keeping up the bombardments of cities across ukraine. noticing them, all of the russians are more aggressive now with them because it feels like they're firing with their eyes closed. they shall, everything don't put before they at least try to hit certain targets. but now they are much more aggressive. there are many of them in them that we will manage and we have no other option. after days of heavy fighting, ukraine says it has managed to push back russian troops in bots of done yet. this
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in russian forces have suffered heavy casualties. ukrainian leaders say it will be the timely delivery of enough western weapons and ammunition that will ultimately decide the cause of the war. and correspondent mathias bollinger is an ukraine's capital chief covering the war and monitoring the potential annexations of ukrainian territories by russia. here's this assessment here. the earth, specifically, the u. s. has warned that russia could hold referendums in these territories. that would mean the 2 territories offer danielle scandal hands, parts of which have been occupied since 2014 or by these self proclaimed drop republic, sir. and her newly conquered territories in her son, the region of her son and the parts of support. asia that are under russian control . so these coast lines that russia has conquered since february. um the,
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are that russia has been preparing to annex these terry trees or to proclaim self the republic similar to those internets can low hands. can these 2 other territories that something was going on? there is already clear. for a long time, russia has given our passports in the newly conquered regions. and russia has switched their mobile operators and the tv networks with the russians to the russian one. there have been attempts to introduce the ruble as a currency in these territories. so all these preparations have been going on. what the new warning of the u. s. is that they have given a timeline, a probable timeline for these things for these actions to happen that these leaders, these are russia appointed leaders of these regions might hold a referendum already in september. although there have been already warnings about possible referendums or preparations for ever and names before, but it seems that the russians so far have not considered itself
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a safe to proclaim these resources should not forget. there is considerable activity in the east, especially in the southern territories the by ukrainian resistance fighters, and that it was not safe so far, but the privileges are going on. tell us a little bit more about the latest activity on the ground. and we just heard about a miss attack and kind of toys, for example. yes sir, so intro matos residential area was hid the same was the case in odessa and in mich alive ah, where they have the where'd crane says cluster bombs have been applied? i think this in the, these attacks in the south, yada mich life are assigned that russia is not relenting from its claims to the region. rush out, what has tried to move on to odessa since the beginning of the war, but was stopped and mc alive. and now with the possible ukrainian counter was offensive going on in the her son region. russia seems to be asserting its claims to the regional though they can not advance militarily at the moment. and in the
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dawn bus indiscriminate shelling off, or is it residential areas has been going on for weeks in several parts of the region that are within a tillery range, plus rockets being fired and those places that are a little bit further. so this is actually sadly, nothing new, and of course the, the, one of the tactics that we might suspect behind these indiscriminate and, and, and, and, and random shillings of residential areas is, of course intimidation of the population which has not really worked so far here in ukraine mathias pulling her. thank you very much. ross, as leading female tennis player has come out as a lesbian in an online video. darya cassie carina who is currently ranked 12 in the world, said that she was in a relationship with a woman. but she also slammed huh. felt her got attendance in her home country.
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russia is considered one of the worst european countries for l g, b t q writes mm. quick reminder of our top story. sri lankan lawmakers have elected renelle with from a singer as their new president. he won the backing of a large majority of lawmakers, the frank saying that is a controversial choice as much as the public see him as being too close to former president. go to buy a roger box in the next sunday, w news. it is, the environment's magazine. so india, do you stay with us if you've had for that? i'm sarah kelly and bergland. thanks for watching with,
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