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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. europe's heat wave moves east, the death toll is rising. as wild fires spread, many countries are recording their highest temperatures since records began. we'll
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see what the government's and citizens are doing to come. also coming up, bracing for the worst, the european commission says it's likely that russia will cut off all gas to europe and calls on countries to use less gas to avert a crisis this winter. plus after months of turmoil, lawmakers in sri lanka elect runny which were the same as their new president will succeed, the ousted leader who fled the country last week. but will the protesters and the buggers except parliament's choice? ah hello m terry martin. thanks for joining us. a heat wave sparked by climate change is causing death and destruction across europe. on tuesday, temperatures here in germany rose to 39 degrees celsius the hottest day of the year . so far, record temperatures were reached in many places,
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exacerbating already deadly wild fires. climate scientists say the extreme weather is a wakeup call, and that the worst is yet to come because we continue to burn too many fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. in britain, unprecedented high's forced residence near the capital london to flee when a village outside london. set a blaze by the searing heat, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees celsius on tuesday. much a few k was a tinderbox waiting for a spark. the smoke was visible from the capital city center, usually bustling with tourists from around the world, quiet in the oppressive heat. hot and i
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co done with the heat also spread to other parts of england, not normally known for sunshine and cloudless skies. while everything is difficult to grudging hold unfortunately, i mean i'm involved in something a church and it's all the organizations of a family because people don't feel comfortable coming out. we normally sell to the company. so what these fitness never the hottest it. yeah, i don't think it's anything, it's a great privilege for is, but we're just gonna get on with it really won't be the last time the mercury reaches record highs one. so you, when you see these kind of heat waves are becoming more and more frequent through the coming the caves to make up the trending climate. we'll continue at least on the with the, with our, from seeks. these are independent of our success in climate, the mitigation. the heat wave has swept across the continent. destructive path from western europe with fire that i still raging near the french did your 4 door over 19000 hector of countryside acting, scorched,
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forcing. the evacuation of over 30000 residents. meanwhile, the heat continues its journey eastwards, belgium and pots of germany up bracing for extreme temperatures. on wednesday. d. w. corresponded barbara basil is in bordeaux in the south of france and joins is now from there. barbara, the region where you are has been badly affected by the wild fires in recent days. what's the situation like now? it's been really badly hit this yolanda the region is salsa bordeaux, which has the lovely atlantic coast beaches. and we've seen this morning because the police brought us there, the forest that have been burned dry down to the sea. it's amazing side because the scorched trees and right into the, in the glowing and white sand, there is so all that is gone that vacation paradise for the next years. however, a,
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what will happen here is that the firefighters, after 9 days, they're still at it. and they are cautiously optimistic. they've brought the fire somewhat under control. it's not spreading anymore, but it's still burning. and 9 days that is a long period for forest to burden. and we can see and hear the these scorch trees they after a while they sort of just simply catch fire again. and they sat, bernie, again, even after though they've been down, was water just half an hour before. so it's not done yet, but they hope that the worst might be over here in a couple of days. french as president, manuel mccall is visiting the region where you are expecting the damage today. what are people they're expecting from him? the of course, expecting from him, terry that he is going to do more for the environment. we see people here in the background milling the president is late. he wants to congratulate the fire
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fighters for their heroic work because to be in those forest 9 days running. it was little sleep and in the intense heat the that is indeed heroic. however, what is needed are much more stringent measures against climate change. what happened here in g owned is that in regional france, that used to be temperate hot in summer, but not that hot and relatively mild. and when to everything cool down by the atlantic has completely switched over to be the hottest area of france with new heat records reached on the last weekend. and so that is the total change for agriculture for the wine makers, for instance, were desperate because the, the grapes won't grow new more that they used to cultivate here for centuries. it's a complete change on all fronts. and what people need is much quicker political change, and they're hoping for paris. but so far, paris has been moving very slowly. so the people are hoping that they're going to get help coping with this difficult situation. but what else the present about
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president, my calls approach to combating the climate emergency in itself? could this, could these, this extreme, whether these fires have any impact on his policy? do you think if i may say so, this might put fire under his souls politically speaking because he's under pressure from the left wing and parliament, the newly elected parliament where people are saying he hasn't done enough socialists and the left is the saying he, he, i mean, a lot of strong words we heard from paris. they have been a few laws, but he simply hasn't done enough. and it's been so much slower than is needed. a 1000000 electric cars in france within the next years that is much too slow. they criticize a product is really backwards in promoting and renewable energy. however, they're still relying heavily on nuclear energy. and more than 60 percent of their electricity comes from nuclear and they all say we agree to the another is because nuclear doesn't sort of have negative effects on the climate. but the big policies,
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the big push forward that has been very slow in coming, even new ministers are now in place in paris that supposed to carry this agenda fall. but, but as we see here and you go on to climate change happens so much more quickly. than politicians tend to move forward. thank you very much. shar corresponded barbara basil there in g loans near florida. if i is not well, the european commission has presented an emergency plan to avert a gas crisis across the continent. this winter. it's asking you countries to reduce their gas consumption by up to 15 percent. the north stream, one pipeline that delivers russian gas to germany has been shut off for routine maintenance. it's supposed to come back online in 10 days, but you leaders are preparing for it not to be restarted. countries are racing to refill storage facilities before winter and find alternative sources such as
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liquefied natural gas. well, here is your commission chief ursula funder lion announcing the emergency plan. a short while ago. russia is black mailing us. russia is using energy as a weapon. and therefore, in any event, whether it's partial major cut off of russian gas or total cut off of russian gas, europe needs to be ready with 2 objectives. one is every member state, should we use the use of gas. and our 2nd objective is we provide a safety net for all members things. so if we look at the european union today, i am confident that we can master this russian engineer energy crisis. i stayed together a german member of the european parliament for the green party. he served on the parliament's energy committee. earlier i asked him if he thinks the commission gas saving plan is sufficient to get member states,
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including germany safely through the winter. no, unfortunately, no. i mean, we know, since a long time that we have to reduce our gas consumption. so the commission announced a lot of different measures that anyway, being pursued by member states that we knew before. so this does nothing new, nothing bold in it. so therefore, like it's, it's, it's not now the big thing that actually helps us to survive to energy crisis. when you say it's, it's not a bold thing, but it could become mandatory this 15 percent. that the cut that the, that the use asking for, could we see a situation do you think where one industry or one country in the was obliged to make painful cuts and gas consumption in order to secure the supply for others? would all member states be on board for that? look, this is any way going to happen and what we need to prepare for is
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a situation where there is to deter gas coming to europe. and in this situation, there is rationing. going to happen. there are protected consumers and consumers, so there are some provisions and now and, but actually what, what would have been good is to go more in the direction of making it mandatory to create solidarity agreements between member states. but they didn't go that far. so it's, it's nice to say members, dates have to, or even are forced to reduce their gas consumption by, by 15 percent. but the real situation we're looking at is that there will be to less gas, and there will be ration is rationalizing at plays. and the decision has to be made, which industry has to go off 1st. and these questions have not been addressed. and the 2nd big thing, which i think is even more important hasn't been addressed. millions of you citizens are not able to pay for their energy bills, their gas bills, and they need to get some protection,
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some kind of energy money and in order to survive. and this is something that we have to look at because if we are, if, if, if we and the risk that so many citizens were basically get bankrupt, then put in, achieved, it's aimed to really a europe's solidarity part. europe is in the grip of a devastating heat wave around the world. we're seeing the catastrophic impact of climate breakdown. and yet in its effort to become independent from russian energy, the e was looking to buy gas elsewhere and reactivate coal power plants. is this really the best way for yeah, well, absolutely. it's, it's, it's a terrible situation. we are in right now. we have the climate crisis and we feel it currently very much. so coal power plants to reactivate them is terrible. so the,
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the main effort has to be, to increase and the celebration of the energy transformation to make use of every energy efficiency and instrument and activity that we can, we can do. and, but of course i'm in a situation where there is not enough gas than also am called power plants unfortunately. and they have to be real and used because we cannot afford that, that there was the black out and people, for instance, in hospitals or so we'll be able to use electricity am in miss moss. thank you very much for taking time to talk with us today. that was mikayla bloss member of the european parliament with the german green party. thank you very much. take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today. italian prime minister mario draggy says he is willing to cancel his resignation and stay on if parties unite behind him. he said he would quit after losing his majority in parliament last week,
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and the law makers of asked him to remain in office my. the police in the turkish capital ankara have broken up an l. g, b, t, q, rally and detain. dozens of people. pride events are banned in turkey, but about 50 people marched in defiance. turkey was previously one of the few muslim majority countries to allow pride parades. amnesty international has accused me on mars military of committing war crimes by using land mines in conflict areas . the rights organization says mines have been laid around homes and churches near the border. with thailand, the un says land mines or maiming or killing many children in melbourne. sri lankan lawmakers have confirmed 6 time prime minister renelle blake to run a single as their new president. he's currently acting leader and will keep the job until 2024. he's on the grimacing is
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a controversial choice because many voters think he's too close to the ousted former president, roger. but he won the backing of a big majority in parliament. d w's south asia bureau chief, marita shima is in the sri lankan capital, colombo. i asked her to tell us more about this hastily arranged vote. you know, jerry, after all the political drama which took place yesterday and the opposition tried to bout a huge challenge in the end, it was a decisive victory for john became a thinker. he 134 of the boats and his nearest rival got only 80 to no fault finding that it was quite a historic vote for the 1st time. buyer limit was electing a president. the last time something similar happened was back in 1993. when that then president pre mother and he was the father of the current opposition leader was assassinated and been parliament appointed a successor to him. but he wasn't elected. now done, it become
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a singer has be very clear about working within the constitutional framework. so his election is completely legal. but what he lacks, terry, is the public mandate. you see he lost his parliamentary seat in the last election . he was appointed on a national list to parliament and he has this one member. so people wonder, can you have a president with such little public mandate that the world has been watching sri lanka, going through this extreme political and economic turmoil. i'm marita and everyone is wondering what kind of leadership can sri lankan expect from ronelle, wicker and singer with daniel bickley, missing a things he's an best man for the job. as you mentioned, he's been prime minister 6 times, never completed his term, but now he's executive president, which makes him head of state, head of government and head of the military. and that's a very powerful position. and reno that became a singer is a very strong law and order man. we had last week when he said he call in the army
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to quell unrest. and he said law and order whatever it takes. he also declared an emergency earlier on this week. so people may have doubts about him as a politician, but i think many recognize he may be a very good administrator, the kind of person who can put policies in place, which could actually dig sri lanka to the path of economic recovery. so he's viewed by many as not as a pragmatic choice, but maybe not the popular choice. there have been massive protests across the country, particularly in the capital, or the protests in sri lanka, likely to stop now with this election. and it's difficult to say at the moment any but unlikely it'll re, was standing at a protest site when the election result came out. and the protesters there was gutted. now i'm standing on a market and i was to ask people here, what do you feel? and everybody just shook their heads. so i think because he's,
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as you mentioned, so closely associated with the ousted a presidency that people wanted a change. they wanted something, neil, so they are protests planned. nothing's as seen as yet, but good, definitely expecting some kind of backlash. a reader. thank you very much, shar south asia bureau chief, i'm retired, she mother well present. the grammar, singular faces the challenge of leading sri lanka, out of a political and economic crisis with inflation hitting a record high for the 9th consecutive month. the country's population is struggling to make ends meet milton pereira cannot afford enough food and it shows at age 74, he keeps his hair neatly combed, but other features bear witness to long waits for the next small meal. it's very difficult to get an even a loaf of bread is expensive. we have 6 children in the family and one we have to
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skip meals. if we take one meal, we skip another very difficult. i, you know, among 3 lumpkins are cutting back the world food program says 5 out of every 6 families are skipping meals, eating less or buying worse food inside his kitchen. pereira shows what his family can still put on the table, because my mom is we can only buy about 250 grams of fish. and sometimes that is only one fish. we have to cut it into many small pieces, so everyone in the family can eat because we don't have much money. sometimes we give it to the children that come in and we adults only a degree at a nearby vegetable shop. there's no lack of supply. but customers have to pay twice
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. what they did just 3 months ago for many healthy produce is no longer affordable . me that they gave me the option that people are coming to buy food. but they aren't happy because they don't have money. the prices have gone up. the main reason is there's no way to transport those items because there's no fuel, go out to do that, but that's why the prices have gone up again. but at an anti government protest camp, one man is cultivating a different solution. not through buying and selling, but growing his own food and, and sharing it with others free of charge. i'm have really happy, really, really, really happy. people are coming very happy. i get to it will thing here 3. i am not charged. like many reluctance, theodore raj, epoxy blames the country's former leaders for the current crisis. he believes that his work at the protest camp is
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a positive influence. are not going. these people are kicked out after i am not going. i'm here because of the she look and people need decent des say you really so can hold me this way and coming to my knowledge i own of you to put it's knowledge that many people in sri lanka may need to feed themselves and their families in a crisis that's just been growing and growing now to the war in ukraine, the u. s. believes that russia is moving ahead with plans to annex more ukrainian territory. national security council spokesman john kirby says russia is starting to roll out what he called, a version of an annexation play book similar to the one seen in 2014, when it didn't bated and annexed crimea. russia is continuing to pound targets in ukraine. russian missile struck a residential area of crime, a tossed,
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a city in the east killing at least one person a russian as strike in the heart of roma dos. this woman is praying for her son in law was severely injured in the attack. yep, i told her that i felt a really powerful explosion, and i understood it was some way here. i called my daughter and she said that maxine was not picking up the phone. he must have been knocked out then they said he is unconscious in critical condition. my daughter said the doctors think the outlook is bad. so we were cardia lismore as soon as we were walking out of the grocery store. and at that moment, there was a black sheet is terminal to 3 minutes later we walked into our yard and we saw
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this picture, a montoya, cliff. our neighbor max was lying near our car, naturally recalled the ambulance, but it only arrived 20 minutes later. them in the old double. what is the ukrainian president violet music lensky? you condemned the strike in tramadol, along as well as the several others across the country. a goliath calling them atlas of detto law, that i didn't know. meanwhile, russian forces are keeping up the bombardments of cities across ukraine. isn't noticing them. all of the russians are more aggressive now, but it feels like they're firing with their eyes closed. they shall, everything don't put before they at least try to hit certain targets. but now they are much more aggressive. there are many of them in them, but we will manage and we have no other option. after days of heavy fighting, ukraine says it has managed to push back russian troops in bots of donnette. this
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in russian forces have suffered heavy casualties. ukrainian leaders say it will be the timely delivery of enough western weapons and ammunition that will ultimately decide the cause of the war or correspond mathias bellinger is in care of covering the war. earlier i asked him about the us allegations that russia is planning to annex more ukrainian territory. yeah, so the u. s. u. s. suspects russia to be preparing to annex not only the donetta and low hands regions, part of which have been occupied or by these self proclaimed republics, is since 2014 and have never to have been recognized by russia as independent states. but they have never been incorporated into the russian state. so this would be something that russia is preparing according to this information a plus or the territories, of course, on and the occupied territories of fathers up, or is your region which are bordering these, to
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a self proclaimed republics. so that's a, that's basically something that we have seen a lot of speculation about there have been, um, are announced and then retracted referendums on a either a proclamations of independence by these territories that are occupied right now. or, or, or, or even talks about possible annexation. russia has been laying the ground for that by giving out russian passports, by introducing the russian rouble as a, as, as a currency. and a few other things like switching them or by network to russian or companies and, and a russian tv in all of the cable networks. um, but so far, i think russia might have not yet made the decision. we don't know really ah, what is the basis of this,
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or information by the u. s. services or the situation? is vala, tire security wise? so that might be also another reason for russia why russia is still hesitating to do that. russia's leading female tennis player has come out as a lesbian in an online video. and daria casa kina who is currently ranked 12 in the world said she was in a relationship with a woman. she also slammed homophobic attitudes in her home country. russia is considered one of the worst european countries for l g b t q writes. just reminder the top stories were following for you here today on d, w. europe's heat wave is spreading with new record, high temperature is expected. here in germany to day climate scientists say the extreme weather is a wake up call and that the worst is yet to come because we continue to burn too many fossil fuels,
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such as cold and sri lankan lawmakers have elected renelle vick from a single as their new president, he won the backing of a large majority of lawmakers from saying it is a controversial choice as much of the public see him as being too close to for president. going to buy a raj epoxy they're watching d. w news coming up next in the w news, asia after russia's invasion of ukraine. could china have its set site set on taiwan? how likely is an attack on the territory that a more after the break with ben facility? i'm terry martin. thanks with
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with ah ah sh to sleep. listen carefully.
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don't know how with today go. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you ah, subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. go, mike speaking, how can this passionate hatred of a people be explained? a gold con, where does it come from? come also that the history of anti semitism, he's a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles interest in christianity wants to convey that is why
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christianity you like the figure of the jew as any parent, some hope to fly. it's a history of slender, of hatred, and violence is about the school from then on. the jews were considered servants of evil. they simply told you the most atrocious chapter and within 6 years, a 3rd of our people were exterminating 6000000 jews. like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive. a history of anti semitism. this d w. ah. today on the w news, asia tensions over taiwan spike, the american navy sends a warship through the waters separating taiwan and china, the brutal trip angus bay. jing, which is already up in arms about


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