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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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is establishing an old order changing pace, president of the global power china is part of a whole system which believes his time has come. he relies on an authoritarian system of total surveillance on economic expansion without scruples and again and again, she provokes and threatens with the military aggression the chinese president believes his way is for superior than that of western democracy. china's president, she ging paying starts july 30th on d. w. today on the daily news, asia pensions over taiwan spike. the american navy sends a warship through the waters separating taiwan and china. the brutal trip angus bay ging, which is already up in arms about a potential visit to the island by us house speaker, nancy pelosi and
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d. w. mates residence of an island governed by ty, one that's actually closer to mainland china. many ask themselves where they loyalties lie, should china or invade. ah, i've been fizzle, and great to have you alone. rush is invasion of ukraine as political analysts asking themselves if taiwan is next. china considers the democratically governed island, its own territory. taiwan split from the communist may london 1949 at the end of a brutal civil war. it since become a thriving democracy with a robust economy and a freedom loving people. the united states supports that democratic drive and a possible visit to taiwan by one of the u. s. is top lawmakers. nancy pelosi has china outraged foreign ministry spokesman shalley john was china would take forceful measures to defend its national sovereignty if pelosi made the trip. if
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this escalates an say, china blocks tie when he's trade, the ripple effects would be felt around the world. but the tech hub is also a big player in the chinese economy. that's why the bigger concern for washington is beijing seizing, tie ones, makers of semiconductors, which are a key part of so many things, smartphones, healthcare, military systems. taiwan accounts for a 5th of the global industry supply chains would crumble. another concerned is bay ging seizing an outpost like the kid min islands. they were a watershed in the chinese civil war. they politically part of ty, one but a close to the chinese coast and many residents are pro chinese. for years the islands had close trade links with the mainland, which taiwan suspended in the pandemic. it's yet to restore direct ferries and flights. locals fret, they'll be abandoned by ty,
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pay and swallowed up by bay jane the fairies from kin mann to mainland china have been idle for 2 and a half years. so is the tourism industry on the island? won't show megs sofa near sharp has suffered from the lack of tourist visiting. but he's also worried about security and relations with china fell on a while. anyway. call me when you get what i want to peacefully unify with china equal, we must not cut our ties, or else we will become enemies. our ties of china have prevented war shine and no use the people of kin are not hostile fellow, so he won't attackers. we are like brothers now. she in the year while he shows us a bomb shout, i liked the one he had in as a child, when the communist attacked his from their generation that experienced war with china. now he says he would accept anything to survive. how i'm going battle katya, or jim and jill. so followed she, who if taiwan and china go to war,
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can mean that would be done for you? would you, the high one can't protect us is too far away to give his military support. if war comes, i will defense to communism for the sake of survival will challenge. ethiopia, tinman was an antique ominous frontline. during the cold wall, residents were cut off from even their relatives on mainland china and they were also unable to freely travel to mainland taiwan. many felt like they didn't belong to either side. opening direct links to china 20 years ago, east cross straight tensions came madness now the most pro beijing part of taiwan. it's only 5 kilometers away from the chinese said hey salmon. many came, my residents are hoping to build a bridge to get to the other side portrayed and medical care. but opponents rejected the idea. calling it a trojan horse that could 8 a, china's invasion henry lane as of the generation that no one experienced
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a fighting. he buried his war game business on widespread interest in recent history and wants to show customers was at stake to day who find their hawaii time . so do a lot of your degeneration fought so hard to defend our land. mm. so we can have such an advanced democratic and free country if we give our so so easily to the communist galaxy or for blood, sweat and effort will be in vain by fidel henry has family and business ties with maine and china. the economic growth de impresses him, but he says, ty, once freedoms are more important, quote, so again, ego, when you knew who the communist regime control was your mind, we must be loyal and obey or dislike a robot wears in taiwan. we encourage diversity and individuality to me. freedom of fort and expression are very important to me also. of course i don't want to reunify with china. garza put you on way quicker. people in 10 men disagree over
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whether they want to join china, but they all want to avoid a war that will surely be devastating. china has vowed to annex tie one by force if necessary. it's flynn, war, plains, new tie when he's asked space and held military exercises based on invasion scenarios. bridging is especially sensitive over any u. s. naval presence in the taiwan strait. the chinese navy says it followed and warned an american destroyer that sailed through the waterway. wednesday, the us says its presence in shows freedom in the you know, pacific the you with is legally committed to helping tie one defend itself under the taiwan relations act. that washington also follows a policy of strategic ambiguities on the status of ty, one to preserve relations with china. former general max, you was the dean of taiwan national defense universities, political warfare college. how likely, in your opinion is a chinese attack on tie. what? ah,
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i think it's more than to use less likely is because china is facing external and internal problems. the external, as we know, japan, united states, they already said that any a tech on taiwan will be you know, equal to take on the japan or even the united states. he will have to response in kind and domestically right now it's not a good timing for she came into on to use force against i wanted because internal issue such as economic situation, i use downtown, and are they a fission or they are serious, are economical. you know, problems such as they are so many local banks now is on the bridge of bankrupt. so i don't think you say a right timing for chance to decide to attract. i want at this moment. what about she's popularity though, if it's just taking a battering wouldn't taking just
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a few outlying islands very close to the mainland, be something that would boost popularity at home. even though we know china did, they do have that, you know, in the past they use to lunch, extend a war to district domestic attention yet. but the situation now is totally different. once it, she can pin or use force against any of your idence of tie one that will be equal. the total war on 2 against i one and united states and you say lights. why then all these military postering from all sides yell at this moment. i believe that already somebody's re posturing actually is try to are, you know, create some kind of a chicken advantage. and also on some kind of blocking, you know, that,
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that intent is said to stop the war, prepay a war to stop war. so i think an include to boise united state and china had the no intention to launch any war at this moment, but they need to, we not adopt diminished many to re an intimidation straight. did you try to determine that the china, so call a taiwan independence moment in? they are sites india site, they believe, or, or didn't, internationalization of taiwanese years are sponsored by the united state. and he's a nice, in particular the nato recent, you know, visiting to taiwan is kind of idea pushing on. i want go too. i independence. but i, you know,
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from my point of view of china, so all these kind of the military intimidation gesture, actually, i've tried it on the possibility of war. if i united states, you know, they cross the night and not all beatle, a beat by the so called one china policies. let me then ask you what about the signal the nancy pelosi team is sending with a potential visit i, i think i because nancy pelosi as you know, is the cert persisting in the u. s. command on like. so, is that very high status? you know, officers visiting if he can, should he come to taiwan? ah, and for me is also 2nd law. i figured he important state of that got isa. united state is ready to change ice current policy of strategical ambiguity into
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strategical care. ricky. so if the piracy i truly come to visit i one and you can mention the, i know other restriction for, ah, i don't all features us off. he has come to the taiwan. so that i mean, saw in on a 2nd 5, the change of the u. s policy to what i want from a general max here. thank you very much for being on the show today. okay, thank you. since the beginning of the year, china's military posturing towards taiwan has grown more aggressive. it's been holding more combat readiness drills nearby. it infiltrates the self ruled islands as space almost on a daily basis. in response, taiwan is ramping up its military capabilities. ty ones homegrown, 85 grave. eagle leaves its nest. the fighter jet will be deployed for air to air
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and air to ground combat training missions. the aircraft can also be integrated with a variety of weapons in the event of war. tie one's president, sighing then has prioritize the development of weapons systems to defend the island hall. on the way we will continue to bolster our national defense and demonstrate our determination to defend ourselves in order to ensure that nobody can force taiwan to take the path. china has laid out for us mainland china, which claims the self ruled island as its own, is stepping up military modernization efforts and drills nearby. nearly every day chinese plains fly in taiwan air space. washington is tiwana, chief ally and supplier of defense weapons. despite not having formal diplomatic relations, u. s. law requires the government to treat all threats to the island as matters of grave concern. in 19922019 taiwan bought 216
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u. s. f. 16 fighter jets into batches. but washington's policy of strategic ambiguity regarding china and taiwan has made it harder for taipei to buy u. s. equipment. i'm been fissile and thanks for your company. we leave you with more images from taiwan, which is building up its military muscle in response to china is more aggressive approach. thanks for watching and good bye. ah ah, i think everything jenny fair, some are big. i'm listening. so much different culture between here and there. so
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challenging for empathy. ah, to some is this, i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. shove my got my license to work as a swimming instructor here on dish. and now i teach children on adults to swim just what's your story? take part. share it on info, migrants dot net. ah hm. a man with the memories of a woman. ali from syria is born in a female body. forced into marriage. great. his escape will be the journey of his life far from home. ali can finally become the person. he's always wanted to be alone. despair, badly elementary credit. and we'll go with with
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i was born in berlin starts july 22nd on d, w. ah, when i started off i did experience a lot of resistance because i'm a young woman and i know you're locked by me late breaking there was a my back to not on the diamond one me and asked me to see when i feel i feel like them to step up and say the truth a .


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