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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2022 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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it's increasingly muggy, but then thunderstorms were rolling which could bring heavy rain hail and strong winds settled fresh in the air. so while it will still be hot and i sent areas to morrow, western reasons should have cooled down after crude. so i got that for now. the key to sparking files in many regions, 400 firefighters, have been battling this single forest file since last night. well, that's all for me for now. business with christie. plaza is next. with more on the russian threat to europe, gas supplies, and nickel, really for me and the entire team here in berlin. thank you so much for your company today. with nate raring to reach out. if there is any your product, the friends between them, you'd have to find it between the lines. he w literature,
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100 german must reads. ah, hello guys, this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa. you to repeat issues and share ideas. you know all these channels, we are not afraid to talk to talking to young people clearly have the solution for future loans to the 77 percent every weekend on d w ah, the you tells member states use less natural gas. the plea comes a bit, fears that russia will cut off the block supply. will everyone play ball? we go to brussels. also on the show, even the world's most valuable car maker isn't immune to inflation and supply chain
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jams. but despite hurdles, tesla beats analysts expectations in the 2nd quarter. we'll check in with wall street. and protesters and panama block roads. again, they're rejecting a government deal on fuel price cuts that they say was signed under pressure. but welcome back again to the w business. i'm christy plaza in berlin. europe is facing a looming natural gas crisis. this winter rushes president vladimir putin has warned that supplies sent through nordstrom, the north room on pipeline, which have already been reduced, could be cut off completely to prepare the european union on wednesday, told member states to reduce their gas usage by 15 percent through next march the european commission has asked you citizens to use less warm water, so which of the lights and turned on the heat and air conditioning to prepare for a wind. so without rushing gas, russia is black mailing us. russia is using energy as
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a weapon and therefore in any and wet event, whether it's a partial major cut off of russian gas or toto cut off a brush from gas. europe needs to be ready. and in order to be ready ursula fund, alan had one big message. every one in europe has to save energy starting now. the u. s. asking all men the countries to reduce their gas use by 15 percent. first on a voluntary basis. then in case of severe gas shortage is the measure it could become mandatory. it's a scenario the commission hopes to avoid. if we do nothing, once things, sure, we will have shortfalls. and shortfalls will not just affect the countries where the shortfalls happen. they will affect every single member state because they will have serious consequences on our economy. energy solidarity among you members,
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is such a become a big topic in europe once it gets colder. but it's not at all clear. all 27 states will get in line. they're not all equally dependent on russian gas and face different levels of emergency. we have seen ongoing, for example, closing down their energy market border. not, you know, allowing on a flow out of the country of garza. if these becomes sir an action, they cannot buy either governments. if these countries start to close down their energy markets, we are going to be in trouble because the ear won't be able to draw on enough. and she sources to fully replace fresh and gas by the winter, despite efforts to build new terminals for a liquefied natural gas. first, when you boss and ramp up gas imports from other countries, like as the by john current gas storage levels, a far below the
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e is minimum target of 80 percent. after a hot summer, a very tough winter is looming. while my colleague marina strauss is following the story for us from brussels, marina, this is still just a proposal, but looking at where it's headed, is it possible that one e u country might have to shut down some of its industry to secure gas supplies for households in another country, this is what the you commissioned the exec say is executive arm and also all your countries are trying to avoid by saving as much energy beforehand. an option could be, for example, to provide certain companies in certain states with state a to motivate them to use less energy. but yes, as a worst case scenario in winter, it is possible that certain companies, some industries will have to shut down in your countries. and then your countries will have to decide which kind of industries this will be. and you can imagine that
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this will be a very difficult process, a very difficult decision to take, but certainly in a 1st step, it won't be essential industry civil be shut down. but for example, supermarkets at night, or malls or other leisure activities that could be closed down to make sure that energy is safe in the european union. ok, well even if this isn't major industry, they're asking to shut down the still sound. like quite a big ask. and ursula wonderland said that her plan depends on the solid area of all member states. how on board are they really said members diets are not on board. we have to say that very clearly. for example, hungary is a case that is a very special they have already said that they don't want to export energy to other countries because they themselves are in an emergency situation than we have countries like portugal, spain, that you can choose which are not very dependent to russian gas and they say, why should we limit our gas use our gas and demands if we want to keep our
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industries running of course. and this whole question of solidarity is also very difficult one in the you, when it comes to energy or you know, they're already energy partnerships in the u between certain human states. so that means that in a case of for gas shortage, one year member state will help out another member state. but the war in ukraine has changed a lot and we're facing a completely different situation, a very complicated situation. and we will have to wait and see for the winter if it, if a new member said is really willing to sharon and she to share gas with a neighbor in neat or if they will keep it for themselves because they want to keep their industries running right, right, while the international monetary fund warned yesterday that a complete russian gas embargo would lead to severe recessions. in many countries. can you tell me who is most vulnerable and what preparations are being made here? countries that could be most affected are the czech republic, for example, hungary,
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as i mentioned, all so, so lakia, australia, italy, and of course germany, which is very dependent on russian gas. but even if these only these countries were to be affected by gas shortages, it would also spill over to either you countries because you markets are intertwined to plate supply chains, could be interrupted. we've seen that during the pandemic, and it could happen again. that was marina strauss and brussels. thank you so much for that. tesla shares rose an after hours trading after the electric vehicle maker reported a rise in your on your quarterly profits. several price increases of its best selling vehicles, helped off that production challenges. tesla posted adjusted that income of $2200000000.00. the car maker struggle to meet demand falling a shut down of a shanghai production site. tesla is now bracing for a potential recession and increased competition from rivals. are far more on these
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results. we go to young core to the new york stock exchange. now young, we saw a little bit of a rise and tesla stock falling this news, but otherwise things have not been so rosy for the seo you on musk lately. we know he has this last it with twitter, he's an outs, major lay offs as well. stocks or over our overall down in the mid term. what struggles is the company facing right now? they're kristi. the numbers actually have been a bit of a mix that back, i mean on the upside. profit was them higher than expected, even if it was down quite a bit from the record profit. that tesla reported in the 1st quarter by the way. the stock is down by about 30 percent. it's a beating in it since the beginning of the year in comparison, the s and p $500.00 is down about 17 percent a year. to date, what we do see is the pressure on gross margins. and part of that is that a lot of things become more expensive in times of inflation component for infants.
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and then clearly the lockdown in china didn't help either. or it sounds like a lot of the same problems hitting a lot of companies hitting test as well. what is the outlook for this company going forward there? well, the big question is if some of those, some issues that put pressure on margins out there short term, mid term, or even longer term. so we have to see what's happening with the supply chain. we have to see if price as normal, our normalized for a lot of those components used by a lot of the if you makers test itself and probably it's almost as well a quite a bit that they will actually hit their target off an average of 50 percent delivery growth for the next couple of years. also it seems that there has been a slow start to the new factory in austin, texas and also in berlin or in, in germany. salt your future will tell. and you can tell from the 1st reaction on
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wall street in the after our session. wall street also isn't quite certain what to make out of this expect with those latest numbers and cards. the thank you so much for that. britain's consumer price index rose by 9.4 percent in june. that's compared to a year ago and hit a fresh 40 year high fuel and food prices rose sharply. unions have been calling for pay raises to help workers cope with the rising cost of living. the bank of england expects inflation to search above 11 percent in october. roadblocks are appearing once again on the highways in panama, after a coalition of social groups rejected a deal cut with the government. the deal would have seen an end to protest if the government had brought down fuel prices. but when protesters on the ground weren't happy with the terms union leaders decided to continue their fight. we're staying on the streets. we won't weaken that was the message. protesters had for the government in panama city. they're angry about exploding fuel and food prices.
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the government had worked out a deal with social leaders, but it was roundly rejected by the movements rank and file. and union leaders say they signed the deal under pressure. among the protesters, patience is running thin. i get a muscle sure that we want to solution and answer it. don't repress your people. it back in, i'm the one that it was on the fed up with fuel prices spiking in the roads, blocked products, are disappearing from shelves around the country. i think from awake buffalo marya with we have a fellow, as you can see, most of the stalls are closed early. if at mit law go via just don't have anything to sell. they go in all. yeah, let's hope the government and leaders reach a solution soon. i get all the model and wave on so sort of the open and everyone can do business and the road is free. hello. they leave it. but for
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now that road is blocked, as anger continues to flare. with well that's always got for you tonight, but if you would like more please head over to our website, d, w dot com backslash business, and the dw news youtube channel. you can also find us on facebook as d w dot business. thank you so much for watching until next time. take care ruth . in a globalized world where everything is connected, all it takes is a score to set things in motion. local
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