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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is the ballpark tour unleash on violet boss and re imagined galleys teachings for relevance to gandhi's legacy starts august 6th on dw. ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, europe. wait to see if vladimir putin switches the gas tops back on scheduled maintenance for the crucial, torturing one pipeline and today. but the russian president signals, he could curb deliveries further to punish europe for ukraine related sanctions or
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so coming up. the kremlin says it's changing course in ukraine because of western weapons deliveries. moscow now wants to take over territory beyond the don bass region. and scientists say europe's heat wave is a wake up call. their warm, the world's dependence on fossil fuels means there's worth to come. ah hello there, i'm really mohammed. europe is bracing to see if moscow will resume natural gas deliveries via the nord stream one pipeline. the pipeline is you to come back online later today after a 10 days scheduled maintenance period. but russia's president, that'd be a putin is threatening to cub deliveries via an old stream one claiming western sanctions or preventing needed repairs. as the you faces
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a looming energy crisis. member states are being told to reduce gas consumption by 15 percent until next march. the european commission has asked you citizens to use less warm water, switch off the lights, and turned on the heat and air conditioning shall prepare for a winter without rushing gas. russia is black mailing us. russia is using energy as a weapon and therefore, in any aware event, whether it's a partial major cut off of russian gas or total cut off of russian gas, europe needs to be ready. and in order to be ready or to laugh under line, had one big message. every one in europe has to save energy starting now. the u. s . asking all member countries to reduce their gas use by 15 percent. first on a voluntary basis. then in case of severe gas shortage is the measure it could
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become mandatory. it's a scenario that you commission hopes to avoid. if we do nothing, once things, sure, we will have shortfalls. and shortfalls will not just affect the countries where the shortfalls happen. they will affect every single member state because they will have serious consequences on our economy. and she solidarity among you members is said to become a big topic in europe once it gets colder. but it's not at all clear. all 27 states will get in line. they are not all equally dependent on russian gas and face different levels of emergency. we have seen ongoing, for example, closing down their energy market border. not, you know, allowing our floor out of the country of garza. if for these, it becomes sir an action they cannot, may on their governments. if these countries start to close down their energy
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markets, we are going to be in trouble because the ear won't be able to draw on enough energy sources to fully replace fresh and gas by the winter. despite efforts to build new terminals for a liquefied natural gas boost when your boss and ramp up gas inputs from other countries, like as the by john current gas storage levels are far below the ears minimum target of 80 percent. after a hot summer, a very tough winter is looming. so as we just heard, energy solidarity among you members is set to become a big topic this autumn and winter will be asked, dw burns, re get in brussels. if everybody in the you is on board. no, they are not on board. the hungary excluded any exchange of care supplies with its neighboring countries and hungry is not the only one that is skeptical other
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countries that are not so dependent on russian gas ask, why should we save gas? why should we the supply our gas, we get from mowbray, or old algeria or something like that to other countries? so this will be a big discussion amongst the member states. but the commission is hoping that the scope of this emergency of the crisis will force them to cooperate and to act a similar to the, the way they acted during the pandemic. so come together and show some solidarity rush. as far as that psych, a lavonne says moscow's military aims now extend beyond ukraine's eastern don bass region. a fighting is the heaviest. he blames western weapons supplies for the change in strategy and insists the purpose of the invasion is to demilitarize ukraine, hard, 8 in the city of har heath. as a father and prayer kneels over his lifeless son,
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the teenager was waiting for bus. when he was killed by a russian missile strike through 3 people have been killed including a 13 year old boy. i'm 2 people wounded on among them is a 15 year old girl. she's been operated on right now. it was on a daily shelling, pummels eastern ukraine, killing civilians and destroying neighborhoods. you know, there were 2 strikes, one hit here, and the other hit a grocery store on the other side of the street. and now the trajectory of violence is about to change. what made it the walker 0 because the west pause, more remote long range weapons such as high miles in to ukraine in an impotent rage, or in a desire to exacerbate the situation as much as possible because they were supported not mean, same geographical tasks. of these special operation lecture will extend still
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further from the current lying of certain, initially showed that russia's pretext for war was allegedly to liberate, break away regions in the east, from nazi rule and accusation. ukraine and the west se is not grounded in reality. now the kremlin is expanding its attack at blaming the west port shift in military strategy. some of them, when you more than that was he could not allow the parts of ukraine that president, florida me, is a landscape company, or whoever replace a sim will control who are you to have the weapons that were posed, i can direct direct to our territory that puts that on the territory of those republics that have declared their independence. got the route of you listening as i use misty to go to church. he says at this point, engaging and peace talks doesn't make sense. meanwhile, ukrainians are paying the ultimate price. the devil is mathias bullying. air is in
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cliff and he has more on the russian foreign ministers, latest method lover of what do not really come as a surprise here in ukraine. the russian propaganda has always adjusted its narrative from time to time. framing it as a reaction to western behavior toward deliveries of weapons. but here in key of nobody has doubted that this focus on the dunbar was just as a temporary adjustment. and the goal remains the same to take big part of ukraine or subdue the whole country. in the past few days, russia has shot at, or desa and mc alive, the 2 main cities in the south and dirt that points to them or through the next go they might be approaching. this is the territories that they call new russia, that russian nationalists have been calling new russia since 2014 claiming there were an integral part of russia. and these rockets and these cluster bombs at these
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are, at these 2 cities are laying claims to them. however, it is not clear that russia would succeed at taking them. they were stopped there in february and with all their or most of their equipment and soldiers concentrated in the don bass. now, it would be very difficult for them to make an advance their all in an interview with d. w. germany's foreign minister and alina bab, oak dismissed leverage claims as propaganda. we support to ukraine not only was selling derek g. not only by mentioning every day that this is a fundamental breach of international law by russia, but also was military support. so they can self defend their country, their territory, and russia using every time a different argument. um, so this time it's so because of the military support they are saying,
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but they have been attacking key if and on the part of ukraine before. so it's just a new propaganda from the russian side. that was germany's foreign minister. and alina burbock, speaking to d, w, 's, chief international editor, richard walker, and you can watch that full interview after this show. well, let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world's. it's least 5 minutes of maria druggie has won a vote of confidence in the senate, but his administration remains in peril off. the 3 parties who are in government with him, refused to take pont froggy cold for unity from the coalition, but fail to get the support of crucial factions. he is expected to resign you k farm and a set list trusts and former finance minister richie sudak are competing to become the next prime minister of the u. k. off the winning the support of members of parliament, they'll go on to face the vote by members of the ruling conservative party with the
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result expected by september to learn. can them peas have elected prime minister ronelle vick from a sing her as the new president, despite widespread calls for him to quit the x lead up, go to pyro to poxy said last week, off to a series of protests. the new president must deal with sri lankan worst economic crisis. u. s. president biden has cold climate change a clear and present danger that cannot be ignored by them as using his presidential powers to invest billions of dollars to protect communities from extreme weather and to support wind energy. speaking at a formal coal fired power plant in massachusetts, he said the u. s. must sec a global example while while protecting americans from extreme weather like wild fires. the president had plagued was plagued by low poll numbers as environmental
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activist sour on his ability to make concrete changes on climate. but he says the fights isn't ova bull not take no for an urge you. i'll do everything in my power. clean our air and water protect our people's health. when the clean energy future, which again shows like our purview, our children and grandchild or county. no. not a joke. not a joke. we don't keep a rule 1.5 degrees centigrade. we lose it all. we don't get to turn around and the world is counting numbers. we'll europe's heat wave is causing more death and destruction. climate scientists are calling the extreme whether a wake up coal, and warning that worse is to come because fossil fuels, like cold and gas, remained the world's primary energy sources. reco, temperatures in several countries are fueling wildfires, french president emanuel micron, thank to find, find, is battling the,
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was affected areas in western france. he says, governments will need to plan on what he holds a more structural level in the future. and the heat wave is being felt here in germany as well. on wednesday, the country recorded, it's hard to stay of the yet. so for many regions are suffering from a long term drought. it's a sweltering summer in germany, even in the morning. it was 30 degrees celsius here in frankfort, just about bearable as shown. hi, sir, it's already hostile, so you have to go home early on. the house, again, via hudson, was staying in the shade and drinking a lot, and we just had ice cream only woodside. the extreme heat is a big strain on people working outdoors at this construction site. and bullen workers are struggling on this farm,
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and germany is not relief comes from above. the heat is also hard and dairy comes, and they're enjoying the water sprinklers at reserve, alphabet of it surprised me that the cows come into the barn on their home and very quickly to act when the sprinkler system is on the few, quite comfortable with this water, cooling them down, they're like they told me to rather just say at least some parts of germany. we'll see lower temperatures on thursday. i'd arm com to night. you mm. the air will come in from the west, making it increasingly muggy, but then thunderstorms were roll in which could bring heavy rain hail and strong winds. that'll freshen the air up so while it will still be hot and ice and areas to morrow. western reason should have cooled down to crude sine got that for now. the heat is sparking files in many regions, 400 firefighters, have been battling this single forest file since last night. as a reminder of our top story, europe is facing a looming winter crisis. european union member states are being told to use 15
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percent left gas until next march brushes president vladimir putin is wanting that supply is sent through the north stream. one pipeline, which i've already been reduced, could be cut off completely. that's all for now. stick around though, because coming up next is d w 's interview with germany's foreign minister. and alina bank, i'm really mohammed and thanks for watching. take care, bye bye. ah, with people and trucks injured one, trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away as the border. families play involvement tags in syria.


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