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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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when you pass i'm evelyn, i really think we need to talk about all the topics that move to live and unite. and this i have invited many deer and well guest. and i would like to invite you to an end ah ah, this is d w. news coming to live from berlin. a new period of uncertainty starts for italy, has prime minister maria drug resigned drug took the stuff after losing the supportive parts of his coalition. we look at what this means for the country. also coming up, europeans are relieved after russia restarts gas deliveries through the key nord
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stream, one pipeline. but with blood may pertain using energy as a weapon. many say it's too soon to sound the all clear and russia changes. it's more goals in ukraine. the kremlin says it's now forced to take over more territory because of the threat posed by key of growing supplies of western weapons. ah. hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. italy's president has accepted the resignation of prime minister mario druggie after a week long attempt to unite his crumbling coalition failed. druggie went to sergio martha relas office this morning to offer his resignation for the 2nd time in a week. the president accepted this time but asked drago to stay on as caretaker
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until her replacement can be found. earlier in parliament, druggie told lawmakers he had tried and failed to gain the necessary support he needed to continue in the job. let's get the latest now from journalist. seem good in rome. seem murray. a drug is highly regarded in italy and abroad. he's seen as a safe pair of hands. why did he lose the support he needs in parliament to run the country? well essentially you have to remember that when he came into this role from 17 months ago, he was given this mandate to lead a unity government, a national coalition involving the right the left the populace. so it was a really large group of people who are very deferring ideas. and what we saw happen in that vote of confidence in the upper house of parliament in the senate on wednesday. is that the for say, the right we sent to right party as well as the far right lead party. and the
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popular fight movement essentially snubbed that vote the boy cost of it altogether . and so they made their decisions for different reasons. the 5 star movement, feeling that bull months, their priorities will being ignored. the push for things like a basic income at a minimum salary that they wanted to see continue. these think they felt among other things, were not being listened to. for foresight, kahlia and the lead part, the, the conservative right wing parties, they said will support druggie, but there has to be a shakeup of government and we want to be in bed without the 5 stop was so essentially for deferring these of the 3 major parties in this national coalition that they're not going to partake in that vote. so they just boy called it it. and that means for mr drug, he didn't have that national unity that he said i have the mandate to take part. so he went and make the decision to. 1 resign the matter. i love this. collapse of the
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government. same comes as italy, faces multiple crises, a severe drought and energy crunch the prospect of a recession. the timing couldn't be worse, could it? you're absolutely right terry. i mean, timing everything this government's mandate was actually supposed to run out in the spring of 2023. so most italian from 2 thirds of them in recent polls said that he wanted drug to continue to maintain the stability. and there were please being made from various quarters in italy and outside as well. but as you mentioned now, when the situation really soaring, inflation, high energy prices, you've got that drought as well with ridiculously high temperatures. the war in ukraine druggie was seen as a fail pants, a respected european leader dealing with that issue, and not to forget also about italy trying to diversify its energy sources away from russia. so now you have this situation where the center left party leader and
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recollect made it very clear. all those that did not vote in are responsible for the situation that very night now. and of course, that europe in level, they're wondering about those reforms that mean the drug was supposed to push forward in order to get that post. and demi recovery fund monday. so what's next for druggie and the country french elections? i present. well mister martha rella has said he's taken note of the resignation. he hasn't rejected it like what he did the day 6 days ago. but eventually that he took no resignation drug. he will remain in a cad, take a role. but yes, you're right headed toward fresh elections. he missed about the rela, had already announced that he will be sitting to the because the both houses of parliament later this afternoon. so consultations have begun. we expect that he may dissolve parliament and called for fresh elections as early as late september, early october, something on her adolphe neatly, she normally that approved the budget and that period now is going or it towards
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fresh elections. so my, thank you very much, that update journalist seem i go to there in rome, russia has resumed pumping gas via its biggest pipeline to europe after a 10 day outage. european countries like germany rely heavily on gas from russia and were concerned that moscow would keep the north stream one closed indefinitely . europe accuses moscow of using energy act force to push back against western pressure overton basin of ukraine. the flow of gas has restarted through the biggest pipeline carrying russian gas to germany notes. fremont had been out of action for a routine maintenance, many in berlin. what concerned russia wouldn't turn it back on? off to roll? germany relies and russia for around a 3rd of its gas imports. for now, the nightmare scenario as it was described seems to have been avoided, but concerns remain. germany should be doing more to reduce its dependence. the,
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like i said, elicitation is urgent. aha, who should have been making savings from day one? on february, we lost valuable months. it's important to re adjust this now for citizens are being urged to save energy. experts also say germany should look for alternative sources, philip storage facilities and expand renewables. berlin has been scrambling to set some of these measures in motion. it has reduced its dependence on russian gas. the government has also given the go ahead for ellen g terminals to be built. and by mid july, germany had raised its gas storage levels to 65 percent. mo, however, needs to be saved. and they have also been setbacks, especially for japanese climate goals. the government has decided to leave. it's called plants running longer than planned. nuclear power might also be back on the table and more coordination efforts, especially among you partners could be needed. that is good for instance,
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me that you know there is a clear decision taken that ok, we're going to prioritize the supply of a gas for heating houses in slovakia. well, that means we need to turn down or ration the supply or say the da is if it will be soft. that's the kind of thing that can only be coordinated for through the you. solidarity agreements would avoid lengthy negotiations in cases of emergency sticking together will be important in europe in order to stay warm in winter and will have more on europe's energy was later in the program and dw business with rob watts. now, a ukrainian official says russian shelling has killed another 2 people in ukraine's 2nd largest city are keep another 19 are injured including a child elsewhere. ukraine's military is training it's soldiers to use new weapons . arriving from the west,
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keith hopes the new anti tank rocket launchers and mortars will change the tide of the war. earlier washington announced it was also sending more longer range arms to ukraine. russia has criticized the u. s saying the move forces moscow to widen the conflict in ukraine by made it the wilcox 0 causes west poles more remote long range weapons, such as high miles into ukraine, in an impotent rage, or in a desire to exacerbate the situation as much as possible to global phil burdett, that means z geographical tasks of these special operation will extend still further from a current line go certainly nationally showed that it almost them when you more than that was we could not allow the parts of our crane that president blow to me is a lensky come to the new or whoever replace the same will control. who are you to have a weapons that will pose a direct direct to our territory. that puts that, i'm the territory of those republics that have declared that independence is got
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the root of you just version was cross straight over to kia far correspond mathias bellinger is standing by force there mathias. what do you make of that statement by russia's foreign minister? it sounds like he sang, russia is preparing to broaden it's offensive in ukraine. i think russia's aim has to be as being from the beginning to subdue ukraine and to possibly destroy it as a nation to incorporate it into russia. they have attacked in several parts of ukraine that are far beyond the current front line. am of the made mainly in the don boss and in the south. so there has never been any doubt here in ukraine that russia might be aiming to restart offensives in nurse other parts of ukraine. the question is, are they able to and dance more important than what a lover off says? and at the moment it doesn't look like they're able to,
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to go far beyond where they are now. but to this can change, of course, and people here are where that basically the country as a whole is a target. is there any sign, mathias, that weapons deliveries from ukraine's partners like the u. s. are helping to turn the tide in caves favor very much so especially the rocket launchers, the high mars, seemed to make a big difference. we've seen several strikes on russian ammunition deposed behind the front lines far behind the front lines, and that her will considerably slow down the russian, her attacks and the n and, and it is changing already. ah, the situation on the field, if you remember a few weeks ago that main her situation could be described as having a russia that has overwhelming fire power over ukraine and using all this fire power to ah palmer or the ukrainian positions and also behind the front lines
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civilian objects, et cetera. um, and these are multiple rocket launchers are making it much more difficult for russia to use this tactics of, of just using as much fire power as they want because it's more difficult for them to supply and they have to do more efforts to supply ukraine's also hitting infrastructure bridge is that a vital to the russian or supplies and supply lines um and to the functioning of the russian army in these occupied territories. so it is making a difference. what we are not yet seeing is that they an able ukraine to conduct a counter offensive and take back some of these territories they might. ah, but at the moment, that's not what we are seeing. but here's thank you. as always, our correspondent matea spreading other in keep now to sri lanka, were a veteran politician,
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renelle dick. grandma singer has been sworn in as that country's new president. he praises the challenge of leading the country out of its worst economic and political crisis since independence from britain. one opposition leader has already met with her grandma, seeing it to discuss how to protect the country from further misery and disaster as he called it. some protesters say the new leader is tainted by his association with the old regime. his immediate challenge is to convince sri lankan that he's fit for the job. the climate singer faces the task of leading the country out of its economic collapse and restoring order. after months of mass protests. but many re, lumpkins are skeptical. they see him as an ally of his predecessor. what the country may be up does it does is them take but did what i mean,
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we want to get rid of this that up at body visions. so that's what we are doing. so he'll hang up. i'm going to give you, let me not give up the other day. let's see what's gonna happen once a vibrant economy with a solid middle class sri lanka is now suffering lengthy power blackouts. people spend days in line to buy fuel was store shelves have run low of food and essential medicine. people are struggling. they're going to have food. they're gone to get us in. they don't, i guess they don't have these. oh, they don't have both public anger over the heart ships boiled over when tens of thousands of protesters stormed the home of then president got to buy via pop some forcing him to step down that he had to wait for recommend cingus election. the 73 year old politician has failed in his previous to runs for the presidency.
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his assumption of power means he was serv out the rest of the presidential, cham until november 2024. just reminded the top story. we're following for you here today on the w news. italian prime minister maria druggie has resigned. after losing the support of several parties in his coalition government. the president accepted his resignation and asked him to stay on as a caretaker until a new prime minister is in place there watching dw news live from berlin up next forgot business for you with rob watts on terry martin. thanks. want india a lend of contrast.


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