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ah, ah ah, this is d, w is coming to live from berlin. a new period of uncertainty starts for italy as prime minister maria druggie resigned throughout the took the step after losing the support of parts of his coalition. we look at what this means for the country. italy is also one of the countries bearing the brunt of climate change. rice powers in the north are facing financial ruin as to reach and suffers its worst drought in 70 years. also coming up, russia, restarts gas deliveries through the key nord stream, one pipeline. but with vladimir putin using energy as a weapon,
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europe's supply remain vulnerable and russia changes that war goals in ukraine. the kremlin says it now needs to take over more territory because of the threat posed by cubes growing supplies of western weapons. ah. hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. italy's pressed to has accepted the resignation of prime minister mario druggie after a week long attempt to unite his crumbling coalition failed. druggie went to sergio metropolis office this morning to offer his resignation. for the 2nd time in a week, the president accepted this time but asked druggie to stay on his caretaker until her replacement can be found. earlier in parliament drug, he told lawmakers he had tried and failed to gain the necessary support he needed to continue in the job. journalist seem
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a good time is in rome covering italy's political crisis. i asked her why maria druggie lost that parliamentary support. he needs to run the country. essentially, you have to remember that when he came into this role from 17 months ago, he was given this mandate to lead a unity government, a national coalition involving the right, the left, the populace. so it was a really large group of people who very deferring ideas. and what we saw happen in that vote of confidence in the upper house, the parliament in the senate on wednesday, is that the force tyler, the right wing center right party as well as the far right lead policy. and the popular fight movement essentially snubbed that vote, the boy called it altogether. and so they made their decisions for different reasons. the 5 star movement feeling that for months, their priorities were being ignored. the push for things like a basic income in
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a minimum salary that they wanted to see, continue the think they felt among other things were not being listened to full force, a colleague and the lead party, the conservative right wing parties, they said will support drug. you but there has to be a shake up of government and we want to be in bed without the 5 samples. but so essentially for deferring these and the 3 major parties in the national coalition that they're not going to partake in that vote. so they just boy caught it and that means for mr. druggie, he didn't have that national unity that he's been. i have the mandate to take part . so he went and make the decision to resign. the matter i love this collapse of the government. same comes as italy, faces multiple crises, a severe drought, and energy crunch the prospect of a recession. the timing couldn't be worse, could it? you're absolutely right, terry. i mean timing everything. this government mandate was actually supposed to
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run out in the spring of 2023. so most italian from 2 thirds of them in recent polls said that he wants a drug to continue to maintain the stability. and there were please being made from various quarters in italy and outside as well. but as you mentioned now, when the situation really soaring, inflation, high energy prices, you've got that drought as well with ridiculously high temperatures. the war in ukraine druggie was seen as a hands respected european leader dealing with that issue and not to forget also about italy trying to diversify its energy sources away from russia. so now you have this situation where the center left party leader and recollect made it very clear. all those that did not vote in are responsible for the situation that very night now. and of course, that europe in level, they're wondering about those reforms that mean the drug was supposed to push forward in order to get that post. and demi recovery fund monday. so what's next
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for druggie and the country fresh elections? i present. well mister martha rella has said he's taken note of the resignation. he hasn't rejected it like what he did the day 6 days ago. but eventually that he took notes the resignation drug. he will remain in a catholic a role. but yes, you're right. it's headed towards fresh elections. he, mr. martha rella has already announced that he will be speaking to the speaker, the both houses of parliament later this up to do. so, consultations have begun. we expect that he may dissolve parliament and called for fresh elections as early as late september, early october, something on her adolphe neatly g. normally that approved the budget and that period now is going or it towards fresh elections. so my thank you very much, that update journalist seem a go to there in rome, italy's european partners held berry a drug in high regard. we asked our correspondent in brussels, jack parrot,
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what they make of druggie being squeezed out as prime minister. well, i think terry, there's a big sense of disappointment, especially in brussels, maria druggies resignation. he was certainly seen as a safe pair of hands here. he was seen as an experienced european politician. he understands the european union. he was very pro european and he knew what was going on here, especially regarding his role as the, the president of the european central bank, which he held for many, many years and was seen as somebody that really understood how to get things working. we've seen in italy some pro draggy protest. people are on the streets, obviously here in brussels, in the european union institutions they cannot say. or they cannot make comments on the, the sort of machinations of national politics. but i think it's understood that he was seen as a pro european somebody who understood the workings and also on many of the big relevant issues in brussels. he was on the same page as many of the leaders on in
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other capital, specifically, france and berlin. now, italy is an important you member state, it shapes european policy on ukraine and russia dragging himself made a high profile visit to kia not long ago. could italy's position on the war now change under a new government? yes, i think that's very likely, especially when you look at the positions of the tennessee that you know, the league party the far right party, they have a very different position. you're right. he was a really strong proponent of ukraine and especially when it comes to the u. accession process. he was one of the 1st leaders to come out and say, listen, we need to offer ukraine a realistic pathway to joining the european union. he made that big trip along with german chancellor la shows and the front president manual micron to keep it was a big, big sign of not only sort of a support the ukraine, but a you unity in the support for ukraine and what, what we've heard, even from that,
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it's these foreign minister ma ted and it to my luigi demise gives me he's been there saying listen, having a caretaker government and i will prevent many things. first the, it's these sending of arms to support the war in ukraine. also do the potential for diversifying gas supplies as we had into the winter. and what that would mean, there is a, there are a lot of questions about exactly how nimble and how, you know, you know, deliberate italy will be able to be as they had into those elections, which we now expect in the autumn. jack, thank you very much. our correspondent jack park there in brussels. italy is one of the countries in europe that is experiencing a heat wave at the moment. there's also been a prolonged drought in the north of the country, and the soaring temperatures are making the situation worse. farmers there are facing the prospect of crop failures due to water shortages. the po river usually
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supplies enough water to farms, but it's severely depleted at the moment. d w max tundra traveled to the regions of see how farmers are coping a marina full of stranded boats, fields of drooping sunflowers and everywhere fountains with no running water, scorching temperatures of up to 40 degrees, half in plaguing northern italy for weeks now and threatening. some people's very existence, like the regions, rice farmers is the advantage of these plants are completely dead. they won't produce anything. there will be no crop here. soon. epa 15 tons of harvest lost in this plot alone. the farmer simply couldn't provide enough water. stefan creepy is the head of the call it at the po via association, which represents farmers in the region. italy so called golden rice triangle makes up half of europe's entire rice production. the industry,
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which is highly dependent on water, is now facing a financial and environmental catastrophe. and she my, to our knowledge, nothing like this has ever happened in the last 70 years that made according to the data available. a drought like this has never occurred that never. my northern italy depends on the po river. it's 650 kilometers, span the country from west to east. it is a source of life for all around it, but water levels have been dropping continuously over the last few years. so this summer, large parts of italy's longest river essentially are looking like this. i'm walking on what used to be the pose river bed, and if you have a close look here, you can see the bottom is actually covered in what is see shells, right? and this is dramatic for a number of reasons. some the people here in the region depend on this one for drinking water purposes to create energy and also for agriculture. areas are now
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competing for the remaining water. a state of emergency has been declared and many regis experts say the situation is likely to occur again. but there are certain precautions that can be taken to alleviate future drought. it boats as they might be there, is focus on increasing the water storage capacities. the vase, meaning we're storing walter in winter while in big or small reservoirs in fuel. man, randy martini that, of course, depends on rainfall in winter, which has been scarce this year as well. but our model is reducing leaks is another big topic. initially. it both for drinking water and agricultural purposes. any dropped arby this yet, that the system efficiency is currently around 50 percent jealousy, j. instead of at the corner medium, ethan or nancy went up. pertain to farmers like stiff on or can it be also know they will have to change this season. they have already lost 30 percent of their harvest, erotic. and with what i mentioned, we hope we get back to
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a climate which allows for rise production. otherwise we'll have to switch to other crops and adapt to a different type of water management it yesterday was just not enough water for every ones with which end to perform. for now, all they can do was keep the pumps running and hope for falling temperatures. and above all, for rain. carl sleepless, slow snow is a climate scientist, a berlin's humble university. i asked him whether climate change could cause even more severe water shortages in the future. what we are seeing currently in particular, the mediterranean southern europe is very much in line with what our most telling us is to be expected as a result of climate change in europe. the mediterranean region is already one of the reasons the well, that shows the strong, very strong drag trends because of climate change and be expecting to unfortunately it intensify identification officer in the kitchen. taking a global perspective,
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what regions of the world do you expect to be most effective by changing water dynamics moving forward? if you look into changes in the water cycle, that complex or not all the genes effect it equally, some regions may see more chris mutation than the others may see trying trends. that doesn't mean also that in regions dry, there's no risk or flash flooding. for example, because we can have extreme presentation still falling. so we also, you know, for the urine still effective by flesh lots. for example. we are similarly in regions like like germany or northern europe, we can have jobs experiencing routes as we, for example, right now. even all the way up to the u. k, but we don't exactly see an overall what's a shortage of you. but in terms of the regions that go really the, you're trying to think will be particularly concentrated in the sub tropical areas of the globe. so this comprises the mediterranean, but also for example,
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central america or southern center in africa. and the access to water is essential with countries that have shared water resources often clashing over that issue. do you see a growing risk of conflict over water, access and eat, and i mean the water water isn't it is an area effect of contact the letting today and even can be used as an, as a battery in conflict. so we've seen batch, for example, in my rack using access to water as a veterans in that horrible sort of campaign in the region. and yesterday, i mean, it is the question of future water availability and access is, is a big source of potential conflicts from the literature. what we, yes, evidences that routes i. one of the key risk factors for also local conflict outbreaks simply because they fundamentally affect lots of people and undermine
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that. that leads to potentially regional outcomes as the also just seen in the video from, from italy. not saying that there is a consequence eminent, but we do see how directly pharmacy and latin being effected and in regions. but this is all people come to from. of course this needs to very, very existential conflicts. and that's something we need to be very, very about. what can the world do to assure that water continues flowing, where it's needed? well 1st and foremost and it's most important on so we need to address things with climate change and we need to reach global and your mission as soon as possible in line. mr. goodman, that's our best chance to limit the future. we are concerned about drought to be experiencing today at $1.00 degrees of warming, pre industrial levels. we can extrapolate how much, where is the situation would, could be potentially if the, the crossing to degrees and of course, essentially so limiting want me to $1.00 to be avoiding diversity of climate change
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is of paramount importance to the wants of resources in the next that we also regionally locally need to think about what we can do in terms of improving what management also what needs to change completely if for example, certain practices like right on and becoming increasingly challenged by the lack of water resources. you also see that adaptation through climate changes is anything but easy, but requires that puts us in front of enormous challenges in particular for regional transformation and left the doctor's voice. no, thank you very much for talking with this that was cough lately. so it's not of climate analytics. thank you very much for me. thanks. quick as mother stories making headlines around the world tree lancaster, 6 time prime minister running the crime, a singer has now officially become the country's new president, the promising it was sworn in a ceremony. in the country's capital, colombo lawmakers elected him to the position a day earlier. the better and lawmaker is
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a controversial choice for president due to his closeness to the previous leader. and he turkish protests have broken out in iraq after a missile attack in the countries north. the iraqi government is blaming turkey for the incident that left a tourists dead. but turkey, which often launches, strikes in the region, denies responsibility, and it's called a terrorist attack. spain's prime minister petard sanchez says over 500 people have died as a result of the country's 10 day long heat wave. temperatures have been as high as 45 degrees celsius. in some regions of spain, dozens of wild buyers there have forced thousands of people to flee their homes. and u. s. president joe biden has announced billions of dollars of funding to help the country deal with the impact of climate change, which he called a clear and present danger. he says the money will help communities protect their infrastructure from extreme weather. wesley valley,
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louisiana. germany is breathing a sigh of relief. has russian gas flows through the north stream, one pipeline resumed after maintenance work, but a senior official said, germany remained quote, at the mercy of russia, head of the federal network agency regulator closed. mila said, the worst case scenario had not occurred, but it was too soon to give the all clear. as we report in germany is now scrambling to diversify its energy sources. the flow of gas has restarted through the biggest pipeline carrying russian gas to germany. north stream one had been out of action for routine maintenance. many in berlin were concerned, russia wouldn't turn it back on. germany relies on russia for around a 3rd of its gas imports. for now, the nightmare scenario as it was described seems to have been avoided, but concerns remain. experts say germany should be doing more to reduce its dependence. the, like i said, the situation is urgent. aha,
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who should have been making savings from day one? on february, we lost valuable months. it's important to we had just this now for citizens are being urged to save energy. experts also say germany should look for alternative sources, philip storage facilities and expand renewables. berlin has been scrambling to set some of these measures in motion. it has reduced its dependence on russian gas. the government has also given the go ahead for l. n. g terminals to be built. and by mid july, germany had raised its gas storage levels to 65 percent. more however, needs to be saved. and they have also been setbacks, especially for germany's climate goals. the government has decided to leave. it's called plants running longer than planned. nuclear power might also be back on the table and more coordination efforts, especially among you partners could be needed. this could for instance,
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me that you know, there is a clear decision taking that. okay, we'll go to prioritize the supply or a gas for heating houses in slovakia. well that means we need to turn down or ration the supplier or say the da is if it will be. so that's the kind of thing that can only be coordinated for the you. solidarity agreements would avoid lengthy negotiations, in cases of emergency sticking together will be important in europe, in order to stay warm in winter. britain's defense secretary ben wallace has announced that the u. k. will soon be sending scores of artillery guns and more than $1600.00 anti tank weapons to ukraine. this comes as ukraine's military is currently training and soldiers to use new weapons. currently arriving from the west, kia opes the new anti tank rocket launchers and mortars will change the tie that the war. washington has also recently said it was sending more longer range arms to
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ukraine. russia has criticized the u. s saying the move forces moscow to widen the conflict in ukraine. i made it a woke 0 because the west, paul's more remote long range weapons, such as high miles in to ukraine in an impotent rage, or in a desire to exacerbate the situation as much as possible to quote a resume or did not mean seen geographical tasks of these special operation will extend still further from a current long ago certain and usually lean should almost them when you mores. if that was, we could not allow the parts of your crane that president builder me as a landscape company or whoever replaced the same will control who you to have weapons that will pose the direct direct to our territory. it puts that i'm the territory of those republics that have declared that independence is got the root of you just saying is i use a misty earlier i spoke of tito correspond mathias putting
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a and key if i asked him what he makes of that statement by russia's foreign minister, i think russia's aim has to be as being from the beginning to subdue ukraine and to possibly destroy it as a nation to incorporate it into russia. they have attacked in several parts of ukraine that are far beyond the current front line. am of the made mainly in the don boss and in the south. so there has never been any doubt here in ukraine that russia might be aiming to restart offensives in nurse other parts of ukraine. the question is, are they able to and dance more important than what love says? and at the moment it doesn't look like they're able to, to go far beyond where they are now. but to this can change, of course, and people here are aware that basically the country as a whole is a target. is there any sign, mathias, that weapons deliveries from ukraine's partners like the u. s. are helping to turn
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the tide in caves favor very much so especially the rocket launchers, the high mars, seemed to make a big difference. we've seen several strikes on russian ammunition deposed behind the front lines. far behind the front lines about her will considerably slow down the russian attacks and the, and, and, and it is changing already. ah, the situation on the field, if you remember a few weeks ago, that main situation could be described as having a russia that has overwhelming fire power over ukraine and using all this fire power to pamela, the ukrainian positions, and also behind the front lines civilian objects et cetera, and these are multiple rocket launchers are making it much more difficult for russia to use this tactics of, of just using as much firepower as they want. because it's more difficult for them
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to supply and they have to do more efforts to supply ukraine's also hitting infrastructure bridge is that a vital to the russian, a supplies and supply lines um and to the functioning of the russian army in these occupied territories. so it is making a difference. what we are not yet seeing is that they in able ukraine to conduct a counter offensive and take back some of these territories they might, ah, but at the moment, that's not what we are seeing. but here's thank you. as always, our correspondent matea spreading other in keith there's been a shock at the world athletics championships in e. g. e r. e. eugene, oregon. china's thing been has won a surprise disk as gold. she beat american olympic champion, valerie almon, in her own back yard. there was also success for
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a runner who switched allegiance from kenya to cause extern just this year. china's faint being was only 17th at last. she has tokyo olympics. at the world championships she did this, an opening throw of 69.12 meters was a personal best. even with the raucous support of an american home crowd. olympic champion, valerie almon, could not compete with thing the chinese discus fro a could barely believe it. she is already being fated back home. oh, milk, i say no, yes, i didn't imagine i could do that because the other competitors were so strong. i just wanted to try my best talk before you be over in the women's steeplechase, nor roger brutal when gold in a championship record. with the 3rd fastest time ever. he was competing for chris,
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extend this year. having previously been registered as a kenyan runner. she kissed the ground in oregon and then looked up to the heavens. with these country people say welcome. there was indians and i am up at the biblical cell. i am, it is a day of surprising. eugene, thanks to to root out and thing these will championship started last week and have been a slow burner without some of the major athletics names of old. but now the sport has some new stars. just remind her of the top story we're following for you to day on the w news. italian prime minister maria druggie has resigned. after losing the support of several parties and his coalition government,
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the president accepted his resignation and asked him to stay on as a caretaker until a new prime minister is in place. that's all for now up next it's conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching ah ah, with
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who into the conflict with sebastian forest johnson counting his final days of british prime minister in his grace but still an office. my guess this week in london is american with the funds are in fact retreat. so what happens now to the former ministers of the officials who indulge job history is a little full food. well, the tory party came out comp with next on d w. oh,
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hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa. you beat issues and share ideas you know this channel we're not afraid to talk to young people clearly have the solution. good future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d. w. india, a land of contrast. them visions of inequality. 75 years ago. mahatma gandhi peacefully lead the country to independence. what has remained of his vision?
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where does the world so call to largest democracy stand? where is india headed? this is the moment to unleash on violet bars. gandhi's legacy starts august 6th on b, w, or forrest johnson. the counting his final days of british prime minister in disgrace, but still in office till his replacement was chosen. why did the conservative party accept some of the lying and the u turns for so long? my guest this week in london is malcolm rifkin, veteran, conservative politician who served us both defense and foreign secretary. no fan of boris. the politician i never called it should have been prime minister in the 1st place. he was the wrong person here. so what happens now to all the former ministers and officials who indulge johnson booster is on the false foot.


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