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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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oh, jeez, technologies work out with how they can also go terribly watch you know? ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. italy enters the new period of political instability. the president dissolves parliament paving the way for early elections . it follows the resignation of prime minister mario druggie after his national unity government collapsed, also coming up to lumpkin. security forces de smelled,
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dismantled. the main protest can be in the capital, colombo, tensions remain high after the countries. warren, a new president with close ties to the nations, all stood former leader. and more civilians are killed as russian forces shall ukraine, 2nd city. hark missiles hit a busy market, a gym and a residential building. as ukraine accuses russia of using cluster bombs. ah, hello there, i'm really mohammed. italy's president has dissolved parliament paving the way for early elections. it follows the resignation of prime minister mario druggie after the collapse of his national unity government. the president has asked mister druggie to remain in post as care, take a leader, and as say,
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his departure could not have come at a worse time for italy and for europe. drag is trip to the presidential palace to submit her 2nd resignation within a week. has launched yet another face of turmoil in italian politics. he was originally appointed to the rule of prime minister to help italy recover from the impact of covert yet a grip on his splattering economy and implement economic reforms. those issues have not gone away. and if anything have become more pressing, his resignation has left many italians, worried about the future adulthood delicate moment that i think it was a reckless move. not to bear in mind. everything that is happening globally with the war and the ongoing pandemic already thought i was. they let you really is of the right moment for a government crisis up,
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but on this should have been the mom to get back on her feet hot and cold, not the moment to stop not being cited. let's hope everything goes well the longest. and the problem will be solved, delaware obama, unquote, a call with the political crisis began a week ago when one of the parties and drug his coalition government refused to back an economic package that prompted him to tender his resignation. for the 1st time, it is president asked him to stay on and to try and form a stable government draggy 2nd resignation. after 2 more coalition parties broke ranks brings the curtain down on that effort. on thursday evening, italy's president sandra marcela deserved parliament clearing the way for new elections to be held on september 25th. the mand up super mario has been asked to remain an office in a caretaker role until
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a new prime minister is chosen or maria druggies resignation. has implications for the you to the dublin is jack park has more on the reaction from brussels. while it's it will be a huge headache to see a leader change. i think it's safe to say that here in brussels, and indeed across the capitals of the european union, mario druggie is an extremely popular figure firstly, because he's come across a stable. secondly, because not only has he told the u line country to many of his predecessors, he's actually advancing, greatly participated in a lot mainly because of his history as the president of the european central bank. he understands europe. he knows how it works. he knows how the works and also he's extremely pro european, i think the broad support that he has actually felt in italy and continues to feel has extended here in brussels. we saw, for instance,
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him attending that visit to cave, alongside olaf shows the german chancellor and france president emmanuel, my crohn, he's been extremely strong on support the ukraine. in fact, he was one of the 1st leaders to really come out strongly and suggest that ukraine should be allowed a quick entry into the european union and application processes and accession country. and we already know now they have been granted that position to be an e n e, you accession country. so a lot of that is gonna gonna change. now i think let us take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. the european central bank has announced that it's raising interest rates for the 1st time since 2011. the institution says it will increase its deposit rate one ha, of a percentage point to 0, twice as much as expected. in an effort to curb record high inflation in the euro zone, u. s. president joe biden has tested positive for covered 19 the white house that
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he was experiencing very mild symptoms. a spokesperson added that the president would continue to carry out his duties. and has started a course of the antiviral drug packs. love it monkey center. at least 18 people have been killed during a police rate in rio de janeiro, largest vela almost $400.00 offices engaged in an hours long shootout with suspects . india via densely populated slum authority said the re to targeted a criminal group blamed for a series of ca, thefts, and bank robberies. shrunken security forces have cleared a protest camp in the capitol colombo, which has led to anti government protests over the which led to those anti government protests. over the past 3 months, the crackdown came after sri lanka, new president, ronald victrum, a sing, how was sworn into office, many protest to see him as a member of the country's political elite and
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a continuation of the previous administrations politics demonstrate to say they will not support the newly elected president and found to continue protesting of the w money or chargers is in colombo and was on the scene when security forces were deployed. what you see behind me are 2 armored vehicles with soldiers sitting on top of them. we are right now in the goldfish area, very close to the old parliament and the presidential secretariat. apart from these waco, there are about 1000 or soldiers. men in uniform here who seem to have lead a seat across the area. now it is unclear whether these personal are only from the army or it's a mix of the army and the police and a special task force. what seems to be happening right now is that, are these the security officers have taken down all the tents? all the structures that had been put up by the protectors over the past 3 or 4 months. not this was the epicenter of the pro massport as that had been happening
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against economic crisis. at the moment they have taken down all the structures, all the dance, and they have tried to remove all the protesters who was still here. we could hear a little while ago we could hear some of the protesters still raising slogans. what seems to be happening right now is that the state seems to be taking bag be area which was under occupation by the protest as 4 months. russia has launched attacks on several cities in easton and southern ukraine. it's a day off to moscow, said it would shift its focus beyond the don bass region. it credit in officials say 2 schools were destroyed in donny asked. and charles also hit the southern city of mich alive, russian forces renewed their attacks on ukraine's 2nd largest. he caught keep killing 3 people and in drink more than 20 just an ordinary market on any of the day, but to day a site of devastation. 2 russian strikes at the stake style market and hawk eve
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killed her husband. the shells struck a mosque, a jim, a bus stop taking civilian lives. ukrainian officials say russia is out for blood, even using weapons that are widely band. router home chris, you received this place was hit by rockets with cluster bones one to maximize the damage to people who go wrong. also push the button on the rocket launcher. wanted to maximize damage to the civilian population. somalia, little also elsewhere in hockey eve, ukrainian soldiers are learning how to use new weapons rest on countries offending more long range weapons to the war torn country. including high mars that are lightweight rocket launchers, allowing father attacks from a point of safety global global in ogrinas, amazon,
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the foreign weapons were shipped an anti tank weapons and more towards now we're teaching a boys so they can confidently walk on the frontline. what those are my new york, but to russia all incoming help is a threat and just responding with further attacks in grammar tours, supp audio, theater donetta, expanding the scope of war. meanwhile, russia has resumed natural gas, natural gas deliveries, to your, apply the north stream, one pipeline, but only at 40 percent capacity. there were fears that russia would keep the taps switched off in response to european sanctions over its invasion of ukraine. but the head of germany's energy regulated says its country is still at the mercy of russia, and berlin is preparing for a possible winter energy crisis. look mean on germany's baltic coast. this is where the north stream one pipeline ends. russian gas has now started flowing again
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after a 10 day shut down for maintenance. that's a bit of a relief for germany, but not an end to its worries, with gas till flowing at only 40 per cent of capacity. similar to the flow before the shut down russia, cut deliveries through the pipe in mid june, citing technical concerns. germany's economy and climate minister dismissed those claims to host. the alleged technical problems are just a pretext. and the real background is politico traditional doggone it is the opposite of a guarantee of energy security in europe charge. in fact, russia is increasingly becoming an insecurity factor in our energy system in our kitchen. so despite the resume gas flow, hobbit announced another package of measures to secure germany's energy supplied. they include increasing the minimum amount gas storage facilities must contain making it easier to reopen environmentally unfriendly coal fired power stations,
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as well as energy saving measures in public buildings liberal. i'm like, we need to be prepared beyond the short term. the winter is yet to come and that will only be the 1st winter. all our models for the future show the following winter will also be a challenge for this country and for europe. so how worried are people in germany about the coming winter? as much, i'm very worried as one should be as got things always change. so sometimes it's one way then it's a different way. things might be difficult for a couple of years, maybe 5, and then it will all change again and auntie afraid of winter. nope. godaddy or the i think it will be especially hard for people on low incomes because they get so cold in winter. so i'm worried about how the mood in the country will change. if every one has freezing lumps, firm of root and you'd have given us codes in energy security crisis seems to have been averted for now. but germany and europe are bracing for
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a potentially cold winter ahead. has some a football news now on the women side and germany a through to the semi finals of year or 2022 after beating austria in the last 8 in m a girl put germany into the lead early on. and alexandra pop added a 2nd goal in the last minute of a fiercely contested derby game in london. the to know when means germany will face france or the netherlands in next week's semifinals. and in men's football, legendary german striker movie is zillah has died at the age of $85.00. he made his debut for hamburg as a teenager, and $11.00 buddhist league, a title, and one german cup. over his 20 years at the club, he also represented west germany at 4 wild cups. a sophie with the man, the cold winds, v o v. humbug funds,
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affection for resaler spawned generations. is kella says, i don't know what to say. i'm just a regular guy, and i want to stay that way. on the murphy l. blind zeller made his 1st appearance for hamburg at 17, and played there almost 20 years. even a huge offer from into milan, wasn't enough to tempt him away. he went on to win a ban, does league title and play it for world cups. but facts and figures are not what made zillow so popular. would they eva him a he was a role model when everyone else was in the showers. he was there working on his technique, being at the house gown of them who approves at the height of his career, he was a leading figure. he go of the likes of which hamburg have never seen a gal and neither gob, even into his eighties. sailor could be found at every hamburg home game, and he would have been as disappointed as any one. but the clubs most recent failure to escape the german 2nd division against lakeview. you can play badly,
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but you have to at least fight for 90 minutes. so she and you can demand that from professionals on, along with the club in the doldrums sailor's death is a timely reminder to the current squad of the heights hamburg funds expect their players to reach on and off the pitch. this is dean is lives from berlin, can stick around all the latest business is coming up next season about ah ah, what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites di da.


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