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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 22, 2022 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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and straight as and then you also have the human rights commission, which came out and said they tried to mediate that they also had no success. i'm re to cima in the ranking capital, colombo, thanks so much for your reporting. this is date of the news from berlin. business news is up next with my colleague christy. pleasant stay with us for that. and there'll be more news at the top of the on anthony house in berlin for now. thanks. what ah, how go mikes and how can miss passionate hatred of the people be explained your own tongue? oh, a history of anti semitism is
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a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles in christian christianity wants to come from that. that is why christianity use the figure of the gym as a deterrent. it's a history of slender, of hatred and violence. a 3rd of our people were exterminated $6000000.00 jews, like microbes to be annihilated even 77 years after the holocaust hatred towards jews is still pervasive history of antisemitism. this week on d. w. ah, ah. the moment european investors have been waiting for after 11 years, the european central bank has finally hiked interest rates. and by more than some had expected, will it be enough to tackle the euro zones record inflation. also on the show,
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us unemployment rises for the 3rd straight week. it's the way to find the u. s. economy is slowing under the weight of rising interest rates and high inflation. and flows returned to north stream. one european importers breathed a sigh of relief for, with 1st reduced volumes of russian gas surging down the pipeline. it's by no means business as usual with this is the w business. i'm christy plats and in berlin. the european central bank has raised its key interest rates by half a percentage point. the 1st increase in 11 years. the bank raised its benchmark deposit rate to 0 percent joining its global peers and jacking up borrowing costs. the move is an attempt to bring down stubbornly, high inflation. analysts had initially anticipated a more modest rate hike this month. the bank is likely to raise rates again in september. what you see president christine, the guard said the larger 1st step was made with the risk of inflation in might
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have a lesson we expect inflation to remain undesirable the high for some time owing to continued pressure from energy and food prices and pipeline pressures in the pricing chain, higher inflation pressures also stemming from the depreciation of the euro exchange rate. but looking further ahead, in the absence of new disruptions, energy cost should stabilize and supply bottlenecks should ease. or unlike some other central banks, the e. c. b has been reluctant to touch interest rates. my colleague, ashtosh pond. i told us earlier how this higher than expected hike came about. the surprise 50 basis point. hi, good. the biggest since 2000 and double the size that the easy be had signaled we're back in june. sure. just how the inflation situation in the euro's own has
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worse and in the past 6 weeks. so it also shows the that the e, c, b is worried about the euro touching parity with dollar because that means much further inflation, but easy be job is far from over. it needs to maintain its aggressive stance because here is dealing with unprecedented levels of inflation. but its job is going to be difficult, given that there are recession fears and they could be a possibility, or that the gas supply to the block is actually stopped by russia. that's a big fear. and then there's also fears around debt, turmoil in the weaker economies of the euro zone over to the us. now. the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits rose for the 3rd straight week to 251000 last week. that's an 8 month high. but demand for labor
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remain strong, as hiring continues to grow there nearly to job opening for every unemployed person in the u. s. the federal reserve is keeping an eye on the data as it tries to tame inflation, without triggering a certain unemployment. while our corresponding ins court in york has more on this. hi. yes. so the vitamin ministration loves to point to low unemployment as a sign that the us economy is still doing ok. but tell us what do these latest figures actually indicate? not actually the fed chairman jerome paul christi, just recently said that the labor matter market is way too hot. so maybe he gets this wish and the labor market is starting to cool down quite a bit. i mean, if you look at those weekly figures that we've gotten here on thursday, as you mentioned the highest level in a month, even if in general, the level is still pretty low. but there are more and more science and the labor market start. so softening, there is some word that google, for example,
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is going to pause hiring for about 2 weeks. we just heard here on thursday, after hours from the social media company at nap, that they're actually going to reduce, hiring substantially that stop by the way, is down in our trading by about to 25 percent left. and right to hear more and more stories that companies start to pause hiring and in some incidents we even see some labels. okay. yeah, we also heard a bit of good news from the airline sector today. both united and american airlines reported their 1st profit without government assistance since the beginning of the pandemic. we know that the airline industry has been dealing with a lot of problems the last several months. is this a sign that that industry is turning around? yeah, definitely. it's an industry where they're looking for more stuff and not to reduce it, but it remains challenging to get the pilot and also a flight attendant. so that remains them in issue. and that is the one reason why
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both airlines are still below the 2019 a capacity. so before the pandemic kit, but overall, to answer your question, christy. yes. the airline industry is definitely showing some strengths, a travel back. and i'm also on to our little bell ringing. i mean, the market is already close, but who knows? but ok, but no, the airline industry definitely is sewing from a strong science. they are able to ask for higher and higher affairs. and that's the interesting part of the story at this point. and even if the capacity is below a 2019 leveled some, some of those airlines actually have records revenue. and interestingly also, even with those profits from united airlines, also american airlines. the stock got to enter a lot of pressure here in the service they session united down by 10 percent
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american airline stock down by 7 percent. maybe not everything is written against car. thanks much that now to some of the other global business stories making news . german engineering group. siemens has won a major contract to build wind farms in the north sea for transmission grid operator and pre on. the farms will produce enough energy to meet the needs of nearly 2000000 people. the connections are scheduled to begin in 2028 german railway company deutsche. a bon says it will soon start carrying ukrainian grain exports to german ports, including rostock and hamburg to load on the ships. the pickups are expected to happen in romania, and several trains a week are plant monthly grain exports from ukraine have been more than halved since the closure of several key see ports o rushes gas prom has resumed. delivery is down the north stream on pipeline
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to germany. following a maintenance period that raise concerns of a full stoppage flows continued at 40 percent of the pipelines capacity. exactly where they were when gas from began scheduled maintenance 10 days ago. the you had warned that russia might use the annual repairs as a pretext to shut off deliveries altogether. member states want to end russian fossil fuel imports next year. in the meantime, however, they remain heavily reliant on the countries natural gas. well, europe and germany are trying to break free from energy dependence on russia. could ellen g supplies from louisiana in the southern united states fill that gap while one american company is betting on it? louisiana is now home doing new liquified natural gas blend on the gulf of mexico tankers from here can also reach germany once a deal is mead, liquefied natural gas, or ellen, g from the u. s. is in high demand. new terminals are already being bland. this
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facility belongs to a company with headquarters near the political decision makers in washington. they can monitor what's going on at the plant for more than a 1000 miles away. board members, saba is keen on tapping the german market. we actually have a $1000000.00 who want to seal up between the u. s. and germany and they'll, they'll absolutely be that. and that'll happen of the, you at the u. s. is capable of, you know, stopping in and replacing the loss of the russian gas in the market. but the competition for gas, which can be supplied by existing ellen g plans is fierce other than a poland. in lithuania, no regard. no new re guest terminals were bill was in the last 7 or 8 years. and so as, as china and asia finishes terminal, they immediately contract up a allergy contracts. and that reduces supply available for europe. so europe does
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need to make some decisions. images from venture globals. corporate video show how their louisiana facility was completed in just 29 months. the us wants to expand fast, a kind of gold rush atmosphere. other companies are also active on the gulf of mexico and others on the texas border. the all hope for quick government permits and want to invest heavily. but despite the rush, it takes time. the sion near company is trying to sign deals that will last 20 years one of the benefits for our customers on our, on our, according to our business model, which is the kind of a long term business model, is our customers are paying long term prices, which are significantly lower than the current market prices. unfortunately, right now, i mean, it is a time of very high prices and it's a time of tight supply. ships that are refueled here are often given
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a new destination out at sea, depending on how much clients are willing to pay. recently, many have been going to europe, but germany, unlike bolden, was slow to rely on elin g, but it understands that benefits now. and germany had a policy that we, i'm kind of changed through trade or engagement through trade that i'm, you know, is very important. and, and now, as the world changes, we need to change with it. and this transforms the u. s. liquified natural gas industry from an environmental threat to a beacon of hope, even in germany. and to wrap up our british staple is coming under no pressure. fish, and chips are getting more expensive. that's thanks to a new tariff on russian seafood. the u. k. government is slapping a 35 percent tax on russian whitefish in response to the war in ukraine. whitefish is a big, important for many fish in ship suppliers. shops were already hiking prices due to
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supply problems which could still get worse. russia is also one of the world's largest explorers of a classic fish and chips catch cod. well, that's all we've got for you today for more you can head over to our website, d, w dot com backslash business. you can also find us on the dw, you youtube channel, and we're also on facebook from me and the whole business team here in berlin. thank you so much for watching, talk you tomorrow with and we visit those. we're finding it difficult with success in our weekly coping 19 special
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next on d, w to the point, strong opinions, clear positions, international perspectives. russia's war on ukraine was initially seen as a regional conflict, but it's up ending geo politics as both sides seek new alliances for travel time. is it anything goes for by and put in find out on to the point to the point in 60 minutes on d, w ah, with his is establishing an order she ging paint president of the global powered china, is part of a whole system which believes his time has come. he relies on an authoritarian system of total surveillance on economic expansion without scruples
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again and again, she provokes and threatens with military aggression. the chinese president believes that his way is for superior than that of western rosie. ah, china's president, she doing ping starts july 30th on d. w. noon . there is still many questions surrounding cove at 19. we know that some people are at particular risk, while others never seem to catch it at all. but we don't know why. welcome to our cove at 19 special in china attempts to control the virus with strict loc towns and home grown vaccines. that cheap mixed results. while garner struggles with vaccine hesitancy rwanda if.


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