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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 25, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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famous yosemite national park, in 201720182020 california's wildfire seasons set consecutive new records for damage and devastation. those fighting desperately against the latest plays. know exactly what's at stake and how quickly they must act. up next, the w news asia also looking at b. m as military rule is use of execution as a form of intimidation for private democracy. activists have been hanged for help him fight yagi that sees power in a qu last year. that's with british manager. i'm ben facility in excel. how about taking a few risks? you could even take a chance on was rearing to me. ah, don't expect a happy ending. literature list under germany streams. ah,
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is establishing an old order? she june pink, president of the global power china is part of a whole system which believes his time has come. any criticism of his regime isn't nipped in the bud. ah, he believes his weight is far superior than that of western democracy. china's president, she ging ping starts july 30th on d. w. visited of the news asia coming up to date executed for supporting democracy. made mars military rule. as hank 4 men accused of organizing a fight back against the army, the un has called the executions a depraved act, and asked for the world to take note. will it bluff later than the programmed
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living in chest deep flood waters? this residential compound in the philippines has remained flooded for 18 years of that present astronomy of problems for the people calling at home. and why judith training in japan is proving deadly for children ah. by british manager, welcome to the w news asia. glad you could join us me in mars. military hunter has executed for pro democracy activists, including a former lawmaker, the hunter ruler, said the men were hanged for court. terrorist attacks against innocent civilians this from a government that rights group say has killed more than 2000 civilians since taking power illegally in a coup last year the you and had warned last month that going ahead with the executions. the 1st, in nearly 50 years, would court violate the right to life,
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but in the end, those warnings didn't matter. demo that i love to move it over. here is one of the men executed in me and mark b o z, a tall was a low michael, and lead several protests against the military junta. oh, he also used music as part of his activism, which got him detained for his hip hop linux. with me in mars, military sees that he has now been executed along with 3 others. for descent. the military is out of control is not in military anymore, but not a political stable to any more. they had a criminal, nasty order, military took control of me and mar in a cool. since then, the country has descended into chaos. with extrajudicial killings and extreme wilander. such as blowing up villages with land mines. the men executed have been accused of helping the militia in their fight against the
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military. it includes veteran activist, count men, you as well as 2 others accused of killing a military informant by many believe that this is a tactic to try to install and still more here is the population. but it's quite unlikely that this is going to be successful, although, although there's quite a lot of anger in the country over on 2100 people have already been by the military . and so many are unlikely to be count by these recent actions. he how the executions have spock international outrage? amnesty international said this, the fall men were convicted by a military court in highly secretive and deeply unfair trials. the international community must act immediately, has more than 100 people, i believe, to be on death row. after being convicted in similar proceedings, i don't our has been killing thousands of people since it's take over. but this is
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the 1st time that the country has met it out. capital punishment here since 1988. and joining me now for more from bangkok as deputy director of human rights watch phil robinson fill you and special wrap it on human rights. immune ma, tom andrews called the executions a depraved act. and said, these must be a turning point for the international community. when it well, it's a very good point, and these are outrageous and unacceptable actions by the myanmar military junta. and it should be a turning point for the international community. we saw the international community basically go silent over the past year, dealing with me and mar, ah, they've just all but disappeared. and it just needs to be a new inflection point or real action. not less more statements, but we need to see action on sanctions. we need to see action on holding the military accountable for its rights abuses. we need to see action on the un
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security council moving to have a global arms embargo. all these things are, are issues of the people of myanmar have called for. and this act by the military contest, are trying to intimidate the burmese people. that's exactly what thereafter in it should not be allowed to succeed. and it's time for the international media step up and do something. let's talk about sanction, because you mentioned them the u. s. m e u sanctions have been imposed against somebody creone draw or they're not working it's, it's far too little and it's, it's not targeting enough of the, the corporations connected the military, it's not even targeting all the top people in the military. now the reality is they have not inflicted the pain they need to, and particularly they have to go up the immune, myanmar, oil and gas enterprise. they have to go after issues of like, for instance, aviation fuel. these are sort of the, the targeted areas that need to be focused on by sanctions, not just going after the commander's wife, who owns a jewelry shop somewhere. it's got to be something that got real teeth and
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something that is strategic. and up to date, we just haven't seen that. what our trim is that what action should governments be taking against the hunter would have to be effective? well, i think they need to start talking about having asi on lead the response on the international community. the association of southeast asian nations is just not prepared to deal with this problem. i think what we need to have is a new focus group or a new contact group of key countries and governments are working on the myanmar issue. we're prepared to take concerted action and try to also round up some of the countries like australia, south korea, japan and others who have done nothing to step up and tried to pressure the military junta, for part long it has been the european union, the u. s. canada and the u. k. and that's simply not enough. this is a global problem. this a global threat security based in the age origin. and now it's time for global action where there is
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a global action we are witnessing button relation to another crisis. the ukraine crisis thing me and i will continue to remain in the back home as long as there's war continues. well, we're concerned that the, the situation ukraine is drawing all the air out of the room. you know, the reality is that the situation ukraine is very grave and i don't want to take anything away from what's happening in ukraine. but the situation myanmar is working in a, in a constant downward spiral. crimes against humanity or being committed across the country. we have a military that is in the dark at the international court of justice for genocide. i dont know how much worse it needs to be in myanmar for the international committee. the care, the international commuting has to have the capacity to care about more than one thing at a time. and while the people of ukraine deserve our support. so to the people of myanmar from robinson relieve her for the time being with thank you so much for speaking to us today. friend robinson from human rights watch. thanks so much.
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ah. the city of melbourne in the philippines is no stranger to flooding. but in one part of the city flood waters haven't receded. for 18 years. the art acts compound is a former housing estate for cotton mill workers. the chest deep flood waters have owned the title of the venice of melbourne. but unlike the italian city life here is far from picture perfect. this housing compound in melbourne city was built for textile workers in the 970 located near the sea. it was often flooded, but in 2004, the water came and never went away. yet instead of leaving many residence like rose christabel ended up staying, my living hair is sometimes hard. sometimes it's gratifying. as long as my family is here, i'll try to make ends meet visually. over the last 20 years,
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people here been forced to adapt to a new way of life on the water. this poses many challenges. one of the biggest is getting hold of clean drinking water. residents have to fetch water every day and sometimes it runs out. oh my good, i'm good. huh. if you have drums or containers at home, you should collect them right away, cuz you'll never know when the water will stop. in my case, i collect water every day, especially when i have a baby to take carol, we use water every day. a getting by is a daily struggle resident nelda. org says the only way she can make money by using her boat to ferry people to dry land. she explains that even those who want to move
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away are often unable to because they do not have the means. but our situation here is intense, but there's nothing else we can do, but has a beer living outside the compound is more expensive. here at least most, everything is free. the only things you really need to pay for our electricity and water. but for some like 15 year old joshua, this is home. look at the elbow. if i get a job, i will stay here. he said, adding that elsewhere, his chances in life would probably be worse. next to the birthplace of judo, japan. that is the marcella which is also an olympic sport, is facing a crisis. a win at all costs mentality is harming it's youngest lana's. debts among children have been reported in addition to bullying of the hands of cultures, it's pushing many out of the sport raising fears for its future in its traditional
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pause. many children start to learn judo at a young age, but many of them also quit early. su dhaka once, once silva at the olympics, nor economies oguchi understands their struggle. some parents and coaches pushed children so hard that they get injured or even die. more than a 100 children have died in incidence related to judo practice in the past 3 decades. mother, so that say when relevant for school kids started, we saw cases of children dying in judo, accidents, incident which increased a sense of crisis in as little. japan wins a lot of doodle gold medals, but it also has an especially high number of fatal accidents. the situation is obviously you can i to extreme with some children i taught olympic level,
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moves dangerous for early learners. others experience corporal punishment coach yuki oi, she learned her skills, the hardway, and the 5 of them in. now we understand that physical punishment should not be tolerated, that, but it used to be common that children were hit and kicked what i experienced it myself. and i won as result of such violent coaching. but when you win like that, it doesn't make you happy. due to lovers recognized their sport has problems and are pushing for change. the or japan judo federation has taken the 1st step by canceling a prestigious nationwide tournament for young children who walked off top of your children are still in a stage of as good growth. so it is important to bring them up with a good balance of body and soul, rather than brushing to win at all costs. this utica hopes children will learn what he thinks is the most important thing in the martial arts. instead, chris batch your opponent. oh,
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some tough kids that's, that's it for today, there's a more updates from the region on our website, the w dot com, forward slash asia. and as ever you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well back again tomorrow at the same time. but so you learn by one of the great poll we found them in between man, vienna, new york star tanner jonas kaufman. a even in corona virus times is not easy to types. meet dot in the
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