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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news live from the ukraine, says russian forces are in control of its 2nd biggest power plant. the capture of the soviet era vocal helps got power station is russia's latest advance in the
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eastern dumbass region. elsewhere ukraine's counter offensive appears to be making games. also coming up taiwan stages its biggest ever military drills, all residents must trained to seek shelter from error rates. taiwan is taking the threat of a possible invasion by china more seriously following russia's attack on ukraine and californians describe living through the u. s. state's largest wildfire so far this year. this was on fire. that was on fire high to find a r d w. visits the charred landscape near yosemite national park and meets the fire cruise facing the still burning blaze. and in football, germany is through to the final of the euro. 2022 after basing frocks. then i'll set for a clock against host nation england at wembley stadium,
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one sunday. ah, ah, i'm a new cubes, mckinnon. welcome to the program. we begin in the ukraine, where officials say russian forces have taken control of this country's 2nd biggest power plant. british military intelligence that mercenaries from the russian private military company, wagner had captured territory near the power plant in recent days. now ukraine's soviet era, the flu husk power station is the latest loss in the east and don bass region. it comes as president volota, ms. lensky said ukraine was preparing to increase its electricity exports to the european union to help it withstand prussia from russia over energy supplies. i am at home and he to lose mathias bellinger is in odessa, covering the story for us. and i asked him to give us the latest on the fighting in ukraine. yes,
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so we've heard that the russians are seemingly in control of this power plan. this has been a target for the russians for many weeks now. and a few days ago, they had already captured part of the territory. now, one of the presidents advisors has said that they are in full control of the facility. we don't still don't have a confirmation from the armed forces or from other sources, but it looks like that and fits very much, the pattern of what we've been seeing in the east that russia concentrates is offensive on one object. and then for weeks and weeks, shells it and then takes it. these are so russia is making steady gains, but they are in itself in themselves, each one in themselves, incremental. it takes a long time for them to capture any object or settlement. but so far they have added up, although we also hearing that the pace is slowing down and that ukraine has been able to repel a quite
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a few offensives in other parts of the country. that means north east, near hargrove and south in the his own region, ukraine is making incremental gains. they have started to counter offensive in the south, but there is no fast progress yet. it seems that we are still in the preparation phase of this counter offensive. and the ukraine has not made big territorial gains, but they are, as they say themselves, advancing slowly. so rushes pace is flowing isn't clear now that the, the newly provided weapons from the west are helping the ukrainian counter offensive to, to really build an engine. what these weapons do at the moment is that they help us ukraine to prepare the terrain for the counter offensive. so the most important ones are long range artillery and multiple rocket launches. these weapons can target
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a targets well behind. the russian lines. and ukraine has used them, for example, to take out ammunition depots. and they also shelled a bridge near hassan region recently. that's an important that's an important target because this bridge is the only one that crosses the river in that area. and it's, it's a major blow to russian supply line. so what we're seeing is that ukraine is method methodically, a, preparing the ground for this offensive. it's not clear whether they have the means to move on because some categories of weapons that you would need need to move on. for example, tanks are not yet being delivered by the west in the same pace or in the, in the necessary quantities. so there's a big question mark on whether this offensive can move on as planned. but what we are seeing is that they may methodically prepare it. and the other effect of these weapons is,
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and in the places like in the east where ukraine is currently as far as we know, not preparing to advance, that they slow down the russian advance by taking out these ammunition depos. ukraine has been able in some parts of the front line to decrease ration shelling by multiple times, mathias billing a reporting from a data. thank you so much. now russia's attack on ukraine has cost lives and destroyed infrastructure, but it's also battered to the mental health of many ukrainians. psychologists struggling to help adults and children deal with the impact. d. w correspondent, nick spicer visited the devastated town of burra junker and found that even reminders of historical violence. contrib new anxiety to shell choked ukrainians. during the occupation, somebody put a bullet hole through the head of ukraine's national poet, terra schiff, jenko psychologist, tenure sauce go tells of
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a patient who walk past it with her son who is children long. he is poems and begin in from their 1st grade till 11th grade. and the boys said, mom, a little glue. what's the, what stays, ah, it's he holds in his head. he's sure didn't they all know? maybe they didn't know that jen goes. nasha is our national hero. the boy like, you know, it was his pain. there are painful reminders everywhere, including right across the street from the market on ship kinko's. where does nigi, everybody in bar jacket seems to know the story of this building. when russian shelling started, people took shelter inside its basement as they're supposed to do, but they were trapped by the rebel. for around a month they cried out for food and water and people tried to bring it to them. snipers held them at bay. so there are feelings of helplessness and a fear that the war is following you. when it started this couple thought it would
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be over in days and never get close. she but celine with that, i do eve, but the apple is shelling from the russian multiple launch rockets system. hit the playground where my wife and child were leave watching were so helpful. she got fragments in her leg. shell hola! most muscular 3 or squall of yellowish i was sent to the hospital in g tamiya. and then she told me it was bombed. it was very difficult psychologically difficult to for those who can't even express their fear with words yet. my child is scared now, even the words air alarm he understands and he trembled. any noise? my son he is, he runs to me and starts hugging me mom. tanya takes me aboard what she calls the psychological brigade, van town. we use this car for visit in to this more villages. busy called us several times a day and explain about the problem. especially, you know,
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it's very difficult situation for mothers with many children when they don't have father. their father is a soldier and goes there and use a book to people. the russians destroyed the building that used to house tanius communities, psychological support service. now they're set up in a school. the biggest challenge she says, is grief. it's really difficult to find the words how to say that you should leave again, but yes, we try to find because they, you should, they should leave because it will be the memory was them will live the memory of those people and so on and so forth. it's difficult but, but we do this every day outside the school children wait for their parents, tanya and the other psychologist said the big job is going to be helping kids make sense of what they have seen and heard and continue to see around them. only then can healing and bore jenko truly begin as get you up to speed now and some of
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the other store is making headlines around the world. north korea's leader kim jung and has said that he is ready to use nuclear weapons and potential conflicts with the united states or south korea. he made the comments during an event marking b 69th anniversary of the end of fighting in the korean war. at least formal protest as have been killed in the democratic republic of congo after soldiers fired shots, which hit an electric cable and fell on the crowd. the protest was against the united nations peacekeeping mission in the eastern city of a vera at least 15 people died in protests a day earlier. hundreds of supporters of the powerful shiite cleric, mach tata al sada, occupied iraq parliament building on wednesday of to breaching baghdad high security green zone. they were protesting against a rival blocks nomination for prime minister. iraq remain stuck in political deadlock with in facing preventing the formation of
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a new government will the 9 months after elections. us president joe biden and his chinese counterpart gigi and paying are expected to hold a call later. today, as relations between the 2 countries faced new tensions over taiwan and white house officials say the call will have a broad agenda, but relations have deteriorated over geez vow to re unite democratic taiwan with the chinese mainland. beijing has also warned against a possible visit to taiwan by u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi saying there would be consequences for such a high profile trip. meanwhile, taiwan has been conducting its biggest ever military drills, simulating its response to a possible invasion. for the 1st time in decades, all residents must praxis seeking shelter. he w correspondence, zachary lee has this report from the capital taipei. ah, the ruth o. empty,
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only the thought of the warning ferentz can be heard. please you struck every one to thick shorter. immediately. fifties across, tie was shut down for 30 minutes for this mission white, maybe period 3 yo's. let me tell you. i said, i said this year are the largest in taiwan history. as you can see behind me, o cause have been forced to put over to the side of the road and everyone is too thick show to do in the air. read jail. how many people are taking the exercise seriously in light of the war? ukraine that has served us a wake up call for tie one over the thread from china. i think the drills a necessary we should be prepared beforehand. so household day mom was through the exercise. we know what instructions to follow in case of a war. i think if the government held drills more frequently, people would know how to react in an emergency situation. the total was because of
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the war in ukraine. we want to know where we can go and hide when we get attacked. for example, where are the shelters in taiwan? the novel is, is a cell phone call. ambulances in fire trucks play encoding rule in these 3. 0, the rescue workers. fact, he's putting out a fire after supposed may sell attack when he's got them and wants to make it as real as possible to risk public awareness of emergency. we're nearly all the purpose of this years exercise is the test how we would react in a real war. and we will do a review after the exercises and see how we can improve one that also drilled in a 5 day military exercise will conduct the same time. and this will give him ukraine in made. reservists, dick launch inches under a breach. others focus some practice in urban warfare and on the open sea
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several ships carry out, may newberg. i was president how you win over the deals. i'm going naveed this to you. this excellent job demonstrated the ability and determination of the soldiers of the republic of china to defend the country. let's continue to work hard and gotta homeland together. china's threads, pumpkin pie one to stay the preparation for chinese, a pep response page and is concerned in the attempts by high ones to come fonts. it's me to re will be doomed to fail that report from d. w correspondent, zachary li. i asked him earlier to what extent the war and ukraine has raised new concerns amongst taiwanese people about the threat from china. please, god plea. i've come to some local people via you. i was a lead told me they're concerned about the possible attack. and they be the way
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you can then popo, then this is why the people are taking the exercise very seriously. however, when people are actually very used to china, great, well, you can see on the road and the see people i know will read in their coding to low cost of people. you know, we read that was my husband anytime. ok. and now the us is also playing a role in these heights and tensions with china warning of consequences potentially . if the u. s. how speak nancy pelosi were to visit taiwan. can you tell us more about that? exactly. a pillow system possible be that i was already discussion about increasing it in china by one and also a tony government actually always will come for obese. those to be the one that actually are very happy with the high one has very
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a few diploma. few country that has diploma the nation with white again, china has julia update regarding palo bailey. and this, of course, will increase that seems to be the one we also need to take by the coal with chinese presidency today. it is expected, they will discuss reward. you can also tie one issue. most people here believe that also including the experts i've talked to, i believe hello, see my big i hope. but again, you will definitely increase 10 to 15. try fi one, d, w correspondent zachary lee. thank you so much. fire crews and still working to contain the biggest blaze to hit the u. s. state of california this year, the so called oak fire, which had threatened the 17 national park has been partially contained,
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but it's not yet fully under control. the w correspondence stuff and simons is on the ground. and mariposa county where firefighters are still hard at work. traveling through the hills and into the mountains surrounding small town mariposa on the southwest corner of yosemite park fields almost like entering a different world. the fire fighters we accompany liking it often to wear lunar landscape. some fire crews are swarming the chart grounds. the oak fire left behind their mopping up, as they say, reoccurring hotspots, attending, smouldering tree trunks. others are assigned to check on establish so called lines, or to expend jo amador a fire captain from san diego. and the press inflammation officer assigned to us explains what they're trying to do. they're trying to build a parameter around this burn here to keep it from spreading. and that's what this protection line is doing. so they'll leave that here. they leave that here in case this come the fire, another fire exact come in, they come in there, connect,
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they go up there and they can find and i all ready, ready to go is we're making our way deeper into the mountains and to what's the front line where the oak fires actively burning, we are passing sides of utter destruction. examples of destroyed property, and in many cases, last lively. the interesting thing here is that this side of the street where we are now here is as you can see, totally destroyed. now, if we look at this side of the street there, the neighbor got spirit. i asked jo, our press information officer who is with us. why that is. it's very usual to see a fire come through and, and destroy whole blocks of, of homes and property. and then maybe another house completely untouched. so that's the thing about fire. it has no respect for who it destroys what it destroys. as much as that is true. fire,
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finest also say that fire education and preparation are most critical. some residents, like nick smith and his fiance, she and michelle took matters in their own hands successfully. as soon as the fire came for them, they have the necessary tools to protect their home though a dozer and other heavy machinery. this was on fire. that was on fire, highest behind on fire, and it was starting to wrap around. so already yes. fire everywhere. the reality for many of the 3000 deployed fire fighters who still fight the oak fire at its frontline. however, a day without strong wind helps. they can use every les, this is front line fire fighting right there. there's the active fire oak fire. you see the smoke in the background, and that's why we have the staging ground here, firefighters and helicopters. they go to a what is called a dip. the dip is a pond in the back yard of a resident who have been evacuated on this day. 3 choppers get water from here and dump it over the fire. if everything works out,
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california's largest wildfire this year to date is expected to be under control in about 2 weeks or so. and here is another news headlines from around the world. intense gang fighting has broken out in the haitian capital of put a paths. rival groups are reportedly locked in a deadly battle for control of large parts of the city. suspected gang members a said to have set a church on fire, in an attempt to kill their opponents and gain more territory. that of france, when a jonas thing of the lord have received a hero's welcome upon his return to his native country. denmark 25 year old was greeted by cheering crowd at city war in copenhagen is the 1st day in since 1996 to win cycling biggest event. in d w still to come south korea has sent it's k pop music around the world. now global talent is flocking,
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they're seeking success in the local music. now some exciting sports news and in football, germany are through to the final of europe 2022. after being france, 2 to one germany, that women kept there cool, and a fiercely contested match in milton keynes and the u. k. captain alexander pop netted both goals and she's now the joint top scorer of the tournament and her team will face england in the final at london's wembley stadium on sunday. it's and more on what will surely be an ethnic germany, england battle. i'm joined by our sports reporter max merrill max. let's start though with that, the 70 final between germany and france. bit of a slow start, but then it became a pretty great game. yeah, it was fairly katie at the beginning. both team sort of feeling it out, you could sense maybe a little bit of nerves as well and respect for each other. germany scored 1st,
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but then also conceded the very 1st goal of the tournament man of forms beaten for the 1st time. she then said after the match, i'm not too bothered about that and she pulled up 3. superb saves in the 2nd half to keep germany in it. but i have to single out a different player. the captain alexander pope, who is an absolute force of nature really dynamic player. and both goals rate really showed that side of her. and she's now level with beth, meet on 6 goals of england for the tournaments top striker. but as a 31 year old is quite surprising. this is her 1st euros, especially considering she's one of the best players of her generation. she's making up for lost time because she was injured a couple of times throughout her career, most recently out for 10 months with double knee surgery works her way all the way back from that long road back. and she didn't even start germany's 1st match. that was lear, sheila in her position who then got cove it and then that opened the window for alexandra pop to be a starter. and she's not looked back since in 5 james 6 goals. so fantastic. when
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for germany, but all credit to her, you know, to store a yeah. but now of course, sunday, and in wembley, of all places, england versus germany. knowing you have both british and german possible. it's, i'm going to ask you who's going to win? well, it's always tough for me. when this happens, it's ornaments. i think it's going to be close. i sort of see germany just a little bit ahead because of the tournament expertise. i think as we look closer than 2009 final between these 2, which ended up 62 and germany's favor most recently at wembley and germany 121 that was in 2019 then earlier this year, england one. so it's going to be closed. i think these are the 2 stand out teams at euro 2022. and we're going to have a real show piece for a final in front of around $90000.00 fans that are sold out, wembley. and both these teams have depth install power. i keep coming back to this, which is a coach is dream and a lethal mix really, but they're facing off against each other. i probably say england's attack is
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a bit better. germany's defense a little bit better, but it's fine margins and you look at the coach setting of each month for the netherlands last time around this time. she's england coach. she want it with her native netherlands back in 2017. so she knows what to expect. and what she will certainly expect is a high press from germany who have seen england be a little bit weak when it comes to that when they get pressure early and germany a so good at that. but whatever way it goes, i think it's going to be a cracking final on sunday. anything final at wembley, on sunday, we are looking forward to next. now. thank you so much. all right, for several years, south korea korea's k pop music genre has been one of the world's most successful entertainment industry is it's may global stars of korean group such as bts, things from other countries are also seeking success in korea now. but they're finding it to be a tough business. ah,
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it takes a lot of passion, commitment, and blog to make it in paypal. but i am new anderson was determined to go through the rigorous, dense, and singing training that successfully chance out countless korean pop stars. she 1st discovered k pop in the u. k. before moving to south korea to be honest, when i 1st started listening capable whatever i no one knew what it was. i was the only person. however, these days i can just mention k pop and everyone's got like at least 3 groups. i mean, like talk to, they tend to go as keep up grows into a world wide phenomenon. i and who has become one of the many global talents flocking to sol chasing a place in the industry. a getting a trainee offer is not easy,
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but making it as an idle is far tougher. the hard work paid off a korean american, sing it. alexa. the 25 you wrote recently one nbcc american song contest. ah, she sas her training and so contributed to her success. when i did it again, training i train every day of the week. i had dance classes every single day. i did those for months and months and months and then i finally, the day came where my company told me i was getting prepared for debut. and like alexa, many more trainees have to go through a decade of training without knowing if they ever get to the this, in addition to harsh training conditions has been difficult for overseas performers to adapt to experts say, some trainees say dating and phones a band. and weekly way checks are a must experts say the industry is now being forced to adapt so they can draw top talons from across the globe.
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i jo anderson has decided to take a different path. it was too much for her. the 24 year old now works as a dancer and model. so part of her dream has still come true. and that's where we have time for coming up next focus on europe with a look at spain's water shortage and illegal. well, drilling and if you're looking for more news, you can always find the latest headlines and analysis on our website, d, w dot com or on twitter at t w needs i many cubes. mckinnon. thanks for your company. ah ah,
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with ah, who are illegal fields? illegal wells, legal nature conservation in southern spain, foreigners of digging up booter from
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a unesco nature, a basso full, scarce resources in which the authorities are partly to blame. focus on europe or on d. w. into the conflict zone with sebastian. more than a 100 days of war in ukraine on the bottom of the intensify my guests this week from brussels is new, bought to both got advisor, ukraine's armed forces. how long can care rely on western mom is an. 3 munition who can it really trust? conflict in 60 minutes on d, w. o
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is establishing an order. she ging pain, president of the global powered china, is part of a whole system which believes his time has come. he relies on an authoritarian system of total surveillance on economic expansion without scruples and again and again, he provokes and threatens with military aggression. the chinese president believes his way is for superior than that of western democracy. china's president, changing pain starts july 30th on d, w. ah, ah ah hello and welcome to focus on europe


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