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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2022 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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it's a journey across the entire continent. variety of cuts, so on this. so the focus to the move is shake is visionaries and make it when by the, the meaning of modern africa is actually starting august, the 5th and d w b. this is 11 years asia coming up to depth, not korea's latest warning of a nuclear showdown. that victory day celebrations leader kim jong or barnes. he won't hesitate to use nuclear weapons against his enemies. it's a threat weighed before, but this time it's at the moment of increasing economic hardship, plus economic hardship and play and sri lanka as well where it's forcing its best and brightest to consider leaving the country in search of a better life. we report from the capital, colombo ah,
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i'm british energy, welcome to the w news asia. glad you could join us. north korean leader kim jong own has born. he's ready to use nuclear weapons against rivals, the united states and south korea. the warning came as a north koreans marked the 69th anniversary of the armistice that ended hostilities in the korean war these days known as victory day in north korea. games, warnings come amid fears. his country is preparing to conduct a 7th nuclear test. and let's see his latest rhetoric as an attempt to show up morale in a country dealing with a covert outbreak of faltering economy and the threat of the new sanctions. but the celebrations on wednesday provided no hint of any such troubles ah, at bunions cumulus on square citizens dance to mark the so called victory day.
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although the korean war in the 50s ended in a truce for north korea, it was a victory against the us. nationwide celebrations already started much earlier in the day, filling the streets with pride through were marching towards the victorious fatherland liberation. warn you, liam. while singing songs that the war victor used to sing going on with them in a speech to mark the event. north korean leader kim jong, unclaimed. the country is ready for military clashes with the u. s. this came as washington set pyongyang could conduct a nuclear test any time. the 1st since 2017 kim said. our armed forces are thoroughly prepared to respond to any crisis. and our states nuclear war to turns is also fully ready to mobilize, its absolute strength faithfully accurately and promptly to its mission.
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while north korean rhetoric, as often fiery tensions have in fact, been rising on the peninsula. south korean president, your so cute has laid out a more aggressive defense policy since he took office in may. it would allow sold to launch a pre emptive strikes on certain targets which could kill kim jones and himself. the government also won't of consequences if the north conduct a nuclear test. jones can you to north korea would face even stronger sanctions if it pushes i had with the 7th nuclear test algorithm. a hawkish dens kim junk and strongly despised immune on the victory day. he criticized to south korean president and brent at his administration and quote, a group of gangsters. but for most north koreans, it wasn't a day of fury. it simply was an event of joy, pride, and
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a lot of entertainment. ah, shall anchor's economic and political emergency is robin. it's citizens of hope. things will get better anytime soon. that is prompting many to consider leaving the country altogether. did up lose money rotary reports from colombo. every single day. hundreds queue up pure at the passport office in sri lanka, bushed by circumstances they wish to leave the country. one of them is 50, do you, roy, germany, the girl who has been coming here for 3 days now with her husband and son, or to have asthma? i have come here with my husband and my son to get their passports made. and we want to leave them locked as no work for us here because there's nothing as bunker gom neo gemini has worked as a caregiver for years. and her husband as an order rickshaw driver who have lost
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a livelihood because of the cut and crisis. and she lanka and are finding it difficult to even so right. what she wants now is a better life for her 19 year old son, which she knows is a far cry in her country. germany says that it's not just her but boundless. others who are suffering people here have been reading for div standing in q was outside the department of immigration and emigration and colombo. many of them who have come from other parts of the countries had rented small accommodation in nearby areas to get their passports made audrey note, while people seeking to go abroad for opportunities is not a new opinion. she lanka, the number of people outside the passport office have shot up significantly in the past few months. young people especially feared they had no option but to leave. according to government statistics, the number of passports issued from january to mid june this year is over 300000
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roughly equal to the total number of passport issued last year. the job market is alvis up and down, but in the currency to asia and as nigel budget right now. so as to why you wasting your time, there is no future here as far as reno, i mean, i tried as well, but yeah, there's no hope. so makes sense to make a move pretty much dr. bike is on these oven. i'm would do of the center for policy alternatives. says young people moving out in such numbers does not bode well for an aging society like she lanka. if this country gets back on the right footing with the systemic changes and all of that, they may, will come back and provide their experience and expertise to develop this country. but otherwise, we do have a serious problem because we are not going to have a critical mass of people in the most productive years of their life within the
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country. dr. 7 hamilton says this extreme frustration that the youth fees to do with the administration that frustration is bad. the bill here as the queue inches forward slowly is granted. disappointed and exhausted, people continue to weep. they believe leaving is the only re began at least have a chance of creating a better future for themselves. in a bundle, other divorces are getting more expensive. the cost is going up from $500.00 to 2000 tacos applications ra steeply in 2021, especially in the capital tucker there twice as many women than men wanted out of their marriage. and some of the most common reasons for the women they include mental torture, cheating, or social media addiction. for men, reasons for divorce include, their wifes in fertility,
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had disobedience or bad temper. and gentlemen, also warned us to do is did of the reporter to sell stockman who's looked at this divorce, ghost heart, michelle, welcome. so what's behind group? well, tooth, okay. price hikes these days, you can even cut to break with divorce. right. but actually it's not linked to current inflation. i spoke with an attorney in dhaka and he told me that the cost of public administration has doubled since 2012. and there hasn't been a price hike in divorce since 2012. this is about 14 u. s. dollars, so it's pretty much negligible, it's just to kind of make up for those public administrative costs. but what was really interesting to me in our conversation was that women are driving the hake in the read of divorce in the capital city of dhaka. 2 thirds of divorce petitioners are women. one 3rd are men. and this attorney his name, it's advocate, hobby burb. harmon. he told me that he believes is because of the empowerment of women that he's seen through education and women entering the workforce in
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bangladesh and that trucks with world bank data. basically about 10 percent more women have during the workforce since 1990. and that's about 37 percent of the workforce and that's actually the highest rate in south asia. he said to me basically more and more women are no longer willing to be unfairly dominated. and what is a patriarchal society the, the term atrial through? what does that actually mean for women in day to day life? more and more or most women i would say in south asia, are expected to be submissive to the men in their households. whether that's their fathers, their husbands, their brothers, and they're expected to put their will behind. that of those men, even if a night might not be what they want or might be damaging to their mental health. and they're expected to be vessels of virtue for their family. so the taint of divorce can go beyond just the women into their families reputation. i have known
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of women who oppose their family and that i'm not happy in my marriage. i want to get morrison. the family said no, you might win the chances of your sister's to get married. so there's a lot of pressure on women in south asia in bangladesh to get married and stay married. so women would choose to divorce and go ahead with that step. how they view with them. there is a huge amount of stigma. we're going to here in just a minute from a bangladesh she woman who went through a divorce and who i spoke with. but it's been described to me as women who go through divorce. it's open season on them. they can expect to be subjected to a lot of lewd comments from men, even proposition for sex for money. and it's, you know, you haven't, you might have a mental load inside a bad marriage, but you might be trading that mental load for this feeling of stigma that you're tainted. even if you, you know, you are following what's in islam means leading a moral life. and this is
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a majority muslim country. and so i spoke to a woman, her name is roxanna, dr. who p. and she told me what she went through when she decided to get divorced. so even on this debt, i started from minus. i did everything in an honest way, i could sell my body and our money is in the, in the society. i was beautiful. talk to you all for is going to coming from iraq. i fear my all might see and i have rid of bars from i'll grant that if you think that you're all my to create or is enough for you, it is enough for it. that was my strength based on that, i just went out of hope and managed my leave it when i started arming, i started leaving on my own. my situation was getting improved and then everybody
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came around. now everybody likes me. that's the, that's the harsh reality. money matters, i think she said it right there. money matters. but beyond money, it is the strength to process and resist and decide to live with this very real stigma that divorced women must carry in south asia and countries like bangladesh. and she told me though, that she has fought those prejudices and it is her faith and her love for her son that helped her move ahead. and as she said, she went from 0 to where she is now. she is now a ceo. she is a university lecturer. she teaches yes. so she wrote her own book, she's an author, the list goes on. and so it's, it's quite a journey and it's one we're going to keep on watching there in south asia,
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one that began with a very brief step. michelle stockton, thanks so much for break that down for us. and that's it for today, there's more updates from the region on our website, d, w dot com, forward slash asia, and as ever you can fault awesome facebook and twitter rebec tomorrow. at the same time. we'll see you then. good bye. build. sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing and download it now for free.
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how about taking a few risks? you could even take a chance on the la rearing to don't expect a happy ending literature list. 100 german stories. ah, stepping up the battle against high prices, the u. s. federal reserve raising interest rates yet again. but will it be enough to stop the fastest inflation in decades will speak to an expert also coming up? what's europe's loss could be asia's gain? india and russia team up to boost trade between the 2 nations. the aim, replacing europe as russia's key trading partner. and heat waves sweeps parts of china. some companies are looking to cash in the business to stay cool. at that
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time again, the w business welcome. it's the most aggressive monetary tightening since 1981 the u. s. federal reserve raising interest rates by $75.00 basis points, and it's the 4th rate hike this year. the u. s. central bank is battling to tamp down on raging inflation, which is running at its fastest for 40 years. european markets reacting to the news to day, leaping in the morning to the highest level in 7 weeks. that's after the chairman of the fed predicted future rates rises would be less aggressive than previously thought. he is what he had to say. we do see that there are 2 sided risks. there would be the risk of doing too much and, and, you know, imposing more of a downturn on the economy than, than was necessary. but the risk, the risk of doing too little and leaving the economy with this entrenched inflation, it only raises the.


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