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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy our services to be our guest at frankfurt airport city. managed by fraud lou. ah, ah ah . this is d w. news line from berlin. russian forces sees control of ukraine. second biggest power plant. it's the latest setback in the east as the area around the capitol cave also comes under renewed attack. ukraine's as a counter offensive in the south is gaining ground,
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also on the program. chinese president changing paying warrens. u. s. president joe biden over taiwan. don't play with fire, he says they talk for the 1st time and money and violence players up in columbia. as a new president prepared to take office, police say a powerful drug cartel is behind a wave of attacks on security forces. less came, don't own, threatens to use nuclear weapons. if north korea is attacked, statement comes i'm it concerns that young young could be preparing a new nuclear test. ah, i'm nichol fairly, it's good to have you with us. russian forces have seized ukraine, 2nd biggest power station, the capture of the woods, le harris got power plant is the latest set back for defenders and the eastern don
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bass region. the area around the capitol. keith has come under missile attack for the 1st time in weeks. but in the south, ukraine says a counter offensive is gaining ground. this is from the ruins of this hotel. rescuers pull a man from the rubble alive. not every one was so lucky when russian rockets hit buck moved on thursday. the city and the doughnuts region has been hit again and again. i indiscriminate russian shelling part of moscow stalled efforts to claim ukraine's east. but in the countries south, keith says a counter offensive is moving forward. the city of her son fell to russian forces early on in the war. ukraine is now stepping up efforts to retake it. keep says is knocked out the strategic antonio ski bridge. this would help isolate russian forces on the rivers west bank,
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away from their supply lines. you secure when the wire that there is significant damage to the bridge and its structure. we think that the enemy will try to repair it again william of office. we are prepared for this and you will soon hear about our next steps or multiple that should you booth is welcome of posting on telegram . an official for the russian appointed administration said the bridge was still functional, while referring to ukraine's armed forces as nazis, as is common in the pro russian camp. still, with most of the sword, one silly group, the bridge is blown up with every one rejoices. but these are just allusions, none of the nazis will ever enter his song. so, but the destroyed bridge, which you can see behind me, you still exists. and objectively speaking this hysteria by ukrainian nazis. cuba won't change the outcome. so you see the ag address a little grimaces though. the fighting over this strategic crossing is more than just a war of words. ukraine says it's forces will repair the bridge eventually. but 1st,
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the aim to liberate harrison columbia is seeing a wave of violence against the police. as a new president prepares to take office at least 25 officers have been killed so far this year, dozens more have been injured and attacks using firearms and explosives. colombians have more and the dead in vigils. nationwide. officials say the powerful golf clan, drug cartel, is behind most of the murders and may even be offering rewards for targeting security forces. well, let's go to dw xian ramirez in bogota for more. jo ann, what's behind these attacks the government says that behind these attacks is the gland. the goal for the goals, glen, this is the, the major criminal organization of the country, one of the biggest drug gangs in latin america. these attacks are supposed to be
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a retaliation against the authorities for the extradition off the need. there was a gag order on the l or danielle. it was captured by the end of last year and after many hearings and a longer process, he was extra the right extra the that to the united states a couple of months ago. just to give you an idea and the goal of the importance of auto nil after pablo escobar, the great drug lord in columbia. auto neil is the most prominent figure in drug trafficking in this country. so his extradition is a major blow for this criminal organization. and the reason why they have declared this kind of war against the police. now that you mentioned, pablo escobar columbia is, of course, the country's guard by decades of brutal cartel violence at the hands of his 1000000 cartel. how concern our people about violence flaring up? once again, it's hard to imagine the call,
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but here in columbia, people are just to get, i mean, i just used to, to, to, to live with violence. and let's remember that the country went through a civil war that lasted more than 50 years. so violins have because i kind of daily a part of a daily life in the country. but columbia reached the peak of via usa, back in the eighty's, and ninety's did the golden era of dog drug traffic in the golden era of pablo escobar. so i think that there is the general perception that when it comes to violence, the words the worst is already behind. so this wave of fi, yeomans that hid the country from time to time, are just seen by colombians, a part of daily life in the country. phil, this is a problem that needs to be tackled in 10 days. columbia is new, government will be sworn and how is the new administration going to deal with
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a problem? the good news for the next government is that this sir glen. thank god for the biggest criminal organization of the country. with all the 30 criminal gangs and released a letter last week, proposing a peace accord to the to the next administration of gustavo beatrice. they are proposing to stop every criminal activity to hand over their weapons in exchange of pardon and a warranties of none. the prosecution, so this could open the door for a negotiations for a peace accord between the state than this criminal organizations by we cannot take it for granted. let's remember that something similar already happened in the past to back in 2017 where the van of president, 11 was santos on today. ah, now will be surprise. a winner. the glendale golfer also proposed a peace accord to the government and after some negotiations it failed. so now the
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next 2 weeks and the next months are going to be key to see if this a new proposal finally works. bringing peace to the country. interesting savion ramirez reporting from barbara, thank you so much and less now get you up to speed on some other stories making headlines around the world to day french president, him on your my call has welcome saudi crown prince mohammed ben solomon to his presidential palace in paris, the visit has drawn controversy and france because of saudi arabia's human rights abuses. the saudi government was linked to the killing of journals, jamal, cushy, in 2018. rare, heavy rains in the united arab emirates have caused flash floods closing roads and forcing families to evacuate their homes. the national weather center says it's the most rain seen in 27 years. a peruvian president, pedro castillo, is marking one year in office, amid dwindling support. and a grid lock in congress. on wednesday night police broke up
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a demonstration of castillo supporters. they blamed congress for sabotaging the left wing presidents plans. the leaders of china and the united states have spoken for the 1st time in months in a call dominated by tensions over taiwan. china considers the island to be part of its territory with the u. s. is offered taiwan support. if beijing tries to impose its rule, there joe biden, and she, jim pink, talked for 2 hours and are reportedly exploring the idea of meeting and person face intentions. flared when it was reported that you as how speaker nancy pelosi was planning to visit the island. chinese state media say she warned by to not to get involved saying, quote, those who play with fire will only get vert president, she's in pings, molding to the us made headline news in china. what was his message? he don't play with fire over taiwan. b to our conversation was said to be broad
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ranging, but tensions over a potential visit by washington's 3rd most powerful politician here dominate to be agenda. hampstead. beijing fused high one as a breakaway state of the mainland on denounces any political engagement which i pay on this democratically elected government. as i said to me, these remarks once again showed that such an u. s. politicians flew out of the selfish interests, want nothing but tensions in china. us relations turbulence across a tie, one straight and chaos in the world. change up places, ill intentioned. here, william he earlier this week tie when he's president singing, when attended annual military exercises of the islands coast. though any visit from below, se wouldn't change the u. s. position on the one china policy. it's likely to rot.
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she took tensions over the contested tie. one straight should speaker pelosi proceed with a trip. it would coincide with the 75th anniversary of the founding out that people's liberation, army and china. and we're likely, i think, to see an increase and in noticeable increase in chinese airspace incursions in and around taiwan. any event that she proceeds with her trip, we may even see something called a median line incursion, and that's a breach of the maritime borders that exists in the center of the taiwan st. walmart. and her just last year president, she said reunification must be fulfilled and the u. s. has not officially said it would defend taiwan. but public support from high ranking officials like nancy pelosi complicate the ambitions of the mum that they call the chairman of
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everything. north korea's leader kim jong own has warned, he is ready to use nuclear weapons against the united states and south korea. it's thought kim's regime as preparing to conduct the 1st nuclear tests since 2017 observer. see his latest rhetoric as an attempt to shore up morale, as young said, struggles to deal with a covert 19 outbreak of faltering economy and the threats of more international sanctions. ah, at bunions kim il sung square citizens dance to mark the so called victory day. although the korean war in the fifty's ended in a truce for north korea, it was a victory against the u. s. nationwide celebrations already started much earlier in the day, filling the streets with pride through will marching towards the victorious fatherland
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liberation war museum. while singing songs that the war victors used to sing grew up with in a speech to mock the event north korean leader kim jong, unclaimed. the country is ready for military clashes with the u. s. this came as washington said, peel young could conduct a nuclear test any time. the 1st since 2017 kim said. our armed forces are thoroughly prepared to respond to any crisis. and our states nuclear war to turns is also fully ready to mobilize its absolute strength faithfully accurately and promptly to its mission. while north korean rhetoric, as often fiery tensions have in fact, been rising on the peninsula. south korean president use of your has laid out a more aggressive defense policy since he took office in may. it would allow sold to launch a pre emptive strikes on certain targets,
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which could kill kim john and himself. the government also won't of consequences if the north conduct a nuclear test. jo connie to north korea would face even stronger sanctions if it pushes ahead with the 7th nuclear test, august. a hawkish stance kim junglin strongly despised immune on the victory day. he criticized to south korean president and brent at his administration and quote, a group of gangsters. ah, but for most north koreans, it wasn't a day of fury. it simply was an event of joy, pride, and a mode of entertainment. ah, more entertainment ahead, while many parts of the world are struggling with heat waves, it very much looks like winter is coming. game of thrones is back as a prequel series with an all new cast on thursday. how's of the dragon premiered n l a. the series will follow the tar, gary,
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and dynasty as there are many kings and queens both good and evil rule over the 7 kingdoms. yours can expect to see bloodshed, battles and betrayals. and of course, lendy of dragons makers hope the prequel will win over fans. and critics were not impressed by the finale of the original series and then saw from us for an hour more headlines for you at the top of the hour. thank you so much for your company with a she's got issues with also great a.


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