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ah ah ah ah, this is b w. news live from berlin. ukraine steps up its efforts to retake occupied territory, while russian missiles cause destruction in the countries east. analysts say ukraine is making gains against the invasion in the south. meanwhile, ukraine denies claims that it is, it's miss charles pilled its own soldiers in
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a prison and donuts also coming up. don't play with fire, china's leader warns us president joe biden against involvement and ty walk in a phone call, she can ping issues strong words as a senior us politician considers visiting the i also, alaska goes up in flames. the northern us state is seeing an unusual spate of forest fights. we meet the fire cruise struggling to save whole class, could a nasal spray make covey 19 vaccinations less painful and more effective? experts say the new needle free inoculations could be a game changer in the campaign against covey. 90 ah, i'm gabelle as well come to the program. we begin with russia's war on ukraine.
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officials in the southern city make alive say, several people have died in a rush and strike on a public transport stop. meanwhile, russia has claimed that ukrainian missiles struck a prison in the occupied though ned screeching killing dozens of ukrainian prisoners of war. ukraine has denied it, carried off the attack and says, russian forces were to blame. today's strikes, followed several on thursday i from the ruins of this hotel. rescuers pull a man from the rebel alive. not every one was so lucky when russian rockets hit buck moot on thursday. the city in the doughnuts region has been hit again and again. i indiscriminate russian shelling part of moscow stalled efforts to claim ukraine's east for but in the countries south, keith says a counter offensive is moving forward. the city of her son fell to russian forces early on in the war. ukraine is now stepping up efforts to retake it. keeps as is
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knocked out the strategic antonio ski bridge. this would help isolate russian forces on the rivers west bank, away from their supply lines. yes sir. q and why that there is significant damage to the bridge and its structure. we think that the enemy will try to repair it again. william of us, we are prepared for this and you will soon hear about our next steps. vulnerable about city of lucas, on most of the posting on telegram, an official for the russian appointed administration said the bridge was still functional, while referring to ukraine's armed forces as nazis as is common in the pro russian camp. with most of the sword, one sealing group, the bridge is blown up with. everyone rejoices but these are just illusions. none of the nazis will ever enter his song on the destroyed bridge, which you can see behind me. you still exist and objectively speaking this hysteria
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by ukrainian nazis won't change the outcome. the, the aggregate grammar is though the fighting over this strategic crossing is more than just a war of words. ukraine says it's forces will prepare the bridge eventually. but 1st, the aim to liberate pass on with reports of an attack on a prison in the east killing, 40 ukrainian prisoners. i off the w. funny for jain keese book more. she can tell us at this stage, kara, this is one of those many things that allegedly happened or didn't happen in the course of this war. frost. it's simply impossible to confirm right now what really took place in what we can say for a fact that that prison actually exists in on and you've got, which is a small settlement in the a don. yes, region controlled by ukranian forces by russian forces. rather, this is a settlement and what we can also say that yes, ukrainian prisoners of wool have been taken. they also including people as soldiers from the eyes of regiment when they had to surrender in murray pull in mid may. and
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from here on the picture becomes blurry because russia and russia proxies are claiming that in fact ukrainian forces have hit this prison, killing, at least of 40 prisoners and injuring at least 75. but ukrainian army just released their statement saying that this never happened. now what we can say that ukrainians here a quite emotional in particular when it comes to the as off regiment, because they're seen as heroes that really try to fend off to rush in aggression for weeks emory, pull that portal town before they actually had to surrender about 2 and a half 1000 of them in mid may. so not knowing what really happened certainly doesn't help for a people here and ukraine who have questions and wonder what, what, what, what is this? is this another form of propaganda from russia or they did something really happened to the soldiers? you have to understand, of course, a lot of people, relatives of the soldiers who on to today do not really know about the whereabouts of their ukrainian at soldiers and would like to know. so certainly this news is
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leading to a lot of confusion. but as i say, we cannot confirm any of it right now. funny, let's turn to the grain issue, which is still going on. there is speculation that things could start moving possibly even today. or what do you know? feared various states. it could start any day. now, or to morrow, really various states, and everyone is looking at that hobble in odessa, odessa, port to see is that 1st vassal going to set sale today, or when now the u. n. seems to be hopeful that this could actually take place to day while at the same time, some skepticism still because they say that some critical details still need to be evoked out. and that of course implies to the question of security. how can you make sure that these vessels can leave the poor as without encountering a c mine? in fact, just yesterday, to people who were killed, a blown off because of a c mine as they went swimming in a port to town. so this is not just a, a likely
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a threat, but this is very probable that could happen. a lot of things need to be worked out . and we just have to see really if that 1st vasa is going to leave to puerto for desa today and did that, whether the expert of 1000000 tons of brain is going to start or not funny for char reporting from people there. thank you. funny rushes bought ukraine as being partially blind for rise, and the cost of food and fuel economy in europe is proven surprisingly resilient. despite rising prices. official data shows the eurozone economy grew more than expected in the 2nd quarter by 0.7 percent compared to the 1st quarter tourism boosted france and spain. but germany continued to be the worst affected by inflation and fears of gas prices triggered by russian restrictions. the economy stagnated in the 2nd quarter, bringing europe's largest economy to the edge of a recession. make sense of that are now joined by my colleague,
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daniel winter from dw business. daniel, are the figures announced today? what did they tell us about the state of the european economy? okay. okay. how do you want the good news or the bad news for the good news? all the good news is yes. yours it is, but surprisingly resilient. and, and it's because are consumers assigned to spend more government still investing? that's all taking along nicely. but the bad news is under the surface, inflation is growing. we gotta figure out today an 8.9 percent. that's a few our point to percentage points higher than before, and so the yours on is facing more rising prices. the prices mostly of energy is rising. that's contributed something like 40 percent to this price rise and in total, that's a huge amount. and so everything's going to get more expensive, not just the, the gas, which we saw leap, 25 percent just in this week. the price of natural gas rising. but all kinds of
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everyday goods as well, including your wonderful, expensive suits. perfect. you are a germany of all places are on the brink of recession. wow. why? yeah. so johnny saw stagnation total 0.0 percent growth this quarter over the last quarter. and germany struggling with the official statistics agency. basically said the balance of exports, it imports had a downward effect on economic growth. basically, germany's home to buy in more than its exporting compared to the previous quarter. and that is difficult for a very export focus nation like germany, it's survives and indeed thrives on its exports. so when the balance of that changes slightly, germany's economy gets the knock on effect, of course. and, but yeah, cover 19 pandemic supply chain interruptions. a war in ukraine, it's hitting germany hard, and in particular, germany takes a lot more. russian gas prices risen ah, than most other european nations, except for perhaps italy. now, where do we go from here?
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when will things start to improve? well, in, i hope, sooner rather than later, but it isn't looking great at the moment. i mean, we've already had to cut the forecast for g d p growth next year. but things aren't necessarily as bad as they could have been. if we look at the u. s, for example, they're in what's called a technical recession right now. so technically, they're in a recession, 2 months of, of, of negative growth. but still stalks rose when that news came out yesterday. why? because it wasn't as bad as feared. so perhaps we could get through this, we might enter a recession. but, you know, as soon as we've managed to solve this energy problems, that's when will really be able to get a handle verify ago that will take time. of course, it will take time. but, and you know that it will not happen without us getting control of our energy sources in europe. daniel with them 3 business. thank you for making sense of that . china as president, she jumping has used the call with as us counterpart,
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joe biden, to issue a stark warning against supporting taiwan. according to the chinese state media, she told president biden, that those who play with fire will only get burnt. china's outraged over a potential visit to taiwan by a high ranking u. s. official biden said the u. s. position on taiwan had not changed and stressed the need for more communication. we'll take a president gigi in pings warning to the u. s. med headline. news in china, his message don't play with fire over taiwan. the to our conversation was said to be broad ranging. beijing described, the exchange is candid, and it's read out of the called the white house said biden emphasized that u. s. policy anti one had not changed and that it opposed unilateral efforts to change the status quo attentions over a potential visit to taiwan by u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi dominated the agenda. beijing views the island
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nation as a break away, a state of the mainland, and announces any political engagement which i pay and it's democratically elected government that says to me, these remarks once again showed that such an u. s. politicians flew out of the selfish interests, want nothing but tensions in china. us relations turbulence across the taiwan strait and chaos in the wild hinge up leases. elling tensioned yet louis. earlier this week, taiwanese president shy ing when attended annual military exercises off the islands coast. although a potential visit from pelosi, the tard most senior u. s. politician wouldn't change the u. s. position on the one china policy. it could further ratchet of tensions over the contested taiwan strait. should eager pelosi proceed with the trip. it would coincide with the 75th
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anniversary of the founding out that people's liberation, army and china. and were likely, i think, to see an increase and in noticeable increase in chinese air space incursions in and around taiwan in the event that she proceeds with her trip. we may even see something called a median line incursion, and that's a breach of the maritime border that exists in the center of the taiwan street. when we are president, she has vowed the, china's goal of re unification with taiwan must be fulfilled on washington's policy . recognizes china sovereignty over the taipei governments, but bite and has made diplomatic waves by saying the u. s. would respond militarily if china were to invade. and a high profile visit from a senior figure like pelosi would likely add to the growing tension between 2 global powers. earlier i spoke to professor steve song, a china expert from the university of london. i asked him what we can make of
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sheets and pinks, warning against quotes, playing with fire over taiwan. well, the chinese government in particular are clearly very displeased with the post or speaker hello sequins to taiwan. what is of course interesting is that very wanting . she issues true, i should also applies to china itself is a highly dangerous situation that requires full size to be very cautious. what do you mean by that? the china needs to be less belligerent in its rhetoric? well, the rhetoric of playing with fire result in one being burned is a warning for the americans. but it should also be a warning where the chinese government because by increasing that kind of rhetoric they are putting themselves in a situation that when lucy was char taiwan, the chinese military may have to take some actions, which will be quiet,
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americans to respond. and that puts it on an escalator that nobody ones not in anyone's interest. so this is being fueled, of course, by a possible visit by nancy pelosi to taiwan. what would that mean for us china relations? well, you know, the relations are already very tens and poor at the moment. it will get a lot more tens and difficult. and there is a real risk that there will be increased military activities by the chinese air force, which could potentially come across as threatening to the speaker of the united states congress. and that may well require the united states military to give and hands protections to hello c. and that is where the kind of an intended explanations can happen. and so would you recommend a closer to,
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to stay at home is a very difficult one. i think she should not have planned for this message to begin with because it doesn't really that much to taiwan on us, one relations. but now that she has that, that she was going to go or indicate that she would go. and the chinese government has come back in the united states. it becomes very difficult with the united states government to back off under chinese pressure because doing so a moral hazard. so she may well end up having to go somewhere in london for us. thank you very much tom, not to have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the well today. officials in lebanon warm that a grain silo, burning a very rude sport could collapse at any moment. the seller has been on fire for the past 2 weeks, but many the blazes bring back memories of the devastating chemical explosion that
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hit the port 2 years ago. indigenous women's states to protest at a mass held by pope frances in quebec on thursday. they demanded a he retract a centuries old catholic doctrine legitimize in colonialism. the pontiff is on a week long tour of canada to ologist le catholic church role in the forced cultural assimilation of indigenous children. spanish prosecutors say they will seek an 8 year prison sentence against the pop star shaquira after she rejected a plea, deal on accusations of tax evasion. authorities of hughes took europe of failing to pay taxes over a 2 year period. she says she was not living in spain at the time. to rental rains have triggered flash floods and mud slides in the east of the u. s. state of kentucky. authorities say at least 8 people have died. the death toll is
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expected to rise. tens of thousands are without power floods or have also had parts of the neighboring states of virginia and west virginia. as slots hit some parts of the u. s. wildfire so devastating other parts of the country. whitehouse as the total area destroyed, is far higher than the 10 year average signed to say this is in large parts driven by climate change. president biden has approved a major disaster declaration for the state of alaska, which is experiencing an unusually fears way for forest fires. to w's carolina chima reports now from the small town of anderson, where she met some of the people battling the fires, as well as the red residence fleet from them. alaska is the largest u. s. seat. it is also the least densely populated. among its great treasures the untouched wilderness but much of that is now being destroyed.
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wildfires are not a new phenomenon here, but they are changing. they're becoming more frequent and more intense. so much so that this year no co fire fighters here in anderson. we're unable to get them when a fire happens and they get bigger than the local unit can handle like so. here in anderson they have some local volunteer firefighters bait but, but they're very small. so when the fire gets bigger than what they can control, they will call for outside help and tell pass, come from all over the u. s. hate air height from montana has been battling places, country white for more than 20 years. this is her 5th time in alaska. she's now supervising a team of 500 fire fighters deployed to help control one white hire. sadly,
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this property couldn't be saved. it's really when fires like this one. start in and around populated areas, even a lightly populated area like this that it becomes a problem. era fair. you hear that i've never seen fire behavior like this before. and so i would say this abnormal weather is the new normal. it's getting harder to fight fires, resources are getting scarcer and we're dealing with women like this, this summer. more than 264 individual fires have destroyed 1250000 hectares of land across the state. the blaze in anderson is now under control. that the damage is extensive, and the strong winds post a risk to this used to be a for is he can still see smoke up there. the fire fighters are still trying to get that high under control and we can strongly smell it. local
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people half had to evacuate their homes among them. don and dorothy wins are accelerating the place when they returned. the fire was under control. it was like kind of like surreal. there was smoke and fires were still burning in the trees out here. and the firemen were with us and i think they were with us because they maybe, you know, it would be traumatic to go and see. but we, he, they said right away, your house is safe. this time they were lucky, but there will certainly be wildfires here again. and experts say global warming may make them more severe. now what's the 1st thing you think of when you hear the word vaccine? most of us imagine rolling up our sleeves for shelter. they are, but many researchers believe there's a better way to provide protection against a cobit 90 and other diseases. and it doesn't involve the needle. billions of
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doses of vaccines have been injected throughout the world over the course of the pant anake. and although the series of shots doesn't prevent people from getting coven 19 entirely, it does make the course of the disease generally much less severe. and that experts say has saved millions of lives. some researchers have set their sights higher. their goal is to prevent infections before they can take hold at the place where the virus 1st enters the body, the nose around a dozen trials with different nasal spray vaccine candidates are currently ongoing and different countries. a few are in what's called phase 3 testing, which means they're being checked for effectiveness in larger groups of test subjects. they could help change the course of the pandemic because it sars covey to as blocked from docking on to the cells in the upper respiratory tract. it can't
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invade them. so even after exposure, it's unable to replicate in the massive way that leads to full blown illness. that means blocking the virus with this kind of vaccine might also help break infection . james, the concept isn't a novel one. nasal vaccines for influenza have been around for a couple of decades now. there have been a few problems with them over the years, but for lots of people, especially younger recipients, they have one major advantage. the boost to immunity doesn't involved getting jabbed with a needle that report by derrick blooms, who joins me now from d. w. science. to break it all down, derek rather doesn't injected vaccines have been approved by the w way show so far . but no nasal ones. even though they sound really promising, why is the development taking so long? well, for a couple of different reasons. i mean they're, it's a little bit difficult, more difficult to control nasal vaccine than it has one that's injected when you
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inject vaccine. you know exactly how much of the other vaccine is actually going into the person's body when you squirt it into their notice there are all kinds of other factors that can play a role in those if they're, if they have a runny nose on the day that they get it for example, but it also, the other aspect of it is that, is that the systemic immune response that these, that these vaccines cause is complicated. but it's not nearly as complicated as what happens with what's called the mucosal immune response, which is the immune response that's in your nose. it's no wonder that it's different because your nose is the 1st place to come into contact with the outside world. so the rules are kind of different and we just don't know those rules yet. and the problem with playing around with the nose and testing things in the nose is that it's awfully close to the brain. so if you have a problem with a substance that you scored into your nose and it causes, for example, inflammation that can very quickly become very dangerous. whereas injecting it into your arms a lot. so you mentioned in the report that nasal vaccines could help break chains of infections can explain. right, well,
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right now with the systemic immune response that we're getting from vaccines. we're seeing that we're seeing a lot of breakthrough infections because antibody levels drop after a couple of months. and the systemic response kicks in and it keeps people from getting really severe disease in most cases. but it's not really doing what we want it to do completely, which would be what they call actually to go would be what's called sterilizing immunity, which is that you prevent the virus from making acquiring a beachhead in your body right at the point where it enters and if we can, that, if we can keep ourselves from getting sick, and we're not going to be infectious either. so we're breaking that potential infection chain. good nasal vaccines for coven 19 actually, we place injected vaccines in which, why would that be a game changer? well, i don't think, i mean, so many people have already had injected vaccines. i'm sure you've had your full set of vaccine that as well. so we already have the systemic immune response. it's
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been kicked in with us and, but i think it be interesting. i think in the, as we go forward moving forward that more and more these vaccines, once they're approved, are going to be used as, as boosters. it's a, it's a, it's a whole system that they call that they call prime and spike's a prime, the body by giving injections at the beginning. and then you spike the immune response by giving a nasal vaccination then later in the process. so combining the 2 combining the 2. ok. so how soon can we expect these nasal boxes to the market? well, that's hard to say. there are about a dozen of them in clinical testing all over the world at the moment, 3 or 4 are in late stage testing. so it could happen, but they're also in china and india and things are not necessarily approved all over the world. at the same time. i'm saying, i think in europe in north america, probably a year and a half to 2 years. we'll probably see some of these world out there. williams
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d. w. science. thank you. and that's it for. for me and the new stream, a fun, i'll don't go away, doc fil, is op. next with can books save the world, look at new works, examining ways human kind can't combat climate change. if you're looking for more news, you can always find the latest headlines. adam alice's on a website. it's p w dot com. i've got office near the team. derek, thanks with with
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you know, the future of human kind depends on saving nature. mm hm. and increasing number of authors and artists are
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convinced of this in their recording, their experience and their books. save the world. next, on d, w, a, does the cyber world make us sick? all these worries exaggerated. at what point to digital stimuli overwhelming to the blank count reality, the princess how to helpfully navigate the waters of a constant be connected right in good shape. in 60 minutes on d. w. o. in red alert. ah, this isn't just route. it is
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a red if acacia. i think we're going to have some epic fighting in the world meter is becoming a scarce commodity. things just getting dryer and dryer and we need more and more water. his own worth dying of thirst. there is no water at all but global struggle for water thirst starts august 10th on d, w. ah, if get down, it's not about whether we need the wilderness. we can also ask, what does the wilderness need us for them or if you walk through a forest that's home to bez links is a wolf and you realize that you.


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