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urged her to stay in the series when she considered quitting. she later worked for nasa, recruiting more astronauts of color and women. well, here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. this era. england have been crammed european champions for the very 1st time. they beat germany to one after extra time at wembley stadium in london to win europe 2022. their watching deed over the news up next. our news magazine world stories the week in reports. i'm pablo fo, devious from me and the teen hare. berlin, thanks for watching. see again at the top, the next hour. take care. oh, up to date, i don't miss our highlights. the d w program online. d w dot com highlights migrant habitat ended glistening place of morning. the mediterranean sea.
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it's waters connect people of many cultures seen of almost rock and to far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and mediterranean, where it has history left its traces, leading people hearing their dreams, a mediterranean journey in tenant those sorts. august 14th on d. w. ah, this week on world stories, italy, historic drought threatens rice farmers, germany gay, ex monk once church reforms. we begin
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in ukraine where frontline troops are suffering both physically and men special clinic near keith is doing what he can to heal the trauma. rifleman alexi chef jenko worked in construction before the russian invasion. within weeks he was on the front lines in the east under constant massive artillery fire. he says he would fall to the ground for cover take out his phone. and amid the deafening blast swipe to a photo of daniel, his 7 year old boy back in the capitol. but none as there was those white blues of what was going to school. i looked at my fun before going to bed and understood that if the russian soldiers were not stopped where i was there they could reach key again was to the modem. what is that? what i thought of my boy and asked myself, will some one else raise my son, is it paul, as well as a young man and will, will love looks. he didn't want to go into details, but we'll say he suffered a concussion and had a nervous breakdown. he is one of
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a 150 patients of the rehabilitation center, whose location we were asked to keep secret, so it wouldn't be targeted with some supper from post traumatic stress, a psychological problem, and others from traumatic brain injuries damage which can be caused by the blast way of explosions, symptoms for both include suicidal thoughts, depression, insomnia, the anger logic was a door slam or firecracker can trigger the terrifying feeling you are under fire. again. alexey is here for 3 weeks of psychotherapy group discussions walks and massages. nozzles. i think that helps them to of course know the belief that we are here yet than william standing behind them a little as shown was there are people who respect them immensely. won't kill walter, but it is maxime is in explosives expert and has been fighting since 2014. when russia annexed crimea, and parts of the east. he likes looking at the murals at the center, to lift his morale, that he suffers from combat related stress. this that are worth of toilet on here
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was working with psychologist helps to long show if a person has whole, which has arms and legs, it does not mean that everything is normal with the person. so put up his psyche is to stir. little little shy of successmaker. maxime says he is burdened by many memories, like when his men moved into a town just occupied by the russians who had shot people attached explosives to their bodies and buried them. we were logged in, but we found a total of 5 buried bodies, the 3 that were booby trapped assistant, that had the massage tuscan. maxime says his men call him every day. they want him to come back. he says, he knows it will be hard to return, but that he must awe about 500 ukrainian soldiers a day are being wounded in the fight against russia. particularly severe cases are now being taken abroad for treatment. for example,
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to often even when jenko got out alive, he was by you warned it defending key if against russian troops movement moves digital. melissa, melissa, we discovered them in a forest. now we immediately began fighting a lot though we were lucky that day. but because our unit left the battle with only 2 wounded, his lawful me and another lad had wobbled on it. so yeah, boy is sheldon florence who jenko received 2 bullet wounds and the shrapnel wound to his legs. he's one of the 1st ukrainian soldiers to be treated in germany, says the russian attack began a low no final to medical care. the patient received and ukraine was excellent, but he needed further operations. so of course, to do that, we needed a large team in the appropriate infrastructure, which is practically nonexistent in ukraine at the moment when the new plan,
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you know, actual guns making. gibbons. 6 soldiers are being treated at the louise and hospital in our maxim cut of ink or was shot at by a russian tank. the don bus, a piece of shrapnel hit him in the arm. oh yeah. and the omega of my median nerve is damaged virginia. should i am still, i can move my hand in this direction, but not in the other. and i can't feel anything. and these 2 fingers, even if there is peace in germany, the doctors in our hands are familiar with war injuries. he follow with steed ally knows we had a lot of experience treating patients from iraq many years ago. lampton glenna. so in principle, this is nothing new for us garza duffer spoons. principia gets neat noises, but it's not just doctor's helping. the wound has been there oh ukrainians who live in and stopped by to day to wish even a happy birthday. she just turned 37,
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a brief and welcome moment of destruction from the war. so far, about 300 people from ukraine had been flown to germany for treatment, including civilians and soldiers. the soldiers in our hands were brought there by a dutch and g. o. everett, bob organized their evacuation or because there are soldiers, then all the fishing allowed to leave the country, so we had to get military permission to bring them out of the country. and doug, doug awful as important that we could promise that the soldiers would want. they were healed under, okay, that they would come back to our ukraine, even who jenko knows. one thing for sure. he wants to return and continue fighting and like, but i will certainly year of cousin parker, a wound does not exempt you glance from continuing to defend your homeland luxury of perpetual as i have thought, much of shadows, or sure if my condition allows me this thought i will keep fighting one of those
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all with many doug, ollie proposal. what were you up at the a bunny for those away? what events, birthday wish is victory over d aggressors attacking his country. ah, italy is experiencing the worst drought in decades. one of the hardest hit regions is the po valley. climate change is an existential threat, especially for rice farmers. a marina full of stranded boats, fields of drooping sunflowers, and everywhere fountains with no running water. scorching temperatures of up to 40 degrees happened plaguing northern italy for weeks now and threatening some people's very existence. like the regions. rice farmers, is the panthers are these plants are completely dead. they won't produce anything.
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there will be no crop here. so on epa. 15 tons of harvest lost in this plot alone. the farmer simply couldn't provide enough water. stefan creepy is the head of the code at the per via association, which represents farmers in the region. italy so called golden rice triangle makes up half of europe's entire rice production. the industry, which is highly dependent on water, is now facing a financial and environmental catastrophe. and she might to our knowledge, nothing like this has ever happened in the last 70 years. that will made that according to the data available, a drought like this has never occurred. never. my northern italy depends on the poll river. it's 650 kilometers, spanned the country from west to east. it is a source of life for all around it, but water levels have been dropping continuously over the last few years. areas are
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now competing for the remaining water. a state of emergency has been declared in many reaches. but our model is reducing leaks is another big topic initially, and then both for drinking water and agricultural purposes in a group of darby this. yep. the system efficiency is currently around 50 percent. jealousy, chances are at equal medium internet and quite the pertain to farmers like stefan. oh, can it be also? no, they will have to change this season. they have already lost 30 percent of their harvest that i can put i meant it. we hope we get back to a climate which allows for rise production. otherwise we'll have to switch to other crops and adapt to a different type of water management che. yesterday, it was just not enough water for every one to retain, to perform. for now, all they can do is keep the pumps running and hope for falling temperatures, and above all for rain. ah,
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they are trans lesbian, gay, or by and work for the catholic church. more than 120 of them have come out in germany to demand a fundamental change in the churches mindset to night, it's going to be a vegetable stir, fry how stuff on different back in his husband, walter, marcello castillo are cooking. it's everyday life. but for the former priest, it still feels special. some good am already hungry. stefan married, his argentinian husband 6 years ago. i overflow for loss or sometimes i still say, wow, it's just astonishing here. i'm here now. well, and with walter and together, we cocked together of friends, come over lou, sometimes it still feels unreal. but then i feel so much gratitude to see that it's like this for it. also. if stefan was a brother in a catholic religious order for over 25 years, he preached an taught in
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a church that rejects homosexuality. even though he knew he was gay. then his grandfather died and stuff and felt it was time to make a crucial decision. versus the war hope there arden strength of i, he want to be a priest who hides part of his identity. ted or is this part allowed to exist? i india, that is really is part of you. does i something that can be talked about? i thought that something you can live with into stuff with without a guilty conscience and without fear or know, honestly the scope is not all, not alex to hobb. stefan decided to take a stand against fear. coming out meant he had to give up his life in the religious order. the next vicar burg confirm. though stefan has since set up regular prayer meetings for persecuted gay people, i make the dusty co please allow christian churches to accept the same sex partners
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as part of your beautiful creation from shrub. full on name on ye. the answer marked to each of these services how to change things, mentor if they take place or people talk about the mind, see it happening, horn here, about it or social so hopefully it will have a ripple effect also. so because it's, it will be some diocese are reacting, they say a person's love, life is private and cannot be used as grounds for dismissal from church employment . escape michigan or it's not going faster. notion is not comprehensive enough at law, but it's happening. what's going in the right direction in the other 3, that is my impression and i talk with ha. 1 1 stephanie and his husband intially relaxed dinner with friends. he stands by his decision to come out and has never regretted it on your mother in law. ah.
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a woman with guys? margaret was 64 when she 1st wrote a motorbike, and she hasn't stuff in 18000 kilometer 18 countries. the adventure of a lifetime no limits. margaret's incredible journey of special red awe on d. w. a gigantic seats of paper ma'am, did on late come for madame. that's a flow. debris against festival in spain, traffic and speed. but imagine having to play
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a how does that work off the also what do you know what your role did? they said you're gonna be a w, d w's crime fighters are back to africa. most successful radio drama series continues to end up all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms. crime fighters tune in now ah ah, who's.


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