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from this visit by flo see, i think is a break. is a brick. we've the so code one china policy, a one turned up prince. that is a fit use of all the one china policy, one china principle, because china has been waiting for one week when trying to policy, when trying to find it and says that's how one is a part of the chinese territory. it is a bad news at them all at them. of course it cannot be a part of part of the of issue and a it's perish is established in here, right? $949.00. as has the name of the top of that one for one day, not even one minute to use it is as a turning point on taiwan. i mean, how future proof is the one china policy that the west has committed to and that more or less has kept the tie. one question limbo where you see speak up panels, e has always been dedicated in c,
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f to freedom and democracy. so the busy don't talk today is for me a sign off a theory, solidarity shown to try one. and yes, i think you can call it a turning point a better posing turning point to hear the word of freedom. don't make any appeasement on this. it already to china, they want appreciate it. and they try to stop it, which we, we work with a suede mean with military forces. you have to answer. we have to enter it with justice. and i think it's not a collegian is not the collegiate between cheek china or taiwan know between china and usa is a collegiate between 2 bedroom systems, a word of dictatorship in the wardrobe democracy. they just don't know the channels . they just don't know. do separation of powers, or if you keep it,
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you can keep in the huge you should, the power that's known was in your essay in germany or one. so to president kim not give it to the speaker, they wrote and said, you beat out, you don't get to the top one. and this is for me is a that doesn't call you can of 2 venue systems. and i think after the break of invasions worse off the russia into the ukraine and your work and that, that means the what a freedom german falls usa to pen and tie one we have to spend together united. we spent, if i had it, we for and i think that's a very, very positive turning point is also and for me is also nor you can at the decision met by pelucci who has been to me for jumping in. i want to ask though, either collision of systems you call it has a potentially very serious consequences. the government in beijing has warned, of the consequences that policies visit would trigger. and what do you think that
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would look like exactly? i think paging has unnecessary made although less noble visit of the congress. one of the speaker calls them they can turn it into a method into a crisis. just that link and then said if there is also a president of a fall in $1097.00 visited by by the republican speaker, i think it was a news. news news just read just 9999. my so it's, it's made of, it is not, is not new. and you also mentioned and the war in ukraine. all of this, of course, playing out against the backdrop of that invasion. it's a conflict. we have a big military power that invaded it. smaller neighbor, do you see yourself in a similar situation in taiwan? is indeed, and i'm not the only one who's either since using this way. not chairman
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a foreign affairs for all pro their book with you even a speech in the u. n. and he said he wants to turn out not to take an example on what to put in his done against the ukraine. and that means she, we're standing for germany not only but also what a, what a freedom know what to feed and what and shoot for tech to tie one from invasion from china because they won't be for the entire one. there will be protected member of the world of freedom and only in this case we can, we, the, we're against against the chinese, the kids. and she has, who has huge weight, not only also japan and or countries in the as young leak should your way it was representative in germany. i want to thank you so much for taking the time to speak to less on the w news. they will reach out to china and bastard to germany,
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waiting to hear back there. appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and give we're going to move on now. and russia supreme court has rule that ukraine's of regiments is a terrorist organization. this decision may allow harsh sentences against fighters who are now russia's prisoners of war. the other regiment is a ukrainian military unit with a far right and nationalist background. it was the focus and brushes, claims about ashes elements in ukraine, and many fought in the month long feed at a steel plant. in mario poll, russian back separatists are calling for them to be executed. are you an update from our correspondent and keep in just a moment? but 1st, let's take a closer look at what the regiment is. this was the as of steel works earlier this year, inside thousands of fighters from the so called as of regiment. from within the tunnels under the steel plant, the regiments leaders sent out video messages. then this is our repeal to the world
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as could be the last appeal of our lives. we are probably facing our last days if not hours. the enemy out numbers us 10 to one but a different they didn't last much longer. order to surrender by the government and keith, the steel plants, defendants were taken prisoner. russian officials called them nazis. the group does have a far right history. we found that in 2014 as a volunteer militia to find pro russian separatists in the don bath region. current members have rejected being cold, nationalists or radicals. however, they say they're patriots. russian media also said the group mistreated civilians and matthew poll, but without evidence. videos showed fighters helping civilians evacuate in the days before the surrender. since then, the captured fighters have become pawns and the game potential assets in an
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eventual swap or sees foreign negotiations as the war groans on without them neither correspond berg at a shock, i told us about the reaction to the news that as our fighters have been designated terrorists was just spoken to relatives of these other fighters and they told us they are deeply shocked. and the only thing they want to say openly is that russia is a terrorists that the state. so this message comes to shock to many ukrainians, because for them there are other fighters, our heroes because they have been defending the city of murray, a pool for 4 months, and even after they surrendered for many of them here they, as i said, they are heroes. and the, the people are here we spoke to today. they are really furious because this news only comes days after
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a detention center in russian heard only need sca was shelled an attack on a detention center where as a fighters were detained in russia. and ukraine are blaming each other for a having and being responsible for that attack. but m a satellite imagery and other evidence seems to support the claim of ukraine. that it was russia who is responsible for that attack. and over the past days, we have been seeing a lot of a protest here in the streets is also president lensky has asked the international community to recognize russia as a terrorist state. so we gotta do we know what this decision will mean for those as of fighters were being held in russia when these, their round about 2500 fighters surrendered to the russians. they were registered by the red cross s so called prisoners of war. and that would
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mean under the geneva convention that they are not that it's not allowed to charge them only for fighting in that war. but these changes, if they are recognized terrorist organizations, then they could face big chargers and even in the dunbar, republic officials have said they could even get a death sentence. so this is, this is a really hard situation also for the relative bird. i just spoke to her to a lawyer here in ukraine. it, he said, it might be only like political game by russia to like race there still to say bell, you off the prisoners in this, in a possible prisoner swap or in, in negotiations for a peace agreement. so their relatives are that they don't know what to think here if, if it's just like if they are just pawns or if it's
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a really threat. but many here are very worried because many have relatives or friends in the army. and when they might get prisoners of war, they fearing this pattern of russia, we have been seeing over the past months to criminalize the prisoners of war. okay . forget a shocker in care of. thank you so much for your reporting. go now to another important development in the war. grain shipments from ukraine have restarted under a united nations deal to end russia's blockade and exports of wheat. corn and other commodities were halted at the start of the war in february. now they've restarted putting to rest some fears of a global food shortage. a sign of hope for many the 1st cargo ship to leave ukraine. since the start of the conflict. there are 26000 tons of cone on board, headed to lebanon with a very relieved crew. total obama in number. it's so liberating off to being stuck
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here for so long. it's an incredible feeling to be able to return to my homeland about about 20000000 tons of grain, a still waiting to be exported from ukraine. but this 1st ship is an important start, says un secretary general gutierrez. these sheep dimensions vessel rosanna is loaded with 2 commodities in short supply corn and hope. hope for millions of people on the world will depend on the smooth running of ukraine sports to feed their families. the ship has made it out of ukrainian waters and is due to enter the boss for a straight for you and inspection on tuesday night. meanwhile, in ukrainian ports on the black sea, 16 more grain freighters are waiting to depart. an earlier d. w correspondent, dorian jones told us what happens once the ship arrives in turkey? well, this is coming
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a very crucial stage ahead of us in the around 8 o'clock local time. in the morning, wednesday, we will see a turkish boarding party with a russians and ukrainians in the united nations. and they will inspect the ship to see that everything is carrying is according to the the stated that creation of the ship. now they pre shipping ball hope leaving, i'm going to cry will have to be search by these parties of ukrainians. russians took united nations and all of this has been cooled, make it here in the sample at the joint chord nation center. and this task is seen as crucial for the ongoing success of this program that talking about in the region of needing a 100 ships a month if they are going to meet the talk to 5000000 pounds a month. so this process of searching and so and signing off on each ship needs to go ahead smoothly. and this person should thoughts on wednesday is seen as key to the right of the whole process going forward if that happens according to plan to ship within a few hours, will sail down the balls 1st and then onto the mom received behind me. and then on
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to 11 and to live, to deliver urgently needed cold, dw correspondent dorian, joe. we are via and union countries are attempting to reduce their use of russian gas in response to the invasion of ukraine. germany has restarted an old coal fired power plant to save in gas reserves. and in the netherlands, there's debate on whether to reverse a decision to shut down a major gas extraction site. the groaning and gas field is the biggest of its kind in europe or reporter sonya find the car has trouble to run again where decades of extraction have caused the ground to sink triggering thousands of earthquakes. she found locals. there are unhappy about the suggestions that gap should keep pumping . young monica's damaged house is being strengthened to withstand future earthquakes. it's a complex operation on dish and hail this part of the building is already repaired it. another section had to be completely torn down and has been reba. the house was
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damaged in the aftermath of a strong earthquake. 2012 urine groningen where gas extraction has triggered tremors for decades under douglas correctly. it was horrible. everything was moving in all there was a huge noise as well. oh, oh hi. and there was one loud bang. oh, i mile went on to your yard. as you sang kansas shooters. it was a beautiful house. we were happy in it. we run down mitchell green. the earthquakes of lead to more than a 160000 damages claims to date. which prompted the dutch government to scale by gas production. and take a decision to close down the gas field by next year. but the russian invasion of ukraine and slashing of gas close to europe has torn those plans into question. the dutch government is now considering tapping the fields, still ample reserves in case of a gas emergency in winter. marquee on mulder is an energy expert at the university
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of grown. again, he believes it's possible to temporally res, output the groaning and field to meet a part of europe's gas needs and get the residence on board as well as the owner usa small part or got these revenues to compensate all habitants. original groningen at the expense a bit higher risk for earthquakes because they still exist. so this whole big best the solution for, for everyone has a more casual and markers more of use really a quicker appropriate compensation for all you have. it has a more cash applied to the european coast market. what we've got correction hall, but there's also a correction ceiling, but residents and groaning and don't trust those promises. marianna tory has been petitioning authorities for 6 years to recognize and be for the damage. she says was caused by gas extraction and pull down the house if needed. she still waiting
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for a decision. the damage, meanwhile, is growing them. this is the type of damage that we see a lot. and it's the one that it's the sort of damage that really scares me. a lot of people are afraid with her next earthquake that the roof will come down and well, the beams may land on you the dutch state and mcgasey. the operator had paid out of it a 1000000000 euro so far to affected residence for rebuilding and strengthening homes . none of the residents are looking forward to continuing damage to their homes. but the dutch government may be out of other options if the gas crisis takes the tone for the worse in the winter. now the united states says it has killed the leader of al qaeda. i'm an al z o y harry in a drone strike in afghanistan, he was one of the founders of the terrorist group and was in hiding for more than a decade. the cia targeted the man they believe was central to the 911 attacks in
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the heart of this wealthy cobble neighbourhood where many taliban leaders reside. the head of al qaeda found a hide out, but not out of washington's sides. a u. s. official says i am on als a why harry was identified on multiple occasions, spending time on the balcony of the house, where he was eventually struck early on sunday morning. now we have eliminated the mirror of our kyler. he will never again, never again. oh our carriage down to become a tour, so shaven because he is gone and we're going to make sure of nothing else happens. you know, i can't be a launching proud against united states. we're going to see to that won't happen. the gyptian bonds are why harry was osama bin laden's, right hand man. before late of succeeding him as head of al qaeda. but you are says he was actively involved in planning the september 11th attacks in the us, as well as other al qaeda operations, including 2
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u. s embassy bombings in east africa in 1998. and the attack on the u. s. s. cole warship in yemen. in 2000 following the strike that killed him, the taliban accused the u. s. of violating international principles and the door agreement. but for the americans, if the taliban who's broken that 2020 accord by providing cover for so i re who's killing is the 1st known you a strike in afghanistan since washington pulled out its troops a year ago, one journalist france mighty lived in afghanistan for many years and i earlier asked him whether it was a surprise that i was, or why harry was found in kabul. yes, it was, and i would dare to say that it was surprising to anybody. i'm to maybe set the scene to context was not surprising as since the poly mom take over to have been credible reports of non african jihad,
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he's including all kindle members at least visiting or temporarily staying in called blue. so that such people pass through was known and, but that's to liter himself is residing in central coll glue. that was certainly a surprise. i think the big question that follows on from that as a given that i was, i was here. he had been living in such a central location where the tell him on helping to shelter him and his family. it's very hard to imagine that the taliban did not know about that. the question was rather under what circumstances has happened and whether to tale bon might have restricted, although he in some way or whether they gave him full support. um, but it's almost odd imaginable that they didn't know. or if they wouldn't have known, ah, that would also be a very, very bad sign for the tale. bon, if they don't know what's going on in right in front of them. and what are the
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implications of that? that's hard to say. oh though a he was a reclusive leader, also more seen and almost philosopher scholar and not necessarily the practical guy. so i guess like one to one, there will be limited stiring, the impact on the in direct impact how this will affect the taliban regime stance towards to west or the u. s. stands towards of contest on this can have implications, but for all kind i itself, it will probably take longer all so depending on will succeed him. if all high law of will confirm that their leaders actually that and announced the successor, when he remembered the operation that killed osama been a lot in back in 2011. how did this operation differ? it was practically completely different. so here we're talking about the cia jerome,
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i'm apparently deploying a very specific warheads to kill, although he so no u. s. boots on the ground. i'm also a lot of intelligence collection, apparently present biden sets that they were following confirming. so he is present since month in about it was completely different. we're talking about in search and insert insertion off an american special forces to, to what ground rate on to hunt down the targets. so these are completely different motors. so perhaps the, what is the same is that it was one of the top man on the most wanted list that connect still promotions, and that it was po folk hide, old wise, it's pretty much completely different. the u. s. as saying only is our hurry was killed in this strike, no members of his family were harmed. our local sources also reflecting that a pile of casualties off his family. i haven't heard anything. they are somewhat
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credible reports that 2 tale bon members might have died from the hall county family. this is, however, not confirmed yet. ok, journalist france, marty, thank you so much for that update. while the united nations is warning that the world is now closer to nuclear annihilation than at any time since the cold war. secretary general antonio potash was speaking at a conference on reducing nuclear weapons. the stakes are high as the month long conference gets underway at the united nations headquarters in new york . russia put its nuclear forces on alert after it invaded ukraine. the u ends chief set, the threat posed by nuclear weapons today hasn't been seen since the cold war, and he issued this warning. we have been extraordinary. lucky so far. but luck
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is not the strategy, not easy. the shields from geopolitical tensions marlene over into nuclear, conflicts to with a humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear, at any lation. we need the treaty of non proliferation of nuclear weapons as much as ever. germany's foreign minister accused russia of reckless rhetoric and reminded signatories of their obligations to the non proliferation treaty or n p t. we are here to defend the rules based international order. the entity is not just the piece of paper. it embodies some of the most fundamental commitments of human kind to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to ensure nuclear weapons. i never used again and to work towards our common goal of
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a word free of nuclear weapons. in a letter to delegates, moscow said nuclear war should never be unleashed, and there could be no winners. the treaty is the cornerstone of global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. over the following weeks, participants will discuss a consensus on future steps. japan is spearheading talks as the world's 1st and only country to be hit with atomic bombs. the push for agreement comes days ahead of the $77.00 anniversary of those nuclear attacks and to brazil. now where doctors have carried out groundbreaking surgery on conjoined twins, the 3 year old boys were born joint at the head with fused brains, doctors turned to virtual reality and recruited experts from around the world to
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conduct the complex operation. and give the boys a chance at independent life. ah, arthur and bernardo to brother as they could not be closer, but until now i had never looked each other in the face before their life changing surgery. the boys had spent most of their lives in hospital. i was so desperate for so long going to her because i couldn't handle the diagnosis. okay. awesome. former years of research and trialing techniques led up to the surgery that was ultimately made possible by virtual reality. brain scans created a digital map of the boys shared cranium, which allowed surgeons to perform a trans atlantic virtual reality surgery executed in both brazil and in the u. k. it's been described as space h stuff. if we call the suck, well,
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i talked to the mother of that and i told her i believed we were capable of separating the children eyes. you separate us as witnesses. i learned the phrase when you have one percent of possibility, the other 99 percent needs to be pure faith of it and lovable self defense. oh, faith definitely played its part in the operating room. during a grueling 27 hours of surgery, were almost a 100 medical staff were involved. whether it was faith or unmatched skill and technology that ultimately pulled through. it was a moment of joy and relief when the twins were successfully separated. arthur and bernardo will need at least 6 months recovering and hospital and he may still need some further procedures. but the brother is, are finally side by side, holding each other's hands and recovering well. and just before we go, let's get
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a reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour us. how speaker nancy pelosi has landed in taiwan and marking the highest level visit by a u. s. official in 25 years. hello. he says america, solidarity with the people of taiwan is more important than ever and has pledged unwavering commitments for visit is going head, despite sharp warnings from china. with his off day after hours they turned for kick off coming up next ah ah, with
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a pulse ah, the beginning of
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