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tv   Desert Living  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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standing paradise ah, does it living smoking cityscape landscape and his group next on dw? ah, what people have to say matters to us. i am that's why we listen to their stories. reporter every weekend on d w. ah ah, this is in this place is as hot as hell, but a beautiful paradise ah. the 7 half like i don't know how to say it,
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just what i find different vide number here is everyone feeling i was a one day the whole world will benefit from what we're producing here. my, my la minimum of i at sissy, there was resistance to a bedouin woman entering the business wells with sally. a bo lome isn't what david ben green was a leader and he knew that the future of israel was towards the south. ah, the future of israel, this is what the modern city of tel aviv with its flashy skyscrapers startups and
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lifestyle has always stood for every day, hundreds of thousands of commuters crowd into this city. that is nearly boasting up the scenes. real estate prices are exploding much like in german urban areas, but even foster tel aviv is in danger of being smothered by its own appeal. but there is a bit more room to breathe here in the desert. we are driving to what feels like the end of the earth to israel's arrival, as it near the border with jordan. the nearest town is 100 kilometers away in the dry, dusty desert. ya see, ben is in the process of building a kind of fountain of youth that could one day strengthen olympic athletes. he has developed something new with which he hopes to transform the town into a biotechnology hub. he was inspired by animals on his huge ranch where he keeps
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antelopes. nubian, i beg, says nancy brass, the secret to his $25000000.00 business is found in his own personal. noah's ark. it appears as if stranded here, but it is in fact home to dozens of exotic animals as zoom in the desert quite the attraction for tourists and holiday goers staying at this wilderness ranch. but his greatest treasures of these tiny crustaceans, the common yabby and australian crayfish. bend the leaves that within this organism lies the key to eternal youth. south limburger lobster lobsters never grow old. did you know that in hollywood they can renew themselves over and over again. i actually bred these here to be decorative. then i noticed that these crayfish renew their shell and just 3 days,
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10 times faster than any other species of crustaceans much in 24 hours. they build a dental system similar to our solution, but most importantly we found that they produce a morphis, calcium carbonate or something the whole world has been looking for. as a result, i started a company together with beersheba, university of lucia. if the common yabby can use this special calcium to quickly renew its body parts, can we humans benefit from it too? ben is convinced. he has launched dozens of studies with an international team of researchers and has all ready filed numerous patents. he has already succeeded in making the calcium of the crayfish usable for humans as well. the advantage of this so called amorphous calcium carbonate is that our bodies are far better to absorb it than conventional crystalline calcium. but the real breakthrough came when research has discovered that it has anti inflammatory properties. michelle hospital
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bone loss in osteoporosis, for example, is caused by a certification in the bone where model it paralyzes. the cells that build bone and strengthens the cells that destroy bone not feel like a base on the folky, no matter how much calcium is present, the person falls apart here. but once you have this link between calcium and the anti inflammatory carbonate things turn around on, the bones can be rebuilt, which is even someone who breaks their arm can benefit also with muscle growth or even sperm production of documents. logically i'm but the tiny crayfish do not produce enough calcium for humans. after a decade of research, thence team has now managed to copy and artificially manufacture the animals. amorphous calcium carbonate. $80000.00 pills per hour are already being produced here initially as a dietary supplement. it is also currently being reviewed by the us food and drug
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administration for approval as medicine then started out in the desert as a farmer, growing wheat and flowers, cultivating the desert in the spirit of the visionary founder of the state of israel. david ben groom to day, he wants to make the baron landscape blue with innovation. but it's hard to find workers in this remote place. me miguel m barella mccomb, her name american fish who wants to come to this? does it with his harsh living conditions for women, people with strong wills who are motivated by ideas to settle this land? that's who there is no dispute over land here. we can produce excellent agricultural products and our children have a wonderful place to grow up like the muslim po, the remote, lucky to remain on the regular with the remote. although his scientific partners and their laboratories are located elsewhere, yossi ben has remained loyal to the arrival they set 1st as
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a farmer now as of biotech, entrepreneur her future 2 lies in the desert in the negative. 19 year old. are you sure average other is that between and is the 1st entrepreneur in her family klan, which has lived in the neck of desert for generations. but before she shows us her business idea, she takes us to a typical between village cash m a collection of sheds and corrugated iron hots, often without electricity, water or rooms. the dwellings of the former nomads were built without building permits, which means demolition notices could come from the authorities at any time. the bedouins, all the poorest in the country, says jabber neglected and without prospects. she wants to change that. she volunteers in the poorer settlements after all, her parents also originally came from one of these on official villages for ahead
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of the me of years from remover. there is another way if the state would really develop the negative deserts than it could start here with the young people. but i think about to 80 learn the rules. mussa folly has 9 children. they live in poor conditions. as is the case with many bedouins, his children are his only wealth. we are not allowed to interview them all the women that is forbidden in their very traditional way of life. that too is a hurdle along the way to a more modern future law manage you must tele bought it. i don't know why people are unemployed here relative to because their education is miserable. all of our children don't go to school only law. my mom, the other citizens, are complained that they steal things from the yeah. you know, our, our young people supposed to live with hungry animal you alive. right. one of our children are pushed on to the margins, wanna see if the state cared. they would educate our people and make them normal
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citizens were jamarion fellows, mary rucker, you ah, without the bedouin in the negative, israel's future in the desert cannot succeed and the government knows this to 4 years. they have been attempts to integrate the marginalized population. and now for the 1st time and era party in the governing coalition is representing the interests of the bedouin and hope is growing. that progress is slow. stories like jabbers are still exceptions. she grew up in raw hot, the largest bedroom in town in israel, at raw, hot innovation hub. the computer science student meets with her mental. it's about her business plan. jabber has developed an app that allows cashless payments at gas stations all over israel. her supporters are thrilled, but not every one in the traditional bedouin community. celebrated when a young woman tried to enter the world of startups. anita mill to de leon tay. i've
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always liked to go against the grain, though my own way. hello, there was resistance. at 1st. people found it strange that a bedouin woman wanted to enter the business world a to day me as they are more acceptable that they am completely. we agreed to meet again in a few months. and we are curious to see how her business idea will develop. 20 kilometers away from i shes home is the capital of the neck f desert. bear shaver. if you believe what you hear about bear shaver than it's not worth the trip, but we're going to go anyway. at the gates of the city, we meet eric narrow of the jewish national fund. he wants to revive the vision of this state of israel's founders to make the remote regions in the south and north of israel, so attractive that half
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a 1000000 people settle there within the next 25 years to de congest the metropolitan regions around tel aviv. and jerusalem david ben green was a lever and he knew that the future of israel was towards the south way. because it was a very large amount of space that was uncontested and never developed. but in order to make it attractive for people to buy the home, you have to create a quality of life. you have to create economic opportunities, you have to create a social services. you have to create an ecosystem. although it is the largest city in the desert, basheba has been a marginalized periphery for decades. a working class city for immigrants, particularly from north africa. most israeli stop here at best, only to refuel on their way to the red sea for vacation. but to day change is visible in many neighborhoods. one example is this newly created oasis in the desert. where there was once a junkyard donations helped to create
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a lake with park sports facilities and playgrounds, as well as an amphitheatre bringing more quality of life to basheba. the park itself is, is, is just the cavalry. it's just ege watching. the development of the housing is creating ah, thousands of jobs for blue collar workers from all over that come from the barrel and villages in the our villages and the working together in order to create opportunities. real estate developers overcome that architects. a 3 bedroom apartment in the desert city of bear shaver currently costs the same as a one bedroom apartment in tel aviv polly group. hi lou, a 30 year old web designer is benefiting from this as well. the new lake is her favorite spot in the city. it's where she refusals, when the daily grind has depleted her energy reserves.
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delivery. here it is not as cramped as in the area around television where they can only build upwards. in contrast, there are no limits in the open desert and basheba we can develop architecturally and creatively in all directions. good. modernization just needs to be a little faster the to hell again though my she represents the new face of the once dusty city. after her studies, she didn't pack her bags like so many other young qualified people group halo is determined to stay and help shape the beginning of israel's future in the negative desert. come along, a lot of my dream is to create a business start up center for designers. i want to offer a helping hand with will of no matter if someone is a beginner or a professional,
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they're holding a place where people can develop themselves and their ideas a place that is always there for them. that element in order to keep her as an employee, her boss is paying for advanced training. if things go well as she hopes, she may soon be promoted to our director. she now travels to tel aviv twice a week. at the train station, there is a symbol of the future of bell shaver, a bridge that appears to connect everything. on one side is ben curry on university, on the other is the new high tech park, with a notable international tech see next to residential areas. and everything is accessible by train but bridges alone are not enough. they only help if they bring together employers and employees who can actually work together. the lord of center was created to act as an intermediary,
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megan turner is an employment agent and helps to mediate between business training institutions and job seekers. well, you know that we are gone mad. happens in the tech world. things are changing by the minute even. and so it's our job because we have built this relationship with the technical colleges to go in and to tell them listen, i think it's a really good idea for you to update your syllabus. this is what we're hearing from the field, the people who are wanting to hire these young adults are saying we can't hire them without the set of skills. so we're helping everyone get on the same page. who pi lou and turner, our desert dwellers through and through narrow, on the other hand, seized the great potential of the desert and helps others to realize their dreams there. but as long as he can still afford it, he prefers to live in a city like tel aviv on traffic free days, bare shave. i can be reached in about an hour from tel aviv twice as far
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away is the arrival desert along the border with jordan. there near the antelope range and calcium production, lice, the village of so kim, an artist commune in the middle of a breathtaking landscape. here audi sake f has realised his dream. a life in the desert. the lawyer left the big city noise of tel aviv behind, struck out and bought a house here the kind he couldn't afford in the country's metropolitan regions, promises the effect or commer. this is the most wonderful place in the world, but it's hot as hell. but a beautiful paradise. i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. zuwaka. ah, his lifestyle is nothing unusual in to kim. those who come here want to express themselves. do something different. until recently said f was the mayor. some rent
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out vacation rooms. many freelance as an artist. if settled here. crocker, people are becoming more and more interested corner since corona machine. people have learned that they can work from home or even in the desert. every one who comes here has a certain work law. this is not a conventional place in the fashion this place can bring outside of you that you didn't know you had. because you have to reinvent yourself here. and i say to people only a year after i 1st moved here, john, did i really feel i was alive high before that? i'd only glimpsed life. no. but the space that the vastness of the desert creates in the soul also has its price. the seclusion of the rover also brings hardships with it. it's a 100 altogether, baton him as a to harness owner locked on a bill server. if you have to go to the hospital, you have to travel far to elaborate publish ever. and when things get complicated,
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when we depend on the cities for technicians, mcdonald's dishwasher, or air conditioning, for example, wants to return a call of impulsion missive. look here, looks like a postcard to an alternative life in the desert. but for the masses of people who are to be settled in israel's southernmost region, it will no doubt remain to exotic large settlements, projects are being planned around the neg, if capitol of bathsheba. this time we arrive at night and find another surprise. the allegedly boring desert city has quite a lively night life, especially here in the university district. and in the old town. ah, and there is something to celebrate. when we meet sweat designer go pi low again, she proudly tells us about her promotion.
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i mean, this is the reason why my former employee designed a day i'm going to have this 1st or the rick signed by the fatty use instead of a day. but i'm bringing a what i studied with the transformation of the city appears to be taking place through developments like who piles. she is a pioneer. others must follow if israel's vision of the future in the desert is to come true. suddenly the waitress joins the conversation as well. the 20 year old ozzy jury works in his ball to finance her tourism degree. she says she came to the fall south from her hometown in the north. the only thing that we don't have here is the but a sense of that, the perfect geared that prices are better than the vibe here. a good and i love the
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city a real with all thing about it. as anyone, they're all going to feel the same answer because those have, have, like, i don't know, they didn't even what i meant by different vide the people from the next table. also wanted to have their say, our camera seems to attract a lot of attention here. or when you're here, oh, that's with tom emotions. tom ha, mary, all geology students like so many. they are originally from other cities and are only studying and bear shaver because the cost of living is cheaper. but where do they see their future? i don't know how it's gonna be when we're, when roger throw place led zeppelin. field house was in. it has another bright foam brush over to the phone to alert. you can find
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almost nothing mostly military areas. so there may be for us as a journal, as you said, maybe we can play minor or something. they are hoping for a jobs miracle. the reality though is green, even though there shaver is growing little is happening around it. the next morning we find out why, from one of the desert regions, most knowledgeable experts at ben gory on university in bear shaver, the odin ro, face studies urban development in the neg f. desert. even finding a job in the negative is still difficult. he explains, the desert is still not sufficiently connected. he is the classical papers because it's true you can get from here to the center in one hour. but from here to all the settlements around it, it's much more,
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more difficult. so the interconnectivity within the metropolitan area has to be improved significantly. and not only by buses, you have to have the real world railroad working much, much better. other forms of infrastructure such as water and electricity are easier to tackle. he says, not far from basheba, one of the world's largest concentrated solar power plants cleans like a gigantic lighthouse of crucial importance for the development of the desert are of course it's traditional inhabitants, more and more by doing so, studying at the university that for me, because is growing, it's already about a quarter of a 1000000 and they will probably double in the next 2 generations because of a young population. most of it is under 20 years old and, and they're probably going to be a major part of population. and they and because the groin, the large part of the quantity, when we meet ayesha ob,
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jabber again in the between capital over a heart. she is full of confidence. an investor has given her $50000.00 in start of money. today she wants to show us how her app for cashless refueling will work. the ap directs drivers to the nearest gas station and processes the payment in israel. customers usually pay directly at the pumped with a credit card and have to enter all kinds of details such as their personal id number. the whole process is particularly difficult for many bedouin women says jabber. have very cleverly raziski lawyer tamika. but if you do it here on the app, you don't need all that. the gas station connects to your phone. you just have to quickly validate it and you're ready to start pumping. but you don't have to do a lot of pushing buttons or even go inside to pay live occasionally. no. you pay
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quickly with the app on your phone and off you go to look after that. since jabbers app is not yet up and running, we still paid by credit card. this time that we suddenly realized that our receipt was missing. a group limb is saying didn't take her corolla of allah is obligation, you will get her cabella. so you didn't need their paper. now you convinced me a she is already in negotiations with the major petrol station networks. she plans to launch her up at the end of the year. her dream of establishing herself as a high tech entrepreneur is almost a reality. as a bedroom, she is a member of a minority. as a high tech entrepreneur, jabber represents a key force in israel's new vision of the desert. the eyes of many are on the
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south of the country. if growth is, is going to be, is going to come here in the next 2025 years the, the problem is, or that we will be able to create quality development, which will keep the people here and, and her, and attract people to plumbing. and actually make our lives better. biotech farmer, your see ben is convinced of this. his success story continues. israeli athletes took his desert calcium at the olympics in japan. he says proudly. and it is currently even being tested in clinics for the treatment of corona related illnesses. his next plan is for an american billionaire to test the calcium in space during his trip to the moon. in order to reduce astronauts enough to build muscle atrophy in weightlessness. like to go out to marco, felt when you have the plant after you have the live after you have the fruit. this is the story when the people in the fruit and good food, if you,
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sorry. you see ben is already reaching for the stars. others have yet to lay the groundwork for a life in the desert. ah, israel's path into the desert is still long and rocky. but the goal is clearly in sight. ah ah, with
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who his father was an anonymous landowner whose identity was a well kept secret. but very stevens didn't give up. after a long search, he found his father and match some of his $600.00 ha sibling. now he's on
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a quest to end van. dona anonymity, the wells biggest family in 15 minutes on dw, into the conflict with sebastian. little is mon or bobby, in the workings of the kremlin, especially with love. you may put in power. but my guess this week, former prime, your son before cut, wanna work with me and he knows what happened behind the close pool with the russian government. a 90 minute on d. w with
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it with the journey across the entire continent is a variety of cars. so work on this. so all the focus, the movers shake is visionaries and majors when binding the meaning of modern africa is actually start august. the 5th on d w with someone else do the hard work. t v highlights. it's selected for you, new every week in your a box. subscribe. now. the amount of class is increasing every year in many im gonna working on lunch with holiday destinations and drowning in plastic white wine . look at the aah! every year europe exports over 1000000 tons of plastic with the other way. after all,
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the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah ah, there's a dw news alive from berlin, u. s. how speak or nancy pelosi leaves taiwan as tensions with china rise, boise to parts high pay after promising to help boost the islands self defense. the high ranking visit prompts fury from china, which responds with military drills. also coming up on the show.


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