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on this ok, so the move and shake is visionaries, and latest when body the meaning of modern africa re max next on d w. now we've got some hot tips for your bucket list in romantic corner hotspot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel. all we go. oh, inspiring innovation. in the envelope and spark and creative movement, africa is thinking it's rightful place on the world, say ah, this. so we'll be talking to the move a shake as visionaries and make as when bonnie, the meaning of modern africa i
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end up having to add, this is after meg with the saying the cradle of humankind. this leading world heritage sites allows it says to embark on a journey away. it all began. what is believed to be the beginning of human kind. this area and grab were hidden secrets and answers burning questions about origin ah,
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talent furnish while truces the components of modern design and proven and few 1st have managed to strike a balance between creating beautiful home pieces on the ring. they call it and creates the last thing, legacies. we made up with them to find out exactly how they do it and why it's important to the south africa is home to some of the world's most stunning scenery. beyond the breathtaking environment, the country is bold with color diverse cultures, traditions, and people. international banality, junior, product design and pulled back year explore the role of culture and culture. representations in modern grid into designs, using an array of colors takes his ad materials. each product is more than just a piece of furniture. we tower african theory, furniture, list of furniture is inspired by african stories and heritage and culture. and i think more than anything we endeavor to tell stories of african conscious of it.
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being not forgotten. i feel like because we don't right thing though many like make a lot of african college is a lot of cultures really good luck because nothing is written down and. busy with what we do here, the need to really just trying to preserve what we can, the way that we can keeping within the fundamentals of her design philosophy. one of importance most recent collections call inspire ration from modern and traditional african hairstyle. some of these being cornrows originated from north africa right through to south comedy done by the women in the 1980 the things that we took from from the traditional historic, the takes just that we took. and we translated into products through weaving, you know, using fringe. so all of those aspects of the inspiration, picture, color. all, you know, all of the things we took those things and then we said okay,
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great. but if you really wanted to design a change that was relevant in relates to the modern client, these are the things that you would be. we took that information and we took the elements of one in the line. and we put those things together. but it's like the constant being of you trying to make these 2 things come together and collaborate me being a process engineer makes me approach my word, the thing. but i am also a creator, you know, am i that? but i'm also like super practical. so when i design it, ok, it looks great, but it is functional because we're not trying to design things that i just pretty think people in africa always been creating. i mean, they are amazing people who just been doing what they do. one of these creators, it's vsl schon, gay, even award winning interior and really to design the st as he design ethos on
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culture, infusing storytelling into each page using kind of m 6 to convey the story designed to me is the solution of a lot of the problems that we have, i say that because i thought that i was losing a lot of myself in terms of one seeking to understand my culture. i said to myself, if there's one thing i'm really good at its design, and if i can use that to repose myself and find myself and find my causing it to know more, then i'm obviously doing something right to design. and i realize that it has such a strong passion for furniture and i was like yo, i'm going to find a way to celebrate, you know, modern furniture because i. 3 live in the navy design, but then put myself into it and put a lot of like with both african touch into it. and while that was happening, i would things would happen at home culturally. and i would find a way to tell the story through the furniture. one such story being who tandal,
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which in the city language means love the diesel create to the table, which represents a cup of love, embodied in traditional patterns. and here me to shape seen on the facade of the server. a friend of mine was getting married and him and his partner had been in this beautiful relationship that had a lot of ups and downs them losing the kid and still being together and holding it down. and i just loved hall on this day. love was and, and i say that was then i see elements of the love in terms of what love meant to them. and then a formulate these patterns that, you know, love is a journey and it has no thought it has no end when you together. and that's why you had that line that's within the server. and then what i did was i use your metric pectin from feed work. the drip is in the mail and the female putting the mail on top to guide and protect her. and she's at the bottom proceeds the roots of the relationship. so this is the story that i formulate, you know, using that geometry. i see so and impose designs are created using
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made me feel and what the patient is to make long lasting pieces that maintain its look and for years to come, the, the brand it is is i don't want you to come and buy another survey. again, it's about having this one server and then you protect it and love it because it's during your more special goods in their own. for me personally with my son being both belgian and african, it's very important for me to know that he belongs to king. i really wanted to create these them in and in a sense of stories and also so that they can see themselves in the history representing where they inspiration is derived from here or culture. the beauty of while without home to pieces is that it can tell a story which holds a deeper significance, creating
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a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation ah amuses and can you look forward to an exciting form of transport that ignite while traveling from a to be a size of the holes. and if my husband take every day, i have a whole new level. ah, the theme is what guides us to do. what we want actin the mattress is part of near obvious culture. when you get to the past or you just have to wait for that, i can't think of any other place in the world with such art. when they are transport vehicle. i never thought i was going to become this from us. oh
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my name is mohammed. normally people call mammography because of the job i've been doing since the 19 ninety's. so my work is graffiti body shop and everything about cars and mortal bikes. when i started, i started on canvas doing cameras was not giving me that pleasure. which, you know, i, every time i used to do a conference, i always wanted people to see what of them. but most of the time you do a converse, you take it to someone, maybe 2 or 3 people see that's really good. they deal. should they play this on cars because cars are moving canvas, so that's when i said and just doing his hands on my to small designs, the foster may saturday said it with stickers instead, matter to them. they said they bring the graffiti on the outside. but a small things because at that time to pull the nord to sting was
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ah, normally how we start, the glands comes with the vehicle. we assess it. if it has any body work, we do it. there's somebody, some customers, they're very crazy customers. know you have to differentiate, get a crazy customer. he tells you, okay, do what you want. either did like a via p logins, old guy, that's when people are in knowing this. i just graffiti upset think because normally at that time if you did something, someone could not live. there are like this had demonic things and they be your cussing something the 1st stanza, my dad was there or not like now because at that time we never used to lou bodycote customization more to these, those music but not as like now. it was an incredible there. it was the 1st
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image peter to view them article 1st. they did it on my car. i had a small thought i live in at put it into an inch on the dashboard. people are shocked at the time. it doesn't look like that you see like today, and matter to can have you been like 30 t, v 's, 55 feeds that to lanes, and that time, that's how it started. every they wanted grid, something differently. maybe the board, the improving may be fits the kind of colors i'm doing really kind of graffiti, i'm doing. so every day i wanted to do something different if any for modeling them as much as i used to do before. but i created of a trend in people every day try and do a set innovating new kind of things with i was seated in forbes magazine. i think that was the biggest assessment. people look up to me. it has given people the moral that it doesn't matter who you are, which, which table you are all where you come from. you can do anything. i go everywhere,
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people know me. i've been good for that and been determined that one day i would make it today i'm just seeing the cradle of human kind. this leading world heritage side allows symbolically the journey away. it began. teresa can you tell me, gave an insight into what you can look forward to at the mirage in this, in the kayla of human kind form, part of what is known as the fossil harmony side of south africa. and this is an area of about 53000 cases where we have an abundance of fossil domains found stating back to about 4000000 years. and kind of gives us a story of who we are as humans and origins in africa. so the matter being visit the same was established a few years off. the cradle area was declared
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a unique school. and he seems, it was established so that he could bring the discoveries, the science, the importance of evolution, and what we found in south africa every south african as well as the people all over the world. because at the end of the day, this is our shade history shade hated this. it is something of national pride and something that everyone should have access to. so the matter of being visit was established just up the road from the dean. so that be on disturbing the fossil sights and essentially this is just an area, a museum that we hope is an experience. so when you leave here, we hope that you leave with a lasting memory of what you will learn inside this beautiful building. and also so that you get the knowledge that the scientists have access to this in dice, ah, creating a face to showcase history is no mean feat. in this instance,
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the architecture is a feature of the journey architect pay tomorrow. a big part in the key design element. i could imagine this was such a huge task. what was the client grief and how cute this. so the brief was because it's the side when human beings were 1st discovered this, the brief was how to interpret that inability. so can we pick out those back to the past and imagine what the world would have been like in those days. in this instance is about telling the origins of humanity and it's an african story because everybody originated in africa. they spread all over the world and we want to tell that story. and of course, there were factors that you had to consider considering the scale of the project. what was i think the biggest thing, i mean you put a whole conference and you was to hire as much as possible the building that when you arrive, you just see the mouth and you don't know what it is. and then as you get closer to
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it, you realize that you can actually go inside it. once you're inside, then you go down into the boatright into kind of, into the depths of the which is where the submission. and then when you come out on the other end, all of sudden you have a beautiful view that you see out here. but you don't quite know where you are. then as you come out and go back to the building, totally different from the other side. and it's kind of meant to look like more futuristic. where's the other one was more looking back. so it's kind of take you through a journey through time. and when you come out, you realize that you're back in today's world and possibly in the future. and possibly in the future while places like the cradle of human kind. so important, i think they're important because the teachers lessons about where we come from. not many people know that this part of the world just outside johannesburg has got some of the oldest fossil human fossils. and so this really is where human beings were born. this is where for the 1st time humans evolved from,
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from animals right outside johannesburg. right outside your hand is very good. the really mind blowing brown to sarah is an african architects and was recently named architect of the year in germany. is known for his innovative ideas and managed to infuse the spirit of africa and see if modern designs take him out. london serpentine pavilion, the new parliament building in the mean west africa, and tippett rise art. so to pavilion in the u. s. date of montana. these are just a few of the unique buildings designed by berlin based architect because this killing birdie, hina, if feudal, honest but do from this architecture, must not own evil fearless pacific need, but also inspire. yeah. did were mentioned only inspired people are capable of
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having visions and being energized to see them through that. so super common is it is your them on suzette. so cool fiscal, a born in gondo burkina faso moved to germany at 20. he found it is very, an architecture firm and 2005 and the day has 12 full time employees assist is architectural designs like the needs new national assembly building are inspired by the local culture. the impressive temper structure under construction since april draws on west africa. pullover tree tradition does be shipped to types of people looking to gather mention would look for a tree. ma voice was um, uncommon work volume. can i nimble ideally a large tree besson and then also by that provides plenty of shade, captain exclaimed, it might come sous um, you get together, sit down and discuss issues affecting the community. all village of this office
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does is in symbolizes true democracy, courtesy, docile. i used this as inspiration for beneath parliament building solomon housing being closed. this kitty began studying architecture abilene's technical university . in 1995 as a student, he launched a funding raising campaign for a primary school in his home village of gondo. in burkina faso, it was completed in 2001 before his graduation to schuler dash one to hummer. as of yet the school project was fantastic if you really like it by just showed up and decided somewhat naively to build a school medina and i did it where he did as it walked out. i convinced the local community telling them we can do it. we bought it from guys, nobody believed in housing. i'm so emotionally attached to those buildings. keyboard design,
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use local building techniques and resources. the school is largely constructed from clay, a suspended roof, and special windows. keep the buildings interior pleasantly cool. the design earned for cisco. hey, a prestigious architectural award. though at this stage he was considering quitting university in wonder norman. i was basically studying architecture to learn how to built vendors during my degree. and i went back home and built that school on for ms. ross class and i realized you pack your bags and go back home. sure. and then you can build many more schools and other things today. but luckily i had great teachers that changed my mind at that. they convinced him to stay on and finish his degree. soon after full, cisco hate founded his own architectural firm, realizing numerous projects around the globe. many of them in africa like this oper, village in idea, hatched and collaboration with late term, a theater director christoph schilling, and see if the intercultural
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a site is still under construction. for cisco signature is apparent in the roof designs. he also true plans for the new kit institute building in the car center golf were building will begin in 2021. kathy has also designed many more schools across the african continent. he says he feels a sense of social responsibility to do so. then he can adam kleinman dorothy in africa when i construct a school in a small african village, vicky toy. i want pupils to be able to dream, so solemn and sink beyond the immediate social confines into italy. that way they may hatch ideas of how to improve their society. so that's what i goal inspiration and it was all architecture must fulfill a social burgers. buildings must make us feel at home was all and safe off name investigate once you're born shooter died. he's happy to share his
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architectural expertise in 2017 cause. this kelly began giving classes at munich technical university and also teaches at the famous harvard graduate school of design. oh after a long, hard day, what's better than it shrink? the trains in ghana additional spirits has become a theater of the modern social scene. this is stacey i. i am standing on the street one of the busiest suburbs that are cracked, ghana, for centuries, to low closing. gonna this still does have live locally known as i say that she has a strong asap taste which makes drinking a bit difficult. ah,
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this is spectacular. part of this area that has been able to transform the rowing, did not drink into a variety of taste. call pills that has got a lot of interest from both locals on foreigners. let's hear the part of this it i got a real but to need to be behind the counter with my, the mid colleges to all the year with the show me how to make the most people drink . what's special about it? well this line there, there is no school, some sugar means leave the ice q. and finally a vitamin c. it helps also to play bacteria. who means mikey, mikey, me wrong. there's vitamin c in there because i had this cause the ginger in there. there's mink in there, and all of these come together to make you very health. all that good. this is so
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here i extracted from sugar cane, which in some parts of the world, is known as i've got done tape all casa, most bars, most restaurants be off in mainstream dreams on the menu. yeah. when the news broke out that this is accurate as a local alcohol, then gonna there was like, we know that we her, that i for testing that, that thing needs. i didn't know that well, it's not so bad. and they kept on coming. it has taste as flavor has correctly gonna. there are 2 ways of distilling this petition or spirit. it's either from a palm tree or sugar cane. earlier today, i paid a visit with lucas from wayne tupper to find out how as i got this is put down, pull those places, the number one sport for the local drink to she. now this a felon of palm tree, which is of course, over year we have a we of
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a pretty the pantry for the 2 is that he's going to be yet, he's going to be just extracting the palm, y up of the pantry a deal. you can actually get about 2 gallons, which will be liter transferred into a lot of drug where you see the entire process happening with robert and oh, yeah, that's renting enough of the palm mind when you keep it fermented for 2 weeks before boiling farther, fermented me home went into battle by a final any show the barrels of the fin to abuse wrong. can you mix water? if you've no attack? no, not at all with input, then travels through the copper wire and canceled off in a 2nd bottle of water. as anywhere in the top, but for me it's very hot a while it gets cooler towards the body to not transfer for mrs. hodges lation to my my hulu. first as ra acquisition. this potent i call express is traditionally made this before 10 wishes, but it has been transformed into
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a variety of delicious cocktails. i thought that the company or die you joyed me can face it's strong and not that easy to drink when i'm done come to mind. so finishing it, me check or struggle on mr. gal is indeed a proud of this. the lack of 1st popular ah less than going gala, you know, forget to treat yourself to the special like that. does it fall kill. it's a real possibility. i'm sure you know in a mess. i one. so we have time for this week on affirmation for more information on african culture. and last i'll do cover of it so recite, thank you so much in,
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in and see again. ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, with
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who some are driven by merciless reed and others. i think the destruction of the agents when done, meters came to present with the government is trying to destroy the indigenous people with the land grabbers or exploiting. amazon reinforced in
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continues people's now recently opposing them. the heart of brazil in 15 minutes on d. w. well, the one who have climbed just all a dough. so i didn't. okay, is africa's most prominent environmental activists. the nigerian conservationists mission is to educate the entire continent about the catastrophic effects of climate change. a message that she regards is especially important for the youth. eco africa. in the 90 minutes on d w. ah . hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa you to defeat issues and
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share ideas. you know, other channels. we are not afraid to stockton delicate toughie. young people clearly have the solution. good future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend and d w in the a land of contrasts of ambitions of inequality. 75 years ago, mahatma gandhi peacefully led the country to independence, full of ideals. what is remained of his vision? what's the status of human rights and social justice in what's called the world's largest democracy? wally, cynthia headed. this is the pulpit tour unleash along violet bass
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and re imagine balise teaching for relevance to gandhi's legacy store to august 6th on the w. ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. israel launch is a series of air strikes in gaza saying it's targeting the islamic jihad militant group. alice indian officials say several people have been killed and dozens are wound. it's also coming up on the show. china conducts a another day of intense military exercises in the waters.


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