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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2022 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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oh, come to take talk with him about hackers and paralyzing the tire societies computers than elsewhere. you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for but how they can also go terribly, watch it now new to ah, with toxic chemicals. as little substances boils these harmful pollutants on every bit, even often in the every breathed. they can cause huge problems,
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put our health and also for the health of the planet. luckily, there are actions we can take the, reduce the solution. that's what we'll be looking at today on eco india. i'm some of that i go let's start with air pollution. it's a major problem in india. in 2017, it was the cause of over a 1000000 bits. to clear the air there still a lot, we need to understand about the way pollution spreads new monitoring systems and deli, promised to help with that. let's see how marine godaddy was born in delhi. she grew up here and played on the street. something that her daughter children were related unable to do because of the air pollution study show the air quality and then in capital has steadily deteriorated. it's air quality index. white is among the worst in the world. even 20 years ago.
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one of the leading doctor, he said that ok bobby. and if you are okay with your children playing basketball in the so if you, i then remember that between the 2 of them, one will be fighting cancer in their early twenties and we have them, i goes in already. so, so these things, you know, that they hit to, i mean, every time i say that i get simple hovering cannady regularly test the air in her neighborhood. the 49 year old join forces with other mothers to establish warrior moms for 20 years. the nationwide association has been campaigning for clean it and against the use of force and fuels. environmental experts underneath that h or 3 has spent decades campaigning on the issue. delhi has more and quality meters than any of that in density of the town status don't in the regular nation. wide sensors, few collect any data at all. if you look at the number of sensors sounds that we
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have and that's more than 4000 trans balance that we had it, india, b, i'm barely able to monitor it in about 10 percent of the cities and towns of india as up to date shall, less than 400 to teach today, have air quality monitoring systems. daily started measuring air quality 50 years ago. the levels were already extremely poor due to industry and diesel emissions. the city then 5 laws and installed air filters. there are now 40 large extensive measuring stations in you all is not allowed in daddy, daddy fields have been banned. ok. much more pinch show data than sure. does that. what would it be due to time daily has been able to reduce pollution by this quarter percent. but now this will not, because the i'm wanting to do that. yes, we have taken action. so the pollution levered in delia. now not going the long
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don't pollution trend is are not increasing further but we had bent the pollution data is helping us to understand that but the same gay days also helping us understand that even after the tubing while this dentist, dennis took guy to pollution and you measuring technique using more late we'd sensors is designed to help installing several intersections in a neighborhood and recorded the air quality daily and different games. the city of good omnia delhi has already installed each of the sensors. if the air values address are on high, the traffic is regulated differently. the devices can be moved to different locations as necessary. the company behind the sensors save the business world is also digging and interest doesn't play with companies. we're in solar systems there for lamina in the campuses. just to ensure that the ad in the campuses is good and
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it is good for the workforce late. i have her, her that her company at the have the through the you, the league was incredibly myself. for there's on, they are going to be that was order there in the vehicle it in the fed gone up. and if i didn't even bicycles, and now the elevator global it index, which is good for odd and letterman and good for the new sensors are up to 20 times deeper then conventional devise is another argument for logan authorities to invest in them. daily is now planning to use the sensors at 13 locations in the city where the air quality, specifically bad environmental activists. but we can, you can hardly wait for the additional data. anything that you don't feel like, you know, you tend to think that it's not happening. so it's very important to bring in the data and the, the monitors and that should be something that is very easy and all with the real time data management. you know, it can be a totally different conversation going and also critical. i
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mean, can hardy and had organization water. your mom's wanted to become a matter of course, that people in india monitor the air quality, just like they look up the div rather forgot clean renewable energy is good for the environment. also, we think by a loss involves re growing resources and using waste to make energy. and it sounds like a perfect tentative power source. it's currently responsible for 5 percent of energy globally. but how clean is it really? let's find out all the non appeals, not shells, and other left over foods can actually power the device you watching this on. it's called biomass energy. not just left overs would plants all animal theses can also be a source of electricity or heat. we are surrounded by biomass and such by opportunities,
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trash from the dumb as well as waste from homes. restaurants all forms all provide suitable organic matter. the collected waste is cleaned at a processing plant, a temperatures of around $55.00 degrees celsius. the waste is sealed off from oxygen and eaten up by bacteria in a, by a reactor. this process called anaerobic digestion generates gas that contains high quantities of me think it's a powerful source. we're generating electricity and heat once it's fed into the gas . great. mm. it can also be used to power in natural gas vehicles. the left over bio mass can be used as composites for farming, for example, taking the whole process circular by a gas plants of this time exist all over the world. in europe, there are around 20000 there are 2200 bio gas plants in the u. s.
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and about the same in thailand, malaysia and indonesia, combined by a gas plans produce only a quarter of the c o. 2 emissions that coal plants emit. and bio mass energy has one more advantage over solar and wind in that it's on demand. so you don't care if the wind's blowing sun shining. but there is a catch by a me sane can leak from these facilities. this gas is ability to warm the planet is much greater than that of c o. 2 and bio gas facilities are only sustainable as long as waste is used. if crops are cultivated for the purpose, it's not viable. the same is true of biofuels produced from biomass, like fire ethan all by a diesel. the crops will them need to be grown, and that takes away space for food trucks or even deplete forests and biodiversity
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. as is happening with palm oil, trees and indonesia, sugar cane in brazil and rapes seed in germany. would pellets are an alternative and increasingly popular biofuel. but researchers say there is strong evidence that natural forests and habitats in eastern europe and north america are being destroyed by the rising demand for would pellets through illegal logging. u. s. e. u and british policy makers have classified woody bio mass as renewable, and therefore, governments are subsidizing the production and burning of wood pellets. producers are required to reforest areas, so the c o 2 that is released while burning pellets is re absolved. but a study found that depending on the type of forest it could take between 44 and 100 full years until nearly planted trees can absorb the same amount of carbon sucked up by the ones that were cut down over a 100 year period. hands down, trees,
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pine, anyway. climb any these egg cross arm or a good source of energy over a 100 years. over 25 years over 40 years. frankly, they probably more especially when forest play. another crucial role. trees are spending money. they should be spending on true renewables like wind and solar, on this energy stores. that's not going to get us where we need to be at the plant in fun. throwing chance could be another option because the carbon emissions could be absorbed again, much more quickly than in trees. can you make bio mass sustainable and a have a, make sure it has a positive carbon, in fact, answers yes. and then you have to get into the details of what kind of bio mass,
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what kind of land ultimately most forms of biomass pretend to be better than they are burning wooded own, for example, is not a solution because even if it's sort of sustainably, it's still produces emissions would waste can however be digested by bacteria at a bio gas facility and organic products like that. but non appeal power in your phone can help manage waste psychos. today, bio mass energy covers only a small part of our worldwide demand and it can work in combination with other renewables. but it's not scalable to be our main energy source in the future. from renewable energy electric vehicles. many countries are encouraging a transition electric mobility. it will move the world of the from harmful fossil fuels like gasoline and oil. but it still means a compromise for the environment. as farmers is watchable are figuring out every
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morning nelson coleman walked through his barn with a heavy heart. he wondered how much longer he will be able to keep his cattle. many who live here in cove are still, but also in northeastern portugal farm for a living. but that could soon change because of a lithium mine. similar for them present. got the mill so that when we're talking about meaning on a huge scale. well, this is kimberly all the rocky debris volumes of water. this will be consumed, liberty, the noise for the balloon, you pulled up and we're right next door to sound the last time we brought him an entire village feels threatened and is intent on blocking the project. this banner reads no to the mine. yes. to life. these sign say together we resist. nelson gomez and his neighbors have founded us citizens initiatives and carlos concise as is also on board. he's
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a beekeeper concerned about the impact on his $450.00 hives. but i'm giving us the mind here. we use as much water as the whole community. so where is that water supposed to come from? we don't habit. sure, we can redirect a stream. its dreams have already been drawing up more recent years. went in circles. this is a consequence of climate change. yet lithium mining is part of a solution to fight global warming. these pictures show what lithium mines look like. the harmful alkaline metal is used to produce batteries. in turn, these are used to store electricity, also from renewable sources. portugal is thought to have the largest lithium reserves in europe. test drilling has already been conducted near cova sto, but also for most people here. however, this wealth is a curse. even in boutique us,
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the regions mean administrative town. we only found one person in favor of the project your bill gave with them. i think it's important that we facilitate the lithium my only view. we can't always just think about the environmental i'm. we've also got to think about the economy that that may make one me it would appear the portuguese government is also intent on extract in the lithium the ministry of environment and climate action informed us. it was committed to the european green deal and wanted to help ensure that europe could meet its own lithium needs. the light metal could soon be extracted just over 100 kilometers to the south of co vestal, but also in vila garcia where courts mines already exist and where there's less resistance from the largely older population to get office or people here are used to mining rehab ludo order, and i'm not sure what the plan is or whether it will be beneficial to us. murphy
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acc? indeed again, oh, some say it will create jobs and we need those jobs. the ill this makes their job all the more difficult. josi, alameda and his friends are raising awareness or would birth in neighboring trend causal. they want to inform locals. their argument is that lithium mining represents a dramatic encroachment on the natural world. not they see the moon to the vogel. there's not been enough information about will still mean for people living close to the minus the also to some extent it fight is being pushed through behind people's back or leave us liberal blossom. 20 kilometers away and pin. yes. the mayor even has plans to sue the portuguese government. louis ventura says, just the years of preparatory exploration on 40 percent of the land unsettled investors. he expects europe to look for less aggressive alternatives. told us,
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i remember the ticket, then we all know how important lithium is go for him. but we also know that there are other options without lithium i thought of as the lead you. but we should continue to investigate those ala but cannot bulletin. the thought that i'm a hug we have to let the scientists do their work. it always europe's always saying that, but doesn't do it. opa, avella in lawsuit no son, gomez. the farmer from cove us, the letter whistle also knows that for now, lithium is crucial for meeting climate targets. but he says the price is just too high. they will not be the so law. we have a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. here he said, the boys, it's leading fools in our land and destroy everything locks. then i wonder what will become of our region after the minds of lou leanne good should have been then as i was young, the boy that brought us on that means just 4 years ago, the you enlisted his home region as a globally important heritage system because people live in harmony with nature.
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those here are not willing to give that up. they're also fighting climate change in their own way. multi layer plastic is widely used for wrapping in packaging. in india, it accounts for some 50 percent of plastic pollution. one initiative is trying to make sure this plastic waste gets collected and recycled in the process. it's helping disadvantaged women and living upon gung is working on a typical indian handling. but it is not so dreadfully sorry that's on her spindle . she is reading a strips of plastic into fabric. she works, an eagle curry, social and broad, and put on the trans women from disadvantage background to op, cycled single use plastic me godaddy guy before i joined equal god he, i had no idea that we could make pings from plastic potato chip bags. i was so learned that they had to be cut in a certain v to bd wednesday. right?
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you know, would be my last the whist come from all over india work and segregate and wash it before cutting it into strips to handcraft fabric that is used for items like bags, cushion covers, and blunders. since it was founded in 2020, the company's team of 25 has up cycled close to 2000000 plastic bags. eco car, he works with a specific type of refused, multi layered plastic or m l. b. in addition to plastic m b includes layers of other materials like paper and mattel, that's on it, a reputation as an un recyclable material. y m l fees on ordering this i believe because they are a people 4 lives in a plastic. and each and every man has different mo, mailing points. so, ah, in the traditional we offer recycling, they put it on medicaid and or make the granules out of everybody else. but with
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this kind of plastic, we can not do it because of the and william file and everything as unmarried at the same point. i mean, these are widely used by manufacturers of ready to eat foods, toiletries and pharmaceutical products. they're lightweight, easy to cross boat and cheap to produce in india and the account for some 50 percent of plastic pollution. simply about a growth has been collecting plastic and the garbage and tune the since you will the child west because the indians have long faced economic exploitation and socialist digney in buena though there is a growing recognition of their contribution to waste management in 2008 the union and the city deemed up with the grass roots organization swatch cooperative to build a network of 4000 west pickers. most of them in the segregate waste for 2 thirds of
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tune as householders sought, has also partnered with id. see, one of indiana's largest conglomerates, and develop a program to incentivize the collection of multilayered blasting, but buying vis, refused directly from best workers, and channeling it into recycling. to this project, we are able to actually create a market value using support from the project or to buy this kind of waste from waste. because in doing so, we're able to not only pick up the plastic. oh, that's causing a problem for waste management. but then also able to pass on that benefit directly through the waste because of from the city. so far, the project has diverted around 1000 metric tons of emerald be away from landfill. that's more than 200000000 packages of chips where speakers monthly earnings have increased due. now that they have buyers for emily be rubbers
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hot. now we can sell all the plastic rappers and not just a selection gap, a some biscuits. it's jessica jet ne parcel packaging everything at the beginning. this factory marashi says it's a myth that multi layer plastics can be recycled. the material accounts for 40 percent of the raised that has been processed here or the past 50 years. actually m l p hugley lake out about i can gather is yet what caused did auntie lot of people doing emily processing because it is costly and lengthy process. once the emerald bees processed it can be used to make not just fabric, but items like benches, dustbins, and even dives. but i will be recycling as a labor intensive process that also uses a lot of water and power. most of the am will be waste that is collected still ends
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up and landfills or gets incinerated, which adds to the air pollution. india is, is still a long way from facing out multi led plastic, but initiatives like thought and he could gaudy a, creating a part for positive change. pollution isn't always just that sometimes possibility is to find a use for it. like the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, for example. once captured, it can be used to make something very useful out of water was thrilled to learn about a new use from canada. pe, ever heard of this. you can build houses with god. ah, no joke. you can make concrete out of carbon dioxide was that's what i heard from a startup in canada. wait right here. just say, hey madison, can your company really make concrete out of thin air?
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we can actually me concrete out of out of been here. what we do is we have a c o 2 embedded or enhanced supplementary material, the very long word. but essentially it's an additive that can replace a portion of cement in a concrete mix. ok, not really a concrete odyssey or 2, but something that replaces a part of the cement confused. let's break it down. concrete is basically made out of 3 ingredients, cement, sand, and water. and it seems to me that it is everywhere. right madison colgate right now is the 2nd house you substance on earth, other than water. currently, the rate of growth emitted the built environment is about equivalent to building one new york city every month. wow. building houses and infrastructure. the great thing with
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a little problem. this is the bad guy. the production of cement, emits enormous amount of c o. 28 percent of all greenhouse gases are caused by the construction industry. that's huge. madison said her company has a solution. a substitute made out of surprising ingredients. industrial waste, like ashes and c o 2, when you have time to, to process technology and that kind of comes in the form of a very large reactor, especially how it works is we put our solid heat stops into the vessel. and then we pressurized that with c o 2 and we rotate the vessel for a number of hours. okay, let's go industrial risk like ashes and your to ah,
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okay. what's happening in the chemical process? the c o 2 molecule men of the lives with the industrial arches. it is as if the greenhouse gas fossilize is a completely different material comes out and it can replace up to 40 percent of the cement. the production does not emit greenhouse gas. it absorbs it. in other words, the climate damage in greenhouse god is tapped in the concrete madison. you want to build the future with a waste of today me project that i 2030 will be able to achieve 600, make tons of carbon reduction. good luck using simon substitutes can to make the construction industry completely green, but it can at least make it a bit greener with so much pollution in the world,
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it's easy to feel overwhelmed and do nothing. but there are people looking for ways to tackle this problem and every small solution is a step forward to a better world. if you will. one of them let us know on eco, india a d, w dot com until next time from all of us in india in germany. good bye. and thanks for watching. ah, i sh ah, ah, with
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who i was making the headlights and what's behind them. dw news africa, the show that was the issues shaping the continents live are slowly getting back to normally on the streets to give you in the, for, on the inside of our cars. funds is on the ground and reporting from across the
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continent. all the trends doesn't matter to you. in 30 minutes on d. w passengers here are in for a why taxi drivers here need nerves of steel. wild passengers here can get an eye full along the way reb taxis accommodate passengers all over the world. the driver, our series read in minutes on d w. a. hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa. feet issues and share ideas. you know, on this channel we are not afraid to talk to. young people clearly have the
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solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d. w. india, a lender contrast of ambitions the, the quality 75 years ago mahatma gandhi peacefully led the country to independence full of ideas with what has remained of his vision with what's the status of human rights and social justice in what's called the world war. just democracy. where is india headed? this is the moment to on leash on, on violet pass and re imagine these teachings for relevance to
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gandhi's legacy starts august 6th loan b, w with ah ah, this is d, w. news live from burly in israel launches the wave of a strikes on gossip. the government says he targeted an imminent trade from the islamic jihad group. as senior militant is among those killed. a barrage of rockets is fired back. also on the program. diplomatic relations taken.


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