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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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ah yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah, ah ah, this is dw news fly from berlin. israel launch is the wave of air strikes on garza . these railey government says he targeted an imminent threat from the islamic jihad group as senior militant is among those killed a barrage of raw could you slide back from gaza into israel?
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also coming up the diplomatic relations. take another turn for the worse says china prices ahead with wargames around taiwan. badging also ens, cooperation with the, with over law enforcement and climate change. and up to 2 years silent metal heads, a rocking on once more fans from around the world gather in northern germany for the return of the voc and heavy metal festival. ah i'm jared read. welcome to the shore. israeli air strikes have killed at least 10 people in the gaza strip, including at senior palestinian militant. these triggered a barrage of rockets fired back at israel from gaza. most were intercepted by israel's eye and dime defense system. these reli government says eat targeted the
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islamic jihad militant group for what it called. an imminent trace is really forces target and apartment building and gas. a city just one of many airstrikes launched into the coastal strip. israel says the attacks were in response to an imminent threat from the palestinian islamic jihad group. the strikes come after israeli forces arrested a senior militant in the west bank early this week. israel carried out the precise counter terror peroration against an immediate threat. our fight is not, was the people of garza. islam in jihad is in iranian proxy, that wants to destroy the state of israel and kill innocent israelis. the head of islamic jihad is in the harem. as we speak, we will do whatever it takes to defend our people. ah, and islamic jihad commander was killed in the strikes,
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and the group vowed to retaliate. ah, the airline, this is a declaration of all out war against the palestinian people. we will respond to that. this is a violation and disregard for all the efforts to, to be made over the past days in order to restore comp. we dealt positively with these efforts. but the enemy was as usual, treacherous and carried out this rate. and now we clearly say that we will respond to this crime with all our might to have him getting him because my ot and i'm an o as a 5 year old girl is mourned fears of an escalation or rising, oregon. palestinian militants fired rockets into israel as night fell to www. correspond, antonio kramer is in jerusalem earlier, i asked her whether these latest ear strikes, risk escalating into another wall? wanted to give you a bit of context in her. the attentions have been building up ah,
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over the past month and beaks, especially last week. when the israeli military arrested a senior islamic jihad, a leader in the occupied, a west bank in the northern town of jeanine is well had then anticipated some retaliation by islamic jihad, which is a smaller minute and group are in garza which is wooed by hamas. and the had been mediation efforts by egypt between the militant groups and israel, but to no avail. and that's why we're now seeing this output. but of course, you know, there is, a lot of varies a bit. we don't know, you know, whether this will be a, you know, lossing, a couple of days whether it will be a full blown out war. analyser looking now at the range of the rockets. the areas are where they're coming from, you know, into israel, where the hamas olds will fully take part, the happiness statement. and i, for all the factions, and of course, for the residents,
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for the civilian population in israel and the south. mainly people have to be in bomb shelters, but in garza, people have hardly recovered from the last war. in may 2021. the territory is closed off by israel and partly by egypt. and of course they have no where to go. the crossings are close. so there is a lot of worry among people that this will actually, you know, an escalade further. indeed very worrying bit tanya cray main jerusalem, thank you very much. will relations between china and the united states are increasingly strained. following the us house beacon nancy pelosi visit to taiwan. this trip enraged beijing, which is conducting air and naval drills in retaliation. now china is also imposing sanctions against pelosi and her family. beijing is a suspending cooperation with the us on issues including law enforcement and climate change. chinese missiles began striking the seas
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north south and east of taiwan. hours after u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi left the island bar did not meet young, had the messiah chinese state television released video of war ships patrolling the taiwan strait for decades. and unofficial buffer zone between china and taiwan. as fighter jets cruise the skies above air cover for the multiple no go danger zones declared by china. in some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, china has chosen to overreact. and you speaker blasio visited a pretext to increase provocative military activity in and around the taiwan strait, blinking his in cambodia for ministerial meeting of southeast asian nations. although his chinese counterpart is also there, the lincoln says the 2 have no plans to meet. the fact is, the speaker's visit was peaceful. there is no justification for this extreme,
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disproportionate and escal atory, military response china seas. taiwan is a breakaway province, which will eventually come under beijing's control and as deeply opposed to any visits by foreign governments. joe, what china is defending is his own sovereignty and territorial integrity. what sean is doing is safeguarding the basic norms governing international relations. and the common interests of most countries. not interference in internal affairs is a most basic principle for maintaining peace and stability in our world view through that she faced with the unprecedented scale of china's reaction. ty, one has put its military on alert and is staging civil defense drills across the taiwan strait on the chinese side. taurus come to this coastal town, hoping to witness the military exercises should. indeed, china is
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a powerful country and it will not allow any one to offend its own territory. they take photos in front of a sign which reads the closest place of mainland motherland to ty, one island. woman between, we crossed the middle line of the taiwan strait with military exercises. our missiles flew over taiwan, which makes us feel motherland is very strong and makes a certain ty wants return, cannot be stopping to. kenny insisted that new. china's army says it's so called joint blockage operation around taiwan. we'll continue through to monday. we're gonna, he now, from robert dailey, who's read the kissinger institute on china and the united states. earlier, we asked him exactly how damaged our relations between these 2 superpowers. i think they are quite severely damaged course they were in bad shape. anyway, our military military talks, our climate change talks, these were occasional,
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they were not being participated in very enthusiastically by the chinese side. so the actual, those talks in a week to week, month to month. so it doesn't really signify much, but this already bad relationship now appears to be one step closer. i fear to the recognition both side persists in what they say other non negotiable interests, the logical conclusion of that is the end of formal diplomatic relations between the united states and china, which would be a major struck move. i think neither country's interest, but that seems to be where things are headed at the moment. robert, dialing to ukraine now where president flooded me. zalinski has criticize the human rights organisation. amnesty international for claiming ukraine had endangered civilians by basing troops in residential areas. he had acquainted that to the victim blaming. meanwhile,
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there are reports of heavy fighting in the south close to the russian held city of kent son, civilians in the eastern dawn yet christian, i fleeing their homes because of constant rush and shilling. a train station and on that's coming back to a thing. the old and the young all exhausted westwood. ordinary ukrainians caught up in fierce fighting and forced to leave their homes with whatever they can carry miss. but we are from a village near lisa chance kits between the landscape donuts. grievance. have village has been ruined. there's no gas, no water, no electricity. we were sitting in the basement for a month. the army brought us here to the and i believe was nothing. the government has ordered civilians to lead combat zones in don etzky.
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but the danger may not be just from russian attacks. amnesty international accuses ukraine of basing troops and populated areas, putting civilians at risk of violating the laws of war. keith was furious. he shook to if someone prepares a report in which the victim and the aggressor are allegedly the same in some way. if information about the victim is analyzed, while something the aggressor does is ignored, this cannot be tolerated in ways. i understand that this particular piece of work because it's critical of the behavior of, of ukrainian forces is not appreciated by the ukrainian authorities and by the others. but the fact is that, you know, international law applies to everyone. ukrainian soldiers face a grinding battle to keep the remaining regions of eastern dumbass out of russian control for another. and to avoid shelling the military. julie was not the sort of
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got the x to the wrong. we sit in the trenches, do the, the enemy shelves, us and we can't even stick our heads out of it. now there are no small arms fights as they used to be. to day it is an artillery battle evil as he just jump into the trench and wait for the strike. away from the front lines, the evacuation of civilians from dennis continues. the question is whether that will be enough to keep them safe. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines today. europe's biggest nuclear power station in ukraine has been shut down after shilling, russia and ukraine blaming each other for the artillery strikes, his upper easier facility is in russian held territory. technicians have not so far found any radioactive league. president of low to mid zalinski called it an act of
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terror. for at least 10 people have been killed in a house fire in the us state of pennsylvania, a volunteer fire fighter. he went to the scene last to close family members, including 2 children and 3 grandchildren. it's not yet clear what started the fire in a remote rural community. it takes us court has ordered an internet, conspiracy theorist to pay nearly $50000000.00 in damages. alex joins falsely claim the 2012 sandy hook. school shooting was a hoax. parents who lost a child, sued him for defamation. sandy hawk was one of the worst school shootings in us history. well, one of the world's biggest, heavy metal festivals, his back van is once again hosting 85000 metal fans for 3 days in a field in northern germany. the event was canceled for the last 2 years because of the pandemic. backan is the name of a small town near by bought the die hard,
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but for die hard metal heads, it's also holy ground. the hot weather didn't keep the crowds away. yeah. heavy metal fans from around the world had been waiting over 2 years to return to what they called the holy ground. the revellers at this year's voc, an open air hail from as far away as mexico south africa and indonesia. i got all the way promoted listing aside here. you can really be yourself here on the ticket that we've had. the tickets since 2019 we finally made it. we're here and it's so great to 100 bands are in the line up headlined by big names like slipknot and judas priest, but covering the whole gamut of the genre including the ukranian band i t who traveled from kiya for the event. ah,
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it's not just the legendary line up that draws the crowds to vulcan. it's 3 days of middle lifestyle, a rare chance to let their hair down after 2 years of code restrictions. but despite the grim, aesthetic and the music's often violent lyrics, fans described bokken as an oasis of good vibes. responded vicky. what's interesting is that if you ask most fans what they associate with metal with concerts with festivals, beer is the 1st answer and of course, loud music. but the very next answer is piece. for the me, i know you could say these metal heads have finally returned to their happy place. ah ah red alert for the blue climate. ah, this isn't just drought. it is a rid of.


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