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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 6, 2022 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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for 3 years that would change the world for ever. let jillions journey around the world. september 7th on d. w. ah . ah, this is the w needs live from berlin. is really air strikes. i'm gonna kill at least 15 people rescue team search through the rubble where israel says it targeted an imminent threat from the palestinian islamic jihad group. a senior militant and a 5 year old girl are among the dead. also coming up,
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leading candidates and kenya's presidential election have held huge rallies as campaigning comes to a coast, we'll get more from nairobi. and on a match day, one of the big display got tonia and beat hardtop berlin, debbie to claim the bragging rights in the capitol. ah, i'm really mohammed walking to the program. israel has condemned, as has continued as strikes on garza for a 2nd day. it's army was the operation against the palestinian group islamic jihad will go on for a week. the militants have been firing back. they have confirmed the death of one of their top commanders in these worthy strikes on friday. and health officials and the gaza strip say at least 15 people were killed in the violence. oh,
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carrying out the body of a young man killed in an israeli as strike one of several victims in the biggest escalation in violence for more than a year. as israel hits targets in garza for a 2nd day destroying home and injuring dozens of people on that, hon. about another i will sitting on the sofa with my wife and children when suddenly something fell on us. i didn't know what happened. everything collapsed around us. could you take those that federal gardena would handle a pan god, he saved us, but my wife broke her hand and my son was hit by a shop. no clever. i live in the shallow dismal i believe on friday is railey strikes. targeted a senior leader of the palestinian islamic jihad militant group destroying an
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apartment block and killing several civilians, including a 5 year old girl. israel says the attacks are a pre emptive operation against an imminent threat from the militant group. israeli forces arrested a senior militant in the west bank early this week and detained several other alleged members early on saturday. the gaza strip. hamas leaders have so far remained on the sidelines of this latest escalation. but palestinian militants retaliated for the attacks firing rockets into southern israel. israeli forces say these are just the opening strikes of a longer operation, adding to the fear of an all out war. while the less get more in this and speak to d, w 's, tanya kramer in jerusalem, so what situation like there now tanya,
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while the understand that air strikes, israel's military continues with air strikes and antenna refire on the gaza strip. also getting reports here in that there was a strike in july in the north of the gaza strip of where there were several people killed. we have to confirm this. now the death tolling garza has risen to 15 according to the posting in health ministry and over a 140 people are injured. but of course those numbers keep on rising as, as tribes are continuing at the same time as well. palestinian militants have continued actually all through the day to launch rockets towards, mainly this south of israel. also there was a rocket and was wanting to work a rocket barraged towards tel aviv tonight. the israeli army says that since the beginning of the offensive that is, were launched on friday afternoon,
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350 rockets were fired from garza into a israel ad communities there. the i ran down the israel defense system has shut down many of them. some also landed an open field, but they also have been some hits on a factory, for example. and some also fell in garza territory that's according to the israeli military. and so i just remind us what to lead to this latest ex escalation. why would he source and the report there was a built up of tensions after israel and arrested a senior, a leader of the palestinian islamic jihad in the occupied west bank in jeanine beginning of last week. and then the anticipated retaliation from this lament deheart for this arrest and for the rates it's carrying out in the occupied west
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bank for many months now. they had close to no roads and had told people residence in israel in the south to stay at home. and fearing this retaliation and according to the army, this is why they launched this offensive this attack on friday afternoon, killing dan, a senior commander of the palestinian group islamic jihad and from then on. and we're seeing this escalation. all right, tiny kramer interest them. thank you so much for that update. now that top candidates in 10 years presidential election have held their final campaign rallies ahead of voting on tuesday. the front runners are incumbent deputy president william router and veteran opposition leader, rayleigh, dingo, who's received the surprise endorsement from sitting president or who do kenyata. key issues in these elections are corruption and also the cost of living crisis
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t. w. 's. felix marina is in nairobi and talk to us about those front runners and the campaign promises. hara he last saw the 2 candidates finalize their campaign to day and as, as they did their final peaches there. as im, your leader re loading up promised and to ensure that he will meet the rising cost of living bench by instituting a social protection measure, which will give the vulnerable families in the country up to 50 dollars on a monthly basis so that they can be able to be cushioned. on the other hand, the deputy prison president william router who's also the lead of kenner kwanza, promised and continued to drum up support for his bottle. might be going only cordell, seeing that the country needed a more sustainable plan which will ensure that the cost of living has been dealt with once and for all. so those are the 2 things that we're leading candidates campaigned really for. and they are hoping that come tuesday,
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when kenya's go to the ballot, they will elect, evolve them to be the next president of the country. and what are the main issues for voters? and what are they really worried about in kenya at the moment? majority of the voters are worried about the cost of living. it has been skyrocketing and we saw just a few weeks ago. the current president over canada tried to institute subsidies on the main floor so that the equal deeds majority of their families in kenya, who survived on miss la. but also canyons are worried about corruption, which has been cutting the country in our midst. we kennels also worried about job length joblessness amongst a youth and also kenya's debt by then, which has been growing and all the presidential candidates their 2 leading presidential candidates have promised to deal with their debt by then once elected
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to office here that is he w felix murray, that from nairobi. thank you so much. on a 2nd. look at some other stories making headlines around the world. the united nations nuclear watchdog is quoting for access to a ukranian nuclear power plant after it was shelled on friday. the agency said it was concerned over the security situation at europe's biggest atomic power station . at least 3 strikes hit power lines that these are parisha plant, forcing one of those reactors to close. the u. s. 8 of indiana has become the 1st day to pass new laws, restricting a portion. it comes off to the supreme court, reversed universal access. some limited exceptions to the ban include cases of rape and incest. indiana is controlled by the republican party in southern serbia fire fighters are battling a wildfire near the town of presto. a state of emergency has been declared. the
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fire engulfed an area around the size of 70 football fields. fi wildfires have been raging across the balkan peninsula for 3 weeks now. at least 12 people have been killed and 43 injured in a bus accident. northeast of croatia, capital the vehicle veered off the road and crashed into a ditch on board with dozens of polish pilgrims traveling to a roman catholic shrine in southern bos. now a china is continuing with its largest ever military exercises around ty, one, the island says the drills appeared to be a simulation of an attack. besides the military maneuvers relations between beijing and washington have nose dived since us house speaker. nancy pelosi visited tie one earlier this week. the engines in that i won street have put the region on the edge . this is the 1st time the chinese military roofs have be complete. so close to the
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self global and island di one says the chinese army appeals to be practicing for in a dark chinese officials are clear on the message they want to send along our military exercises have been conducted in an open, transparent, and professional manner. and are in line with a domestic law international, low and international practice. the drills are aimed at issue a warning to the perpetrators and punishing the taiwan independence secessionist forces. china's east i one as a breakaway province. and visits to the island by foreign officials like us house pico, nancy pelosi has an upfront with sovereignty. as a consequence, china is now also spending cooperation with the us on issues including lawyer enforcement and climate change. county the u. s. equity or state address. the issue during his visit to the philippines of which is the key stakeholder in the region.
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we should not hold hostage cooperation on matters of global concern because of differences between our 2 countries. others are rightly expecting us to continue to work together on issues that matter to the lives and livelihoods of their people, as well as our own relations between the was due. logistic one means have nose dived in recent days, and the consequences will likely be felt far beyond the region. some sports news now and for the brundis leg up to berlin, bass clubs. it was a debbie day in the opening fixture onion host that hurt her, and once again claimed the bragging rights in the capital clash. on your own, quite happily hosted hatta for the opening fixture, having beaten their crosstown rivals 3 times. last season. the visiting fans were hoping new faces at the helm would mark a turnaround at the club. coach sandro shots joined from dynamo, moscow, and the new club president is one of their own, ty bernstein, a former ultra,
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who used to stand and cheer along with these hardcore fans. thought it was one of unknowns, new faces who stole the limelight, jordan, see, but you must season's top score and the swiss league getting a debut goal. immediately reminding het as new boss of the uphill task at hand, after the break, unknown turned up the heat. just 5 minutes after the restart, some assigning unique how about i think the ball into the path of shit, aldo becca, who doubled the lead for the hosts and a new and wounds out of breath. yet captain christopher tim has corner teed up robin kanaka to make it 3. now when you're cruising and chi bernstein seething,
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hatter did pull one back, but it was little more than a consolation. dody look a vakio with a fine finish, but not enough to please the traveling support. as on yom start the season as they entered the last number, one in the capital and to his look at some of the saturday match results. thought when beat leave a person in the late game shagbark be tough in hein? brennan? chad points is vall spoke on their return to the top flight. mine's been bottom and fryeburg crashed out berg, and there's more action to come on sunday as well. now, hundreds of thousands of people have turned out to celebrate canal parade in amsterdam. this is the city's l g b t q prize parade. a fed tiller of over 80 boats representing various rights groups, bars and even the dutch military took part, transforming an sedans famous canals and to a massive party location. ah,
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his reminder of our top story is really air strikes have killed at least 15 people in the gaza strip, including a senior palestinian militant and a 5 year old girl. these were only government says it was targeting the palestinian islamic jihad group in watching the debate live from berlin. stick around, coming up next is doc for looking at the economic and social situation in lebanon. a season of i imagine how many portions of lunch us heard out in the world climate are in kindergarten. hoffman stores. this is more pleasant, went from just one week how much we can really do.


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