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could be the end of the whole colony. oh, finally, now hundreds of thousands of people have turned down to celebrate l. j. b. take you pride in amsterdam. a flotilla of over 80 boats representing various rights groups and bars. and even the dots military to pot transforming amsterdam famous canals into one massive party. ah, you're up to date that from may sports. life is up next. jar, agreed belinda, nature ah, i work interest in the global economy. our portfolio g w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance
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. good is still the head with the w business beyond a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of longing, the mediterranean sea scene of l muster. and so far, abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and the mediterranean, he's ready to lean journey in 10 episodes starts august 14th on d. w. a. oh boy, a
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ah. and one thing that a member of my daughter is telling me never to give up. what any the turning point in you could ask lawson's life, began in this place. zips up circus academy in cape town, south africa to day is training day. it looks effortless, but your kobus has to be highly focused all the time. once the clap id to you all once in one to get injured. if it's the look up at the vehicle to go back to work because the 1st thing that is gonna be in your mind is that fall is going to happen again. or that club is gonna hit me again. me and my middle name is danger. normally if i fall at a stand up and say yes, let's go again with keep on
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going, meeting failure with a sense of humor, with clubs or bulls. jacobo is training $5.00 to $6.00 times per week with his stage partner. jason you kobus has come a long way. the 29 year old is one of the main performers that zip sack circus. clown, acrobat, juggler. you coast his repertoire is wide. after the break back to full focus in 10 weeks, one of the most important events in south africa will take place the national arts festival in crimes town. you kobus and his colleagues will perform their latest stage program until then all tricks and stunts have to be on point. zips up is not only a circus society, but also a training center. the academy in the cape town, district of woodstock, off as
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a free education for young people. brett van wren's book found zip that in 1995 together with his wife lawrence, both a former circus artist we believe that any kid and matter what the background, if they're given the opportunity in life and they are passionate about what they they do. and any child can make it, and a lot of kids, you know, who have talent and skills, often left beyond. and zip said, you know, we kind of provide that platform to give children that maybe don't have as much as others. the platform to do something with their life. you kobus who every one calls trompe was one of these children. touring with the zip sap circus, took him around the world in the last years. he even performed in front of tennis superstar roger federer and barack obama at the white house. however, his road to success was rocking. as
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a teenager, you kobus would live on the streets of par, a suburb of cape town. he was addicted to substances such as man drex and meth which a highly dangerous drugs kobus was at rock bottom. this cellphone picture is the only one catch it from those times. a trip to the past, only a few 100 meters away from the academy. this is the place where he would live, you kobus is joining zips up at the age of 16 with the help of an outreach program from the straits to the stage. so how did he manage to do that? i wanted more for myself that didn't think was going back to the rags. what gangs that as a men, i love that i that didn't come close to my head and said it gave me a taste that gave me a bite of the apple. and i told myself, i won,
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i won more of this apple. and to day have got so much more of that apple a weekend with the circus people instead of staying at home. you kobus jason and coach ivan, want to leave the city. his friend jason is a passionate angler. while you kobus is still learning, maybe he's lucky today. with keep with the sofa with it took him with the line. you kobus this trip to the sea means a lot. it means to have the feeling of
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a normal life. you don't have to stress about anything to other ways to cycle and hoping there's a fight going long. and indeed, you kobus has got something on the hook. up with an up, let me look for the beat. the men try again from the bridge since almost 8 years you kobus and jason aren't experienced tain renella, which other works. and i filled, i know which way he goes either which way i go like. so it's nice to be able to work with someone like that. i, we spend so much time with each other. i feel that it's like, it's impossible not to become friends. you know, they didn't catch a fish to day, but they've enjoyed a brief moment of ease. ah,
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only 2 weeks left until the festival performance last rehearsals at the zips at don't. the atmosphere is tense. i a few honest injured ye, kobus heard his wrists when he tried to lift jason. i wasn't strong enough in that church, and then we stopped. so now and, and with of pain. but it's workable. jacobus is hot on himself. he ignores the pain and participates in all the run throughs. almost every one of the circus has experienced the rough sides of life. and there is no coincidence in the topics of the performances always being about existential matters. g show inside free core to throw sanity know, trying to find
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a way back home the festival gets closer and like the weather, the moods are also samba. oh, you could just feels pain in his whole body. the result of too much training and emotional tension, a message should help him. most brain already connected on the look back. god bless me being upside down. too much precious, also pulling to that bag. that's i quite well. so pick basically this is an effort that it's use and abuse of a purchase. if you, if they well developed, there are lots of muscle but they also really ties the 45 minute treatment works its magic. how the hell?
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i have a lift and white head. now i feel sleepy to fm. quit can from the pictures of that oprah you kobus needs to get fit again. because time flies only one week later, kathy day at the zips at doug with that to morrow morning you kobus and the performers drive to graham's town. but boston trailer, it's located a 1000 kilometers north of cape town. quick goodbye from the boss. with friends, good wishes,
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unnecessary. the group doesn't know what's ahead of them. festival time for the 1st time since a 2 year break, the national ubs festival takes place again in graham's town. the audience is excited for great hearts and acrobatics. meanwhile backstage the mood of the group is bad due to an accident of one of the members of the last rehearsal. he compa foam a shock to everyone. mm. however, they're all doing their best to focus. now it's time to be professional, adjusted to the new situation, to believe in their own palla and strength, to give 100 percent to the injured friend group member, re i guess we try to get
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together and they have to get in mind to get these on the left to mind that he and he very important person in life easy a i'm doing, i'm doing all of his x that i went on to the mountain. so i am quite the but know lisa lester, i don't know how he's going to me. but the only way i can say, i'll just express how i feel. the injured dray is also excited. slowly the room fills with paper. and the curtain goes up. my name is a noun. and one thing i remember about my daughter was telling me never to give up
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a meeting with you. kobus gave everything, but now he has to improvise raises. act ah . 6 it worked out when the kids in the audience says it all. the artists don't want to take all the credit for themselves. they heading straight towards the engine team in, in the middle of the happy bunch,
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