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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2022 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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yes, new women into this we do. oh lose . ah, this is these are we in is live from berlin. hope so the truth to end 3 days of conflict between israel and the palestinians. israeli attacks have killed the dozens of people in gaza at the 2 sides exchanged rocket fire. hundreds more civilians are injured, also coming up. a 2nd convoy of ships loaded with grain leaved ukraine's black
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seaports. the 1st cargo, aimed at ease in the global food crisis, has yet to reach a destination in lebanon. and china winds down military exercises which taiwan sees as address rehearsal for an invasion gage reaction to the show or force by the communist power. ah, i'm really mohammed, welcome to the program, mediators in egypt say a truce between israel and the palestinians should have come into effect in the last few minutes. the cease fire aimed to end 3 days of rocket fire by both sides. the region has seen the biggest escalation in violence in over a year. at least 31 people have been killed in the gaza strip, including several children. a warning are report contains some disturbing images
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o at this hospital mold distraught relatives collapse with grief. as they find the bodies of their children, nora. busy palestinian health authorities have blamed their deaths, injure ballier in northern garza, on israeli aggression. but israel says a stray rocket fired from garza was responsible. yeah, the strike is one of hundreds as both sides trade blows. like past conflicts, it is the people living in the palestinian territory who are suffering. most dozens have been killed and hundreds injured and homes destroyed or clinician, what are the house with 5 or 6 rockets level body bought on the ground. it was horrifying. ashley and alicia, what i'm, what i did them from the refer to shop or was be dogged homeless people hoping
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they're safe in their homes while for the dog children and the elderly, they don't you're mostly bottom or well on one who can we complain to? we're delivering but then a school, in dunwoody, israel launched to strikes as part of what it calls a preemptive operation against imminent attacks from the palestinian militant group is lamar jihad, 2 of the groups, most senior leaders in garza have since been killed and dozens of alleged members arrested in the west bank. ah, palestinian militants, have been firing back into southern israel. ringback for the 1st time in over a year, air raid sirens were heard in jerusalem, where pilgrims of visiting the temple mount for tisha of a holy day in the jewish calendar. the site is also home to the alex some mosque. a point of conflict between the 2 sides that could escalate tensions even further.
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oh well, let, let's go to jerusalem and speak to these these the tanya kramer. what more do we know about this truth is it confirmed while it has been at least widely reported here in the israel media that there should be a ceasefire kicking in at 8 p. m here local time. but we have no official confirmation here yet. as a speak to you here or actually just shortly before 8 o'clock, there has been a rocket barrage. 2 words tel aviv to a will kick in this. these fire would have been then are negotiated to by media to by each of many other actors. but again, we don't know yet, you know, what are the weather it kicks in now at this time in the evening. and what are the conditions that have been negotiated? and tanya, they're happy reports of tensions that the alex,
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the mosque compound. what have you been hearing about that while there was a lot of concern, especially in israel, are that this jewish holiday to show a bit of that happened to day. it's now coming to an end. it's usually a day for religious jewish people to mourn. and to fast as well in combination of the destruction of the temple, and it has become somehow also politicized in recent years, because ultra nationalist israelis are using this day to go up to the temple mount, which is also known as the harem, i sharif. or the oxford compound for muslims, and that is seen as a publication. there was also a far right wing politician that went up to the temple mound in the morning. and there was a lot of concern that this could further inflame. we are what is happening. are in garza but there where the scuffles are, there were a lot of people are going up to the temple mount, but it didn't have
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a direct impact on the conflict between our garza and israel. and how much has the role of this military operation played in the upcoming israeli elections? while that question has been asked here also many times because it seems that you know, there are a lot of elections in israel and there are also a lot of military operations. and some of them have been launched or when elections are, were coming out. but i think it's still too early to tell. it is true that a missile appeared who is the yellow pete, who is the prime minister of a caretaker government. he doesn't have the same credentials and not as mr. security. as we have known, a previous prime ministers like our benjamin netanyahu, for example. but i think, you know, it's still too early to tell her because we have to see whether there is a ceasefire. will this is fair hold? what are possibly the concessions that may be israel has made? what are the conditions to see, or what water's
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a think about all of this. all right, that is tanya kramer, speaking to us in jerusalem. thank you, tonya. i'm joined now by amal deep from d. w. arabic is good to happy with us, so could this proposed truce mean the end of the latest flare up of violence? well, it depends. it come comes into like in the next hours or not as reporter for jews and, and just said there hasn't yet been confirmation that this truth is actually happening just moments ago, from sources said that the islamic group has not yet gotten any guarantees from the egyptian mediators that israel will respect its conditions for the troops. so it is yet to see in the next hours whether this will actually happen, whether whether this cease fire will be successful. and if that is the case,
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it will take a time, maybe more, few more days to actually tell whether this has been successful or not. i'll just bring us back and remind us what triggered to this latest escalation. well, earlier this week, israel has conducted grades in the occupied with palestinian west bank the occupied west bank and has rested a group. and then to which the summit, as you have responded that it will or threaten that it will, it will respond to that. and israel then on friday launched what, what it's called a pre emptive military operation to stop the book from following through. it's that stress and as we enter or finish actually the 3rd day of this, of this operation of this escalation between israel and the militant group
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in gaza. it is yet to see whether the, whether israel actually succeeded in stopping the group from flowing through its threats. and so where does this leave the palestinian arms group? if i make jihad? does it still pose a threat? well is really how did actually manage to assassinate 2 of its major leaders in golf during this operation? so some military did close or reservoir happen, destroyed during this operation, it says that it did actually managed to destroy some of its military base. but as long as you had is not the largest group medicine group in gaza. in fact, thomas is the largest group in gaza, which has the biggest, the biggest military equipment and for structure. so whether this relatively smaller group than hamas has been neutralized or it's military for is,
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has been, you know, put into a hall is the question that remains to be answered depending on how the next day follow up. and whether this just comes to an end or 2, would it be successful or not? and how the response that ok, i'll dev speaking to us from d, w. arabic. thank you so much. and the 1st ship carrying ukrainian grain to lebanon has not arrived yet. if bryan says the rezoning is delayed, a 2nd convoy of grain ships has now left ports on the black sea. for vessels are carrying nearly a 170000 tons. the shipment is part of a deal between ukraine and russia. i taught by turkey and the united nation, the joint center and assemble is over thing the transport of food products to countries where they are desperately needed. the w mateus bullying is in kiff and he says, this progress on lifting russia is located on ukrainian grain. yeah,
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the 1st ship has left in the beginning of the week, then another 3 followed on friday. and now that sir, 3rd time ships are leaving, this are these ports of the 2nd convoy. and this means that half of the ships that were stuck in these port since the beginning of the war, i have no left. another 8 are waiting to leave and then ships should be coming in to shuttle a grain from the ukrainian ports to other ports in the world to turkish or other ports. um, the 1st one of these empty ships has already arrived and it will be loaded in the next few days. if all of this works then ukraine will be able would be able, one has to say, because there are lots of insecurities about that, to ship out all the grain that they want to sell within 8 or 9 months. so this is a long term her scheme, um that is, that would need to work really for several months uninterrupted,
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in order to achieve the goal of bringing the grain that ukraine has in its stalks and that is harvesting this summer to the world. well, let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. u. s. secretary of state and sleep, lincoln is in south africa on a 5 country tore and that countering the influence of russia. lincoln flew to johannesburg after visiting cambodia and the philippines for africa remains neutral over the war. in crane gleason, brazil's capital have arrested a german diplomat on suspicion of killing his husband. the suspect told brazilian authorities that his partner, a belgian national, fell and hit his head after becoming ill. but investigators say the victim was severely beaten. united states has accused a china of irresponsible actions following its air and sea drills around tie one. beijing says it's ending 4 days of exercises that began after the us. how speak as
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controversial visit to ty, one. the government there says time has drills, simulate an invasion of the island. it sent out aircraft and worships in response to i paid all people he see how you in the air and on land you think the drills of may chime as anger a u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi is visit to taiwan. clear to all staging. also non sanctions affecting trade with taiwan. and it ended important by lateral communication channels with the u. s. in the areas of defense and climate change. but despite the never before seen, show a force off their coast. many taiwanese say they are unimpressed by the saber rattling oh, they just want a duck. they've just been talking about it. i am the gone to photo start a war either. i don't think it's too likely that force will be used to date die one
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. the other that is good that we get the maximum impact and the minimum cost. however, there are many observers who think that even a staging is not ready to fight to take over taiwan. it is prepared to take further steps to get its way. does it not happen? the drills are to demonstrate to the us that it can block di ones, exports. i don't know if that is china is telling the us that if there is walked in dominion, we wanted act. i one don't bother, but we will seal off the island and stopped advanced semiconductors chips from going out the whole. this will be a little low to the united states to where yoga the mood and taiwan is. the tensions will ease know that beijing has expressed its anger over pillows, his trip look at you, you'll eat, but big concerns remain that many fear that this latest episode of tensions over taiwan is a reflection of a wider breakdown in chinese u. s. relations. that could turn into full scale war you're watching,
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these are the news live from berlin, coming up next as well. stories looking at the reopening of the school damaged in the war in ukraine. armando, you can also find much more on a website that is d w dot com. i'm really mohammed and for watching sees it by a ended listening place of morning. the mediterranean sea. it's waters connect people of many cultures. seen it almost rock and.


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