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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  August 7, 2022 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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were pillows, his trip, 20 leak, but big concerns remain that many fear that this latest episode of tensions over taiwan is a reflection of a wider breakdown in chinese u. s. relations. that could turn into full scale war. you're watching. these are the new slides from burning, coming up next as well. stories looking at the reopening of the school damaged in the walk in ukraine, armando, you can also find much more on a website that is d w dot com. i'm really mohammed and for watching c c i a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of longing. the mediterranean sea, it's waters connect people of many cultures. seen it almost rock and to far abdul karim drift along with exploring modern lifestyles and
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mediterranean. where has history left its traces, reading people, hearing their dreams, a mediterranean journey in tenant those sorts. august 14th on d. w. stories that move people the world over d. w on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. follow us. ah ah this week and world stories. but swanner russian sanctions cause diamond boom. italy house calls on horseback. but let's start in ukraine over 2000 and
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schools have been destroyed or damaged since the outbreak of war. this ukrainian village is working to rebuild theirs. paulina has lots of time on her hands to draw but she would love to do other things to lose. and the reason i miss my friends, i love you and i miss my teacher. you me. it's been 5 months now since the children were at school. the last time was in february, it was supposed to include an excursion, but it was a fateful date. oh, somewhat alice. we were supposed to go to the river to see the ice melting. my little. oh, we couldn't make it because it was the 24th of the luchella's paulina's mother says, the lack of schooling makes her question the decision to staying ukraine. rush in forces attacked their village at the start of the war. their school was seriously damaged, leaving all the kits stuck at home. a wall has been fixed,
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but most of the windows are still broken and there's no heating. the classrooms will remain empty until basic facilities are restored. oksana is a literature teacher. better said on the 1st day of the war and get the children started to text me and say good bye. returning into her old classroom is difficult. she's concerned about her students said don't bollicheck. well, it's very painful when you realize that our children. so if we don't know what to morrow will bring his name to, will there be any future our kids don't deserve. this isn't as a slow ukrainian forces blew up this bridge to stop the russians coming. but people here are scared over new rocket attacks. so scared, the mayor asked us not to use the name of the village in this report. pauline
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andrew classmates don't want to wait for the war to end to go back to school. they sell what they have and what they may to try to fix things. she will be able to go back to school soon, raise money, and the school can be repaired. ukrainian children are growing up quickly. here they are fighting for the future with what ever they can find. ah, sanctions for the war and ukraine have pushed russia out of the global jewel trade . botswana, the world's 2nd largest source of ra diamonds, is using this to search ahead for 2 years q will a booklet go killing, struggled to fight the job after finishing school when she was offered to train the position at this diamond processing factory. i'm. this is the thing. so if the tammy i police amy saw a lately so that and them even the dame
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any bigger, they are very expensive. and in a credit, a problem for years, the country has been pushing to not only export rough diamonds, but also to attract companies that processed them here too. and in value and creating jobs. now, more than 30 companies, cut and polish diamonds locally. suddenly in boats on under garment is quite our pro diamond industry. now it is the main industry for most wanna ease of doing business in botswana for diamond cutting and polishing is, is, is quite a weitel thing. why people are easily able to come here instead of the businesses lent locked botswana, was once one of the poorest countries in the world until it's discovered vast diamond deposits in less than 20 years. it had turned itself into a success story, as well as the middle income country. but the success wouldn't have been possible
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without this mine and wanting the richest diamond mine in the world, employing more than 6000 people. the government struck a unique deal with the world's biggest diamond cooperation dubious. each site owns 50 percent of the mine. russia currently can't export diamonds to major markets like the u. s. and diamond prices have spiked by 20 percent since the beginning of the war. mining companies and the government here are only cautiously talking about possibly filling this gap. but economist rudolph boy doesn't believe they should. they should take advantage of the cases in iraq. the one you crate is very, it's very painful. i watch a news every day. i don't like what is happening there. ah, but in a, in an economic point of view, they come to put on, i should have started to promote levels on adam. once foot veteran are, these are the best down ones. those are now blooded al, month, making the diamond processing factory to label really look. billing is hoping to get a job as a publisher when she finishes her training. and chances are goods, the company is expanding and constantly hiring new people.
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the climate crisis has been affecting countries for years now it's impacting regions that aren't known for extreme climates, such as brandenburg in germany. there should be water flowing down this river bed. but the black, esther in the germans head of brandon book has dried up. again, a consequence of heat waves and drought. water piped in from a nearby lake replenish the river at least a bit. which time hu bye works for a stay thrown company that we cultivate these former mining landscapes. he regularly monitors the block ester as, as, as bright. so i as plot has dried up repeatedly during hot summer spells in the past 3 years, in that many countries are already familiar with extreme droughts due to climate
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change. but low water levels like you in brandon book have become a concern in germany to in the nearby flood control center. mike, all which managers discourse resource in local lakes and rivers sending it where it isn't that most every drought season makes his job harder. since in 6 comments, i noticed natalie's water shortages always increase potential for conflict between users who need the river water. if there's a water shortage, and this is more and more often the case here than this potential for conflict worsens, couldn't awkward. in other parts of brandon book, alto tis have already kept the amount of water for private households, but only 50 kilometers away from here. rows of burn trees testify to another danger . so mattie, as bower and other volunteers fought wildfire in this brandon book for us, one of the regions biggest fires this year. it burned more than $1000.00 hector's.
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as vocalist in the situation was in part life threatening, and it pushed experience firefight as to their limits at yahoo some even had till a run for their lives in with nicholas herrera on the 11th. then police have launched an arson investigation. firefighter said that the blaze could only has spread so quickly due to this year's extreme drought. she and his colleagues are now training to fight even more intense forest fires than they are. you still at us had seniors in other countries like southern spain or southern france where serious wildfires are more frequent. you can watch what's happening there. right. and on the news firefighters, they're familiar with it. revenue, we've never seen anything like it here until now. was the senate thought rush time huber brandon book is in the race against time to adapt to the fast changing climates. when dr. roberto and faso makes calls to his patience, he does so in
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a time tested manner on horseback. the question internist is known throughout the piedmont region ah. amber and roberto and inseparable due from long gave in italy's piedmont region. but this is no pony drag. they're on their way to work. your futrell pre mario a lot of fun. her. yes, estate it go on to her doctor on the horse as my assistant. she spoke my friend and the message that i bring to my patients at theme. ah, the pair ride up and down the hilly terrain. as long as it's not an emergency doctor on 1st, though, prefers to ride to his appointments. so his 1st task of the day is to get his assistant ready for action. burger
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towel, amber. i am bradley sima. hello, gorgeous squad. little bon booker. but like i brought you a little treat quite bumper, amber amber as my new horse khalilah i got her 3 years ago for nicholas. the birthday. mandy covina could come a lot and maybe caught a doctor that comes to 10 to the sick on horseback. is seen as someone who has time for his patient's medical venga corner. that fact alone will not let people know the doctor is taking the time to them. try those, the patients good and makes them feel well cared for are major. but center of washington, europe, your swatch, roberto unfair. so has been a doctor for, for decades. 15 years ago he decided to combine his hobby with his job, the response of impatience as going from an easy tried to an elegant gallop abra and roberto cover at least 80
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kilometers a week. a leg of under horse and eliza strength, elegance, and vigor. so those are all characteristics that my patients lack due to ill health or old age. so when i come with umbra, it is, if we're bringing those attributes spectrum. oh, don don. hello, hey, yes, i'll be with you in half an hour. i see a soon sorry roberto cares for some 1500 patients scattered across the hill than small villages of this famous wine region. the area had been a unesco world heritage site since 2014 wind rower a daily atari is. roberto is 1st patient of the day. hey john. good morning. hi.
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good morning. yeah. how are you gonna then in good nice. you came to visit you tamika of course i didn't. so just let me tie my horse up. i'll be with you shortly . harry was we'll be glad to day is just a routine checkup to monitor the patient's heart and blood pressure up and assure blood pressure is find a chunk of 120 over 80. if that's okay. oh fuck your chair over there. i'm always happy when he comes to visit. it's like in the old days when there weren't any cars be can there's something special about it. no knockers or bell. it was one said no hour of life is wasted. that is spent in the saddle. roberto unfold so might just agree. ah,
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