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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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3 years that would change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world. start september 7th on d w. ah . ah. this is dw news live from berlin international alarm over a new care plan to becoming a battlefield. ukraine and russia trade blame for shelling these up regia, you care facility over the weekend. the head of the un calls any such attack, suicidal also coming up. the cease fire between israel and palestinian militants
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appears to be held after 3 days of bard mints that killed dozens, including many children. and remembering the start and social impact of libya, newton john, a singer actress and activist, has died at the age of $73.00. ah, i'm pablo follies. welcome to the program. ukraine is calling for a demilitarized zone around europe's biggest nuclear power station. keven to moscow have been trading blame for shelling at these upper region nuclear facility in russian occupied ukraine over the weekend. the head of the united nations antonio, who to fish as warned that any attack on a nuclear power plant is quote,
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suicidal he wants access to the site for international inspectors. i hope that those affects well ukraine's president of volunteers, zalinski has accused russia of nuclear blackmail in his latest video address, he calls on the world to impose sanctions against russia's nuclear industry. acting like from we are actively informing the world about russia, nuclear blackmail about the shelling and mining of this upper region nuclear power plants. there are already appropriate reactions from the international community, but we need to speed up actions and response or russia will not respect words or worries. new sanctions are needed against the terrors state and the entire russian nuclear industry for creating the threat of a nuclear disaster. rosie yet look at the so what russia denies that it's targeting civil infrastructure in its war against ukraine, but the destruction on the ground suggests otherwise. according to the ukrainian
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government, hundreds of health facilities have been damaged. d, w spear get her sugar, went to the northern town of shedding, here, where she met a man who's trying to hold russia accountable. as deputy health minister, public of done you work for years to build ukraine's health care system in his new job. he documents it's destruction. this used to be the chinese cardiac center until it was totally destroyed by a russian airstrike. that strike is one of more than 180 hospital attacks cofton nuke and his team f documented. i see the systemic read that an open destruction of health care as a part of civilian livelihood because it's not only about health care, it's old types of civilian objects will be systemic or targeted dash can video caught the moment when aid russian bombs hit the residential
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area leaving a crater right next to the cardiac center. the attack could 47 people that day. the city was under constant shelling. a resident tells us over excavators had to dig the graves there were so many victim for they had to bury them in body bags. pablo cove, tanya, and his small, n g o. collect witness accounts, photo self damage, and remnants of weapons. they hold the evidence can be used in future litigation. they just work on cases where no ukrainian military were based near buying. only then coff tanya says, could such an attack amount to a war crime attacks on health facilities like this one leaf, much more destruction than erect hospital believe people without immediate and long term health care. and they add to fear and insecurity because hospitals are no
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longer a place of safety. doctors at the chimney, if children's hospital just across the street treated the injury of the cardiac center attack a day, dr. nikolai lord cabbage says he will never forget malicious of the one that we just were trained, trauma surgeon, us. but we never, ever experienced this kind of bleeding wound, but animal. but everybody was screaming. i don't and, and kid we put 5 of them here on the floor, but more and more were coming. it was chaos, ship was to party. you are the constant telling the doctors did everything they could to keep their young patients safe. and that meant a lot of time in the basement, 2 weeks later, a bomb hit here. oh, cassette, the obstacle, the preamble, it was a cluster bomb or want to lose the ammunition parts were everywhere for the war. fortunately, there had been an air raid alarm for the cluster attack, so the children were in the basement. you could, if not, we could have had 237 death loss, but goose, who could assist him. so if he sells cough tanya,
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the shrapnel he collected from the site they operated for hours. he says to get down and south, similar pieces are threatening out of the children's bodies lobby roses through with the doorbell. and i am, when you're here to this, no need to explain why when it justice or somebody needs to pay for what was done to that, to people like, like nicola or his patience on the way out of cheney. if we pass another destroyed hospital, it may take years before an international court or tribunal starts dispensing justice. and when they need his evidence, cough tanya says it's ready and waiting for a 2nd look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. former u. s. president donald trump says f b, i agents have rated his mar lago, a state in florida. us authorities have declined to comment on the raid, which in
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a statement from said involved quote, a large group of f. b i. agents sources say trump is being investigated over the removal of classified records of his white house tenure. mexico's president under s, manuel lopez over i thought it says he will intensify, efforts to save 10 workers trapped in a flood of coal mine he. it's been 5 days since the man went missing. here the 400 soldiers continued to pump the water from the mine to make it safe enough for rescuers to go inside. taiwan has condemned china for extending military drills off its coast into a 5th day. chinese jets and ships have been crossing the taiwan strait, median line, and firing missiles over taipei. the exercises were sparked by a visit to tie one by us. hi speaker. nancy pelosi. when you come to the united
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nations security council has been told a garza was on the brink of humanitarian collapse. when a cease fire took effect late on sunday. the you ends, middle east, envoy said israel conducted almost a 150 air strikes against the territory, and that is la mixture. had mel militants launched over a 1000 rockets at israel, israel and bassett, or to the u. m. has defended its military operation in garza de la air done accused of palestinian islamic jihad group of firing on civilians and called on the un to make the militants accountable or residents on both the palestinian and israeli sides of the divide. welcome to let obey. now still it is, but they're aware, it's a fragile piece. for the 1st time in days, dawn broke in peace across garza. vital supplies, a once again flowing into the enclave, allowing it so power plant to restart. 2 days after it run out of fuel.
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3 days of intense fighting, left faulty fall, palestinians including 15 children, dead. israel has studied launch the attack as a direct response to a threat from palestinian islamic jihad militants. but prime minister yellow pete said his country had no interest in abroad. a conflict. you shall do. we feel throughout the opperation, special efforts were made to prevent harm to civilians because the state of israel were not apologized for using force to protect its citizens. but the death of innocent civilians, especially children, is heartbreaking. meanwhile, news of the truce was met with relief in gaza. however, that will live during the past 3 days in terror and fear who wished the mornings would come. as we did not like the nights my children were crying. robin forgot the good luck. i often pass for bob israelis in the area targeted by retaliatory fire
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from garza know that the current truce. does it mean lusting piece? this is not only an it's yes, there a plaster. okay, we'll keep quiet for now for a while, leanna, her line, but definitely the next round is on the way. many in garza a slowly returning to a normal life. while others try to salvage their belongings from the ruble of what used to be the home. wondering how long calm will prevail? well, we knew her 1st as the hopelessly devoted sandy before she sang. let's get physical . the australian singer and actress olivia newton, john has died at the age of $73.00. she was a multi platinum selling artist for his best known for greece in which he started off as if john travolta. her husband said she had been
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a symbol of hope for sharing her 30 year bucket against breast cancer. c of the daily report or stating stacy ribbons joins me in the studio now with more really, really sad news and see what a life and what a legacy liberally. olivia newton john leaves. right? absolutely. and i think it's because she just didn't stay in her lane. she had top 10 hits and various genres of music, pop, adult contemporary country, and even dance and who it let's get physical here. remember that one, but it was banned and many us states from like radio session cuz they found it was too sexual. you know the time certainly at another time i've seen the video, it certainly, i mean i can understand what back then was perhaps, but yeah, incredible. but it does also be an outpouring of grief, right?
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online already. right. so there's been a lot of celebrities that have come to poor were john travolta, who was her cast, made in greece, said i love you so much, we will see you down the road and we will all be together again. yours from the 1st moment i saw you forever, your danny d on war at the fame singer says another angelic voice has been added to the heavenly choir and kat, kylie minogue, who is in australia pop superstar and also an international icon within her own right. says that olivia newton, john was an inspiration to her so that she has a huge legacy. it's super long. but the longest the most important has to be grease. everybody loves sandy and most people know this song. let's take a quick listen. a with
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it's a bomb, i love that song. and i mean, she was a whole mood, the outfit, the hair that unit loved it. everybody loves that. but apart from her music, she actually was a huge advocate for many issues. particularly of course, breast cancer, which affected her directly. yes. yes, she had a battle that lasted 30 years often on with breast cancer, but then it would spread to different parts. and she's established
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a clinic in melbourne, australia called the olivia newton john cancer and wellness center. and she devoted a lot of money, time and resources. and she said that, yes, this battle has been hard, but she has the passion and the compassion to help other people because it's something that she went through them. inspirational stuff, stacy, very tragic can use today. 73, isn't that old at all? or of course, but we will be left with her great music at legacy. thank you. good to see if. all right, well here's a reminder off the top story we're following for you. this are ukraine is quoting for a demilitarized zone around europe's biggest nuclear power station. ukraine and russia have been trading blame for sharing these apparition complex over the weekend. the
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head of the united nations, antonio potash warned that any attack on a new care plant was suicide. brightwell, don't forget you can always get tito who news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the apple app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as puff no push notifications for any breaking news. or watching t v news on pub photo. yes, doc film is up next. thanks for watching. take care and i'll see you very soon with a vibrant habitat ended glistening place of long the mediterranean sea. seen it almost far and to far abdul karim drift along, exploring the modern lifestyle.


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