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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah, the global struggle with and nothing can be done. thurs sports, august 10th. oh d w ah ah, this is date of any news life from berlin, the f b. i rides donald trump's florida estate. the former u. s. president claims agents broke into his safe at the mar logo complex. trump son says they are looking for documents taken from the white house. also coming up all change in kenya as voters elect a new president and the new parliament. we look at the front runners that assess
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wolfy outcomes might mean plus equal pay for equal footwork, women, soccer styles, demands salaries to match the men's. now, even the german chancellor is chipping him. ah, i'm rebecca writ as welcome to the program. the f b i has writer donald trump's a state in florida in an unprecedented swoop on the home of a former american president, trump claims agents broke into his safe at the mar logo complex, his already under investigation for allegedly removing official records from the white house but from claims the ride is aimed at preventing him from running for president again in 2024, mar lago. the morning after the search police remained at the scene to secure the property. trump referred to his florida residence as the winter whitehouse because
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he often received world leaders and heads of state there. the search was part of an investigation into whether the former president illegally moved classified whitehouse records to the estate. back in january boxes of documents were also confiscated from the property trump within new york during the latest search, but protested online these the dock times brown nation as my beautiful home mara, lago and palm beach, florida is currently under siege rated and occupied by a large group of f b, i. agents, nothing like this has ever happened to a president of the united states before. in office, trump was often criticized for mishandling sensitive government documents. us media broadcasting images which claim to chart notes. he tried to flush down a toilet and the u. s. law. he should have handed them over to the national archives. documents that are at the top secret level or above represent
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if they get out at exceptionally grave damage to the national security. trump support has protested the search in front of the maro lago property throughout the night. they suspect the right as part of a conspiracy within the justice department to prevent trump from running for reelection. and the w. washington bureau chief has been following this story as paul and i asked to just how serious this could be for donald trump. well, because this has never happened beforehand, the history of the united states. so one can assume that the f b, i has good reasons to believe that they will find classified documents at the property, which might prove that the comp that are the former president, that donald trump committed a crime. but at the time is on the side of donald trump, as it will take months of nods. years before the president might be prosecuted. and
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republicans already said that they will start a committee to investigate the search. and any ruling rebecca will definitely be escalated to the next court. so short answer. no, it is actually very unlikely that we will see him bear from running for office. quite the opposite might happen that this will give him, actually a boost to announce him running very soon. now tom says, this is all part of an effort by democrats to weapon eyes the justice system against him. or is there any evidence of that? no, at this point, there is no evidence that the f, b i's being weaponized by anybody. it actually is quite interesting or that the current f b. i chose shiva. christopher ray was appointed by donald trump himself even so they had a followed over some russia issues. but however stakes for the investigators, again are really high. so it would be really, really very bad. if later emerges that the f
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b i search was not conducted by the books and i think the officials are very aware of that. what does this say then about the state that the country finds it itself in at the moment? i mean with the midterm elections just around the corner, right. we will have mid term elections in actually really 3 months, pretty much to the day. well, it is quite remarkable that donald trump himself broke the news about the surge on a social media platform. and he used the typical words to really trigger fear and anger with hidden within his fans. you know, we're back, i'm just coming back from c peg. this is the annual meeting of the fall ride republican branch. and it was super obvious there that every republican who dares to criticize donald trump will be punished and politically destroyed. so it doesn't really come as a surprise that everybody who is criticizing donald trump was coming after donald trump is seen as someone is coming after the republican party. so there is
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a lot of support for donald trump after the search, even more so than before. randomly, washington bureau chief in it pull, thanks very much. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. crimean authorities say one person has been killed and several others injured. after a series of explosions rocked a russian air based on the peninsula. videos shade on social media shows several blasts. may the novo fed rifka facility rushes, defense ministry claims detonated ammunition caused the explosions. russia illegally annexed crimea from ukraine in 2014 hundreds of anti government protest as have rallied in sri lanka, calling for an end to emergency laws and the dissolution of parliament. the countries president resigned last month after massive street protests since his election. the new president, renelle, wickman singer, has used emergency laws to arrest, protest leaders, japanese fashion, designer,
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se myakea has died from liver cancer. at the age of 80 fall yaki built one of japan's biggest fashion brands and was known for his bold designs, including the bat black turtlenecks worn by apple. c. e o. steve jobs of accounting has begun. elections in kenya, the nation is choosing a new parliament and a new president is a tight race for the top job. and the winner is facing big challenges. soaring prices and high unemployment have dominated the campaigning hours of patients. we needed for those who wanted to vote in kenya's tight election. milk was up us i, i came here at 5 am. i've lined up for so long when lame lender q doesn't move. i know the importance of voting as to brain change. only work began for a new colette, i'm of by the legal they came to cast a vote for new parliamentary county governors and the next president for candidates
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a competing for president. but the election is playing out in a tight race between our lead to the former prime minister rayleigh dinger. and the current deputy president william brew tow upon all of us to respect the choices of the people are going to be done to be covered as main rivalry. low dingo is 5th time as a presidential candidate. but this time he is backed by the outgoing president who are kenyata. that's despite a dingo leading the main opposition group. both of dinger and router are running on the promise of improving the economic situation. can years battling a soaring cost of living crises, many a having trouble paying for food or fuel. a 3rd of young people are unemployed. in the biggest economy in east africa, i'm here to vote. casa, the cost of living is too high. so i hope or when i'll vote for someone that
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exposed, but i think he's going to lower the price of like the election results are expected later this month. but with the race being so close a 2nd round is likely let's cross straight to nairobi now, and d, w. eat if kamani is standing by 8, it's lovely to see you a big day for kenya. how did the election day go? we seem to have a last 8 of this. sorry about that. we'll try and bring her up again in a moment. ok. unfortunately we'll have to leave a little money there for now. which counselor ola sholtes, has visited the german football association to push one of his pet projects. schoultz is calling for equal pay for men and women playing for the national teams . the women currently own fall this before he addressed the burning issue, chancellor sholtes went for a stroll and the german air phase knew campus where talent is to be specially
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nurtured. then it was down to business and shots his wish for german internationals, male and female, to be paid the same, kept in force like a matter. i suggested it, and i'm very thankful that they're ready to discuss it and think her things should be in the future. not fish to berlin, get us into court times. all 8 of the 16 football associations who's national teams played unit 2022, no implement a form of pay that the german effie has so far declined to join them. arguing that while the men guarantee millions of years and income, the last balance on the women's side of the finances from 2020 showed a 1500000 loss. no, it says it is open to discussing the issue. as hope been is to minutes, but i it, that's why i'm at least ready in order to discuss the matter at committee level one's law. uber yet center was to see her pay system. amiens'. esteem, which has developed over decades on serve is still in keeping with the times and i
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think structured in my obviously with an eye on our overall economic situation be given for the unpleasant cut german women's coach, martina fost, tackle and berg favors equal play over equal pay with better access to facilities and more support for girls football issues that the d, f, b will know. look at more closely allocated, narrow the nouns painted it empty cars on his standing by. it is lovely to see a big day for kenya. how did the elections go so far? you know, rebecca, i think it's a 1st time in maybe putting korean that i'm having to say that the cannon election was an eventful i was 3 pulling station pulling stations. and at 3 of those places there was absolutely no energy. well, there were people, i wouldn't say that it was the usual character of the can't election cycle. a lot of people were not attending, most of them were certainly attending online. seeing that they were at home and
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there to be this very cool again, they will be at the moment and can indeed, and most people will observe in the election at the comfort of their homes. and perhaps the most characteristic thing about the kind of event is that most people why not attending, why aren't people so came this year? we can only guess and also based on what they were saying to us and social media is that me from other media houses here locally. the biggest thing being that there is no money. this is the number one thing that if you ask opinion today, they will tell you bill of cost that the cost of living has gone. hi. first of all, because there's a drought in the region which has been affecting us for a long time. we our cost recovering also from the global academic and not to mention the world that's and wrapping cream which has had its effectiveness. and all of that coupled with, of course, local politics that have had their own effects here. a lot of people are just
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feeling disenfranchised. not represented really in the selection, and so wondering why they should participate. right. well, the polls are now close. when can we expect the initial result? the independent electoral boundaries commission, which is all actual body here, says that on the 13th is when we should expect the results of cost us and says $7.00 days after the 7 days, 7 days after that, then we should have a decision whether or not the boot was free and if we can have somebody who's the president, and if that's not the case, then the supreme court checks in and says, alright, that's not the case. we have 14 days to then say, do we have a run off or not? and so we're looking at $771770.00 from now we need to be able to have a president declared if not, 7 days from that court decided if we're going to have the wrong days from that, who is the actual declared president after the fact i thank here. lovely. this ave
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kamani in nairobi for us i was date of any cars on it is kamani talking to me a little earlier from nairobi about the canyon elections and apologies. again for the technical side that homo town records producer, lamont dozier has died. the prolific songwriter behind hits like you can't hurry, love was 81 years old. it is the low dozier with part of an a claim song writing trio who helped to find the detroit labels blend of pop and rhythm and blues. they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1990 does. it was best known phase hits for the supreme with your team data between use as a reminder of the top story we're following for you this our here fi has right. a donald trump's, the state in florida in an unprecedented swoop on the home of
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a former us president. the search is linked to an investigation into the removal of documents from the white house. tromp claims the right is an attempt to stop him running for office again in 2020 well, that's all from us for now. coming up next, a d. w documentary. looking at how dreams of freedom in battle roost came to nothing. you can always find more information on our website. brent golf will bring you the headlines next hour. i'm rebecca griffith, in berlin from mate and the entire team. hey, thanks for your company. i imagine so many portion of lunch and the world climate change division often stores . this is my plastic way from just one week how much was going to really get.


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