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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 9, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin tonight. if b i. agents armed with a search warrant raid the florida estate of former u. s. president donald trump, they were searching for document to allegedly removed from the white house. trump claims, it's all part of a conspiracy to stop him from running for president again. also coming up to night
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. change in kenya as voters elect a new president and parliament. we'll take a look at the front runners and we'll last. why was voter turnout so low? and the fashion world morning it's prince of police. the japanese designer. he see me has duck ah, i'm burn golf is good to have you with us the f b i has rated donald trump's estate in florida, an unprecedented swoop. on the home of a former american president, trump claims agents broke into his safe inside his mar, logo complex. on monday, you may remember trop, is under investigation for allegedly removing official records from the white house . but trump claims the raid as part of a conspiracy to stop him from running for president, again in 2024,
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mar lago. the morning after the search police remained at the scene to secure the property. trump referred to its florida residence as the winter white house because he often received world leaders and heads of state there. the search was part of an investigation into whether the former president illegally moved classified whitehouse records to the estate. back in january boxes of documents were also confiscated from the property trump within new york during the latest search, but protested online these the dock times brown nation as my beautiful home mara, lago and palm beach, florida is currently under siege rated and occupied by a large group of f b, i. agents, nothing like this has ever happened to a president of the united states before. in office, trump was often criticized for mishandling sensitive government documents, us media or a broadcasting images which claim to chart notes. he tried to flush down
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a toilet and the u. s. law. he should have handed them over to the national archives. documents that are at the top secret level or above represent if they get out an exceptionally grave damage to the national security. trump support has protested the search in front of the mara lago property throughout the night. they suspect the right as part of a conspiracy within the justice department to prevent trump from running for reelection. so what prompted the appeal to carry out this unprecedented raid on former president trump's home? i asked law professor jennifer, tell thanks for having me. according to news accounts, we believe that this search warrant was sought in order to find the documents that the former president apparently pilfered from the white house back when he departed in january of 2021. apparently he had returned about 15
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boxes a year later when asked, but not everything came back. and there's a concern professor, isn't there that there's classified information in these documents, and if that is the case, then taking those documents outside of the white house when you're no longer you as president. that's a crime, isn't it? yes. but this has to be more than that because in order to be able to execute, you can judge to approve a search warrant. you would need to believe that there was a car ongoing crime that this search would result in finding evidence of their crime on site. on the net a regular subpoena would not work. plus you really have to convince the judge that something fresh or new has happened. so it seems either most of the legal experts believe it's not merely his possessing of these documents, but
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a true concern that he is or has used them or distributed them in. and additionally unlock away perhaps. and again, this part is speculation that they fear he was going to sell or share them, or give them to somebody or give access to somebody to the top secret documents. and that would be an imminent crime or an ongoing crime they might be concerned about. it and we know that there are several investigations into donald trump's time as he was president. but with this read that more lago can we say? is it possible to say that he is perhaps closer to being charged with a crime than he's been before? absolutely. you could say that, given that our attorney general mayor garland has been exceedingly careful and cautious and is known to cross every tea and dot. every eye is highly unlikely that
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this would be the 1st step into any criminal investigation and asked for the other investigations at the grand jury or grand juries are looking at it's possible that this particular search could yield relevant evidence in the united states. if there is a lawful search, such as this one, pursuant to an approved search warrant, there's this notion of something called the plain sight. so if they happen to come across in the documents or locations, if they are authorized to search other evidence pertaining to these other investigations, that could lead us farther toward, toward a, you know, criminal consequences in those as well as if we were no time. what do you make of double trumps accusations? and we've also heard this from some republican members of congress that what we're seeing here is a plot by the democrats to prevent donald trump from running for president again.
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and that they're using the justice department to do this. is it possible that this is a weaponized politicization of the justice department? they're prosy. i very much doubt that today or yesterday would have been the worst possible day to do something political joe biden had a week long of, you know, great results. his approval ratings were up, he got this massive legislation asked, and only that, donald trump running would be ideal. there's no way he could possibly win. anyway, so this is not, you know, the white house did not know about this. local law enforcement didn't know about america or land in the f. b. i kept this very close. this is not something that was a political decision. professor jennifer tell we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight. thank you. thank you. good night. although counting is underway in elections in kenya, the nation is choosing a new parliament and
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a new president, the issues of inflation, unemployment and corruption have dominated campaign. you can hear him before you see him arrive. presidential candidate, reino didn't go on his way to cost his vote in kenya's general election. people have been waiting for this moment the whole morning wave this did, is that a level of dba? ah, because he has suffered a lot cspi you so much time to get this. this chair people started queueing as early as for i am here and i, rubies largest, and for my settlement keeper, they have different issues that grappling with abby's council. countries actually to corrupt, we want to see a leadership job that are fights with corruption. don't really people, i bang him hunger. there are some people day because of water, but you can find some rich group will be of but the below 50 bills and 3 bills. i'm here to vote, casa,
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the cost of living is too high. so i hope or when i'll vote for some one with the exposed, but i think he's going to lower the price of life. even though today is a public holiday, most people want to go back to work. many have informal jobs surviving on merely $2.00 a day. put a quote on a little effect to santa cove at 19 affected as a lot, especially economically. because there weren't any jobs. we went through a lot of problems after that, the cost of living and the prices went up. now you can't even do business and have some savings at harper's fire beer, sad oh patella, passing on is out of himself. i to my abdallah, runs a small business selling man darzy deep fried bread and provides for her 5 children . she's been disappointed in the past by politicians. she has put her hopes in hello and are feeling. i feel very bad because you can choose some one thinking that there can be helpful, but they end up forgetting you as
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a voter jeep. i live in a number of locations across the country. polling has been postponed because of incorrectly printed ballads, gunfire, or flooding. despite these irregularities, electoral observers on the ground remain optimistic. the major players in this election havoc, slippers to peace throughout their campaign period will simba current president talking about this. everyone else has talked about this. i'm so we are hopeful that are looking at the history. people are aware of the damages that can be caused by kills, rayleigh, dingo has voted his support as hoped he'd speak to them. instead, his wife as the media. we just hope for the best. and we think that they're not going to bring in the rubbish that they have done before, and she referred to the failures of the electoral commission in the last election when the supreme court nullified the result. despite these pastel injures canyons
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are hopeful for a clear result that both sides will accept or let's take a look now. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world authorities in crimea say one person was killed and others injured. as explosions rocked a russian air bates videos shared on social media show several bless. at the nova fatal rica facility rushes defense ministry claims that needed ammunition cause the explosions. russia illegally annexed crimea from ukraine. back in 2014, a funeral has been held for 15. unidentified civilians killed by russian forces in the ukrainian town of boucher russian. troops occupied boucher early in the war and murdered hundreds of civilians. authority saved several of the bodies showed signs of torture. hundreds of government opponents have rallied intro lanka calling for an end to emergency laws and for the dissolution of parliament. massive st. projects force the former president to quit last month. the new leader,
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ronald vick remiss inga has used emergency powers to arrest, protest leaders. israeli forces ab hilda, 3 palestinians, including a militant commander in a gun battle in the west bank town of novels. israel has stepped up reeds, targeting palestinian militants following of string of attacks on its citizens. a ceasefire is in place between israel and islamic jihad in gaz. turkeys as it's resuming its oil and gas search in the eastern mediterranean, sending off its largest drilling ship after a 2 year break. turkey is embroiled in a dispute with grease in cyprus, over maritime boundaries. athens accuses turkey of illegal exploring for natural gas in the region. the japanese fashion designer, issy may yaki, has died. he was 84. he survived to russia, and he went on to create
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a global clothing empire known in the industry as the prince of pleats. his signature designs were both comfortable and affordable. a fashioned design icon of the past 50 years. yet he disliked the concept of fashion itself. is he me? i can refer to his designs as clothing rather than fashion. he said it was people that interested him. designing clothes was simply a way of feeling closer to humanity. since establishing his design studio in 1970, his goal was to produce practical clothes, which would stand the test of time. that idea inspired perhaps his most famous design, pleated clothes, which did increase, could be watched by machine and could be rolled instead of folded. there were affordable to a personal rebuke to a fashion industry. he fast catered too much to wealth, an extra 70 but he is arguably most famous for the mock turtle. next he designed for the late apple, c. e o. steve jobs jobs originally wanted me actually to design
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a uniform for employees. it became his own personal signature. then he was born in hiroshima, in 1938 me i. k was 7 years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on his home city as he sat in the classroom. his mother died 3 years later from radiation poisoning . it was something he did not wish to speak of, but in one of the few interviews he gave, he said the event was part of the reason he ended up designing clothes. a way to be closer to people and a way to be modern, optimistic, and to look forward with hope. and we could use that to day. his reminder of the top stories that were following for you. the f. b, i has rated donald trump's estate in florida in an unprecedented swoop on the home of a former us president. agents searched for documents allegedly removed from the white house. tromp claims the rate is an attempt to stop him from running for president again. and vote. county has underway in kenya as the country election,
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the parliament and president, the former prime minister, wiley or dingo, is a head in the poles at the moment. so re prices and high unemployment dom i did the campaign, i watch a d w news. my colleague rob want as of next week he w business news. i will see you tomorrow with departure to the to day this meets flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century it meant lena captain and setting sail.


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