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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2022 3:00am-3:16am CEST

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a 3 years and that will change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world starts september 7th on d. w. ah ah. ah, this is dw news live from berlin, f b i agent search the florida state of former us president donald trump. agents were looking for documents, allegedly removed from the white house from claims. it's part of a conspiracy to stop him running again. also coming up counting is underway in
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kanyes election to decide who will be the new president. what will be the makeup of the party? and the fashion world mourns it's prince of police in japanese designer is myakea as died. ah, i'm pablo fall. yes, welcome to the program. the f b i has rated donald trump to state in florida. an unprecedented move on the home of a former u. s. president trump claims agents broke into his safe at the mar lago complex. he's under investigation for allegedly removing official records from the white house, but from claims to raid is part of a conspiracy to stop him running for president again in 2024. mara laga the morning after the search police remained at the scene to secure the
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property. trump referred to his florida residence as the winter white house because he often received world leaders and heads of state. there. the search was part of an investigation into whether the former president illegally moved classified whitehouse records to the estate. back in january boxes of documents were also confiscated from the property. trump was in new york during the latest search, but protested online these a dock times for our nation as my beautiful home mar. lago and palm beach. florida is currently under siege rated and occupied by a large group of f. b. i. agents, nothing like this has ever happened to a president of the united states before. in office, trump was often criticized for mishandling sensitive government documents. us media broadcasting images which claim to shar notes. he tried to flush down a toilet under us law. he should have handed them over to the national archives.
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documents that are if a top secret level or a bar represent it a get out. ah, ah, and exceptionally gray damage to the national security. trump support has protested the search in front of the maro lago property throughout the night. they suspect the right as part of a conspiracy within the justice department to prevent trump from running for reelection. i'm joined now by nemo romani he is a trial lawyer, former federal prosecutor and legal commentator, and he joins us from los angeles. welcome to d w. so this is the 1st time in history that the f b i has right at the home of a former president. incredible use of course. do we know what led the justice department to take this step? unprecedented is the right word 1st time in american history. so the national archives were in talks with trump and his representatives regarding the documents
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and what should be returned. there were 15 boxes that were returned, but apparently some of the documents were not. so they made a referral to the department of justice. and ultimately, i have to believe that the attorney general merrick garland signed off on this search warrant. there is no way a line prosecutor like i used to be would be able to do this without the clearance of the highest levels of the department of justice. right? well, trumpet is republicans have blasted the rate as a weaponized politicization of the department of justice and their accusing democrats of abusing the justice system to keep him from running for president again in 2024. is there any reason to believe that this was politically motivated? what's only possible the statute that donald trump may have violated 18 u. s. c. 207. 1 has a disqualification provision and this was passed after richard nixon. and it specifically says, in addition to a potential 3 year term and federal prison. that if you are convicted of violating
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this statute, you are prohibited from holding public office. that is a question whether this laws unconstitutional or not because it's never been applied. but it's a real possibility that if trump is prosecuted, that is prohibited from running in 2024. right, well, you're a lawyer. so what would you advise donald trump to do if you were his lawyer? now? i would advise him what his lawyers did when they're in the white house. don't rip up documents, don't flush them down the toilet. don't barnum don't take them all because there's no reason for you to be in this situation. the laws clear. you have to maintain these documents, give them to the national archives. if there's some reason that the document should be disposed of, the archivist has to make that decision, not you as a president or former president. so donald trump just needs to listen to his lawyers advice going forward. do you think that this could actually help donald trump on the republicans? it certainly can. we're in a mid term year and if it mobilizes is bays,
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and they think that he is being persecuted or prosecuted for political reasons. it can cause the republicans to gain in the mid terms and even boost his chances of reelection in 2024. nima round rock money. thank you for joining us on d. w. thanks for having me. vote counting is underway in elections in kenya. the nation is choosing a new parliament and president inflation, unemployment and corruption dominated campaign. you can hear him before you see him arrive. presidential candidates, reino dean, got on his way to cost his vote in kenya's general election. people have been waiting for this moment the whole morning wave visited. is that a level dba? ah, because he has suffered a lot to see us play you so much time to get this. this chair people started
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queueing as early as for i am here and i ruby's largest and for my 2nd men to keeper, they have different issues that grappling with abby's dental countries. actually, to corrupt, we want to see a leadership jobs that are fights with corruption. don't really, people are banging hunger bits of people day because of water, but you can find some rich group will be of, but the beetle, 50 bills and 3 bills. i'm here to vote, casa, the cost of living is too high. so i hope or when i'll vote for some one with the exposed, but i think he's going to lower the price of life. even though today is a public holiday, most people want to go back to work. many have informal jobs surviving on merely $2.00 a day. quote on a traffic to santa cove at 19 affected as a lot, especially economically, because there weren't any jobs. we went through a lot of problems after that, the cost of living and the prices went up. now you can't even do business and have
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some savings at harper's fire. be a sad oh patella. passing on is out of himself. i to my abdallah, runs a small business selling man darzy deep fried bread and provides for her 5 children . she's been disappointed in the past by politicians. she has put her hopes in my low and are feeling. i feel very bad because you can choose some one thinking that there can be helpful, but they end up forgetting you as a voter. g filing. in a number of locations across the country, polling has been postponed because of incorrectly printed ballads, gunfire, or flooding. despite these irregularities, electoral observers on the ground remain optimistic. the major players in this selection havoc slippers to peace throughout their campaign period will simba current president talking about this. everyone else has talked about this. i'm so we are hopeful that are looking at the history. the poor are aware of the damages
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that's gone, because the way it kills rayleigh, dingo has voted, his supporters hoped he'd speak to them. instead, his wife addressed the media. we just hope for the best. and we think that they're not going to bring in the rubbish that they have done before she referred to the failures of the electoral commission in the last election when the supreme court nullified the result. despite these pastel injures canyons are hopeful for a clear result that both sides will accept. authorities in crimea say one person was killed and others injured. as explosions rocked a russian air based on the occupied peninsula. videos shared on social media show several blasts at the nova. federal reef cut, facility rushes, defense ministry claims detonated ammunition caused the explosions. russia illegally annexed crimea from ukraine. in 2014, an action that ukraine's president of volunteers,
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lensky says was directly connected to the current war, showing nevada. today there's a lot of attention on the crimea issue. underwrite the so because crimea is ukrainian and we will never renounce it. we will not forget that it was the occupation of crimea that was the beginning of the russian war against duke gregory . meanwhile, on the mainland fighting continues, especially in the east and in the south of ukraine. russia has been escalating its attacks in the area in recent weeks. people in the city of mich alive, live in constant fear of rocket attacks from russian troops. and the entire region is on edge. as a major russian offensive is expected there any time to this. his home has been reduced to ruffle. alexander is a ukrainian volunteer shoulder. his happy he was not at home when the blast hit
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what coffee. madame a moment, i'll have to sleep in the trenches in the next few days anyway. was yours for 3 years, or i don't need to come back here moment. you can't live here. let us no, must never preserve out there. every day mich alive is hit by miss house. several people were injured in this neighbourhood, but many do not want to leave their homes. the head of the regions, military administration, blame spies for providing targets to the russian army. and i have trucks in there and they like to request they given go their duties. so they just gave information for analytics. authorities are trying to rude out the spies as soon as possible. a deep sense of unease has settled over southern ukraine. the region is expecting a major russian offensive siren spring out in nearby odessa. though air defenses here are strong, but that's not the case in mich alive. as in iraq, sirens blair,
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for the 2nd time in a day, mothers and children at this children's hospital seek shelter in the basement. wish it was, it's terrifying. these children are our future digital. we're nothing without number. only a few are still here. thank god. the ones who laugh don't have to hear and see. all of this, you have reports rushes, planning on moving troops to the region with the situation already so bad. that's making people here even more fearful for the future. over the summer, the japanese fashion designer is seam yaki has died aged $84.00. he survived hiroshima and went on to create a global clothing empire known in the industry. as the prince of plates signature designs were both comfortable and affordable. a fashion design icon of the past 50 years. yet he disliked the concept of faction itself. is he me? i can refer to his designs as clothing rather than fashion. he said it was people
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that interested him. designing clothes was simply a way of feeling closer to humanity. since establishing his design studio in 1970, his goal was to produce practical clothes, which would stand the test of time. that idea inspired perhaps his most famous design, pleated clothes, which to increase could be watched by machine and could be rolled instead of folded . there were affordable to a personal rebuke to a fashion industry. he fed catered too much to wealth, an extra 70 but he is arguably most famous for the mock turtle. next he designed for the late apple, c. e o. steve jobs jobs originally wanted me actually to design a uniform for employees. it became his own personal signature. then he was born in hiroshima, in 1938 me i. k was 7 years old when the atomic bomb was dropped on his home city as he sat in the classroom. his mother died 3 years later from radiation poisoning . it was something he did not wish to speak of bought in one of the few interviews
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he gave, he said the event was part of the reason he ended up designing clothes. a way to be closer to people and aware to be modern, optimistic, and to look forward with hope may rest in peace. well, finally, we're going to leave you with the sad news of the passing of lamont dozier. one 3rd of the legendary mo, time producer, songwriter, trio, holland, dozier, holland, who were behind many of the music genres hits including where did our love go by the supreme, thanks for watching taker. so you can at the top, the next star. ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, interested the global economy our portfolio d w business beyond here's a closer look at the project.


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