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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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the top story we're following for you this our the us attorney general says he's asked the judge to unseal the search warrant used in the rate of former president donald trump's florida home. mary garland said he was also asking to make public that list of items f. b i. agents took from the property after a short break, my colleague rob watts, has our business update for you. with disney overtaking netflix to become the world's biggest streaming service rember, you can always find more news on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm all me and he said thanks for joining us. with a sex for an operator who wrote her master's thesis on potato marine to read a turn on. well, it gets more ridiculous from there. you don't you literature list read german
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screen with the journey across the entire continent. it's a variety of cottonwood on this. so well the focus to the move is shake is visionaries and made it when body the meaning of modern africa this is an egg, and d, w. mm hm. ah, netflix is no longer the streaming king. disney is now top of the tree when it comes to numbers of subscribers. its inched past its arrival as netflix struggles to cling on to its uses. washington's pharma lobby is kicking it's the gear is us
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representatives to prep prepared to pass a bill that should mean cheaper drugs for some americans could best tower in berlin . how the key to getting germany through a cold winter. this is day to be business on robots. in berlin, welcome to the program. disney has just leap frogs, the traditional market leader to become the world's biggest streaming service for subscribers. disney added 14400000 paid uses across it's 3 platforms in the 1st quarter. edging past netflix for the 1st time. now has $221000000.00 subscribers to it's disney plus hulu. and e s p n plus services. isni has also revealed is finding a new ad supported streaming service in the u. s. at the end of this year. let's get more on all of that from our wall street correspondent, yen score to the ends. levies have you on? just explain to us how has disney managed to leap frog, netflix when it comes to streaming content is king. and
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in that regards, the success of disney is a long way in the making if you want to put it that way already in 2006, the disney bought picks up properly from the job then that by the way, it was one year before netflix thought a switch from sending dvds by mail to their streaming service, then an o 9, a disney followed up with the purchase of the marvel universe. then in 2012, they bought lucas film. and that was that the right to star was met. also, indiana jones and done not that long ago, they bought the entertainment business of 21st century fox. that's all the content that is paid off now. and it took a disney in general about 60, in a month to get their 1st $100000000.00 subscribers to took netflix about 10 years to achieve that. so it's, it's pretty much content that's driving the thick of the for there are changes
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coming as disney said, that is funding the ad supportive subscription. so people will be able to watch adverse and then pay a little bit less per month space. what's the thinking behind that? well, the thinking behind it is a content might be king, bed to content also comes with a price take, right? so it's pretty expensive, not just those a $1000000000.00 that disney spend on buying those companies. but it's also to produce new content again and again and again. and so therefore, disney announced you can choose, you can either have a cheaper version that is at base, or you can have a more expensive version that is at a free that is, by the way, a tendency that we also see with other companies like netflix and ethnic festival as to streaming business off disney might have been that is not profitable at this point. ok, m course in new york breaking down for us. thank you very much. staying in american,
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be us house of is and this is expected to pass the inflation reduction acts on friday. it's a landmark bill for the bible administration. one of the key changes is allowing the government to negotiate drug prices, virus medica, health insurance program for retirees. the government expects, it'll reduce drugs costs for $64000000.00 americans among the provisions, the ability for the government to find companies that raise prices above inflation plus a cap of $2000.00 on out of pocket costs for medicine and get more on how this is playing out in washington, let's cross to our correspondent carolina, carolina. she boy great to have you on the program carolina just explained to us how the pharmaceutical industry is reactive to these plans. well, rob, the pharma companies are getting ready already to take legal actions against the far my industry has already suggested. it's likely to suit to challenge the law.
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but this is not a surprise, of course, that the industry has it. historically, always been on a high alert when it comes to changes specially law changes that might affect their product, monopolies. and experts are actually saying that this is just the beginning rather than the end of developments over medicare drug prize and negotiations. and it is also important to point out rob that even if the bill is passed in the house tomorrow, as expected, the direct prize measures will only take effect once the u. s. department of health and human services roles out regulations on their execution towards prices in the us are higher than a lot of comparable economies was of impact is that having for patients in america as he to say is the prices are for medicines. here the united states are very high and according to a report, a last year published by the year as a government there, they are 2 to 4 times higher than in australia, friends or canada. but it's really
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a lot. and among the most effective people are of course seniors because they usually need more medication due to their age, but also people with chronic illness who as statistically usually come from lower income families. so they have sometimes to make decisions. very serious decisions about either food or medicines or how to pay the rent or, or buy their medicines. as you say, the fall or industries not to into this bill. is it? but is there a lot of hope beyond the pharma industry fast it will have an impact on those very high prices for patients or to answer that question, it's important to see why the folk was, is the core of this part of the legislation. and am a that is that the government, the federal government through medicare would have the power to change 10 of the more expensive medicines in every year to rent $222026.00 and with the number
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growing up to 60 medicines by the year 2029, now the opinions are quite divided on the impact of the legislation. some say that the measures are good for medicare beneficiaries and taxpayers who front the medicare benefit. but some are disappointed because they say that this provisions apply only it to medicare about the measures, despite their limitations, could change of the way of the people are paying for drugs and sophistic, say that even the up to 48000000 people could have a bare live and a better way of painter medicines with this county and she way in washington for us . thank you very much. south of lucas and the other business news housing prices in the us hit record high is during the 2nd quarter with most of the country experiencing double digit price rises compared to earlier in the year. expos, blame a surgeon mortgage interest rates rising, raising monthly payments for prospective home buyers, which then have
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a knock on effect on prices. german gas storage facilities, almost 75 percent for and on track to beat target set by the government. despite reduced russian gas deliveries for weeks. germany has been buying gas on the global market, well conserving energy in an effort to fill the national reserves. ahead with a stain with gas and german chancellor olive shots as announced his support for a proposed pipeline to bring more of it from southern to central europe. the so called mid cat pipeline would funnel gas from portugal, am spain to france, and perhaps beyond it would require an estimate of $3000000000.00 euros in financing. the proposal is a revival of an idea which was previously branded financially and viable by regulators. our voter entry leshana has more chance or short announcer support for the project during a press conference saying he spoken about the potential pipeline with leaders from
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spain and portugal, as well as a european commission in brussels. spain has 6 terminals for importing liquefied natural gas, and portugal has one. but there is in the infrastructure to transport the gas to elsewhere in europe efficiently and effectively. the idea for this pipeline is not new. it was 1st put forward in 2013, but ultimately fell through in 2019 because of strong opposition from environmental groups and from spain. both sholtes and european commission chief ursula vander lion, are hoping the project can be resumed. now that the geopolitical landscape has shifted so drastically short stated at the press conference that the pipeline would massively relieve the situation now. but it may actually be years before oil flows through the pipeline. if the leaders agree to build it. tony is also hoping renewable energy is, will help ensure citizens had enough power. one of the big challenges to overcome
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how to store of excess energy for days when the wind is blowing or the sun isn't shining. solutions are already in the works that a 4 to 5 meters high energy storage facility is under construction. new berlin is the largest of its kind in germany, built by the major energy company. what temper, weekend store energy in the form of warm water will put it in the grid and then the customers can have a hot shower or in the winter heat up their homes. it's very difficult to store the energy coming from renewables. often the potential of windmills and solar panels is wasted because their energy is not needed at that moment. thanks to this tank, that energy can still be used to warm up water that will be stored and used later on. this tank can hold 56000000 liters of warm water, about 350000 backups. so if you, for example, a go out on a day trip in the morning, you make your coffee nice and warm, you put it in
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a tear most 3 hours later, you still have your warm cup of coffee. that's kind of add the idea. but the transition to renewables is slow. so far, only a fraction of the water in the tank is heated with green energy. the strategies to stop using fossil fuels by 2040 or 2050. to achieve this, the entire infrastructure must be transformed. i mean, these are huge things before you have this plant engineered, constructed that takes time, the, we all would like it to go faster. as worries over russian gaskets mount storage tanks like this can help relieve some pressure. but much of the energy use to heat up the water still comes from fossil fuels, must have investments in renewable energy is unnecessary to make the process more sustainable. just lacked. lastly, it'll be like selling ice to the north pole. that's what critic said. when you
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asked pizza cheney dominos set out to crack the italian market, and it appears they may have been right after setting an ambitious goal of over $800.00 outlets and raising hundreds of millions of dollars sales weren't while the company had out for this week. last of the may of 29 branches of domino's pizza that had actually opened was shut it, and he has, it has now fully exited the home of pizza. and so for me, in the business team here in berlin until next time with is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like. return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult
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with successes and you know, weekly coping 19 special next on d. w. as on or driven by merciless, read others or pushing the destruction of when meters came to present with the government is trying to destroy the indigenous people with care berks, to project, to blend grabbers or exploiting the amazon rain forest indigenous peoples or no. briefly opposing them, the heart of brazil in 45 minutes on d. w. ah. in hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa. you to repeat issues and share ideas
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you know, or this channel. we are not of great to happen. delicate topic because population is growing fast. and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d w. o . in some parts of the world, cobra 19 restrictions are being rolled back or even lifted completely. but in many places, case numbers are rising rapidly again, making the search for effective vaccines and treatment as important as ever. in columbia, researchers are testing a.


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