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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from the lin, another attack on your biggest nuclear power plant. moscow and cave accused each other of shelling the separation nuclear facility. as the un warns of a potential nuclear disaster. also coming up, extreme drought tightens its grip on europe, rivers run dry across the continent. as scientists warned,
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the drought could potentially become the worst in 500 years. and a year after the taliban takeover, we made some of the millions of afghans the remain displaced inside the country. desperate to begin a new life away from fee of poverty and persecution. ah, i am rebecca writ is welcome to the program. the head of the u. n's nuclear watchdog has warned of a grave crisis unfolding at the separation nuclear power plant in ukraine. he was addressing an emergency session of the un security council as moscow and keith tried accusations of new shelley near the nuclear facility. as fighting in the area continues, the u. s. is backing calls for a demilitarized safe zone around this operation. plant. ukraine says that russia has turned the site into
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a military base for launching attacks. want to better understand how worried we should be? and indeed, how worried the experts are about the situation at the separation plant. i also talked to gerald named thomas, the radiation expert from imperial college london. i think there's a concern for the workforce who are working there and basically pointed the gun. you know, it's never wise to do anything stupid around any major infrastructure plan, whether that's a chemical or a nuclear plants. but i think in terms of potential worry for people further afield than the immediate area. i don't think this is a major concern for us. the sizes are extremely well protected and even a direct hit on one of the to react is probably would not really mean that there would be a breach and radiation would be released. if that's the case, then it would only be the local area that would suffer the consequences as we saw around noble. it was the local area that really suffered any consequences for
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a field. you're not going to get significant amounts of radiation. so i think in terms of western europe, it is not something that we need to be concerned about, but it is sure is a worry for the local population. but you have to remember, it's a terrible situation there at the moment. they're in the middle of a wall, which is infinitely more dangerous to them than anything that could happen. then you could expect experts are warning though of a potential nuclear disaster. what do you say to those warnings? well, i didn't like 10 disaster because i don't think it would be a disaster. why the population? i think any release the radiation will cause concern. but if we, if we look at what happened after local weather was completely unregulated release, you know, it was only the local area that was to be impacted. people like to think that are impacted wrong, but that's just not true. so it will be release of all types like id and c. m id has a very short half life that wouldn't get very far away from the plans and season.
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we know there's not cause any major health problems in the population even around general. so i think we need to be cautious, and i certainly wouldn't want to be one of the people working now. i think it's an impossible situation for them to work in. i think that is the major concern is, is the local population looking at plans to be quite honest, it would be really stupid if you try to do anything in that area because it will be the russian soldiers and the ukrainian nationals around on to it. so for most of course, those people around the plan indeed are. and how is this situation, or is it different from what happened in general? totally different from what happened in general. what happened in chicago was a, was a major accident to a reactor that was actually working at the time. here we're looking at a potential strike by an explosive weapon that would probably not even get through the containment facilities that surround these reactions. nowadays, it's a very different design of reactor, so i think we need to, you know,
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be concerned for the locals, but i don't think it's a major concern for the rest of western europe. hi, dr. gerald and thomas radiation expert from imperial college london. thank you very much for time today. thank you. as the war, right, as on in ukraine, russian forces continue to fight and die in battle every day. but while we, while the fight for supremacy on the battlefield continues, it seems the fight for the hearts and minds of the russian people has already been won. support for the war remains high. so to do levels of indifference holsters a trying to find out why. on the face of it, it's a summer, much like any other in moscow. the fact that russian troops are fighting, killing and dying in ukraine, seems far removed from life in the russian capital. i still was with i was thinking about and change anything or to what extent does the situation have to do with me? remembering from nothing's up to me are you we can only look on smoking and wait
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for the outcome. what is not that in him? yes. i am waiting for victory brushing composure while the kremlin continues to attack its neighbour. despite the international sanctions that put the nation's future risk. independent posters at the about a center are trying to find out why the russian people appears so indifferent to what is going on. 0. it is an ocean. we asked a vision who is to blame for the fatalities on the destruction of 30 people, put nato 1st and ukraine, a distant 2nd. russia was not seen to be at fault in any way that absolves people from thinking about the fact that there is currently a fratricidal war going on, or mostly good breath obese when they wanna brush. and steve propaganda is working . people only voice criticism we're down to those closest to them. the war has divided families and friends ethnic ukrainians and ethnic russians live on both sides of the border regia,
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it needs to be. i'm an ethnic ukrainian in the near the for me, it was of course, a shock with her. so i've had rose with a lot of old friends because they do not believe that something ugly is going on. they're going to put it mildly from your schedule with the lack of descent is also due to intimidation. anyone who criticizes the army or protests against the kremlin faces, imprisonment or fines. marina of sienna cova described putin as a murderer on this poster. she now faces charges of spreading false information punishable by up to 10 years in prison. get rid of them, just one, have a good. many friends have phoned me and said, why did you get involved? they will crush. you ate you up toast suicide, and then kill you. we don't support this will either, but we think it's better to keep quiet, white things out, keep our heads down upward. many musk events prefer to shrug things off and put up with the status grow less 10 out some of the other stories making use this. our
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germany's offense ministry has said it will be suspending its military presence in molly. the announcement comes after the malia government repeatedly denied german forces, overflight rights preventing troop rotations. berlin says it's willing to participate in international peacekeeping missions in the country, but only if it's supported by the molly government. for me, you as president donald trump has said he'll not oppose the release of the warrant that allowed f b. i. agents to search his florida home. the u. s. attorney general has asked a judge to unseal the warrant to allow authorities to publish the list of items. if the agents seized from the property. for mister lincoln, president got to buy a rent pack said has arrived in thailand on a flight from singapore. the time prime minister said his visit was permitted on humanitarian grounds as red packs that was seeking asylum in another country. he was forced to resign as president after protests caused by a deep economics crisis at the canal where there's still no clear winner
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in the presidential election, veteran opposition later rayleigh, dingo and deputy president william rooted neck and neck. if neither wins more than half the vote, they'll be a runoff for the 1st time. elder it in western kenya is one of route host stronghold. it was also the scene of ethnic unrest out of the 2007 election. as our correspondent mario miller reports, memories of the violence linger on out and about. and b, house of piece, helen, courtesy and collins barracuda walked through the neighbourhood, an elder it in western kenya, one day ahead of kenya's general election. they talk to neighbors and ask if they feel safe, whichever the outcome i'd be ready to let her make myself so the scenes that unfold it in 2007 are still fresh. and every once memory here, after the elections violent clashes broke out between different ethnic groups. dozens of people including children, were burned alive in
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a church. peace activists, corinthian barracuda lost friends and relatives. it was bad. some people, when they were injured, they still have injuries still to be some they become physically disabled, some became mentally disabled. you can still see the fear that they have. the other at neighbourhood is a stronghold of william, brutal vice president of kenya. and one of the 2 leading presidential candidates authorities see the area as a possible hotspot for violence and have brought in hundreds of security forces. but like in 2007 leaflets with hate, speech have been circulating. they read vote for router or 2007 was just the tip of the iceberg. at the other end of the city ballad papers, a checked and sorted heavily armed police officers secure the site. the i, b, c. the canyon electoral authority has to deliver this time after the last election 5 years ago, had to be repeated due to serious errors. you have to be very clean to make sure
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that you have the right and in the right, one is rissa. what is anxious? waiting will be critical grid. what is tuesday? morning election day at 6 am. presidential candidate, william brutal is the 1st to cast his ballad in a village near alger. it he to praise for peace. riggle. oh, good. but peace doesn't hold well on election day. these pictures make the rounds we're going to, i went to meet with a freshly elected member of county assembly for relo. dingoes party is involved in a violent dispute. he accuses his political arrival. watha waiver is not in miss thorn party. that lucio re local monica lu. i'm going to group through one of the attackers broke his aids arm. he says,
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the thoughts of violent incidents are not rare and canyon politics. although they haven't happened much in the selection. back at the polling station, 5 p. m sharp clip willing fish. i have been clothed, time to count under the eyes of numerous election observers. now, days later, people are still eagerly waiting for the finer results and correspond marianna joins us now from el the red mario. ken is still waiting for the presidential results, but what is the situation like fair in elder had given this to close to coal prediction? yeah, this situation here is very peaceful. people are calmly waiting for the results to come in, even though the mood has changed a bit in the last few days since we've been here. so people have been telling us now that it's a bit more tens, it's a bit a, you know, a bit more anxious if people are feeling a bit more anxious because it's taking so long and they're getting a bit impatient. but also because their 3 mainly watched tv networks have stopped
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or projecting and publishing results that have been doing over the past few days without giving giving any reason. so some people saying and that they will wait for the electoral commission to publish the final result. because they feel like they could maybe cause and rest or insecurity if they prematurely announce a winner, which is a possibility of course. and so we're still waiting for that to happen. but also there's a lot of misinformation as circulating on social media. so that's also something that is adding to the uncertainty here. how long will people have to wait? what is the state of the tallying at the moment? so the actual commission is counting each or as, as publishing basically the results, the presidential results from each constituency. there are 292 nationwide and now they have count announced about 10 and they have also declared that they will now
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speed up the process. they will have more people to count and to verify the documents. so we expect it either to night, but probably in the morning because observe us will also say that it's a, it's a bit of a risk or it could cause, as i already mentioned, people going out on the streets and some insecurity over to the night. if they declared the results to night and so probably tomorrow morning, but it's really hard to say. so are we will, we will see, or whoever does win in the end, what's the biggest challenges facing them? so kenya is a country in deep economic traces as a devastating drought, the west and the last 4 decades. and millions of canyons are starving, does a huge debt. so the incoming government will have to take care of these issues, but as well reconciling the 2 camps, the country is basically split in half because before the t v station stopped
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tallying or publishing the numbers, it showed that both candidates are very close to each other. as a tight race. so this reconciliation has to be one of the main issues as well as the, the voter apathy. i mean, you could see in tuesday's election only 64 percent of registered voters came out to the ballot. and that's a drop from 80 percent in 2017 in the last election. so what happened? why i use the, especially youth not feeling connected with politics. how can we make them feel hurt? how can we, you know, address their issues. so this are all on points that the incoming government will have to take care of. yeah, so big job ahead indeed, mario miller in elder at kenya. thanks very much. has been nearly a year now since the taliban takeover of of ghana stung force tens of thousands of people to flee the country. the lucky ones were lifted out, but many more were left behind the un estimates. there were still around 3500000
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people internally displaced thereafter. decades of war. the situation every bit as desperate as it was almost a year ago. this was the scene at capital airport a year ago. people massed together, trying to get on any plane that would take them. thousands got out. many more, were left behind, splitting up families, and leaving their loved ones in afghanistan at risk. well, 3 of shakima and abdul's children are in the us now. their remaining 2 daughters worked in television under the old government. now shame as says she fears they may be put in prison, but they and she misses the ones who made it out. um, what i was saying. he had a quote number. it's my deep desire to see my children and talk them, learn what having a lot of problems here. oh that the la data didn't l o lydia,
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which we will overcome these challenges. but i want to be with my children is that he at a level is almost every day, some her son was a commando in the afghan army. now he's a refugee in the us, where he still trying to get his family cleared to come over and do some the, i guess what the new us sons will apartment life is really difficult for us here. i've completed documentation for my family 2 or 3 times, but their clearances are still pending. unfortunately, the government ignores our files from obama mckee. at least he made it all the way to america. millions of afghan evacuees are stuck in limbo in neighboring pakistan, waiting for visas. many were journalists, or had other jobs that made them targets for the taliban. thus, if one at all, unfortunately, we have not yet experienced the speedy transfer of evacuees, which is a breach of the pledge is made to afghans by the united states and european nations
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office for the place where i get after yet. nicholas had it while she was in fresh i'mma, and abdul's family life in afghanistan is a waiting game. it's one they have to play carefully with their lives. potentially at stake. a fellow, i'm joined by doctor arnold valan karima and afghanistan, expert and executive director of the center for international pace operations here in berlin, dr. whelan current cur, cremate. welcome to dw, thank you for your time this morning. at used to live and work in afghanistan, helping to promote civil society and parliamentary structures. once your reaction to what's unfolded there in this past year. well, it's devastating. see you before then to you. the stories off many friends to see into learned families are on
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a thought that people back denison suffering from a huge cfo attached to fi. i'm in many carrying line, also elliptical one. yeah, i mean there are many in crises facing the country. can you tell us a bit more about them? well, for sure, you're maybe know about the humanitarian crisis and me know that more than 90 percent of them population back in garrison are ha hungry. i was starving or they're very but this for sure. and you need food and it's closely combine it with the economic collapse which is and linked with the sanctions of the international community against them. and of course, it is also a difficult situation,
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especially for women who are bearing the bra and as valis, as children, not only from the humanitarian situation, but also from the political situation. meaning that girls older than of use and not go to school. many women are not allowed to work, so that is a very difficult situation for, for the old country, but also, especially for our former partners, that people that he left behind when the dimensions on the left last august and dade at what would you say got us to this point, it's a certainly not one thing, but why is afghanistan in such a dire situation? would you say? well, for sure, there's a number of reasons. and i would say probably the main reason would be the petite internationally of the intervention. and up to 20
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years, making this, this idea of this plan that the mastic reasons why i wanted to leave, then they closed a deal. what i would call is one of the most work she ever this would be agreement both in february, 2020. it was the cd. it deal between yes my my colleagues in the prison. but it did not include the government at the time, which might might criticize that performance and they were, we were, they were our partners and it did not really include other native or the united
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nations. we need charge of pieces of purity brought by and in this big and if you meant, i mean it only kind of promises made the promises by the essence to leave the country into promises by the time to say that again, saving for either to what we have witnessed last year last week. ready with the killing i. so why one of those a lot of question marks, how much this deal what's it was now suffering in the country and international community needed without any transition on receiving from one day to the next? really shares of the situation is yeah, andrew sat to rich conversation and we kind of and all day having unfortunately we
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have to leave it there. doctor, on one villain, creamy afghanistan, expert and executive director of the center for international pace operations. thanks so much for your time today. thank you for looking at some other world news now for my german chancellor. gerhard schroeder is suing parliament in an attempt to reinstate some privileges. he was stripped of in may. a budget committee removed funding fish food as office in the bonus tag after widespread criticism of his close time with russia. he still receives his pension and security detail. j y lay, the vice chairman of samsung electronics has vowed to work hard for the national economy. after he was pardoned by the south korean president units of kill, lee has already served 18 months in jail for bribery, making the pardon largely symbolic. at least 38 people have died across southwest in yemen, after torrential rains caused severe flooding in the capital. santa over 40
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buildings were damaged along with bridges and roads. the country has been locked in a 7 year civil conflict which has led to a lack of maintenance infrastructure worsening the situation. europe is in the grip of its most extreme drought in decades. record breaking hate waves linked to climate change have dried up rebel rivers rather across the continent and sent water reserves plummeting to historic lows. scientists have warned that scorching summer's and dry winters will likely become the new normal due to human and juice to global warming. europe's rivers are disappearing. italy's po is yet another casualty of the severe drought gripping much of the continent. the river would normally be teeming with tourists. instead it's drawing bed is littered with empty boats. those living near italy's longest river say the situation is unprecedented. yourselves or what i'm
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young and i do not remember anything like this, but even the elderly of my village and the villages around here have never seen something like this. never, ever. with the po relied upon the keeping. rice feels like this one irrigated farm as a warning of devastating consequences for the region known as italy's bread basket . spain is facing similarly di, conditions with reservoirs falling to the lowest levels since 1995. but this one in extra madura, the water has receded so far a medieval bridge submerged decades ago is exposed again in catalonia. this might century church has also emerged from the depths with scorching weather, predicted continue, water supplies, a set to only dwindle further. even the notoriously wet
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u. k is facing drought conditions with the source of the river thames drawing up for the 1st time since at least 1976. a made a record breaking heat and low rainfall in france, 2 rivers, a drawing up like here in the north west where the law, the country's longest river has fallen so low in some places. it can be crossed on foot to the east, sinking water levels in the rhine, a threatening not just fish, but the german economy to the river is a key economic artery with barges transporting millions of tons of cargo, including coal, oil and gas each year. but officials a warning that it is set to become impossible for most boats within days as europe's drought drags on this we can the world's most famous annual
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meteor shower, the per seeds begin falling. the shooting stars are known for bank. holla, full and for having bright, persistent trails. that can be spotted from anywhere in the world like here in bosnia where it's one of the most popular celestial events for photographers. the meteor shower will pick on saturday and the best time to watch it is right before the dawn. after a short break, a time installment of our doc film series. this one is title, cool and clever. and it's about the battle to keep our cities cool. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the allen texas. ah, with
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who is really green cities relaxing away scene. despite record temperatures. it's not a mirage. refreshing architectural ideas,
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innovative landscape planning are both cool and clever, chilling cities out next on d. w. in good shape is going natural. trading pain with spices brass is that with he ending zion by slowing to a snails pace. simple treatment method that are also incredibly effective in good shape. in 60 minutes on d, w o. into the unknown to day. this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being
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a captain and setting sail to discover a route. a race linked to military interests, a race linked to political and military, christie, but also linked to many financial resources. and adventure full of hardships, dangers and death. magellan journey around the world. starts september 7th on d. w. ah. ah, 5 people and nature are experiencing extreme temperatures and droughts in our cities each year threatens to bring record hate jump to. we've measured 70 to 80 degrees celsius on glass and steel behind here it might be 30 or 30.


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