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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah, 3 years that will change the world for ever. but julian's journey around the world, sports september 7th on d. w. ah . ah, this is the w news. why? but from berlin. the author's salman rushdie is staffed on stage in new york and air lifted to hospital. according to eyewitness reports, a man rushed on stage and attacks him. rusty's riding 1st made him a target in 1989 iran called for his death following the publication of his book,
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the satanic verses. also coming up on the show a another attack on europe with biggest nuclear power plants. moscow and kiva key was each other of shelling, this operation nuclear facility. the un warned of a potential disaster. and germany suspends its mission in molly, the defense ministry says the malia government has repeatedly with health clearance for military flights run by german forces. ah hello, i'm glad richardson a warm welcome to the show. we start with some breaking news. the author salman rushdie has been attacked on stage as he was about to give a lecture in western new york state. local police say he appears to have been stabbed in the neck. his attacker has been taken into custody. rusty's bulk, though, se tannic versus has been banned in iran since 1980
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h and is considered blasphemous by many muslims. a year after the book was published, a ron's late liter ayatollah khomeini issued a fatwas calling for rusty's death. and just a short while ago the governor of new york gave a statement saying that salman rushdie was alive and in a hospital. it is heartbreaking to learn that within the last hour, a prominent individual, salman rushdie was attacked on a stage in western york. jesse for he was about to give a speech, he is alive, he is a then transport near lifted to safety. but here's an individual who has spent decades ah, speaking truth to power. someone who's been out there on afraid, despite the threats that have followed him, his entire adult life, it seems as get the latest from our washington bureau chief, even as paul, who joins me now in as what more can you tell us?
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well we know that the attack happened. those are on 2 11 am eastern time invest in or yoga 75 year old author was just to or had just come on stage or in this in fear of theater where he wanted to deliver his speech. when this men ran towards him and stabbed him a couple of times, some eye witnesses are talking about $10.00 to $15.00 times. we know that he got a lifted to a nearby a hospital. we haven't heard anything about possible motives of the attacker, but we know that a he was arrested and we also do know that she was able to walk off stage by himself with the help of someone close by. we heard there from the governor of new york. what other reactions have we had to this? right, the, the british prime minister of ours johnson also just put out a, a statement saying we are all hoping that he is okay. and that he has been,
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he summer rush, he has been stead while exercising headquarters here, right. we should never cease to defend. there is also a solidarity on line with him and his family from all around the world to the governor of new york. you just mentioned a her and others are just thinking of him and praying for him as for now, i haven't seen any reaction. applauding this attack was only a bit more about salman rushdie, and indeed the history of the fought. why against him? right so mr. rushed to you spend about 10 years under police protection, living and hiding after ayatollah khomeini of iran called for his execution in 191989. because of his novel, the satanic verses which are considered by many muslims offensive to islam in the fiction. book about the profit was banned in india,
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where salman rushdie was born and he couldn't go home for decades. the iranian government, however, announced in 1998 that it would no longer seek to enforce the faithful in as pull for us. any thanks for that update to crane now where the head of the un nuclear watchdog has warrant of a grave crisis unfolding at this operation nuclear power plant. he was addressing an emergency session of the un security council as moscow and keith craig, accusations of new shelling near the nuclear facility. as fighting in the area continues, the u. s. is backing calls for a demilitarized se phone around this apparition plans. ukraine. it says that russia has turned the site into a military base for launching attack and stuff on it you had is a lecturer on radiation protection at our w t h r and university in germany. and i earlier asked him how concerned we should
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be about the showing at this operation nuclear power plants. well, 1st of all, i mean, it's horrible. the war into creating the direct involvement of nuclear apartment are no direct danger to the life of the people in germany. locally, the situation is of course quite different and indeed i'm worried about that. ok, so obviously terrible for local residents there. what would you then say to the experts who have been warning of potential nuclear disaster if fighting in the area continues? i mean, the un atomic watch dog has called this a grave. our of course, i generally agree with that. being the target was begun to design also, that we can only hope that both sides the exercise and necessary to prevent such a tragedy. i mean, i see no point in exploring scenarios in which radioactive materials are deliberately released and spread by military action,
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because this would simply be an escalation into a nuclear warfare. but the greatest danger from my perspective is a totally disruption of our supply. due to a lot of emergency coding and essentially a similar scenario demonstrates 2 important areas like containment by high explosives with then facilitating the reduce off regular rated oxide, looking at the possible accidents. you then think that a loss of power is the worst case scenario. what would that look like? well, i mean, we have the situation that dispute over where the power from actually goes to. and if somebody decides to destroy the power line, it would leave the trying essentially with its own power production and the key, the emergency generators both quite sensible to for the military military impact. and if we booked this session about
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ok, thank you very much for stuff on you. her lecturer on radiation protection at arbitrator and thanks for taking the time to speak with us. let's bring you up to speed now what some of the other stories making news at this hour. protesters across brazil have marched in support of democracy amid fears that president shire both in r. o could reject the results of october election. thousands gathered in south hollow to read manifesto in defense of brazil's democratic institutions aro, has repeatedly discredited the country's electoral system in the run up to the election. and at least 38 people have died across south western yemen. after torrential rains cause severe flooding. and the capital so now over 40 buildings were damaged along with bridges and roads. yemen has been locked in a 7 year civil conflict which has led to a lack of maintenance infrastructure, worsening. the situation and germany has announced it is suspending
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its participation in the un military mission to molly. the move comes after molly and authorities repeatedly denied german forces overflight rights preventing troop rotation. earlier this year, berlin extended the deployment tamale, following a visit by germany's foreign minister and elaina verba to the west african nation. the german government now says it is willing to participate in international peacekeeping mentioned in the country. but only if it is supported by molly's military winter here is due to the political correspondent, benjamin others. grove with more details on why germany suspending its military mission is molly. now. it has been attends relationship between berlin and the military shown to and by macklin. berlin has been repeatedly accusing malley and officials of not fulfilling the promises the spokesperson of germany's in defense ministry today said that yesterday. the seni lambert, germany's defense minister spoke to her malley encounter pod that. according to the
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germans side, he assured her that there would be no problem with this troop rotations. but as today's happening again, germany finally decided to pull out of this tube of this min, no smile mission backed by the united nations. but as you rightly just pointed out, germany says that it will continue supporting this international missions only if the local governments also support them. and what will the implications of this a for security in this a hell region? that's one of the big fears that they no longer will be fighting only in mali. we have a country under military rule with several separatists group. we have into ethnic fighting happening in the country. and the fear is that this will also happen in neighboring yaeger in neighboring burkina faso. and that's why this a hell region is so important for the german government. and what on alina bab of germany's foreign minister sat when she went to molly in april of this year, saying that after the pull out of the french, the largest contingent in molly,
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that decided that will pull out of the country. that, of course, it would mean extras, sponsibility for the countries that are still there. so that's the big fear that it might lead to in stable situations. not only molly, but also in the neighboring countries. so as this controversial than in berlin. one of the most important foreign policy voices off the german o position praised and said that this the right decision to do that. at the same time, he said that the german government should have put more pressure on by michael, on the authorities there to allow germany to continue with this mission. he said that germany now needs to be more realistic when it comes to the policy and that it needs a new african trans atlantic, a relationship to also counter russian and chinese influence in the region. and that's something that many german ministers have said politicians at a worried boy. if the situation what would happen now with this fighting, were not only the french decided to pull out. but also the european union is
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decided to end its training mission e duty and training mission along with what will happen now with this you and let and you, and backed min new sma mission. now the germany also decided, after almost 10 years molly, to pull its troops out of the country, our political correspondent, benjamin, of escort over. thanks so much for that update. the canyon electoral commission has admitted that vo, tallying in the presidential election is moving too slowly. this comes as kenyans are, have to wait for a 4th day to find out their next leader who be early projections went to a tight race between long time opposition leader relo dingo, deputy president william brito. no. as a general pull out on has on uncontested in kenya's since 2002 securities and increased across the country as disputes over previous presidential votes had been followed by deadly violence. he w correspondent, ita kamani is in nairobi and she explained why the vote counting and kenya is
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taking so long. well, it's because here in kenya we use a very slow process to count those results. are there have been a lot of trust issues between canyons and election officials or so what happens is those polls have to be read out one by one are viewed there by so many election officials you saw in that story that has just run. and so they are completed at the pulling station than they are taken to a constituency level. and then they're validated again at a national level. and that's what we're currently waiting for. a long and careful process. are people becoming impatient waiting for the results? certainly, and it's because in kenya, at the moment we're in what i would describe as a limbo schools are closed. most of the businesses are also closed. people are not going to work. and so a lot of people are just sort of glued to their t. v. screens waiting for the results which don't seem to be coming out. but the independent electron and boundaries commission chem, a person that that's the body that runs the elections here and did a short kennedy in an earlier press conference that in 7 days,
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which is the legal timeframe that they have, that those results will indeed have been announced and what will be the biggest challenges facing whoever becomes the next president? suddenly the cost of living i was speaking to a lady earlier today who were saying that, you know, even after the election, she doesn't see any hope for the country that people are sleeping hungry. the schools are supposed to reopen, as she doesn't know where she is. going to get school feeds from, it's not unique to her, it's what a lot of canyons are experiencing. there's a drought, let's ravaging the region, making things even worse. reeling from the effects of a global pandemic and not to mention the wine ukraine, which is also continuing to have an effect on us here. yet there was relatively low voter turnout, our people losing faith in the electoral process. well that's what a lot of people said, those who did not vote, and even those who did seeing that there was simply going to the pulls to protest to vote for somebody who they hadn't before. an unfamiliar phase. but the numbers
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are showing that the old guard definitely still has the political upper hand in the country. and yes, kenyans are very frustrated because of the things that i mentioned earlier. the state of the economy is not great. people are not happy with how the country was being run. and so these hope that maybe this will be the time that things finally changed. for kenya, dw, correspond either kamani in nairobi. thank you so much for your reporting. that's all for me for now. and doc film is coming up next, and brenda will be with you at the top of the hour. with more news headlines. thanks much for watching. oh, my friends have attended good listening place of long mediterranean, almost rar. enter for dual career drift or more. exploring modern lifestyles and editor.


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