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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news, live him from berlin. the author salman rushdie has been stabbed while giving of speech in new york. the man rushing up on stage and attack the world knows salman rushdie, his book satanic verses. it made him a target back in 1989 when the leader of iran called for his death,
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also coming up to night. another attack on europe's biggest nuclear power plant, moscow key or kiss each other of shelling these f arethia nuclear power facility. as the un warns of a potential nuclear disaster, and a year after the taliban take over, we will meet some of the millions of afghans who remain displaced inside their own country. desperate to leap. ah, i'm burned golf, it's good to have you with us on this friday and we start with some breaking news. the author salman rushdie has been attacked on stage as he was about to give a lecture in western and new york state. now local police say that he appears to have been stabbed in the neck. his attacker has been taken into custody. rusty's book, the satanic verses has been banned in iran since 1988 and is considered blasphemous
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by many muslims. a year after that book was published, iran's li leader, the ayatollah khomeini, issued a fuckwit calling for rush. these were hundreds of people were in the audience when salman rushdie was attacked. one of them was charles salva norton. here's his eye. witness account. what happened? they sat down and then with within 15 seconds, someone jumped on to the stage and began to beat him. and then i think the assailant adam on the floor ah, with ins, 2nd security had run up to the stage to help him. and then people began to exit and within 3 minutes there was an announcement that every one should evacuate, the outside empty theatre. i can tell you that the,
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the pounding that he took on that stage as reverberated ah, ah, amongst the people who were there in attendance amongst this really quaint to uh, ah, you know, community ah, and is now reverberating unfortunately throughout the country. and, you know, throughout the world there was an eyewitness account of what just happened. and here is the governor of new york coming. well, it is heartbreaking to learn that within the last hour, a prominent in vidual salman rushdie was attacked on a stage in western york. jesse for he was about to give a speech. he is alive, he is a and transport air lifted to safety. but here's an individual who has spent decades ah, speaking truth to power. someone who's been out there unafraid. despite the threats that have followed him his entire adult life. it seems. obs, governor the york speaking just moments ago. let's take the story now to washington
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bureau chief venus both she's following a bit force in his own. what more do we know right now of i know her, we don't know anything about possible motives. brand eyewitnesses say that there was only one attacker was dressed in black, or we also know that the man got arrested by the police and that medical staff into the police were called to the and fi theater right away in that mr. russia. good. alice does to a nearby hospital and is apparently undergoing surgery right now. we don't have any further information about his health condition or what we do know is that he was able to walk off stage with him. and we know that because we, when we heard the report ourselves in the name salman rushdie around the world, people were shocked on, on the news that he had been stabbed. and talked to me about the reaction or in the united states to the news. right. so some raised the question why and he
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has been living without police protection since 2002. now despite the fact that there still was a bounty on his life, so i think there is a well, a question or there is solidarity online with him and his family here in the united states. and as you just said, brand around the world, the governor of new york, we just heard him also of the british prime minister boris johnson put out a statement or so there is a lot of solidarity going on all across the globe. and i think it's also important to mention that as for now, at least i hadn't seen any statement. 1 applauding this is paul with the latest in washington in his has always thank you to enjoy now by our culture editors got roxborough, he is in the german city of cologne tonight. scott is good to see you on this, ellen rush, steve. if any one with allied back in the 1980s,
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i know that his name stands for freedom of thought. freedom of speech being able to write and express yourselves. and of course, drawing the ire and death threats from the regime in iran. tell us more about the book that he wrote satanic verses. yes, but i mean, as you say, anyone who live in the period in the eighty's, remember that very clearly. the book, the comic vs, is a essentially a higher sort of fictionalized account of the life of the promise of the prophet mohammed. and because the prophet mohammed is so revered in the muslim world, and a muslim artist colonel, aren't supposed to pick him in any way, shape or form. the depiction in the thick panic versus particulars because of a higher poke, spawn a lot of aspects of religion. and of the property itself that grows a huge degree of anger which led to the book being banned in the muslim countries,
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including around that and also living in india, the land of his birth for many years. and led to this part of law to the religion from the well, many of the religious leader of iran at the time called on all believing muslim to, to do their duty and kill rusty. now that led to rusty being kept basically under police protection and living in secret for all the decade or more living under the name joseph on the later after leaving police action coming out your memoir about that time, which describes sort of the, the credible difficulties of living a, what should be a public figure, a public artist living completely in secret, but as you say, he threw is suffering and through what happened to him with the result of the verses and the and the fact was issued against him became a symbol for freedom of speech and,
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and for really the bravery of the artist standing up again against violence, in this case, extreme religious. and you know, you make a good point that in the late eighty's and in the ninety's, he basically had to live in hiding for quite a while. just for his own safety and questions have already been posed today about a lack of security around him as he was giving that speech. what does it tell us then about our notion of safety, public safety when it comes to controversial free speech? yeah, it raises a lot of questions. of course, i mean when it comes to rusty himself in like $98.00, the raining government said it no longer supported of the killing of his killing. i'm. but as he heard the faqua itself, the religious edict was never lifted. um, and actually there was a bounty of low sun report $1000000.00 put on his head so obviously was still in danger. but if he failed in his memoir about his time in hiding,
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he became very frustrated. not being able to speak out, not being able to speak publicly, not even gable, to really meet his readers, which is such a key or of his life as, as a writer. i'm so that was one of the reasons that i think he emerged from, from heidi he much more of a, of a public. he still took book concerns for his sake and still had some forms protection though not really. these are very strict protection that he lived under i'm, i'm not really sure what this says about a public us 80 in general, he is such a figure in alex here. and what i find out what is really was really behind accent . we still know so little about of the man who assaulted. that's true. i think the, the motivation of the person who attacks. and i think that, of course, is going to tell the story that the rotors waiting to hear it's got rockport is always got. thank you. we're now to the war in ukraine. the head of the u. n. to nuclear watchdog has warned of a grave crisis unfolding at these upper reaches nuclear power plant in ukraine. and
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he was addressing an emergency section of the un security council today as moscow. and he continued to trade accusations of new shelling near that nuclear facility. as fighting in the area continues, the u. s. is now backing calls for a demilitarized safe zone to be established around the plant. ukraine says that russia has turned the site into a military base for launching missile attacks. whereas the war rages on in ukraine, russian forces continue to fight and die in battle every day. but while the fight for supremacy on the battlefield continues, it seems the fight for the hearts and minds of the russian. people has already been one support for the war remains very hard, so to do levels of indifference. on the face of it, it's a summer, much like any other in moscow. the fact that russian troops are fighting, killing, and dying in ukraine, seems far removed from life in the russian capital. i was told was, it was,
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isn't i was thinking about a change, anything showing, to what extent does the situation have to do with me? i'm going from of nothing's up to me are you? we can only look on smoking and where for the outcome. look at him. yes, i'm waiting for victory. russian composure, while the kremlin continues to attack its neighbor, despite the international sanctions that put the nation's future risk. independent posters at the about a center are trying to find out why the russian people appears so indifferent to what is going on. gentle. it is an ocean, we ask individual who is to blame for the fatalities on the destruction of 30 people, put nato 1st, and you cran. at distant 2nd. russia was not seen to be at fault in any way that absolves people from thinking about the fact that there is currently a fratricidal war going on, or mostly stood, but at the obese. when they wanna freshen state propaganda is working. people only voice criticism. we're down to those closest to them. the war has divided families
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and friends, ethic ukrainians, and ethnic russians live on both sides of the border. italia, it needs to be, i'm an ethnic ukrainian and then the other for me, it was of course, a shock, the furnace i've had roused with a lot of old friends because they do not believe that something ugly is going on there to put it mildly from his head, you stood there, where the lack of scent is also due to intimidation. anyone who criticizes the army or protests against the kremlin faces, imprisonment or fines. marina of sienna cova described putin as a murder on this poster. she now faces charges of spreading false information, punishable 5 to 10 years in prison, saying it again because i have a good many friends assigned me and said, why did you get involved? that would crush you 8 you up, ta suicide, and then kill you. we don't support this will either, but we think it's better to keep quiet white things out. keep our heads down,
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it goes up. many muskets prefer to shrug things off and put up, but the status quo or let's take a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world . the kenyan electoral commission has admitted that vote tally in the presidential election is moving too slowly. kenyans have had to wait for a 4th day to find out who their next president will be. early projections point to a tight race between long time opposition leader by the lingo and deputy president william router. germany's defense ministry says it will suspend its military presence in molly. the announcement comes after the malia government repeatedly denied german forces overflight rights, making the rotation of troops in the country impossible. berlin says it would be willing to participate in international peacekeeping missions there, but only if it is supported by the government. in molly protestors across brazil
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have marched in support of democracy amid fears that president joy urbanatto could reject the result of october's elections. thousands gathered his help hello to day to read, manifested defense of brazil's democratic institutions. also, nato has repeatedly discredited the country's electoral system. in the run up to the election this monday, march the anniversary of the tele bonds takeover of afghanistan in the chaotic final days before the fall of cobble, thousands fled the country and many others fled their homes. the un now put the number of officially registered african refugees world wide at 2600000, but it warns that the real number is likely much higher. the vast majority of those people are now in pakistan and iran here in europe. germany is now home to about a 180000 african refugees, an inside afghanistan,
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about 3500000 people have been internally displaced. they don't have a home after decades of war, political repression, and now food shortages. this was the scene at capital airport a year ago, people mast together trying to get on any plane that would take them thousands got out. many more, were left behind, splitting up families, and leaving their loved ones in afghanistan at risk. o. 3 of shame and abdul's children are in the us now. their remaining 2 daughters worked in television under the old government. now seamus says she fears they may be put in prison. well they and she misses the ones who made it out. what did i say? i was saying he had one of them and it's my deep desire to see my children and talk then learn what, having a lot of problems here that the litigated angelina did,
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which we will a the come nice challenges. but i want to be with my children is that he had a lot of them. and as i heard a some her son was a commando in the afghan army. now he's a refugee in the us where he still trying to get his family cleared to come over and do some. yeah, guess what? the new us on sula. what'd life is really difficult for us here. i've completed documentation for my family 2 or 3 times, but their clearances are still pending. unfortunately, the government ignores our files. and again, at least he made it all the way to america. millions of afghan evacuees are stuck in limbo in neighboring pakistan, waiting for visas. many were journalists, or had other jobs that made them targets for the taliban. thus, if one at the law, unfortunately, we have not yet experienced a speedy transfer of evacuees, which is a breach of the pledges made the afghans by the united states and european nations
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all are to find a place where i could have thought he acknowledged, had a fall, she was in fresh i'mma, and abdul's family life in afghanistan is a waiting game. it's one they have to play carefully with their lives, potentially at stake. over more now i'm joined by hobby, both to rob. she is a former minister for women in the afghan government and a member of the tea that negotiated the handover of power to the totally bon. at the talks in doha a, b, b, it's good to have you with this. when you were part of those negotiations, negotiating this, this handover of power. did you imagine that a year after the taliban would retake control that the country would be in the situation that it is right now? thank you very much mister. gov to be to be frank. no,
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we couldn't. we could then have that imagination. we did that imagined that one day on sunday like this, the aspect of that maybe of course and the beginning we really look nice and we understand that on a toss and they are just wanted to play a game and waste time. but at least we were on the face that at least it would be kind of a government or in government that both side can be a part of that. and the institution can be made and their government and the new gym cannot be collapse and people will at least a me save this. it was a lot of me, but we were really very shocked when i understood that if it isn't and left the country and when we saw
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a plane that people were rushing to that it was really very halftime for us. and we couldn't imagine that we were to let our viewers know as governor of bomb. you know, you were f, janice stands 1st female governor there. when you take that historic fact and been juxtaposed to what the taliban is doing now to women and girls, how do you think it will be before a woman is able to assume that type of responsibility? again unfortunately, we are on people. we have been seen day, several collapsing up on the sun. it's more than 40 years that we are suffering from war and conflict. and this time, of course, international community had some commitment, but unfortunately they did left us alone to the hand of or left on people with the
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hand of taliban, especially upon women that they are suffering at this moment. and so i don't understand that you were mention to start from 0 be several time we have seen such a collapse or but this time, of course it was very task. it was and very many difficult. or if you went to it, everyone was shocked. so often women should, these should this everything from 0, they have to continuously fighting for against lavonne and to get the advice which is ready, which is not easy, which is they would be very, very difficult. but they have, they are just standing and there are one woman are ready and done at the cottage and they are, they have a lot of courage to stand against taliban. and they will do it again from scratch. you are not in afghanistan anymore,
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and i can imagine that be the position that you held in politics. enough, can't stand it made you as a woman, a lightning rod for the totally bond. did you have to leave afghanistan because you feared for your personal safety or be, were you threatened bought the total so we yeah. you know, that even at the moment, even this and they really are going to the people that they have set up and military. they are at this thing by ton of on and, you know, getting punishment and touching them. and women that they are a, are 7 or 7 out of 10 of them have been edited by time on. so i was a person that i was working in different position, especially with a dialogue or a negotiation. so it was then you just pay for me and for my family to be inside
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honest a former f can minister for women. we appreciate your time and your insights tonight and for sharing this insight into what is going on in the history of your country. thank you. thank you. we're here in europe. thousands of dead fish have washed up along the banks of the odor river bordering germany and poland. in recent weeks, high levels of mercury have been detected in water samples taken from the river. an investigation is now under way to determine the cause of this environmental catastrophe. thousands of dead fish lined the banks of the odor river floating in the shallow waters. fishermen use nets to collect them, as warnings go out, not to eat any more fish from the order to avoid swimming. and the river altogether
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has a 5th dimension. who is it's a disaster for the people is in and once they can't walk the dogs, kids can't swim back on button. it's a catastrophe. so it's not showing much mrs. lucida in all my years as head of the fisherman's association. i've never seen so many dead fish with a severe finance. bravo, clark. the cause of the environmental disaster is under investigation. polish authorities have been aware of the mass di off for days. german officials say they should have been notified immediately. it's presumed, the toxic discharge came from the opal region on the polish side of the river, recent samples taken from the odor. so high levels of mercury in the water, in deutsch lunch in germany, environmental liability is not enforced. accordance basically does not exist for lots of why should we expect the poles to do what we can't do ourselves. kudos mama says other one is the odor river flows from the czech republic, through poland and germany before emptying into the baltic sea. it's the 5th
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largest river in germany and rich and fish. the contamination is also endangering birds in the lower odor valley national park. one of the most bio diverse habitats in germany, lovetts, it takes 10 years for water, fish, and fall not to regenerate. this is such a disaster, it has never happened before, and we will feel it for a long time, about a little, a disaster for the entire habitat surrounding the odor. people here are only now discovering the full extent of it. what are some sports? it is now there are just a 100 days to go until the mens football world cup begins. cutter organizers have faced relentless criticism throughout the build up to the tournament owing to guitars, human rights record and the environmental impact and staging a competition like this. in the desert, but with question marks also surrounding tar stance on l. g. b t q. communities. fever is under increasing pressure to clarify that situation. ever
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since the world cup was awarded to guitar, back in 2010, the nation's human rights record has threatened to spoil the party among the chief concerns guitars, policy on homosexuality. while confusion continues over, whether traveling fans will be allowed to express their beliefs during the world cup every day could tories face arrest and abuse. the conversation has been sequestered almost entirely about that of today's that will flag or visitors to be able to rent a hotel room together that he conversation should be what is actually happening. g b, q company following backlash from players as well as campaign is fee for has already made promises to intervene in some areas of good, sorry, human rights policy. the l g b t q community want to see action to while c for has promised to encourage
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reform when it comes to migrant workers, right? it has not been able to commit to any reform when it comes to the right to vote. fif has been accused of missing an opportunity to pressure, could saw in a positive reforms with human rights issues still rife. and meanwhile, l g b t q football fans just wants to know whether it will be safe for them to visit during the competition. yes to me, true, but i'd accessible to everyone, but these events not only celebrate the sport center, but the human beings that make the sport and possible with just $100.00 days to go until the tournament kicks off. fi fi is running out of time to provide the answers. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you this hour. the author at shellman rushed has been air lifted to a hospital. after being attacked in new york. police say that the writer was stabbed in the neck. they have arrested
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a suspect. and that of the un nuclear watchdog has warned an emergency security council meeting of a great crisis unfolding of these f that reads he a nuclear power plant in ukraine as moscow. and he trade accusations of new show it near the plant. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you then. ah ah, with
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ah, with no small acts can inspire big changes to meet the people making a possible on ease go africa. joined them as they set out to save the environment, learned from one another and worked together for
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a better future. ah, many thoughts to you all for tuning it to africa next on d w. o. devastated how are we can with cars carry money, defects of climate change. i mean, felt worldwide before a station in the rain forest continued. carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact will because change doesn't happen on its own make up your own mind it. d. w. late for mines.
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music, 50 years ago. the intuition gathering of peace and cooperation becomes the scene of a horrible tragedy. arab terrorists, armed with sub machine guns, went to the headquarters of the israeli team, and immediately killed one man. and that this will be the last time the saw in the night. they're all gone out. i witnesses experienced the terrible events and this the world will not forget the long shadow of the 1972 olympic massacre. start september 3rd on d. w. a . how can you keep things cool without a refrigerator? well, there is a very simple way and it's not a new technological idea. welcome.


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