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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 13, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news ally from berlin prize winning author salman rushdie stab intellectual hall in new york. the writer has live for decades and fear after ron supreme leader called for his death as rushed. he lies in hospital investigators look for a motive for the attack. plus drought dries up,
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one of europe's most important water, which germany's economy is in danger. as some areas of the rhine river, shipping root could soon become nearly impassable. and almost a year after the taliban took over afghanistan, we meet the women who paid the price for publicly standing up to the blue a. michael ok, welcome. author salman rushdie is alive, but breathing through a ventilator after being stabbed on stage. as he was about to give a lecture in new york state. rushed, he had spent years in hiding and under police protection after ronnie and leaders called for his execution over his 1988 novel. they say tannic versus a 24 year old man has been taken into custody panic as
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a man rushes the stage and attacks at famine rusty as he's about to speak. the author fell to the ground. police said he was stabbed in the neck. his assailant was tackled and taken into custody people who are on the stage with him immediately rushed to the attacker. and people jumped on to this stage from the audience to the point where there are probably 20 people on stage coin the attacker off and keeping him contained. and there happened to be, at least for physicians in the audience who were able to come up on stage and, and help the author was transported to hospital via helicopter. the attack happened as he was about to deliver an address about artists living an exile under threat of persecution in western new york. he is alive, he is a been transported year lifted to safety. but here's an individual who has some
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spent decades. ah, speaking truth to power, someone who's been out there, i'm afraid, despite the threats that have followed him, his entire adult life that seems brushed, he was forced to spend more than a decade in hiding after the release of his 1988 novel, the satanic verses provoked protests by muslims in several countries and the supreme leader of iran called for his execution. the 75 year old author has long been a vocal critic of religious extremism and a champion of free speech. the motive for the attack is not yet known. agriculture editors, thought roxbury joins me now from cologne. scott, i want to stress that we don't yet have a motive for this attack, but people will no doubt wonder whether it's in fact related to the satanic verses . so remind us what the book is about. yes, thanks. i think
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a lot of people talk about it and versus without really knowing what it's about because i think it's a book more famous of than read especially now since it's, it's a many decades old. i'm the book itself is not on merely about religion or, or islam. it's a story of 2 indian ex pats living in london who miraculously survive a terrorist attack. and like a lot of rusty's work, it's a satire and it's, it's very fantastic to sort of magically realistic elements throughout the book and what's caused because defense at the time and still does for some people is our dream sequences which are in the book, which are sort of rec, helen's of the traditional story of the life of the prophet mohammed and many muslims at the time took great offensive ad saying it was an insult to their religion. and that is what sparked a protest against a book at the time and led to the idler home, any arrange around the spiritual leader, calling out for a fat while religious edict calling for the for the death of the song. how his
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outrage over the book manifest back when it was released 30 years ago. yes, a legal didn't live through it. it's hard to imagine the outrage that came at the time. it initially actually started not in iran, but in india. refuse home country where the book was banned, there were riots, books were burned, number of people were killed in riots at the time. and then the a protest spread around the muslim world and were, and the country the book was banned in many countries. and as a leading up to then, the religious edict by the supreme leader literally ran, calling for ashley to be killed. he said also by several assassination attempts. and people connected with the book were also an act of japanese translator. the satanic verses was stab to death, the norwegian, publisher of the book was shot and nearly killed and rusty himself had to go into hiding and be under police protection for nearly a decade. living under the suit them a joseph and hon. publish later,
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a memoir in the words and based on his experiences at that time called joseph anton. it was an unbelievable attack of many would say on freedom of speech and of course transformed a rusty's life. and his persona, i'm as, as a, as a sort of living literary celebrity because you came not only a celebrated author, but a symbol of the defense of street speech against extremism forms. that's our scot rocks bo, or many, many thank scott, but say, look down some the other stories making news at this. our former u. s. president. donald trump is under investigation for potentially violating the espionage act, according to a warrant and sealed by a judge. the warrant shows the f. b. i removed the levin sets of classified documents from trumps, florida home, in a rate on monday,
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some marked as top secret. a gunman has killed 11 people and wounded 6 others in montenegro central city of setting. yet, state television reports that the attacker fired at people on the street at random after a family dispute. the gunman was shot dead by police after 10 stand off. officer. mexico has deployed its military to the border city of war as following a bloody gang battle. what began as a deadly prison, wired involving rival cartels spread to the city streets where at least 9 people were gun. down by a ledge, gang members, a summer of record breaking heat is drying up rivers. across europe. as around half of the continent faces an unprecedented drought in the u. k, the dry ice july in over 80 years has largely evaporated the source of the river thames. italy's longest waterway the river po has sunk to record loads,
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threatening food production. and here in germany, low water levels in the rhine are threatening to make boat passage impossible. cutting off a major shipping route, scientists have warned that climate change means extreme heat and drought will be more common in the future. for more em joined by andrea tourette. t, he is a scientist, she specializes in climate change at the european drought observatory. welcome to d. w sir, i'm considering current conditions and forecasts. is there a chance the drought in europe can get even worse? a good morning of my looking got this shorter my forecast the we see that the finally some rain will come on next week. but by looking good the, on the forecast, the for the next 3 months that he's the le aretha of dryer than usual look
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conditions. it's a bit early to say, but clearly that he did some risk. so what happens on the ground is at the mercy of what comes from the sky. it's an overused phrase, i suppose. but do the current conditions represent the new normal for europeans? not yet the but they might become the new oh, the new norma etha, we do nothing going damn sofa effect legally mitigating a climate change through cutting the emission a basically these kind of events will become the norm already. there was projections, a meets, and city, meaning that the old occur almost every year. i'm curious, is this drought as historically bad as it actually seems? or we just paying closer attention to all things, climate change it seems to be actually the was the on our,
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on drag or the we yet not completely. and i just because the event is still on going up, but by looking got there was the event, the one of 2018 i was there was looking back at the a list of the last, the 5 under d, r a d. c, at event sim street, it will be much worse than the 2018 in terms of special extent in terms of persistence as well as in terms of the scientists are mostly proud, pragmatist, as you well know, but are you worried by what you see around you of course i am because you see dean buck, so these are these events of what he really worry me a lot. these are the odd the occurrence of concurrent events all around the world that because the draw to europe is only one. draw that we shouldn't forget the, the other ones footy stunts affecting east africa with incredible. you might that
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in crisis that are the persistent, the moved young drought in south america affecting girl up lot of basin. so that this is what is really worrying me the most well noted climate scientists andrea to read in many thanks. thank you. well the taliban takeover afghanistan nearly a year ago has reshaped society. most of all for women, new laws not only restrict their movements but also their education and dictate what they can wear. many women protested against them early on, but a harsh crackdown has driven local organizers underground. our next report looks at the price paid by women who dared to demonstrate in public. i dangerous display of solidarity cattle, food leads, and march, calling for freedom for justice,
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for women to be able to work that was before. now, cattle must work behind closed doors. i am here, she is covertly organizing a protest action to mark the anniversary of the taliban takeover van as adam, she says, this is the only way to get anything done said action law was collect after our faces were recognized. they now know us. our photos were released and we gave interviews to the tv channels it on about on the tv channels, ada interviews and programs. lot on that. and now we are being chased. and this is a serious problem. so what that, that because she's paid a physical price for her activism here. she displays bruises and cuts from scuffles of protests. one time she says she fled her own home when the taliban were about to arrest her and broke her leg, jumping over the wall to escape. she also says she suffered a miscarriage during a demonstration many he showed their faces at
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protests last year were later detained. summer suspected to still be in prison. others who were released fled to neighboring pakistan. the next woman requested not to have her name mentioned. the day they treated us very badly, they insulted us and told us to give away our organization. and they asked us which party we worked for and accused us of working for the resistance front. and they took away our phones for those who stayed behind afghan us then has become an increasingly dangerous place. and that has taken its toll. we have spent a very difficult and painful time. we have suffered more pain psychologically and physically. i'm currently not doing well mentally, and my family members are also not doing well mentally. meanwhile,
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that protests continue. just not outdoors. these women have gathered to send a message to the world, calling for education, freedom, and access to work. the only safe place to do it is behind these walls. this weekend, the world's most famous annual meter shower, the proceeds begins following. the shooting stars are known for being colorful and for having bright, persistent trails. they can be spotted from anywhere in the world. like here in bosnia where it's one of the most popular celestial events for photographers, the meteor shower will peak on saturday. the best time to watch is right before dawn. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you this. our author, salman rushdie, has suffered serious injuries after being stabbed on stage,
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as he was about to give a lecture in new york state to remains in hospital breathing through a venue later. a 24 year old suspect has been taken into custody. that's all for now. remember you can always find more news on our website, d, w dot com and of course follow us on social media at d. w. use a michael. ok. thanks for watching d. w. and stay with us. there's more news at the top of the next hour with our interest the global economy.


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