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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2022 3:15am-3:31am CEST

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for you this, our world leaders have condemned the stabbing of the authors, salman rushdie as an attack on frieda. he was critically injured at an event in new york state. the suspect has appeared in court, charged with attempted murder. that's all from us right now. up next sports life break, dancing makes it stay view at paris 2024 olympics. i'm ami and you said thanks for watching. and remember you can always find more news on our website. that's d, w dot com or follow us on social media at dw. ah ah, rearing to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane with d. w. literature list. 100 german must reads is the
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end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult to success in our weekly coping. 19 special every thursday on d. w. o . o o. a dependent on what makes breaking special is the range of options you have. you can totally be yourself bye man. can decide what message you like to express at his got
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a time later that girls have been get told to just the smile and be nice and polite and quiet. with breaking it can be loud and bad and brain kind of novel versus the info. if been if and they didn't exactly grow up in a well, our family worked for a long time. we lived off welfare, long and half. he can live in zillow, i'm cielo breaking as my big thing. i started when i was 13 and i live completely from it from breaking i love it. my big dream was to become an athlete at leap in england. my advice is to throw yourself into a tough situation and just go through with
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you lou russell is a world greeting dancer. her rides, the top of the sport began here. that's a youth club. in kilo with it bidding frank oscar why grew up in cologne? my parents are both artists and i spent years trying to establish themselves similar. i moved out when i was 18. i've always been a fighter who can finance with okay, perfect. yeah. yeah. come pick them and i would not go with you. lose mother always believed in hard to stick potential laws. it was funny when i took
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a ticket, hated it. of course a she had to do all the standard routine headquarters if that wasn't her thing, and she didn't stick it up for long as long shlang. hello, i'm more about hardon one day. the breakdown world championships in brown's way. we're in tv all and i saw that the something she liked cuz you know, she was maybe 11 back. i got her out of bed and said she absolutely had to watch that his other with muscle mothers, them both effective, was june, give out on classes, look at some point, i realized this was my thing that x i tell not then of dental and i done 7 years in gymnastics, in a dandy, there was a lot of stuff i wasn't allowed to do because i couldn't do what they wanted, a music and that same week i went to my 1st breaking class left black. i am
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breaking course with live in canada. man, this is what people normally associate with sports events. were part of the hip hop culture. there's a b j and we never know what music he's going to play next image. if pads on the can't choreograph your moves beforehand, lee, the audience, the athlete and the d. j are all part of the event only with competition, then vig, nevada, we call our competitions batteries. i was pan people across from each other and then with fast, it's normally 2 or 3 rounds. but sometimes 4 or 5 can walk in the field from fan and, and try that and then the jury decides, seconds,
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ending on the musicality and creativity and techniques, mission done. hm. the less the transition additions, the transition is the mission of the transition is the mission. but head spins and back flips are cool, but nothing special. what matters is what makes yours difference like mine has been in line with this as well unless i hear to see ah, ah, ah ah, ah ah, she now lives in berlin. just 2 years after getting into breaking. she was already teaching dance courses herself, while also performing in small scale shows. this is vital and they say, i wasn't any doctor until 2016. i'm of course half. but then i wanted to earn
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a living as shows. it took a while that is leaving mid shoals, heading that happened, missing it out for about 18 months. and i was often working at supermarket checkouts and serving breakfast in hotels. if we wrong it would pay wish to get health. and then had the child at some point, it turned out i had something unique, and i could do both choreography and tricks that nobody else could do. and la, she's been happy to pass on that growing experience at the flying steps academy in berlin. have their committee i somehow i did a lot of commercial dancing before a training full time as an athlete, and going to meet the what did you want to say? the mustang of michelle to mon job at this one job where it wasn't clear beforehand . whatever. supposed to do, i had to manzona and the way i was treated and talked to make me feel uncomfortable, fallen is especially as a woman does make the hold what to do. he has, what about you? a it happened costume become. i was once handed a costume,
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a silver mini skirt with leather. it didn't even glitter live and, and with her silver panties underneath and a silver bikini. i've never felt so uncomfortable, low on vogue, afraid of that kind of voice. that job made me realize where my boundaries were. i some had my jobs, and after that i'd refuse, which probably got me on the wrong side of the od choreographer. what they didn't want you, lou, what they wanted just any answer. i will have my 8 ask a few sometimes i think it's about showing as much skin as possible from drop, which is exactly what they said with the one job agreement we had these wicked outfits in the customer. was this big fancy car brand with high fancy law? got it and they said no 95 percent of the audience are men and they want to see your skin thus lady. and that was the message in the street to get ahead in the industry. you need to build yourself the shield law to say this is me and this is what i'm about. and these are my boundaries on that. if the if on doesn't mind jensen, we have to share with the sally as good. i like the hokey style me got but that's
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not me. of the finish. i'm more the kind of was obs guy a little. there was so happy in life as comfy and i'm for thank you for coming along and thank you for your input. it's been great and then i'm a senior company. the scene is 70 percent men and overstate the 1st men got sponsorship deals in 2003 or the 1st woman in 2018. i think men bootable at my breakthrough was and 20 lean that outbreak. europe where i came a 2nd time on the street and it was i went to the u. s. a couple of months later and came 2nd again at the silver back open from within good side and kind of showed that i was up there with the bass. and even so the bronze medal at the 2019 world championships cemented that continuity, innovative, fast from the rehab. could that continuity was interrupted by setbacks and tough times? something if i what if my low point was in 2020 and fun?
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i was stressed out. i guess of the pan demik competitions in the sport now going olympic and competition as it is a limb visual death in the both of us. a lot of people aren't aware of the pressure and expectations involved. once you've been successful. adam with the kemper. i got cramps on the right hand side of my body, letterman, and the left was practically paralyzed on the black head. no, no pain anchor, but i just couldn't control my body in the stick behind. we tried acupuncture and martinez it, but it turned out i had a slope disk which was a massive flow a mentally because i thought it was over into a beautiful life. mm. the now the laboratory. and then i had a tattoo done the lessons and had to skip training for a week as i think. and i've noticed nothing since then the end of a lockout peak of completely switching off. did me a lot of good. well,
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that's the i then spent 3 months in mexico and other places. yes. obviously my still have that prolapse, but it doesn't emulate. ah, she's now off to london for the next major meet. despite having suffered a torn ankle ligaments 2 months prior. her boyfriend detects also a break dancer, his joining on a trip to the u. k. championships event had i'm a super long. it's an event with the yet tradition u. k champs. given i winning the u. k. champs, as massive and means you're among the best dancers out there. if you're bringing home this title would be ledger for all too long. women were not exactly welcome in the breaking seen. a lot of events are still called be boy battles, even when there are so called be girls competing can benefit are both. we still need progress again. it'll probably never be 5050,
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but over time i'm sure they'll be more girls competing with that side door. i'm how may i meet it's of that with oh, this time it's a quarter, final exit for g. lou at the hands of japan's no roomy but missed the 7 a decent result. mine says i wanted to make it to the main stage among the top 8. and i did all the sub lisa 2024 presents and altogether new kind of stage when breaking day to use as an olympic discipline and historic turning point for the entire scene for the sports and a huge opportunity for zulu the leverage vehicle. the monet olympics are approaching
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and the qualification rounds are next year dad, one of sample blake by samuel wrong. okay. because i always make it to the top 8 in international events. so the last 16 that shouldn't be a problem, but the next task was to probably invite but will it work as an olympic event, a face off between strict sporting rules and the freedom of breaking is, is a big thing with the olympics for the whole hip hop community by the olympics, don't know what they just got themselves into. because the sport is combination of gymnastics rhythm. you can't just be good at doing sports, but not be going rhythm on the music. so you have to combine it. because wherever your head goes, your body follows. and she knew who hopes her body and mind will give her the creative freedom she'll need in paris 2024 ss once. i 1st i want it to be an olympic gymnast. done then dance at the olympic opening show and now it looks like i'll be there is
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a breaker with feel the freedom. feel the slack line at the urban highland festival. artists from 15 countries come together in brooklyn, poland, and show off their skills at breathtaking height. not for the weak of heart, hulu. mia mystery. concealed in the ground more. ah, no, tory isn't controversial in the out. well. basically means rewriting veneer scholarship and revealed and nevertheless,
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a mystery to this day. what lies behind the cut in 45 minutes, d, w. these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you to record breaking sites on google maps, youtube and now also in book form ah, ah 25 meters above ground and only a thin 2 and a half centimeter rope between your feet.


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