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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  August 15, 2022 8:30am-9:00am CEST

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a, this is also a hi there. welcome to the some interest of in percent assured are let's african majority they youth talk about things that are important to us. i am make lety your host for today. so, yes, what's coming up? do you have the right opportunities to compete for the rest of the world? that's what we asked young people in several years. in dallas capital, our crime, we meet a young innovator, tom john, in on the bible revolution. and in my city,
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we explore burn this economic capital, which will bureau with let's start off today's shore with a talk around the continent to be successful at anything. you need mentors, someone who has done it before and continue to rooks. in the next story, i bring you a skitta magician and a tick tock when they tell us who is passed them. i mean, i really look up to a guy um, you know, if he had a group called pulling charlo, i think it's because of their hydroxy puts towards getting a lions and how she asked and how she is able to evolve into different characters. that is amazing. and she has contributed into the present that i am today. i tried to follow him by doing what she does concentrating way and being my mice
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cribs and also researching on my carter before a cause said or rather being evolving into my car. a human you never really. i'm ready. fenusse peripheral luther. yeah. dana, all crazy angle. busy most liggins, like i did before, the do an m m m, i do show i gear world. so i think my them to study beamed. c o e, they're not fully direct dial along with hers. what the main distinction you wholesale i am, and you can easily unique lassie small to do so.
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at the moment i'll say a mouthful. this is an american skate border. and i think o, i inspired me is because the regular skateboarding valerie like is down the scale i, he normally, your escape. he normally gets all it takes. and i like put that in to ask a body where like murder and get a check. i like a non just quit on karen trying. i want to get the checks or ever credit will ever stop. try my trick. well, close to you know, sin. i can't begin to attempt any of those tricks. but it's great to see all of you guys do what you love and hopefully more people get to live your best lives. because we are in a global world where you and i have to compete with young people are age in germany and china. but do you feel prepared to compete?
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that is what my colleague edward kamani asked young sewell unions in this we st. pete. yes. what is say ah, hello and welcome to the 77 percent. were here at the prince of will school in free town, the capital of sterile yawn. and in this country, 8 out of every 10 people is under the age of 35. i had to look that number up again because it's unbelievable. 80 percent of the population are within the 77 percent. but the question we want to ask today is, is the government doing enough to not just empower this youth but also make them competitive globally? and i want to begin with harder because you've had the opportunity to not to study abroad, but also have an enterprise here. so perhaps you can give me based on your experience . do you think that the youth in this country have been enabled or empowered enough to basically be part of the global community? well, as of a few months ago,
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there were only 3 disciplines in sierra leone when you go to high school. so there is the arts, the commercial and science. so i ended up in a science because every smart person is supposed to be a doctor. and most of the things we're, we're taught in school, we're not really practical, it was all fury. and i really struggle with these when i got a scholarship to study in norway in 2015, i to classes like chemistry and biology. and in all the experiments which were very practical, i was really struggling and my grades were not reflecting on the education system that i received in sierra leone. let me go to case daniel, because we're talking about some of the emits that come about, particularly after graduating the university. and i know finances was one of the key ones for you. is it normal, or is it a normal occurrence for young people yet to stop their tertiary education because they simply no bus. there is no school fees. i got my income in 2016 or the day so so both financially for mutual fund or my the kitchen. so i decided to move with m
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santo wishes to lou, telecom nutrition as assist agent for me just to support medication. and i was walking go 4 by 6. is that it was so put. oh greg, no, we all right, so let me speak to doctor come here for a 2nd because she is the director of research if i'm not mistaken, of for delivery and delivery in the ministry of finance. so it sounds to me like, you know, the government has a great initiative in place, which is free primary education rather free education for all. but then after that, what next? the thing is. yes. 4 years we've been focused on traditional education. that's the reality. but now we're transitioning unseen the awareness and how people approach technical implication are training and the need for it up, you know, sheep and how he doesn't need to be just one second or you half in one calling to serve. you can serve in multiple ways. you can be a doctor and still be an entrepreneur, you can benefit up, you know,
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an advocate. so having that platform or creating those systems in which of them are these, they thought and ideas, know they lobby and create. that is just that we need to scale up and find ways to accelerate the creation of those spaces. all right, do you think that the quality of education, what is being taught the back here is enough? i always say one thing. i am personally not the free kind of person and, and that's my personal opinion because i, you don't think education should be 5 felt should be accessible and affordable for everyone. because when it's free right now, only to poor people can send your kids to like goldman school. i want to be involved in sierra leone, where welcome, trader, and the minister can send your kids to the same school because they can afford it. i was part of the for education system. when i was in secondary school, my school fees was 60000 leon's, i got it every year was reimbursed me for 45000 loans. but my textbooks were up to a 1000000 and that my parents found had to, you know, afoot, like daniel said he,
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he couldn't get to college. and honestly it, it's sad because he was smart and he is still smart. but how many of daniels are out there? how many of daniels don't have his privilege to be on tv? let me come back to your doctor because we're hearing that there is a disconnect. i mean, surely, the policy that you're creating behind closed doors sound wonderful. but the implementation 0. so if you look back at houser, you in, as developed over the, as you know, the growth has been in stock, stop, stop, install. what is the thing is when you implement new policies, impact fix a while to shoot. so that's why we look at intermediate outcomes for now, that number of farmers benefits a number of children in school. we know that the investments need to continue to need to be consistent. the needs to be owned by every put everybody. we're now looking towards how we can not be left behind in the for, to direct industrial revolution because you've talked about the 4th industrial revolution. i must come to this because it surprised me dramatically. that electricity penetration in this country is just above 20 percent. how can we be
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talking about robotics and big data when people don't even have access to power? so that's the thing. and when we, if we try to perceive it in the lines of this comes before the author, that's where we miss it. that things that we can do together and we can do that in more efficient ways. let's ask the person who's already doing it. mohammad, we're hearing here that it's possible to both be waiting for power supply and still innovate is as true or is the dr dreaming? as you said, i literally just above 20 percent access to an edgy. we have wind mills that we locally fabricated. all we need is want to scale of the solutions and it replicates for more communities. we develop hydrogenated, so just from scrubs all the solutions can solve our energy crisis. for my own initiative, i've been able to empowered over through only are young people in my defend initiative, wish to enlarge initiatives on power over 20 communities using wished to energy. sometimes we wish we are stuck in areas we are, we have our ideas and then we see does this ideas of potential to really grew?
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are we from it, wound communities or we've started it, but it's talk because there are no supports really um skill up to the next stage and he was secure funded. okay, so dr. come, i want to come back to you because we've had a lot of things that might make one to press, you know, electricity not available. internet penetration, very low education, quality, questionable. but it's not all gloom and doom. is it? no slower? yeah. so 1st of all, our, to the, asked the young person in government, i wear that hat because i think it's my responsibility as a citizen to me, to be in space this way i can drive positive positive change. so in my role as director of research and delivery, that's what i do. and under take research and advice, but what we need to do is we need to revisit the way we formed our development. cuz we're always talking about m financial inclusion, getting entropy, no sheep. now we of course we in and putting money into incubators and accelerators, but then we work with development partners also. and it always seems to be,
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it's more about a numbers game around number of beneficiaries than impacts hydro. we started with you, i'd like to conclude with you. what do you think lies ahead for the use of this country earlier asked if they're able to compete globally? i wonder if your answer has changed. i think after hearing are less, i strongly stand on my answer. we still have a huge percentage of the, of the population live in, you know, below the poverty line. don't, don't tell me i need to compete in the global market when i can't even compete with countries like kenya and gonna look at what ronda is due in senegal, in 2025, you're going to have so much energy from sola. and here we are, like looking at countries like the u. s. in england. we have to stop that. let's compete locally, instead of like, globally. and i think one step by the time what local solution. yeah, we can get that one step at a time. i like that and i think that's also a great place for us to end. at the beginning of this debate,
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i asked if the serial union use a set up to compete globally. and i think the answer we've had repeated over and over again is in good time. thank you for watching. thanks. it is for that debate. now ha, is are to barry's, is a somewhat controversial point. should serial unions focused on competing locally or us? some of you would say we live in a global world, and so we should compare cells to the rest of the world. and if you want to watch a longer version of this debate, go on to our youtube channel. and also on our facebook page, we asked many of you, if you feel you are ready to compete with the rest of the world on yes, what solomon younger who lives here in berlin says, are we absolutely not prepared in other parts of the world? they are devastated because they have no young population to keep their social systems running. but in africa,
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our leaders can't make use of their youth. that's food for thought. and paul, no one from our novia library, i says, west africa is still developing infrastructure i installations and development will need every was full participation to achieve the result set. living at all in the hands of the government will take another century to work. there should be no more excuses. human beings should start fixed india every day, but decisions. so you are talking about personal responsibility and people taking charge. and one final, one from james past cost less in long term allow is miss jen malawi. the retirement age has been increased from 65 to 70. when do young people get employment? it's a big question. i feel what you're saying, and let us also know what you think about this particular topic, because shed was dos with us on our facebook page. d, w, africa. now across the continent,
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young people are ready to contribute. but often there isn't any opportunity for them. in this song, arrested, interrupt macula east talked about the lack of chances for many african youth. oh your then it needed was an opportunity. ah. yeah. i think you've got what it takes to make the place a better place. we think good crops demanding for a better place. for heaven's sake, give us a chance to elevate, give us the space, and they help in hand to limit unemployed without jobs, or they called us lazy. it will be posted in industries. they put us crazy promise me, but a big re spend more than we own. so we always in depth. we worked hard to game. he had a pain in this and from hand to mouth goes every play the weekend. they drive hot
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boss, retake them, or drops locally, and hot jobs. life is hard on improvement on the rise, a national crisis, and it makes me wonder why the system was like this long way. just mountain climbing, the prices keep hike in end of government. don't care they live in a slight case thinking to so, please, kato, now they wouldn't know why the street a safer anymore, cuz there's more and more problems in the faces. they can take it no more. so replacing the so really leave is going to lose it. from the pool or we ever really need, it was just basic support. they were obviously going to lower the you know, they don't know. the feeling of seeing mama wake up at 4 i what he did was thanks killer is for dad banging song. sometimes it's not enough to whitford you're what's unity? you have to shake some tables, shutter some glass ceilings and snatch it. that is what a women be about to meet are doing. in gambia, many people still look
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a feeble mechanics with scorn. but that in most off eda and for to matter, the set up the our own or to mechanics shop where the fixed cost walton in social norms. on the hit. the center of sarah condo hosts a very unique place, the only garage owned and run by women in the gambia photo, marta, jamie and eda fall have joint forces to defy stereotypes and gain a foothold in the auto industry. however, they 1st had to convince their loved ones about their passion. oh, my biggest challenge was dealing with my mom to convince my mom that hi it's okay, is my passion. these when i believe in this is what i want to do. so forget about the stereotypes. look as about mo, i'm a woman, is a car h i. then i have to make as in many other countries, men dominate the car industry. women are supposed to stick to traditional duties. for most, this includes unpaid work and agriculture sector and they really own property. but
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after studying mechanical engineering of what to matter, opened her own garage. he may order more than 5 provider is the organ his years under set is set to organize all the female that i in automotive industry to the come together. we find it very difficult to be accept in the industry. and in i said, let us also have his son sample that that was established o female, guarded apart from repairing and maintaining several cars per day. for too much, anita, teach young girls the basics of mechanics. the training program is designed to empower girls and reduce the gender gap in vocational education signup, who has joined them. i said again, the feel at a vote is because i love it. they said what mankind, newman katlyn lewis. and i said know that that's why i to join the sweeney to show them that what men can do
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a man can do it even more. despite the patriarchal mindset in gambling society, many people are starting to overcome prejudices and not hesitate to entrust their cause to the women. many of these are kind of job will be assigned to men in sort of woman. so not does that, does one a good reason not moves me to come here because i was impressed. i was impressed when i hear that you know, it was, you know, governed by ladies. notwithstanding the financial obstacles and gender discrimination for to marta and either have become an example of women's resilience by following their dreams and empowering the appears to fight for equal opportunities. that thing you should remember when you watch this story is that no job is tended. the only thing that he should consider is whether or not a person mom, a woman, can get the job done unless agreed to do this, you know, a young person who is running a business. so let's make it a point to patronize them. said i begun all, grew together for our next report,
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we had to cry ganeth capital, laurie's a j bills, electric by extra east transportation. and at the time when full price is shooting to the roof, is innovation is 7 pockets and the environment in gone is capital occur getting from a to b can be a night me. it's normally hot in distances afar. and if you do drive or take public transport, you stuck in traffic rush hour can triple travel times. so canadians are increasingly switching to to real lawrence a. j is a pro cyclists and has been building his own e bikes for years, with a twist. ah, what is pushing by case i use was accurate. they're locked up badges. secondly, by putting to possible is then most likely is very strong. like on that is why
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i thought that was going on is i want to know young. i think it was like living yes, and that's right in the school in which if you do it, so want to credit for myself and from then progressing for a little made. is it like or by the 26 year old is self taught. he watches ready before we are almost every day and tinkers with his iep, like sloan's orders, the remaining part through the internet. meanwhile, de la russell men says sells a bikes from china, but those that are performance issues. the butree documented in shelly wearing stud rubble. so when it came reading this should, this was you of pain. you had a loo or lot of complaints from customers for lawrence to it's not just about the
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joy of writing, but also traveling cheaply and quickly, especially as fuel prices rise. his e bikes can cover up to 130 kilometers per charge. i wasn't because that is vance. our with our new delay, very far. so i thought i needed a multiple i then as time went on, i told him all my solution and he said we can do something else. so far, lawrence has sold 7 of his e bikes, but he's looking to supercharge his iep, my dream with as someone who grew up in that cra, i know how much fumes people have to endure on their way to the office. and that's why i think that this innovation is going to make a big difference. and so i'll be keeping an eye on lawrence, and after whizzing around on the bike,
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it's time to cool down. and what better place to do that done in east africa when it's rolling hills and beautiful sunsets? specifically, let's go to pigeon poorer. the former capital city of bronte has had its fair share of political up evil. but peace asked finally returned. i am a local connect who's going to show us around what's up mackenzie. 2 i what's up with the guy? my name is mona was that kelly is that also known as mo kingsley amberin. jan. i'm a senior and i live in who jim, who rides that economy, capital city of monday. the name was changed from the symbol read through june gura, after the independence of the country, and this place is called plaza and they found off at the top. we have our he rode the one who fought for our independence. in 1962, the prince louis work
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a saudi. ah, i'm going to show you one of my favorite restaurants, which those local food called my muscle. ah, i will be thinking yes . this is the plate, this is i can say most of the food they make here, you can find plow fine me. you can find, okay, and this can only be found in our lake, the lakes and a new car, which is the 2nd deepest leak in the world after league baker.
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so this is individual or a city market, also known as the see unique market. you can find everything you want to, it's one of the biggest markets in the city. what i like about this market is that it's well, oh, you can see that most of the vendors here, how we man, so it's good to see we men entrepreneurs like the not guy. remember. the other reason why i like this market is because it connect you as well to neighbors from suzanne. yeah. and congo, business people from there and customers meet in this market. oh, a dc's kitty. the garden is a hotel and the rest, the rent, a luxury hotel and restaurant you can see how beautiful it is. and we have
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a nice view of that city. let me just show you the screen during the evening. it's just crazy. this view is just amazing. look, and i hope to see you soon in blue jeep grand hoping to like hello, thanks. and i hope you enjoyed the to for my last visit to east africa was to wanda. so next stop is gonna be to brody. we have come to the end of today's show and i hope you feel inspired to make your own opportunities. i like to know how you get along. so write me a message on facebook, instagram and youtube, or drop me an email at 77 at dw dot com. i leave you with as beautiful song for mackenzie, who is jesse so enjoy. and until next time i thanks for watching
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a my name is he hey i saw you nobody with the what the was going to was she maggi went that it's a quarter phoenix. okay. angel with a heat up with blue. ah. ah, with ah
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a with a small ax can inspire big changes to beat the people making it possible. if go africa joined them as they set out to save the environment, learn from one another and work together for a better future. ah many thoughts do you all for choosing it africa? in 30 minutes on d. w. o
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