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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2022 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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ah, the ideas is on its way to bring you more conservation. how do we make to seaton, screener? how can we protect habitat, what to do with all our waste? we can make a difference by choosing smartness solutions over stains, said in our ways global ideas, environmental series included $3000.00 on d, w, and online. ah, how can you keep things cool without a refrigerator? well, there is a very simple way, and it's not a new technological idea. welcome to the latest edition of equal africa. i am
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sandra to no video coming to from compiler here in uganda, hulu sandra again, a co africa highlights good examples from one country that can work in other african countries. and we offer some environmental hope. i'm chris, the lamps from our balcony. nigeria, here is some of the things we have lined up for you in book in a far so our group of farmers who nightstand deleted information via old fashioned radios. how old wind turbine, sorry sy, good in portland, and what can be made out of them? and a simple way to keep goods cool for as long as possible without electricity im allowing while we 1st had to egypt who will host the next cup climate conference in 2022. the country on the nile with its deserts, long coastline and megacity,
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cairo is extremely vulnerable to the effect of climate change. now leaders want to increase public investment in climate friendly measures by 50 percent, by 2025. this does not only apply to major initiatives. what's more skill grasfer at once to our tiny non profits outside the capital is among those seeking to bring change to ordinary community life. so how bieber is helping out and so is augment children from the egyptian village of east veritas. hark are excited about their small new playground that's being built with recycled materials. it's to be really colorful neighbors and other villagers are making sure that the project was initiated by in egyptian and g o called be. now,
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the organization promote sustainable projects and particularly focuses on children and young people that are full political are children in rural areas, often lack playground by long with each project, we're creating open spaces for them. and we make these spaces with recycled materials, such as old food and car tires and cortez. this playground is linked to a new school building where children with learning difficulties or those who have stopped going to school can receive extra help to get them back into school. the village of east beat as hawk is about a 2 hour journey southwest from cairo. the area has one of the highest rates of, of literacy in the country. the nearest school is a 2 kilometer walk away on a road with lots of traffic. i would build the classroom for young children. it's much closer, so they wouldn't have to walk on the busy road outside of abdullah. now the village
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has the only school of its kind in all them. egypt that's made with recycled materials. it was built from compacted earth and 9000 plastic bottles filled with sand. hulu, plastic waste is a huge problem in egypt. the country produces $5400000.00 metric tons of plastic each year and is the biggest plastic polluter in the arab world. the construction industry is responsible for around one quarter of egypt, carbon emissions, because it relies heavily on concrete world wide concrete production generates nearly $3000000000.00 tons of c o 2 per year. of course one school building made of earth and plastic bottles filled with sand. won't solve that problem, but it can show what's possible. flatow a little bit where there's a trend, what reducing plastic usage and finding solutions or non polluting ways to recycle
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it. so we thought, why shouldn't we start with a new idea and a prototype to reuse plastic in something that benefits school children and the environment. we'll talk about him. meanwhile, the playground is slowly taking shape. there are very few jobs here, so the villagers are happy to have work. chava anal shore normally gets by, by doing casual labor. here he gets paid 15 euros a day. his son adam is also helping unknown to them. and i wanted to work here for the sake of the children of gather new ideas to which i can apply elsewhere. oh, the building work has taken 6 months. many of the villagers were involved and filmed the progress, the school and playground cost around $10000.00 euros to build. the project was funded by unesco as a model of how good ideas can help reduce waste. the villagers participation in the
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project was not about saving money. it's an important part of the concept integral. we want them to appreciate the building, so they'll look after it. and if they share in the work, they'll feel like it belongs to them or found the finishing touches are being applied to the flooring. even one of the architects is helping the building is scheduled to open in september 2022 and has space for 35 children to resume their schooling. in a pleasant atmosphere, the palm trees in the classroom were allowed to remain and have been incorporated into the design. the roof is made of bamboo, a fast growing, sustainable material. in the evening, the playground is finally ready. the work is over. now it's time to relax and enjoy the results. ah,
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what's a great initiative on next piece highlights something odds this is already knew about. and used to successfully defy the whole temperatures in our region. in this regard, the listen closely to nature and we are way ahead of us are doing your bit this week. show me the vegetables early. been good enough to suit in subsaharan africa. more than 40 percent of fruit and vegetables go to waste every year. they often spoil on the way from harvest to market because of a lack of refrigeration. malawi knows the problem. well, almost 90 percent of the population has no access to electricity. but since last year, many farmers in was a village in the south of the country, have been able to use small cooling boxes. they weigh just for kilos and have a 60 liter volume developed in the us. the unit is meant to help solve the cooling
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problem without the need for electricity to guys haven't got much and this cooler box uses water to make on the outside. there is no bags which we fill with 6 liters of water. i think when a minute, when the water is filled, then i take the vegetables and put them inside. i close the lid and all the vegetables inside are kept as fresh as if i just picked them from the garden. yeah . that's what i told them. due to the special materials in the box, the heat is extracted from the inside, leaving it more than 10 degrees celsius cooler than the outside temperature. fruit and vegetables stay fresh, longer and can still be sold for up to 5 days. demand is high for the boxes, even though each $1.00 costs around $150.00 us dollars. it will food program has paid for the 1st boxes and i hope that they can soon be produced much cheaper
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locally in malawi. aah. and how about you? if you are also doing your bit, tell us about it. visit, tell website. oh, send us the tweaks. hash tag doing your share, your still res, hers. and now we go from low to high tech, very high tech indeed in europe. over to you, sandra. think increase now when you might think of green energy as sustainable. it also leads to west tech giant luke tumbling. for example, europe will have to return nearly 12000 turbines with 2024. normally, the old materials would end up in crop yields, but in portland, they have formed a noble way to reuse them.
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these wind turbines are more than 20 years old compared to modern ones, they're small and inefficient. so they're being torn down. so what happens to these green energy giants at the end of their lifespan? the blades, especially, are made of composites and plastics. instead of recycling them a lot ends up in landfills, more incinerated in the kilns of cement and steel factories for some years. now, facilities that incinerator them aren't really happy about it and that's down to the physics of the combustion process. last fall, the glass fibers bonded with resins, which gum up the kiln and the ash and i so quite apart from the environment, luna's ankle and it's just not an ideal solution. zeal is unique. you lose own and recycling is only just getting off the ground. it's only recently that wind turbine
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manufacturers have had the wind to waste problem on their radar. that often leads to situations like this on this green field. decommissioned turbine blades are dismantled for the scrapyard. one company near the polish city of rod suave has come up with a solution unmet takes all turbine blades from germany and turns them into furniture. the plains of the 12 meters long are 1st saw it into sections sanded and painted. they get a new life is outdoor furniture, chairs, benches, and tables. accented with top quality march would all students from the university of shalana gotta come up with the designs. they're thrilled that their products are being bombed by customers around the world. of
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course you can use it inside, but i think outside is am is by the right to to use this material. because it's water proof is damaged grove, a foot bridge, another of unmet novel recycling ideas. the rotor blades were transformed into the support for pedestrian bridge. it's the brain child of engineer on j. r. done show . for him. old blades are not hazardous waste, but a resource spout. shamiqua news me ions go to the far example. we don't try to change the shape of the rotor of yet, we turn it into a sculpture or that doesn't blade. and so give me gill is going to be monumental. i really big so that when it really, while your bush budget will be on a narrow jug rosanna, unquestionable of runs and online shop wings for living. that's the exclusive
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retailer. there's even an app to let you see what the furniture would look like in your garden shed novel and his counterparts in poland are good friends. a garden bench like this can easily cost 1500 euros. we're aiming to be a small and stylish brand whose that helps raise awareness of the problem and also shows that old discarded objects can be turned into beautiful and unique furnishings. the movie boy, his friends and poland are constantly coming up with innovative designs. like a rotor wing transformed into a wine cellar. when it comes to up cycling the sky's the limit. and there is no shortage of turbine blades that need re purposing wall. the new generation of wind turbines are bigger and more powerful. modern turbines are temples of high tech filled to the brim with electronic components. and they
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promised to help solve the wind to waste problem. in 30 or 40 years, when these turbines go offline, they'll be more easily recycled into valuable raw materials. elena, how soon? he austin, american, the all good manufacturers are working on producing their components and so that they'll be easier to recycle. meaning in a way that's environmentally sustainable energy saving and cost saving energy intensive, we cost 100 percent recyclable turbine blades are the wave of the future. germany, for example, plants to install $1500.00 new wind turbines a year in a few decades. their aging blades will be mined for valuable raw materials even if the food situation in germany is a relatively stable, it doesn't mean that everything is fine. the area set aside for conservation is limited. farms compete with all the infrastructure projects,
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such as roads or wind turbines. now like everyone in the world, the climate crisis is making. the situation was additionally, because humans were quoting for a general rethink of agriculture. this is why 2 of them wanted to take a closer look at the farm over william a k. an early morning wash at chi farm in the zone holland region of western germany today vill him a guy doesn't have to look after his animals alone. alexandra moose stumpage, and even as cooney are here to help for a weekend, they've only just arrived but are already hard at work. they want to learn more about the practical challenges faced by farmers are within a limited marsha, i work in the food industry and would like to continue down this path in the future weekend or and i wanted to get to know the whole food industry from its ruth's weekly industry and you know what sir, can atlanta?
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there's been been this and moved gas. i am self employed in the catering industry and i work with products from the food industry. i was 310 and was i had this, i wanted to know where that made where they come from and how much while catch to guys. and then how about the voice of the farm has been in the family for 150 years . it covers 70 hector as of land and has pigs, cows and chickens, while not an organic farm vill him a guy is big on sustainable methods and animal welfare. unlike on many farms, the pigs can move freely and they're stall and an outdoor area. but of course, the animals will still be slaughtered as it has been that the i'm not the kind of person who says that i can't eat them now that i see them. i'm getting, it's actually just the opposite. once you see they have a good life dusty, no, there's always lots to do. raising livestock is an important part of the farms income. in addition to around $300.00 pigs, there are also 40 cows. but the farmer has no plans to increase his livestock
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van to feler schriner on sco, frugal garden in germany, we keep too many pigs and poultry does. he have c r m d. we produce more meat than we can consume. and that's not good for anyone. i'm gourd from the from for the one we have to import, feed the m, if not fly, we have to export the meat and she got mark, it's a difficult market to the land yet so that farmers often don't earn enough. income only are not really stunned. plus, we then have the problem of manure, which is simply no longer a valuable nutrient when they so much of it. and instead it becomes problematic for the ground water. velocity would have confidential. so he decided to take a different path in 1989 vill him a guy farm was the 1st in germany to adapt stricter animal welfare rules. these
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include free roaming for livestock all year round the use of straw and plenty of space and the stars. unlike industrial agriculture, i wasn't unclear as that finn minister. we have to move towards more regional farming and regional marketing, where we produce for the needs of our population and under conditions that are approved to ecological and sustainable india coalition in our how they thinned. the work continues for the 2 women. next they have to collect eggs from the chicken coop. the farm has more than 1200 hands upon me. i've never collected eggs like this. this is oh, it's warm. it's really fresh. gas. is it farming that needs to change or something else? name is minus the act, i think the problem is over consumption, the constant unnecessary demand from consumers. i mean, if we could just reduce that, then there'd be no problem there. then people would just be satisfied with what's
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available in the field. so both consumers and farmers need to change, but how much change is realistic? the 2 women raised the issue during the coffee break as an cancel work, not to completely turn that the clock that only, but people joining forces to work together. again, one would have was a sharing system exactly. land come in the olive moorhead thing, how you can think of all sorts of things, including new farms or small farms that a manager sensibly by several generations or a farm with a baker, a butcher all handicraft business. in these, unlike in our market economy, the decisive factor is always whether something's profitable, whether the prospects for making money are so good that there are courageous people who do it, will help a guy has that courage and has invested in new mo bile outbuildings for his
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chickens returning on for them that i for now we're actually getting 3 of these in total. they cost a lot of money. so of course it's not something you do when you're 60, but our son said he's more interested in poultry for van. so the future of the farm is looking secure and the sustainability concept of the past 30 years is said to continue the working day has finished for the women. what's their mean? take away. i'm ha, alice farmer. i need to be smaller. instead of being huge outfits garvin, i see that is a better way of producing food on labels where there is a booster or yes, to create an awareness in each individual. and so they're willing to pay certain prices because they know where the feed comes from. and so they appreciate that and a completely different way on my mother's cantavon sheets. we simply produce and throw away too much food and went the 2 of them also found out how much hard work
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actually goes into making a single breakfast. egg less can indeed be more we have seen these many times in the fight against a climate change sticking with farming. we had over to begin our fossil, a country in western africa where more than 80 percent of the population in leaves from ant. we've ugly culture, they have to deal with heat, drought and a lack of rain just to secure any harvest at all. so through sandra to cope with these difficult conditions, what's needed is more knowledge and better management of their land. luckily, there is a project that uses unusual lids to pass that knowledge onto farmers. at 1st glance, bama is a village like many old as in booking far so. but it's also part of an ambitious
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pilot project aimed at bringing helpful information that a countries or regions here small hold farmers can use their phones, access radio programs, the future agricultural information in 4 local languages called transmission a tear program as practical ideas and suggestions to listen as we learn yet. my uncle, you, thanks to this radio show. i learned how to get my allies pellets from yada. i'm from a about any finance we found out about the pocket f. m channel. i learn how it works, what we really appreciate. and the best thing is that with just a few clicks, you can call up and look into older program equity. don't show that is a great feature. it got sick if you want them in a goal or let me me the technology behind it is simple summer's going call of programs free of charge. possible radio transmitters doesn't use of data volume or
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require sim cat. all that's necessary is to be within a specific 6 kilometer range. the radius patient, dumber pillow, one of the project partners can be listened to in the middle of rise fields. some of the programs can be access later on demand by people unable to listen to live broadcast, or by those who don't have radios. time behind the microphone is given to farmers, but also job record your experts. the wrong thing is, let us on the phone. we talked about preparing the soul for planting the berries and also about the distances that families should leave between the waterways and their feel, assuming that limp. but we also discussed the use of pesticides and their effects on the soil is a negative impact on plants. no visible the project is not a one way street of an abuse as regularly meet with families representatives to
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find out which topics of interest to them. the summers were welcome programs about seed of fertilizers have been higher yields, but also protect the soil seek you aren't on the pallet as universal. those with heard about new and interesting innovations. tell us about them. if me standing up also in contact with specialists from various dealers, while they very often suggest we talk to people who have special expertise on certain topics. so the group here in bama has a major influence on our program and their products, you know, the population the device is coming from a project partner in germany and of finance by the german development agency j zed . the program tag, as regions with pool or no radio reception. it was our food fast. good. briefly, we piloted pockets of feminine buckley bama about deer bull. good. and in the cascades region is set fast. you got it. a concrete unsecure for couldn't,
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which was so successful that we want to introduce bucket have them in the rest, are back in a facile in the coming weeks and months. passenger down there, push instrumental approach m one in the future video clips will also be available even without an internet connection. the team is currently shooting one about vegetable diseases and how to treat them. but regardless of our multimedia, it becomes pocket. fm will continue to record those issues and need nearest and dearest of the farmers. just like it has always been what a wonderful project take a closer look at it again on our website or social media. maybe something that would work in your community. well, that's it for this edition of a co africa. i'm chris alam saying good bye from arbiter nigeria by chris, i'll be seeing you again next week and that to you all viewers, please do stay in touch full. also,
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all our social media platforms. we are always looking forward to hearing from you. i and sandra, twin over deal signing up from kampala here in uganda. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, a ah, ah, with
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who need in red alert for this isn't just drought, this is a red if occasion we're going to have some epic or over water over the world or it's becoming a scarce commodity. isn't worth dying of thirst,
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but global struggle for water. 15 minutes on d. w. big profits at the expense of the environment and outdated business, not it's disastrous effects are visible everywhere. green technology are seen as the solution. but can they truly help us achieve sustainability? may in germany, 90 minutes on d. w. o.
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a journey across the entire continent with variety of cars. so what this? so the focus, the move is shake is visionaries and majors when binding the meaning of modern africa. this is an egg and d w. departure into the room today. this means flying to a foreign planet. in the 16th century, it meant being a captain and setting sail to discover a route the world famous sea voyage of ferdinand of magellan. i'd rather erase linked to military interests. the race leads to political and military christy, a certain link to main financial trust and adventure, full of hardships, dangers and death 3 years and that will change the world forever. but
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jillions journey around the world starting september 7th on d. w. ah ah, this is w news alive from berlin, a win for the trump camp veteran republic enlist cheney loses in the wyoming primary one. a 3rd party is few outspoken critics of the former president cheney loses out to her trump back rival harriet hagerman. post on the program, russia.


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