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a 3 years that wouldn't change the world forever. but jillions journey around the world, starting september 7th on d. w. ah, ah, this is d, w live from berlin, the united nations chief goes to church to oversee ukrainian grain shipments. antonio protection visit the facility, coordinating exports amid rushes war. he says, more is needed to bring down world food prices. also coming up, russia agrees to allow international inspections of ukraine's epic cio nuclear
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plant to assess the impact of nearby fighting residents or stockpiling iodine pills as both sides accuse each other of risking nuclear disaster. explosions, rock, mogadishu, militants lay siege to a hotel, killing at least 12 people detached tests. somalia, stability under a new president. ah, i'm way bluecross. welcome to the program. the cranes, grain exports have picked up with a, another 2 ships to partying the black sea to day under a united nations back deal more than a half 1000000 tons of grain had been transported in less than a month, passing through after being inspected in turkish waters. today un secretary general and one of the tavish is visiting the joint coordination center where ukrainian rush, turkish,
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and un officials are working to oversee the deal. tampa said many more shipments of grain, an agricultural products are necessary to help boost global supply and bring down prices. exports were blocked, and the 1st 6 months of russia's invasion. every course by really hahn is at the joint coordination center in assemble earlier. she told us more about the un chief visit and how the ukrainian grain export program is going so far. well, the un secretary general is here in istanbul to day to see at 1st hand how this so called grain deal broke hood by the united nations and turkey is being implemented . and he was in odessa yesterday, this key ukrainian port way. he watched how ships were loaded with grain ships, which then embark on a dangerous journey through mine waters in the black sea, and then eventually arrive here in turkish waters where they are being inspected by representatives from both russia and ukraine. but also from turkey and the united
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nations and mystical parish to day met with a group of inspectors at a port here in istanbul, south of the boss burrows. and now he's expected to come over to the joined coordination center, which was set up under this agreement to monitor the implementation of the deal. this is where i am right now. mr. harris, we'll talk to as journalists and give his assessment of how this deal is working almost a month after it has been fined. here in istanbul, this is the only significant agreement i should mention signed by key if in moscow since russia invaded ukraine in february and is entering the turkey is, is involved here. what exactly is turkey's role? well, the turkish governments, her basically since the beginning of this war has been performing a balancing act, where on the one hand they are supporting ukraine militarily as well with combat drones. but they are also very full and not to jeopardize their relations with
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moscow. turkey has not joined western sanctions against the kremlin, but the turkish president, mister edwin says, this actually is an advantage. um he says this puts him in a row where he can act as a mediator. and this is what the turkish government has been doing. they're casting themselves as the most effective, the key mediator in this war between the 2 sides and in such role they have helped broker hammer out this deal last month. here in istanbul, this a grain deal. you mentioned that this is the only deal between ukraine in russia so far during this war. so that's some good news. he's also been a little bit more about the extent to which this deal has actually been able to alleviate hunger and food prices. will of course, sir, the figures keep changing every day, but according to the figures we have provided by the united nations, about 30 vessels have left ukrainian ports since early august are loaded with more
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than 650000 tons of grain and other agricultural produce. so we're talking about wheat, corn, sunflower, oil soybeans, and they are headed to various destinations including turkey. iran, korea, won a vessel. charted by the world. food program is currently on its way to the 1st destination in africa, and that is g booty. and then if he o p a and i think this is part of the message that we're going to hear from a mystic cherish to day. again that it's with their so urgently needed to review correspond jojo on their 4th miscible. thanks very much. russian president vladimir putin says he will allow inspectors to visit the occupied zisha nuclear power plant . their call with francis president emmanuel mccall, the russian leader said officials from the international atomic energy agency can go there to see the situation on the ground. russian troops are stationed at the plant, which is 40 kilometers from the town of separate teacher in ukraine's east. both
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moscow and keith have accused the other of firing near the facility, which is the largest of its kind in europe. nearby residents are increasingly concerned about a possible disaster and are preparing for the worst. the demand is skyrocketing every day, pharmacies and separation cell iodine pills to residence. they're anxious about the russian occupied nuclear power plant, and we 40 kilometers away. norton's throws new. yes, of course, it worries us a lot. we all still remember chernobyl home to we're afraid of, and we worry a lot. a humanitarian center here, hosts refugees from a nevada, where the power plant is located. a former employee he wants to remain anonymous, describes the situation there is b, mitchell. they beat up the head of the department. they took him away and beat him . why they don't explain it,
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they just take people away and mistreat them again. and again, the side of the nuclear power plant comes under artillery, fire, russia, and ukraine, both blaine, each other just across the river. in the town of nico po, people leaving fee not only from the daily shelling, but the risk of a nuclear disaster was late july. and when we go to bed at night, we always say good night, i am. but now we don't know whether there will be a tomorrow. i've only got no. residents are hoping the united nations can help. they say that what's unfolding, he threatened not only them, but the entirety of europe. tibia corresponding young philip shots is in odessa. we asked them about the possibility of international inspections of the nuclear plant . well, at least it's sun, good news after weeks of horrible news. so surrounding the nuclear power plants and
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support asia. we don't know yet if it so will really take place. there have been many announcements from the russian side in the past that were misleading, but it's remarkable because poochie actually seems to agree to the conditions on the ukrainian side and let the international inspectors travel through ukrainian controls a territory. but the situation around the nuclear power plant is still very dangerous . of course we're getting reports about new shelling, but it's not only the shelling of the sites, but it's also growing concerns regarding possible power outages and outages of the cooling systems. there that could lead to a potential disaster to give you a corresponding handful of shelter reporting from odessa in southern ukraine. and alice turned to some other stories making headlines right now. fire fighters have battle a large blaze in eastern spain,
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using aircraft to control the fire. people were evacuated from the nearby towns of bass, and for us or the 19000 hector's had burned in recent days. parts of the peninsula are suffering extremely dry conditions that are attributed to climate change which increases pesos. mario com stands accused of mishandling and investigation of the student suspected abductions. he's been charged with force disappearance. i said torture and obstruction of justice. statement from radio comes party, all the arrest politically motivated police nicaragua have rated the home of a prominent roman catholic bishop and put him and other priests under house arrest or not. there is a well known critic of president daniel ortega rights groups have condemned the detention which comes amid growing tension between the church and the government. at least 14 people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a rocket attack on
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a crowded market in a town of above in order series charged back opposition. fibers control the area syrian observatory for human rights. as syrian government forces are behind the attack in somalia, at least 12 people are dead after islamic militants launched an attack on the hotel on a hotel on a capital mobility issue in the group. bob, which is linked to cater has claimed responsibility for the attack on the yacht. hotel is a popular meeting venue. politicians and government official show bob, it's been fighting to topple somali government for more than 10 years. fridays attack is the 1st major assault in somalia. this new president took office and early re spoked on the phone to journalists were se mohamad. he was near the hotel in august issue where the siege between our ship militants and authorities was still going on. yes, you have permission to go in front of security forces. i'm sure
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we have some people. loading on number is what are some times we've come huge explosion is i don't see that we've talked to one of the victim is, is out of the building. but that is also people who are going to do it just when trying to get back with people. i thought that
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was journalists to st mohammed in. nobody should now russian energy company, das prom says it will shut its nordstrom one gas pipeline for 3 days, starting on august 30. first. it said deliveries would resume, but only a 20 percent of the pipeline. full capacity of gas bomb says the closure is due to maintenance on the pipeline which runs between russia and germany. grain present volume is lensky said, mosque i was using the pipeline as blackmail. and he urged european union countries to end their reliance on russian gas. the on schedule work could affect plans to fill gas reserves before winter. here in germany, efforts are already under way to conserve energy. municipal governments are restricting some services, and residents are being asked to cut their consumption berlin's landmarks a going dock. authorities of pulling the plug now in a bid to help said, gas and energy for the cold dog winter ahead. it's part of
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a raft of measures announced by berlin's men in order to reduce energy consumption . this assigned to that. so the enemy isn't objects if that sets a minimum target of at least 10 percent foreign india, we want to thank a good example, getting them if we're also discussing how citizens can contribute to saving on energy and heating costs in agi to spam has questions 20 questions which bargain? some berliners are already doing their best to help. i'm not really that much at home, so i don't. i don't watch tv. i don't use my. uh, what's called radiator i. yeah. i don't really use electronic stuff only my let the name as of i don't leave as many things on standby as my husband does. more than me to save energy though, if i'm honest in, in sliding cuz i've turned off my 2nd refrigerator here. that was hard for me. it's my via fridge. oh, well guess i'll just put it in the other fridge. household energy bills are already
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set to leap this winter, and germans are being urged to reduce gas use at home. authorities of wound shortages and even rationing looming ahead. if russia keeps squeezing supplies. and let's get you a reminder of the top story we're following for you. yeah, the nation's chief attorney botanic has visited the black sea facility, coordinating ukrainian grain exports, a made brushes, war, or the half 1000000000 tons of grain had been transported in less than a month, passing through the inspection facility in turkish waters. and russia says it will allow inspectors to visit ukraine's dep, georgia nuclear power plant, which is occupied by his forces. both moscow am keith, have accused each other of firing near the facility, promptings concerns about the possible possession all for now, world stories is up next. and william blue croft,
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they turned and we'll see you ah ah closely ah listen carefully. don't know how you live today. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you.


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