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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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no one should have to flee. ah, the make up your own mind. w. made for mines. ah ah, this is news live from berlin. the united nations chief goes to church to oversee ukrainian grain shipments. tony good, tad visits, the facility coordinating exports during rushes war. he says more is needed to bring down world food prices, also coming up, explosions, rock, mogadishu, its militants lay siege to a hotel, killing at least 12 people. the attack test,
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somalia stability under a new president and poland in germany, investigate the cause of mass fish deaths in the odor river tests show toxicology leads to industrial pollution. maybe to blame for the ecological disaster. ah, i'm wind blew crop. welcome to the program. ukraine's grain exports have picked up with another 2 ships departing from black c port. today under a united nations back deal. more than half a 1000000 tons of grain have left ukraine in less than a month. you had secretary general attorney gutierrez, has watched those shipments, leave 1st hand at the joint coordination center, where ukrainian russian, turkish, and un officials are monitoring the deal. gutierrez said many more shipments of ukrainian grain are needed to help boost global supply. he also said russia has to
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step up its own exports of fertilizer and food products to bring down prices. russia, blockaded ukrainian ports during the 1st months presentation. at a news conference in istanbul, the un chief paid attention to the other part of the un broker deal that concerns russian food products. the other part of this package deal is the any b that excess of to the global markets of russian food and fertilizer, which i have not subject to sanctions. it is important that all governments in the private sector corporates bringing them to market with outs. fertilizer in 2022. that may not be enough foods in 2020 city did have you corresponding with the harness innocent bull earlier, she told us about why guitar rush pointed out the part of the deal going about russian goods. well, because this is actually part of the bigger deal that russia would also be allowed
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to export his own brain and fertilizer to well markets without a sanctions. and i think that there are still concerns of fears, even that russia might sabotaged the entire deal or end the entire a great deal if it has the impression that this part of the agreement is not being on it. now, a mr. gutierrez came to is to bull today to see it 1st hand how the so called grain deal is being implemented. let's remember he was in odessa yesterday at this key ukrainian port where he saw ships being loaded with grain. and today he again said how a deeply moving that was for him to see he also said that more than 560000 metric tons of grain and other agricultural products have been shipped to out of you. premium port says since early august under this deal to world markets, but he also said as we just heard, that more needs to be done because let's remember,
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millions of tons of grain are still in sight. ukraine waiting to be exported to places around the world that urgently meet the grain. now this is a deal between ukraine and russia, but you're in turkey. can you give us a little more insight about the role that the country there's play? well, the turkish government, how the united nations of bro could this agreement, it is the only significant agreement reached between a moscow and key of signed by both parties. since russia, russia invaded the country in later february, the turkish government. and since the beginning of the russian invasion has performed a balancing act where it, on the one hand supports ukraine militarily, as well with combat drones. but he's also trying not to antagonize russia. and it has a maneuvered itself by doing this into the role of a key mediator in this crisis am. and now if we look at the practical side of
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things, vessels that are coming from ukraine loaded with grain and vessels that are going to ukraine, are being inspected here in turkish waters by teams consisting of representatives from both ukraine and russia. but also from the united nations and turkey. so turkey is involved in that process as well. so it is a very crucial part of that agreement. and to a mr. gutierrez, the un secretary general to day thanked the turkish government for what he said. it's a pivotal role in this whole process. and garage is also mentioned that while this a good start is by no means the end of these kinds of grain shipments that they're still problem out there. can you tell us more about how this deal, the role it plays in alleviating hunger and food prices? well, the un secretary general at least said yesterday that there has already been a meaningful decrease in prices of footsteps around the world. i guess more time is
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needed to really come up with a proper assessment there, but he is basically selling that as a message of hope to yes. so the ukranian government has a huge interest in speeding this process up. they actually want at least 5 vessels to leave ukrainian ports per day. and the united nations also have an interest. they said they would try to step up the grain exports as we're headed to would so winter. alrighty, w correspondent jojo. hi there for us. is timble, thanks very much. vladimir putin says he will allow inspectors to visit the occupy this up for this year. nuclear power plant in a coal with francis president manuel mark on the russian leader said officials from the international atomic energy agency will be able to assess the situation on the ground. now russian troops are stationed at the plant, which is 40 kilometers from the city of separation in ukraine's east. both moscow
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and keith have accused each other of firing near the facility, which is the largest of its kind in europe. nearby residents are increasingly concerned about a possible disaster and they are preparing for the worst. the demand is skyrocketing every day, pharmacies and separation cell iodine pills to residence. they're anxious about the russian occupied nuclear power plant. and we 40 kilometers away noches, threatening. yes, of course. it worries us a lot. we all still remember chernobyl hills to we are afraid, and we worry a lot. a humanitarian center here, hosts refugees from a nevada, where the power plant is located, a former employee he wants to remain anonymous, describes the situation. there is b, mitchell. they beat up the head of the department. they took him away and beat him, be why they don't explain it. they just take people away and mistreat them
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again and again, the size of the nuclear power plant comes under artillery, fire, russia, and ukraine, both blaine, each other just across the river in the town of nico po, people leading fear not only from the daily shelling, but the risk of a nuclear disaster was like alarmed when we go to bed at night. we always say good night time, but now we don't know whether there will be a tomorrow. i've only got no residents or hoping the united nations can help. they say that what's unfolding here, threatened to not only them but the entirety of europe. turning now to some other news making headlines right now. at least 16 people were killed in other 21 injured . after a boss crashed into an ambulance and fire truck. in south eastern turkey, emergency crews were responding to an earlier incident on a highway in guardianship firefighters. paramedics and journalists are among the
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dead. firefighters have badly large blaze in eastern spain, using aircraft to control the fire. people were evacuated from the nearby towns of his and told us or the 900000 hector's had burned in recent days. parts of the barium peninsula suffering extremely dry conditions attributed to climate change which increases the risk of wildfires. in somalia, at least 12 people are dead after islamic militants launched in attack. an o tell in the capital nobody the group out. sure. bob, which is linked to l. k, to as claim responsibility for the attack on the highest hotel. it's a popular meeting venue for politicians and government officials. i shall, bob has been fighting the somali government for more than 10 years. friday's attack is the 1st major assault in somalia. new president took office in may and earlier we spoke to journalists, bosher marks mode,
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and asked him about the latest from august issue. thank you very much. the late 30 sir bob till control is on on the see you still on go in government courses syllabus of the area, ty, in to, for us like this in the compound, out. good. what i life tell us more about the role of this attack plays in our show bob's goals or interests the drug hotels in the show needed to the group and mission and us planet, while ignoring the number of in also to see p and if the killer as they have told the claim that was really supposed will, according to them and they are, there is still a retreat and they can more attacks similar to the last one. can you tell us about
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the threat that sure bob poses to the stability of somalia. i'll schwab bows it to a to include to also while you come to the regular mental institutions and the still recovering that any, any attempt to recover some like this is state me, it may be to the organization is that the daughter rice come to the salon and so they have greater money now of course, stability is a major issue in somalia. the government is of course, battling groups like i'll show bob isn't attacked like this for people in mogadishu . is this something that comes as a surprise to people there? you know, i love the tax we're recording scene is 2010,
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but the last to one then the last column is the fastest in the last one scene is new and it's the administration led by this and i said to him to ball or last, he may so it in mainly had been is, and it will have been if the to kept the follow of attacks are not taken by the government. all right, journalists, busha maxima there in august issue. thanks for that update. holland's environment minister has announced a speedy investigation into the cause of a mass fish die off in the odor river. along its border with germany. german scientists say they believe toxicology is to blame for the fish deaths. although the cause of the algae bloom is unclear,
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it's thought industrial pollution could be responsible for sounding the anom for the older residence and environmental activists protest and rustling against the poisoning of their river. they say officials were too slow to respond with the mass fish die of started la mcgill. it's the biggest environmental disaster in our country for decades. and we're all very annoyed because the state has failed us by fulls of young. more than a 100 tons of dead fish have been pulled out of the river. poland floating various collect them, and prevent them from floating down stream. researchers believe toxic alkie detected in the river in germany could have killed them. police officials believe that could be the case that to show you random we have also found this special type of al gay under a microscope. in our was the samples i would feel donna research is continue to
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search for what could have killed the fish. but with thousands of suspect substances, it's painstaking, detected, work not set up, but just a book. it's going to take time. if the fish were sent for analysis at the end of july, we would know much more by now jenny bushman, those of you and say, multiple factors could have contributed to the fish die off on usually high levels of pesticides have been found in the water that along with trout and industrial discharge could have played a pot. it might also be sold water discharged by a mining company. just so it up for years, nothing happened. but we have to ask the question based on what we know. increasing salts in the water may be other substances lucky substances. over 200 witnesses have been in to you to get to the bottom of this. not so fresh water mystery. and a reminder of the top star we're following for you this, our nation's chief,
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antonio stanish, has visited the black sea facility, coordinating ukrainian grain exports amid rushes war. he said many more shipments are still needed to help boost global supply elses had russia has to step up its own exports of fertilizer and food products. that is all for us. and for me, up next is sports life tackling the topic of equal pay in football. i'm way of woodcraft is very nice. having you that we more for you at the top of the hour. thanks very much. music. 50 years ago. the international gathering of peace and.


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