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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2022 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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joyce anymore, i am so i am looking for new and use old with here we moved here we grew in 60 minutes on the w. o. what secrets? why behind these walls discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360. get the out now ah ah ah welcome to a new edition of check it. today
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a reporters explore mexico. there's so much to see and do with fabulous features, ancient cultures, and delicious clothing. first events rebec shows you 3 core mexico city neighborhood that you won't necessarily find in your average guidebook. then, drew karate takes you to chick janisa, one of the most important ruins and mexico, yucatan peninsula. and when you've had your fill of culture, will end with something to tickle your taste buds, a cullen, airy city to ready. let's go with them to mexico city. now, this is not just any city, it's a huge metropolis. that's home to 9000000 people. and honestly, i know mexico city doesn't have the best reputation, but today i want to show you a very different side to this. maybe
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a side let you didn't even know existed. so in this episode, we're going to travel to 3 very different neighborhoods across mexico city. and we're going to see how people will call them home, live and work a ready, mammoth let go. we're starting out in a so called barrier, magical or magic neighbourhood, a designation given to the most historic, culturally significant parts of mexico city. this is co, our current now water for the place of the coyotes. you know, when you come to a local barrier here in mexico city, you can't skip going to and their cargo or a market because that's where you see how people go about their day, how they work, how they live. now cardinals are kind of like the souls of each neighborhood. so i'm going to take you guys into that coil. 2 can market, let's see what we can find inside a gun. when you dive into the crowded interior of a local market, your sensors instantly become overwhelmed with the smells, colors and sounds inside. to me,
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this is as real as it gets. if you want to experience a slice of local culture, so with marker in mexico city, you don't just get handicrafts or clothes or just vegetables and fruits eager often, everything pretty much in the same place, at least here. my theory is you could probably survive in the market for a week without ever having to leave. you have everything that you need. ah, so right here, i want to show you something a little bit different. take these out. these are so called alady has they are kind of surreal, abstract, magical animals that you only find here in mexico. and they are kind of like a combination of different kinds of animal usually. so for example, right. hair mean this to me looks like a combo of crab and fish and some kind of man to call
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dragon. right here. we've got a bed painted and all kinds of beautiful patton flowers. okay. i'm going to pick out one allegory hay and treat it as my token of good luck. these 2 are my favorites, that i can only choose one, the coyote, all the pegasus we're going to get. our next up is put me in a peaceful oasis on the outskirts of mexico city. thanks to its natural beauty. switching over the unesco world heritage site. and the way to get around here is a colorful boat called tracking neta on the weekend duty families, both local then tourist partying. it a big time when these both. but today i want to show you a very different grassroots perspective. and on one of these both we meet ricardo, the founder of an important project, the election number as it's called web, with local farmers on restoring the farmland expanding. so junior goes natural
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environment and protecting it from new ad and construction. it also helps provide jobs for more local while maintaining such traditional agricultural practices. so what does all of this delicious food come from? come from here? it's a local food and we have many products who we harvest. yeah. yesterday for, for make the store. and i 1st when we have a salad, it's been a 10 cherries and cucumber and carrots come from here. and now here we have teeth and we call it gets or, and chattel. and hearing the black is gone, who we call it monica hit. the we have what i'm molly, between of gallows organic guy will to come from the one thing. and we prepared, we see lentil and onion with this elantra going from the china and the onion to and in that. but we, we have the, the order coffee but no,
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but are made with cinnamon natural. she again and mex, a young coffee on the best coffee as i've ever had in my life. i'm on my 2nd cup and i'm planning for a 3rd one. such mucous water canals are the remains of a massive water, transportation, and food production system. originally built by the ass decks in the pre colonial valley of mexico, the small islands or g numbers which duck the landscape are actually essential for the survival of mexico city. they provide it with water with fresh produce and since the capitol was built on top of a lake that she numb pass, also play a role in stabilizing the ground underneath it. so it doesn't collapse in on itself . so viewed of is one of the china and both. it's so huge. the asterix treated the people from here, they treated 2800 people from the syria. wow. and who are the people that work on this channel? for us? i have tree workers and they born in this area and they know everything about the
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how to make the crops inside. so local food, locally produced by local people, grand rapids, the gold. so take this out, this is soil and, and a lot of us are scared of this stuff. you know, because it's dirty because it's not clean, but this, this is where it all begins. this is where all of our food comes from and it's amazing to see the process behind it all, how it actually grows, how it's actually created. the origins of our food, you know, like sometimes we're so disconnected from the food that we eat from the nourishment that we have. and it's just amazing to take the soil is life giving soil into your hands for just a moment. smell it. touch it, feel it. this is life. oh,
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i see here feel so wonderful. it's just the school ash amazing area of greenery and it's half an hour away from the center of mexico city. this is one of the most beautiful calming places i've seen in this country so far. now on to our next destination, back in the center of mexico city. there's one last place that i want to take you guys that's really special here. but in order to get that, i've had to come to a very different kind of neighborhood to the ones that we've been visiting. so far . this is condenser the head, sir. capital of mexico city. welcome. if you're looking for a highlights to of mexico city, you might skip condense that altogether. but if you'd like to experience how mexico city is changing from a truly local perspective, i definitely recommend this is the definition of a hipster neighborhood. no sugar low in carbs. kito vegan ice cream
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condenser is the fashionable hips, the center of mexico and very different from all the other neighborhoods in town. it doesn't matter that we're in a hipster neighborhood. the time of mexico city is always present. so i say the danger with us, but because i've, i've arrived at like land justina a tiny hole in the wall bar that deals exclusively in mexican moscow. mescal is a little bit like tequila in that they're both made from a guy they but miss gow tends to be much richer, much my aromatic and flavor. the di manager daniel is here to give us an introduction. wow, here we go. la la, real mexican was cow room mexican with miss scott. i. so how strong is this exactly, exactly. it's a $54.00 degrees of vocal weight,
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$54.00 point. think before 4.6 is one of the strongest that we have been level on the center of the high amount of alcohol for you to take more do flavors of the actual value of the actual plant. so i made a strong what it will taste good. do you shot it or do you sit there with the cold? say you're done with neil cases. if he received or give receipt, the thing is gonna sell it and we just give a little okay. oh, holy crap, it's really a no key kind of take. yes sir. barry's job. all right, so how about this? when we raise a toast, now let's raise it to be humble and yes, of course. all right, sure. cello, a cello, a with
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next we a company, drew the newly rattie and an exciting excursion from the popular beach resort of canker. we had to one of mexico's most visited tourist attraction, the ancient ruins of kitchen. you probably heard of the maya civilization once a vibrant city debate teacher needs that is a complex of mine. go into an ancient structure. it's approximately 200 kilometers from con, best known for the complex calendars advances and mathematics and astronomy, and allegedly predict going to be end of the world in 2012. the mis civilization was one of the most dominant and miss societies of mexico and central america. before the 16th century spanish conquest treat you need say,
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the unesco world heritage site, and quite possibly prior to what i have here as early as possible and be here by 8 pm. otherwise, the reading lines can be quite long. if you want to, you can hide a guide to tell you more about the site, which would cost it on $50.00 euros and will allow you to skim delay. if you're not a mexican national, i think it would cost you $571.00 mexican pixels, which is around 25 years. it's about 10 percent cheaper if you'd be like dad instead of garcia who don't use the indian like most terroristic places. there are a lot of to his shops where you can buy souvenirs, but if you don't want anything, just say no grass. yes ma'am
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. oh, a 100 sounds like a bird. ah, if you google for cheating need. so the image of this bit omit will come up. i used to ping that this itself was teaching needs so, but it's actually the whole site. this pyramid itself is called the pyramid of ellicott city. you are the temple of cool, cool cotton. it's the main attraction you cook will, can, is actually the name of the serpent deity that was worshipped by the maya. and it literally means feathered snake in the yucatan. my a language if you're here, you will see a lot of people clapping. that's because there is something very special with the acoustics of this temple in the state. because if you clap, they will be echoed,
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that you hear with sounds like a bird chirping specifically that sharp of the mexican kids, either a sacred animal in my m culture. finally, it doesn't work. if you're standing on the side, you have to be standing exactly in the center of the state. you we know that the maya had a really sophisticated glen glucose system, recruiting a 360 phase mcellen's. now what's interesting is that if you see the pyramid behind me, its site has 91 steps exactly. but the main entrance has one extra step. so in total there are $365.00 steps in the pit and. and on each side, you can see 50 to rectangular panels. they stand for the 52 year polemic of cycle the mire used to take a longer period of time. then believe that after each such period, the universe gets destroyed and re created when the new era starts at to the
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misunderstanding that they predicted the end of the world in 2012. ah, i just gotten bid them. it's true. if you are wondering how high air castillo and the temple at the top of the pyramid is approximately 24 meters above the ground, the view must be good from up there, but these ruins are protected and you're no longer allowed to claim. but there, this is to avoid accidents and to preserve this ancient side, ah, but here i have the hob calendar of the mayan, which was also please 65. there's just late on more than kellen. it. busy had a theme, month each month at the wendy's and there were $5.00 left over at the end of the year. and these my ins considered those 5 days,
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very dangerous. they were afraid to leave their homes on those days and followed certain rituals. because that was the time they believed than the underworld met with the mortal wound. the site covers an area of roughly 5 square kilometers. it is, and the city used to be also one of the most and worst ones in the maya world, which could be the reason why we can find a variety of architectural styles here. and these structures used to be painted. you can see some left over color on some of the structures. you can even find a ball game cord there. can you imagine playing a game where you have to pick a rubber ball through that whole. but wait, you're not allowed to use your hands feet. you can use your elbows, hips, or this area or any other part of the body, and there's another twist. if you win this game, you get your head cut off. i'm not joking. this was literally the rule of the game . the captain of the winning team get decapitated. but the funny thing is he
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considered it an honor. it was an honorable sacrifice to people who wanted to have that happen to them because they believed that they will be in carbonated in a better phone. this is one header. got it. you know the awesome life after life to the head there. oh, it's hard to imagine that some of them i ever chose where this brutal, given that quite sophisticated sense of architecture with a to stick their corporations and beautiful carving. and that it, some of these carvings which give a hint at their customs and ritual. this wall has a lot of in groups because that's because they used to put their enemies, goes on a bike on the wall. ah,
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don't forget to beg your son soon because even in the middle of winter, it gets very hot here, always touching around 30 degrees celsius. but thankfully there's shade here in some areas. you should also bring enough water, but if you're out of it, there is one shop inside the side which sells more and other beverage. it's located right next to the sacred zenato. ah, this here is the secret santa. we thinking you think court, they used to throw a lot of stuff down there for secular fight, even human. if you come all the way to treat in itself, then you should also visit these amazing sin. notice like this one down here, which is just a 5 minute drive from 220 yeah. ah
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ah ah, and finally we head back to mexico city. even though back lugs trying the local food wherever she travels. so she's going on a street food tour with her neat, visio my guide to the best food in town. irosia runs her own company called eat like a local who specialize in st for tours right here in mexico city. and were off to a very fast spot, a super local hole in the wall,
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which says the ultimate street food item and mexico. jacko, fall, act for this that, that are one of my favorite because their clothes that was like, you saw that still, that goes that goes in mexico. i usually made by a guy. okay. and you will think it's at least maybe women or something really new in mexico. they're not something that was existing. seems the beginning they side as becoming, but what are after we started working on the street and we knew something fast to eat. right. so the etiquette is just to take it in it with your hands, stuck it in your mouth, you know quickly. exactly, and all with your head, the for the head isn't going to give you a really good that got use as a guinea with some corn anthem mito. when a little bit of a kind of like look, i'm only on so let's do this. so this is the plane tackle so far. what we're going to do right now is add a little bit of soft, little bit of garnish. let's make this alicia. can i do those? can i do this? okay, 123, got a good. everything in this tackle
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solve crash, the veggies or just the right amount of crunchy in the guacamole on top is so creamy and delicious. you've got to get your hands really dirty. like you gotta like, invest your body into your food. i love that. you know, that was only the beginning. we're on our way to, well, 1st of all, we need to digest that taco, and then we'll be on our way to meet one of the longest standing st. food vendors in the neighborhood of condo that i saw. that is 6040 m, he wakes up to me this packet and they said come back, get back up because they're basically be in a basket. and what they do is they put it back up with the stuffing. they fall them and then they piled about like a fan. yeah. oh wow. and therefore binding on like chopped onions and then they still it with plastic wraps. so they what they sometimes they call it a study. they have more flavors. i like the one with an antenna because he makes it back with most of the basket. that goes there are made enough mass production. and then when you're in a hurry and your work do jobs and you have things to do when you come to order to,
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to eat and go. and they, they say that that's it all as he makes. he makes us every everyday different look how beautiful and i smell it. ah, my god, every time i smell something like this, every time we're walking past different st. installed different restaurants and you smell all these little smells you every time that happens, my mouth watering. do you think this is spicy? my. okay, but she's a mexican so she's from here a ah . kind of what you remember about i tell you that women make your country and men make that was this is like if you have been made by women, since the aspect she comes from, i saw him, he's going to send me. he got most of it because he has thought they come from that
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state because they grow their self. they grow the core and they go to stuff that they cook. so this is something that is barrier is more because everything is made by her. wow, gordon is the most important thing that we have in mexico is the essence of our culture. and he's literally, in the my uncles, our demand was made out of court. so for me, this book is very simple, but is the hard that we're not back. right, this is rob one so you can tie the playbook by itself. delicious, that's corn. it's much corn that became a fun this. oh my gosh. i never knew that this existed. it's if i see enough might be enough. let's see. let's see here with me here. we've got in the pilot right cactus. yeah. this is interesting. yeah. so the cactus that has like a good picture is really cool and very different from what the kind of food that i'm used to normally because it's a little bit like jelly
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a little bit solid but also quite self. right. so you kind of feel like it's crunchy. yeah, that's a next up. you took me to one of the busiest in mexico city than their cattle. they're like, it's known as a flower market, but there's a lot of delicious trees hidden within its walls as well. a little facing with all the reason for this is called black several days a very special for it and then mix it with the orange is like fruity pudding. yeah . right. ah oh, we have well, but it's so sweet. it's so fresh. absolutely delicious. and you have to go into a mangle. so do you see when i'm gonna oh, her list to me. it's like a tiny little clementine or something like that. oh wow. it don't feel like doing
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a small orange. yeah. oh yeah, good. that's my me very sweet. wow, beautiful. a sweet potato. 2 but as the fruit, you know, the thing about the fruit from this marketing fruit that i've had in mexico so far is that it taste nothing like the food that we get in supermarkets. it like almost speak right. because yeah, so in that yes, and you did like these deleted lever of the food, exactly, of your life. why do you add extra sugar to the fruit? but obviously there's no extra sugar and that's just how the food actually takes. exactly. we were about to try something very local. he collect that he collect us are an unusual combo with chunky slices of turnip dipped and sugary powder kind of like lollipops. but of course, with a mexican to it. okay, there is a the power puff girls flavor. i think now it's a with violent red medical. yeah. parking group. yeah. mango it's chilly,
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migrant jewelry. good. good. good listeners. sweet and juicy and fresh. right. kind of like a popsicle but a little bit healthy go. it's on a vegetable with all of your own stuff. they'd like to cancel each other out now and that's the end of our mexico trip, else until next time. with with
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good. we had all those 9101112, wow. tired of this, i don't enjoy anymore. i have to come home and looking for new credit
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forever. let jones journey around the world. starting september 7th on d. w. ah ah, this is dw news line from berlin. russia shoots down a drone over the headquarters of its black sea fleet. and for me, the latest attack targeting russian military infrastructure on the ex peninsula and a bloody siege in the somali capital.


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